San Antonio Tx slut sucking good dick

San Antonio Tx slut sucking good dick
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If you haven't read my first two stories I recommend you read those first and leave a comment at the end. It was the last day of 8th grade year.

Mark had asked me out to dinner and a movie that night i said sure on the bus ride home Mark sat next to me on the bus and we held each other hand we also kissed a few times. As the bus stoped at our stop Mark walked me to my house as we got to my house we kissed again and he told me he would see me later I said ok.

As I got in the door my mom asked me how my day we and I said ok and also told Mark is taking me to dinner tonight and a movie is that ok she said yes it's fine cause I have to work tonight I said ok and is it ok if he stays over since you have to work she said yes it's fine.


I went 8nto my room played on my bed for about an hour and we just liatening to music. I then got up and got ready for my date with mark as I hopped into the shower I washed my hair and shaved my legs and pussy.

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I got out of the shower after about 30 min. I went back to my room to get dressed as I was looking in my closet to find what I was going to ware my mom yelled to me have a nice time and I'll see you when I get home I said ok mom and continued to look at my clothes. I didn't find anything so I went to my mom's room and looked in her closet I came across this low v neck cut black dress. I tried it on and it just covered my breast but showed all of my cleavage.


I went back to my room put on some make up and fished getting ready to go. Next thing I knew ,ark rang my door bell and I answered the door and Mark had dropped sat what I we Waring he told me I looked hot tonight i smiled and said thank you. As we got into the car I Sid hello to his mom who was g8ving us a ride to the restaurant.

As we got the the restaurant I said I l9ve this place he said oh really I Sid yes they have great food. It was a little Italian restaurant with great service as well. As we got out of the car and walked in we were seated right away in a corner booths. As we sat there Mark told me that I looked beautiful again and that he was happy to be my boyfriend. I said the same thing pretty much to him.

As we were talking the waiter came over took our order and the Mark nd I went back to talking about the school year and what we had planed for summer. As we were talking our food came out as we ate we really didn't say anything to each other until after we were full. As we fin8shed the check came Mark got up and paid for the meal. He came back and said we must vet going the movie starts soon and we have to walk there. As we left the restaurant he took me by the hand and we walked a couple of block to the theater.

The night was just lovely and I couldn't help but just be happy cause I was with Mark and I was having a great time. As we got to theater Mark had already got our ticket to this romantic movie that I wanted to see.

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As we went in we got soda candy and popcorn. I made up my mind right then that we wernt going to be watching most of the movie cause my toung was going to be down his throught for most of the movie.

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As we found our seats in the back of the theater we sat down and stared at the screen and did a little bit of talking. The lights went to black and I noticed three other couples in the theater. And slipped down in my seat put my feet up on the seat in front of me. I noticed Mark hand went to my thigh and I grabbed his hand and moved it to my boob he said his hand into my dress and started kneading my left boob he played with my nipple as well I slide both sides of my dress to the side of my boobs so he could see them.

As I heard the creaking of the theater door open I quickly slid them back into my dress cause it was a theater worker that came in. As the worker left Mark leaned over and kissed me. As I kissed him back I slipped my toung into his mouth as well as his into mine as we made out he slid his hand into my dress to play with my boobs again.

I was moaning softly before I knew it the movie was over we had made out for about 3 quarter of the movie. As the movie ended I asked Mark if he could spend the night. He said he didn't know he had to ask. As Mark called his mom to come and get us he asked his mom if he could spend the night at my house to keep me company and to make sure i was safe cuase of my mom being at work.

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She said yes he could and she would be there soon to pick us up. As we waited outside of the theater for his mom a quick sift wind blew and I felt the wind on my pussy and on my nipples I shuttered a little and Mark asked me if I was ok and if in was cold. I said yes the wind took me of gaurd a little. As marks mom pulled up we got into the car she asked us how the date went and we both said good.

On the ride home Mark put his hand on my thigh I put my hand on his and slid his hand up until it met my pussy. He looked at me looked down at were I slide his hand and mouthed your not Waring panties either I smiled I shook my head no. As we got to my house Mark opened my door and I started to walk up to the front door. Mark was by my side until his mom called him back to the car.

She said take these just in case something happens tonight between you and her it was a small box of condoms he said thanks mom but were not ready for that yet. As I opened the door I saw a note on the table that read if Mark does spend the night you guys can sleep in my bed love mom. I smiled and whispered thanks mom to myself. As Mark opened the front door to let him self in I asked him to lock all doors. He went to all the doors to make sure they were locked.

As he walked by me I grabbed his shirt and kissed him I said I was going into my mom's room to take a bath and I want home to join me as I slipped out of my dress that I was in Mark could help but spank my bare was I chirped a little and the smiled at him.

As I sat down the I the nice hot bubble bath i asked him to join me. As he got he got undressed I couldn't help but grade his cock and play with it in my hand. As Mark sat down in the tub behind me he reached around and put his arms around me I sank into him I couldn't help but just loving the way we were at that point in time.

As the water started to get cold I got out of the tub and dried off. He again he smacked my was and I gave a little chirp again cause both times it surprised me. As I dried off I walked out of my mom's bath room with nothing on and got into bed. As Mark walk out after me drying off he noticed me in my mom's bed and he asked is this where your sleeping I said yes he said ok I guess I'll take you bed I said well I was hoping you would get into bed next to me. He said what if your mom catches us In her bed I said don't worry about it she said if you spent the night use her bed so that what were doing.

As Mark climbed into bed I put my head on his chest and grabbed his cock in my hand and started to stroke it slowly. I asked Mark if he like what I wore tonight he said yes but couldn't help keep looking at my boobs.

I then asked him if there is any thing he would like to do with me this summer he said he would love to fuck me this summer I said oh and why is that he said he just wants to.

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I said so if you just want to here I am naked in bed next you your cock is hard in my hand so what's keeping you he said you are. He then rolled on top me I then spreaded my legs open so we could both be comfortable as we kissed he kissed every part of my body. When Mark got to my pussy he proceeded to eat me out I came 3 or 4 time the taped on his shoulder s9 he could make eye contact with me a smiled and told him to kiss me as he made his way back up his lips met mine and I could test my were at juice on his lips I also could feel his cock trying to find my entrance to my vagina.

I broke the kiss made eye contact with him and then found his cock with my hand I shocked it a couple of times as I did we kissed again I put his cock at my entrance as I did he slid into me easy cause in was that wet his cock found my barrier at first he tried slowly to get throught is but it didn't work as he slide his cock out a limited this time he shoved it in hard I gave out a little scream cause it hurt so bad it felt like he ripped me into two pieces.

I had tears coming down my face as he saw this he asked me if I was ok I said yes but just stay how you are so I can get used to you being inside of me. As the pain subsided Mark slowly started to slide is cock in and out of me. The paint went from felling like I was ripped into two to pleasurable as I laid there I could feel along with marks breathing that he was about to let go before I could say don't cum inside me he exploded his baby juice in me.

As he played on top of me his cock soften and he slipped out of me he then rolled over I just laid there for a moment to comprehend what just transpired Mark then asked me if I was ok I said I don't know.he then asked me if I wanted him to leave I said no. He said ok. As I rolled over away from him I felt some thing warm running down my inner thighs I got up went to the bath to find some blood and his cum coming out of me.

I then hopped in the shower to clean my self off as I got out of the sh9wer I dried my self off and got into bed again. I then asked Mark what if you just got me pregnant he then asked me if I had my period yet this month I said no. He then said if I did that he would step up and be a father that made me happy. The next morning got here before I knew it. I woke up to the smell of bacon pancacks and toast.

My mom had gotten home early from and slept on the couch.


As I came out of her room naked she said good morning I Sid mom half a sleep still she yes she then told me to get some clothe on so I went to my put on a low cut shirt and shorts. No bra no panties cause I hurt so bad down there. Mom asked me if Mark spent the night and I said yes and told her that Mark and I had sex for the first time also.

I also told her that I didn't want it to happen so soon but it just happened. She asked me if I'm ok I Sid yes just hurts down there that's all she then asked me if I bleed a lot I said no why. She then said when a girl get her cherry popped like you did last night she bleeds.

She then asked me where he finished I Sid in me before I could get put cum on my stomach. As her and hi were talking Mark came out in his underware and shirt. My mom proceed to say good morning like her and I conversation didn't exist. She then blurted out so Mark you fucked my daughter last night did you enjoy taking her virginity from her.

Mark looked at me then looked at my mom and said no it just happened. She then said so where did you release your baby making seed he said inside of her. Mom then said what if she is pregnant now he said he would step up and be a father.

Mark and I finished breakfast and then headed back to my room I took off my clothes and hoped into bed again cause I was tired still Mark said he was going home I said no why I want you here with me. I then I said if you stay I'll let you fuck me again even though my pussy is hurting. Mark took his clothes off and hopped into bed with me this time we were in my bed as I put my head on his chest Mark asked me if I wanted to be a mom I said yes but not this early in life but you might have made me one last night and if thats is the case im keeping it.

After a little more talk mark rolled over on top of me and we began to make out i could feel his cock getting hard again between me legs this time his cock found my entrance with was as he slide his cock into me it still hurt but not as bad as it did the first time. he began to slide his cock in and out of me slowly at first then I told him to stop and pull out so he did I got on all fours so he could fuck me doggie style.

At first he couldn't get his cock in then he found my entrance and began to fuck me doggie style I could feel my orgasm coming on strong and I began to moan quite loudly my mom was still. Home she came rushing in my room to see why I was moaning as she opened the door with out knock she found ,e and Mark going at it I yelled at to get out.

Mark cock got hard and I knew he was about to cum again he said he was about to cum and I told just cum inside of me again cause I like the feeling of it last night. He came again inside me. But instead of pulling out of me he just kept going as he continued to ravish my pussy with his cock I could help but wonder if he was trying to knock me up at this point in time I didn't care I was being fucked.

After he came in me a second time he then colapst on top my back. All I knew was I could feel his cum running down my thigh. He rolled off of me and that's when I got up grabbed a towel and cleaned my self. I got back into bed with Mark and that's when I told time that I loved him.

He then put his arm around me and we just laid there spooning. We evetualy fell a sleep again after a several hour nap I got up and hopped in the shower.

Mark found me in the shower and he got in as well as the water hit our naked bodies we talked. I told him if I got pregnant i was keeping it. Mark then took my hoodie was put some on a puff sponge and he began to wash my body. I was loving the way he washing me he took his time to get every nook and cranny of my body.

I then was all the soap off of me he turned me around and slammed me up against the wall of the shower not hard though he then planted the biggest kiss on me I also felt to finger slide into my pussy as well as we kissed he finger fucked me until I came I pulled his fingers out licked my cum off of them. I told him I could take any more as I got out I dried my self off and went into the kitchen to find something to eat I found a note say I got called into work early tonight here is some money to get something to eat for you and Mark.

I came back into the bathroom and told Mark we have the house to our selves. Mark then got out of the bathroom went to my mom's room found his clothes put them on and then left but not before he told me he loved me and he kiss me good bye.