Sex babe Janette demonstrates the miracles of hard fuck

Sex babe Janette demonstrates the miracles of hard fuck
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My Asian Treat Pt. 6 Day 3 Tuesday Closing the Deal During my life I have read and heard stories about people doing a lot of different things while asleep. There is the story about the man who drove his car to the store while in his pajamas and he was sound asleep. Other stories include people having complete conversations with family members while still asleep and not remember having the conversations.

So a variety of things can happen. I woke up around 2:30 in the morning to find Kayko sound asleep on my chest in the same position in which she had fallen asleep.

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But what was amazing was that her pussy was milking my hardened cock at its nice slow steady pace. It was amazing!

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Her tight little pussy was sucking my dick with the same rhythm and intensity as when we were riding in the back of the limo! And I knew she was asleep because her breathing was very slow and steady and no other part of her was moving.

Now THAT, my friends, is a real treat! I lay there, not moving for fear of waking my sleeping angle, and just enjoyed the sensations of the slow milking action. Although I could only see the top of her head lying on my chest, I already knew each and every curve of her tiny figure. She had her stocking clad legs spread out to either side of me, allowing her stomach to rest flat against mine.

Her arms were folded at my sides with her hands were just barely tucked under the edges of my back, almost like she was hugging herself to me.

She definitely was not going anywhere. For some time I just lay awake, relishing my sweet beauty until I finally dozed off into a peaceful slumber. (Try it sometime and see if you don't sleep really well!) The next thing I remember was having a dream about me and Kayko.

We were in a high mountain pasture on a warm sunny day lying on a quilted blanket. Kayko was riding on top of me as I watched the cool breeze blow her hair around her face and her little nipples stand up to attention. I remember how sweet the grass smelled, and the warm feeling of the sunshine on our skin as we pleased each other in a nice steady grind.

The feelings I had at that moment told me that everything in the whole world was aligned properly and that everything would be ok. As I caressed her face in my dream I woke to find Kayko sitting upright on my waist and milking my dick deep inside her. "Good morning," she smiled while leaning down and giving me a kiss. "Did you have a nice dream?" "How did you know I was dreaming?" I asked while grabbing her breasts to give them a nice squeeze.

"I could see your eyes moving while you slept," she replied while squeezing my dick in rhythm with my squeezing of her breasts. "You seemed to like it because you got really hard inside me." "I was dreaming about you," I replied while running my hands up and down her torso.

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"We were making love in a grassy field." "That sounds nice," she replied as she slowly pulled herself off me. "I would like to do that with you sometime, but now we have to get you ready. Your car will be here in 20 minutes." In a way I was a little disappointed. For the last 2 days Kayko has awakened me with one of her fabulous brain twisting blow jobs.

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Now she was only licking her juice off my dick in preparation of getting me dressed. But, on the other hand, I did just spend all night, or at least most of it, inside her. And she did just slowly fuck me awake. In the grand scheme of things I have no right to complain at all. Kayko is undeniably the most outstanding woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing and sleeping with. As I watched her lick the last of her cum from my dick the last thing on my mind was work.

I wanted to stay here with her and make love all day.


As she lifted her head from my groin she looked at me and smiled. "Don't worry; I will be ready when you get home this afternoon." It was almost like she was reading my mind.

Kayko was starting to become interwoven with the very fabric of my conscious self. As she stood and began to prepare my clothes I drank in her exquisite beauty with my eyes.

Her black hose came up to the top of her thighs ending in the delicate black lacy top just below her crotch. The contrast between the black material and her caramel colored skin accentuated her figure even more. Just like the neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair just above her pussy, its shape and color only enhanced her shapely figure, enticing me to burry my face or my dick inside her.

As she gracefully moved around the room I began to see her in a new light. She was not just a playmate for me while I was on a business trip; she was a caring woman who I was starting to have real feelings for. With my clothes all picked out Kayko picked up her red kimono and slid it over her head.

Even with her hair a mess she still looked fabulous. In a matter of minutes I was fully dressed and Kayko was walking me to the door. "I don't know how long this will take today," I said as the driver opened the door to the limo.

"But I will be thinking about you while I'm gone." Kayko quickly said something to the driver in Japanese who just bowed to her in response. "I will be ready for you when you get home.

Good luck," she said and gave me a kiss. Kayko stood in the driveway and watched us leave until we were out of sight. I know because I was watching her the whole way down the road. Shaking my head a little I faced forward in the seat.

I had to get my head in gear. This was going to be one of the most important business meetings I would have in my comparatively young career, and I needed to focus on my task.

The business office was full when I got there. Corporate lawyers and the like were busy with a mountain of paperwork as I walked in and set my briefcase down. As I said my greetings I opened my briefcase. Right on the top of my paperwork was a Lotus flower Kayko had picked from the garden. Its delicate petals reminded me of the soft pink folds between her legs. A smile came across my face as I picked up the flower and sniffed its sweet aroma. Not wanting to make too big of a deal of it I put the flower into my lapel and started at the business at hand.

It took several hours of back and forth bantering before an agreement was finally reached. By lunch time we were signing the papers to finalize the agreement.

With a few handshakes and numerous bows, it was done. The international agreement was sealed. As I closed up my briefcase and prepared to leave, the secretary for the President of the company stopped me. "Your tee time is at 9:15 tomorrow," he said while handing me directions to the golf course. "Be sure to bring a caddy." A really big deal for Japanese businessmen is golf. If you can't play golf, you might just as well be in the amateur hour.

I'm no slouch when it comes to golf. I have a 2 handicap and can hold my own on most golf courses. But in this case I was expected to lose. It's only good manners for the new employee to lose to his boss, and regardless of the fact that I was an American I had to play by their rules. "With whom shall I be playing," I asked as I tucked the directions into my briefcase.

"You will be playing with the President and the CEO of the company," the man replied. "They will meet you at the country club." I had met the President before. He was a nice enough man with a keen eye for details, especially when it came to business.

But I had never met the CEO before, and was just a little taken back at meeting him in such a public venue. I tried not to think about it as the limo drove me home. When I caught a glimpse of the flower in my lapel when I looked out the window, everything else just seemed to melt away. I was going to see Kayko again and everything else became unimportant.

As we crossed from the city to the suburbs the driver picked up his phone and placed a call. I could not tell what he was saying because he was speaking in Japanese.

After just a few lines he hung up the phone and continued driving. We were still 15 minutes away from the house so there was no telling what the call was all about. My biggest concern was going to be a caddy for the match tomorrow. Maybe Kayko would know of someone. When we stopped in the driveway I was again a little surprised that no one was there to greet me.

I was exceptionally early today and I imagined that Kayko was most likely engrossed in her exercise routine.

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I threw my jacket over my shoulder and headed for my quarters. I was feeling pretty good about the way the day had gone so far.

I had been awakened by Kayko making love to me, the business deal had been a success, and I was now home in the very early afternoon with nothing to do but make love to Kayko for the rest of the day. I thought to myself that things just couldn't get any better as I climbed the few stairs of the guest house. Or could it? When I stepped around the corner and into the office I was greeted with an absolutely spectacular sight.

My beautiful Kayko was sitting on the desk top wearing my best white dress shirt and my red tie. She only had two of the buttons buttoned, both of which were just above her belly button, and the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows in big bunches. Her legs were crossed and her hands were folded neatly in her lap.

She had her hair pulled together into two big pony tails that came out from the sides of her head just behind her ears, and they were tied by bright red ribbons. Considering that my shirt was absolutely huge on her, she looked like she was a 14 or 15 year old little school girl.


"Hello," she mewed in a sexy sultry voice. "Hello," I replied as I set down my brief case and laid my jacket over it. "Did you have a good day?" she asked coyly while wiggling her toes at me. "Oh yes," I replied as I stepped across the room and knelt down in front of her. "My day has been great." Kayko watched me very intently as I took up my position just in front of her crossed legs. She had this devilish grin on her face when I leaned forward and kissed her knee, rolling my tongue around the outline of her kneecap.

At the same time I brought my hands up and gently caressed the back of her calves, noting the little goose bumps that arose on her thighs as my hands moved up from her ankles to the back of her knees.

I would almost swear that her little nipples almost leaped off her tits they were so hard, poking against the cotton material of my dress shirt. Kayko uncrossed her legs and leaned back onto the desk top, spreading her legs wide apart to reveal the hot pink prize hidden between them.

I ran my tongue down the inside of her thigh until I was just inches from her crotch before pulling my mouth away to look up at her. I opened my mouth and breathed out heavily, my hot breath washing over her cum slick pussy. She was biting her bottom lip and short humping the air right in front of my face. My baby was getting horney!! I lowered my face down and kissed her on her pussy. The kiss had the effect of making Kayko arch her back and sigh very softly. I looked up at Kayko; her eyes were closed in anticipation of my next touch.

As she licked her lips I lowered my mouth and enveloped her sweet folds, running my tongue up and down her slit. A more audible moan escaped her lips as I licked her from the super soft folds of her open hole all the way up to her clit. The little hooded rascal stood up hard as my tongue rolled over and over it.

Kayko grasp two handfuls of my hair and began grinding her crotch against my face, her sweet juice flowed into my mouth like fresh water from a spring. More moans of pleasure came from Kayko as I devoured the feast before me.

My tongue was in pussy heaven, and I could feel her temperature rising.

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When her first orgasm lit through her and her legs started to tremble, I inserted two fingers into her up to the second knuckle. Kayko instantly started squeezing my fingers in response to the probing intrusion inside her. I again resumed my licking on her clit and began thrusting my fingers in and out while curling my fingertips up to massage her G-spot.


When my fingertips found the right angle to maximize the stimulation on her G-spot, Kaykos fingers dug into my scalp and she let out a long open mouth groan. I slowed my pace, and then maintained the same constant stroking of her G-spot while slowing the licking by my tongue. (No shit guys, this is the technique described in the August 1978 issue of Playboy magazine, The 30 Minute Orgasm.

Just in case I have the month wrong, the cover is of a woman wearing yellow eyeglasses that say PLAYBOY across the brow. Read it, study it, learn it. By far the best and most informative article I have ever read on the subject of making a woman's toes curl up) Kaykos breath began coming in short gasps as I continued with my steady pace.

Her cum, at least what I couldn't catch, dripped steadily from my chin onto the edge of the desk and down to the floor.

Many times during her prolonged orgasm her hands switched from raking my hair in every direction to kneading her breasts like play dough. And language became non-optional to her. Only the primal sounds of a woman in prolonged ecstasy escaped her mouth as she thrashed her head back and forth.

I kept up this steady pace for quite a while, relishing the fact that I was treating Kayko to a type of pleasure that she had already given me on more than just one occasion. When I though she had enough, I suddenly quickened my pace with my fingers and tongue and sent Kayko into a screaming orgasm.

Her legs flailed back and forth, boxing my ears several times, and her fingers almost ripped out two handfuls of my hair and scalp. When she started to spasm up and down in orgasmic convulsions I pulled my fingers from inside her and pulled my mouth away.

Kaykos orgasm continued, even without me doing anything!

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(By the way, that is a natural side effect if you do this technique correct. The woman WILL have residual "mini" orgasms for as long as an hour afterward. No shit) I stood up and began removing my clothes as her spasms continued. The soft whimpering moans coming from her mouth told me she was still cumming and therefore I had plenty of time.

I stripped naked and stepped back over to the desk, aiming my hardened cock straight for her pussy. Kaykos eyes got as big as saucers when I stepped forward and buried my dick inside her all the way down to my nuts.

Her mouth opened wide and her legs locked around my waist with a death grip, holding me tightly in place as a powerful orgasm tore through her. I was really enjoying watching her in the throes of ecstasy. With my hands free I pulled my tie from around her neck and unbuttoned my shirt she was wearing. When she looked up at me I scooped her up into my arms. Grasping her by her waist I began pounding her up and down on my dick like she was a little fuck toy. Kayko was barely able to hang on to my neck as I ravaged her young body like a wolf to a lamb feast.

I honestly don't know how many orgasms she had, but after just a minute or two her legs went limp and fell from around my waist, bringing her full weight down on the tip of my dick.

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I think, for just an instant, she hung completely from the rock hard cock meat that was stuck deep inside her. Her feet dangling several inches above the floor. Kayko flopped against my chest and clung to me with what little strength she had left.

I couldn't take the strain anymore and had to set her down, it felt like my arms were exploding. When I pulled my dick from inside her a huge drop of her cum fell out of her pussy, landing with a loud splat on the floor between my feet. Kaykos wobbly legs could not hold her up. I was going to have to help her into the sleeping room. I moved around behind her and bent my knees before plunging my dick up inside her again from the rear.

Kaykos pussy was so soaking wet that an audible squish sounded from between her legs. With a hand on each tit, I coaxed her to walk into the sleeping room. She was still breathing hard and was only able to loosely hug my arms as I walked her over to the sleeping mat. She was all sweaty and her hair was sticking to anywhere that the two pony tails touched.

It took a little bit of maneuvering, but I managed to get her onto her hands and knees when I entered her doggy style. Kayko just lowered her head and hung on to the mat as I pulverized her pussy from behind. My dick felt like a piece of molten hot steel diving into a kettle of melted butter.

Kayko was so exhausted at this point that she didn't grip or squeeze my dick with her pussy at all. She was completely submissive and just offered her body up to me to do with as I wished. After several minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching.

I quickly flipped her over, hooked her knees over my elbows, spread her legs wide and reentered her. Kayko was just barely able to throw her arms around my neck as I worked in the last few strokes before blasting a load of cum deep into her. Kayko twitched several times as my hot sperm sprayed against her cervix and the back wall of her pussy.

Now we were both breathing hard, and both very sweaty. I halfway collapsed onto her, pinning my dick inside her like a plug. I looked at my beautiful girl, her eyelids were almost black; a sign that she had just experienced several powerful orgasms.

When I kissed her cheek she just barely opened her eyes and looked at me. "I guess you got the contract," she sighed in between breaths. "Yes sweetie, I did." End Pt.6