Interracial blowjobs with amateur CFNM babes at party

Interracial blowjobs with amateur CFNM babes at party
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When I was around 15 I spent a lot of time with my cousin. He lived next door, and was four years older than me.

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His dad was never home so we were home alone quite a bit. I came over one day, and caught him sitting on the couch in his bedroom watching porn.

I was totally surprised, and thought he would have yelled for me to get out, but instead he said it was okay and to come on in.

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I had watched porn before, but never with another guy before. So I sat beside him on the couch and watched along with him. It didn't take to long for me to start getting hard.

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He saw me trying to hide my boner, and told me not to be embarrassed that was the whole point of watching porn. After another minute or two I saw his boner showing through his shorts too, and he looked at me and started rubbing it. I had never done anything like that before, and was getting very nervous.

Then he pulled his shorts down and let his cock out. It was a lot bigger than mine, and for some reason I couldn't take me eyes off it.

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Thats when he reached in his pocket and pulled out to pair of womens panties. He tossed me a pair that was very soft, lacy, and blue. He started rubbing his cock with the other pair. He could tell how nervous I was to he decided to wrap the lacy panties around my cock, and stroke it for me. It felt so much better having someone else's hand around my shaft.

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I didn't even care that it was my cousins. It did't take to long before I felt cum rushing up my shaft and squirt all over the panties. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had.

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After he wiped it all up, he said it was his turn. I didn't even hesitate, and followed suit wrapping his pair around his cock. It took him much longer to cum, but I didn't mind.

This became something we would do almost everyday. It didn't take long until I was stealing new pairs from my mom and sister for us to play with.

I guess I started getting careless with the amount I was taking because one day my mom made a comment about how she was missing some underwear. I knew my face turned bright red, but I tried to play it off like I didn't know what she was talking about. However, it was getting to where I was even have thoughts about having sex with her and my sister, and would lay in my bed and jerk off to them. This only made my cousin want to do more when I told him about it.

Now he would want to mess around at my house when they were home. I'm not going to lie it did make it more fun. One day we were in my room both wearing my sisters panties, when he started licking my cock through them. This was the first time he ever did this. I knew that it was a bad idea, but it felt so good I couldn't stop him. After about five minutes when he had my cock in his mouth I heard my door open, and there was my sister standing in the door watching her little brother getting a blowjob from his cousin, and to make it worse we were both wearing her underwear.

Thank God she didn't say anything she just shut the door. I was so nervous to have to be around her after what she just saw, but it was inevitable since we lived together. Pretty son my cuz went home, and it was just me and my sister at the house. She came in my room, and sat down beside me on my bed. I couldn't even look her in the eye after what she had just witnessed.

So, do you want to talk about what I saw earlier or should I just tell mom. I didn't want that so I just came clean, and told her how it all started. She asked if I was gay, which I quickly said no and that I just liked the way it felt having someone else to mess around with.

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I couldn't explain why we liked playing with panties so much only that was a rush. I couldn't believe we were actually talking about this, and that she wasn't freaking out.

She asked if I ever thought about her when I was using her underwear, which I'm pretty sure she already knew the answer to.


She was 19 years old with long brown hair with perfect tits, nice body, and had a round ass. I told her I thought about her all the time, and how I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help it. She just chuckled, I couldn't believe it.

She started running her hands around my crotch quickly making me hard. She told me just to relax, and not say anything, and if I stopped stealing her panties that she might do this again.

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Then she pulled my shorts down and started licking my cock slowly before wrapping her lips around it, taking the whole thing in her mouth. I couldn't believe my big sister was sucking my dick. I was ready to cum after a few minutes, but I was doing my best to last as long as possible. Once her tongue started swirling around my cock I couldn't hod back any longer, and shot my load into her mouth without any warning.

She kept sucking until she got every last drop out of me, and swallowed every bit of it. I was in complete awe to what just happened.


Just as she leaned up and kissed me we heard moms car pulling into the garage. Before she left my room, she reminded me that if I stopped stealing her panties she'd consider doing this again.