Dude loves immodest massage a lot

Dude loves immodest massage a lot
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I walked into my house after a long day at work. I was thinking about the convention my boss told me I had to attend while I stepped over my 3 year old son and around my 5 year old daughter and walked into the kitchen where my husband, Nate, was sitting at the table while my sister, Michelle, was cleaning up from dinner. "I can't do it… it's as simple as that." I said as a fell into a chair as if continuing a conversation we'd been having before.

"Can't do what?" asked Nate. We've been married for almost 10 years. He's 35, just 2 years older than me but he still doesn't look a day over 21. He was a soccer player in high school and college and kept up his wonderful physique. "My boss wants me to go this convention next month. It's a week long and it's all the way across the country in California." Michelle jumped into the conversation. "I don't see what the problem is." She said as the children started crying.

"Let me go put them to bed, its getting late.

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Come on children, Auntie Michelle is going to put you to bed tonight." "I can't leave you with the children for a week." "Why not? I can handle it. I really think you should go. You've been spending so many late nights at the office and we've gotten along fine w/ Michelle's help. I'm sure she'd be willing to stay with us for the time you're gone. Maybe your boss will even let up on you." "I'd be glad to help but now I think it's time for me to head home.

G'night Angie, g'night Nate." "G'night" Nate and I said together. "Come on Angie. Let's get you out of your work clothes and into something more comfortable. You look like you're dying in that suit and you could use a good massage." Looking at Nate before I answered and seeing the look in his eyes, I knew he had no intention of letting me put on other clothes but I needed something to relax me so I decided to play along.

"That's a great idea. Give me a moment and then come join me after you shut everything down out here." "Alright hunny, I'll come in a moment." With that, I went into our room, hung up my suit and lay down on my stomach covered only by a sheet. Seconds later, Nate walked in and pulled the sheet off me.

Seeing my naked body, he straddled my back and started giving me one of his famous back massages. "Thanks baby, that feels really good." "You need to relax, work has you too stressed. You need to have a break.

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Michelle and I can handle the house and the kids while you're gone," he assured me. By now he had worked down my back and was kneading my ass. "Mmmm that feels good. Are you sure? Do you want me to go?" "Well of course I'll miss you but it will be good for your job. Go hunny, don't worry about us." "Tha…mmmm" I trailed off as he found my clit. "Oooh baby. That feels soo good. Don't stop." With that, he rolled me onto my back and started nibbling my ear and neck while he massaged my tits in his big hands.


Next thing I knew, he had stopped sucking my tits and was moving south. He kissed my stomach then the inside of my thighs and everywhere else but my pussy that was crying out for him. "You're being such a tease. Please, I need this. Please baby." With laughter in his eyes, he ran his tongue along my slit and went back to kissing everything but.

Unable to stand it any longer, my hand found its way down to my pussy and started stroking my aching clit. "No no. You have to sit back and let me do the work." "Please baby, I can't take the teasing anymore. Please," I said between my ragged breaths.

"Either you go in or I do. I need this baby," I was so horny the teasing was making my eyes tear. Seeing this, Nate realized he had pushed me too far and needed to make it up to me. With out another word, he began tongue fucking me like never before. His tongue was flicking, wriggling and sucking driving me to a near frenzy. "Ooooooooo baby! Oooooooooo god I'm cumming!" My body was wracked with the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. Knowing it would take a few moments to regain my senses, he pulled me to my side up against him.

He stuck a finger up my soaking wet pussy and then started to probe my asshole. "Baby&hellip. What are you doing?" I was still somewhat delirious but in a second I felt his finger entering my ass. "No. No Nathan. You can't do that!" I yelled as I pulled away from him. "I'm so sorry sweetheart.

I wanted to make up for teasing you too much. I wanted to do something new. and it's something I've really wanted to do." "You know I've never let you in my back door and I'm not likely to change that!" I screamed as I put clothes on, grabbed a blanket and my pillow and went to sleep on the couch. "I'll let him feel bad and beg me to come back to the bedroom," I thought to myself.

Like clockwork, I heard him come out after a few minutes. Thinking I was asleep, he picked up my petite body and brought my back to bed where we both fell sound asleep till morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A week later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (This is where Michelle takes over the story) "Bye sweetheart.

The numbers to reach me are on the fridge and I'll be back on Saturday. I hope the kids behave for you." "Don't worry about it hunny, we can hold down the fort." "Yeah sis, the kids are already in bed no sweat.

We'll manage without you for a few days." When Angie finally finished giving last minute instructions Nate and I closed the door and got ready for bed.

The bed in the guest room was made up for me but I wasn't ready for sleeping. I sleep nude so I put on my silky robe and walked down the hall to Nate's room and knocked softly. When I didn't get an answer I just walked in.

Thinking that he was alone for the night, Nate had turned on a flick and on screen a girl had a cock in her mouth and a dildo in her pussy and ass. Nate was jerking off like he hadn't had sex in years.

"Damn, she looks pretty full." He jumped at the sudden interruption trying to cover his nakedness with the blankets but his hard on just would not be hidden. "Ye…ye… yeah" he stuttered "she does look pretty full." At 30, I'm still unmarried.

When anyone asks me I tell them I had too many bad relationships in the past but what has really kept me away from the alter is my brother-in-law. When Angie brought him home the first time, I fell for him. Expecting that she would throw him out any minute, I never pushed away those feelings. By the time they were married, it was too late and I was absolutely in love with my sister's husband. I waited 12 years to get him and this week was an opportunity I wasn't going to pass up.

"I've always wished someone would do that to me.


I've heard that having something in your ass and your pussy feels soooooo nice." I said as I lay down beside him, letting my robe fall open displaying my high firm tits and my hairless pussy. "Have you ever stuck your meat up some girl's ass?" He looked away and that was my answer.

"You want to try it, don't you," I said more stating a fact than asking a question. His dick that had gone soft at the interruption was once again standing straight up. He nodded almost shyly.

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"Come with me" I motioned him to my room, which was farther away from the children. I pulled a few different sized dildos out of my bag, all of them smaller than Nate, along with a bottle of lube. "You're so big we're going to have to stretch my hole first." I said explaining the presence of the toys "What about Andrea?

We're happily married!


You're her sister! We shouldn't do this." I could tell he was just saying words, he didn't mean any of it but I played along. "Well, if you really don't want to…" I started putting the toys away as my robe "accidentally" slipped off showing him my firm round ass and bent down giving him a view of both my holes. "Yeah, it's better this way," but his hands deceived him. He had reached out and was stroking my ass.

I turned around and kissed him. With only a moment's hesitation, he kissed me back. While we were kissing, he reached down and drew a finger along my soaked slit. Convinced his finger had enough wetness on it, he started circling my rosebud then sticking his finger in a little bit at a time. I quickly broke away from his embrace bringing him the smallest of the dildos and the bottle of lube then got down on my hands and knees on the bed.

He quickly applied the lube to the toy and pressed it against my rosebud. He was so excited, he pushed so hard the small toy was fully in before I could prepare for it, forget about getting used to it. I let out a small yelp but he just pulled the dildo out and threw it aside. He looked at the assortment of toys and picked up the largest which was just a hair smaller than his own dick.

Realizing his error from before of pushing in too fast, he lubed up the toy then my ass and pushed the toy in a fraction of an inch at a time.

Each time he pushed, he waited for me to nod, signaling that I could take more. After about 5 minutes he was easily thrusting the toy in and out almost completely pulling it out before he shoved it back in.

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I was getting slightly nervous knowing what comes next. Sensing this, he gave no warning when he pulled out the toy and shoved in his own dick which he had lubed with the previous toy.

Finally having 2 hands to use, he rolled me on my back and stuck 2 fingers in while rubbing my clit with his thumb. He found my spongy g-spot and stroked it in time with his thrusting which was growing faster with each thrust. Finally my body froze and I let out a long low moan as I had my strongest orgasm with a dick up my ass and fingers in my pussy.

Needless to say, we continued this every night after we put the kids to sleep. Knowing that Andrea wasn't due until Saturday afternoon, we went at it longer and harder on Friday night. We fell asleep naked in their bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 a.m.

Saturday morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Andrea takes over the story again) I decided to surprise everyone and catch an earlier flight home. I was supposed to be home around noon but I took the redeye getting me home 7 hours early.

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The taxi dropped me at my door and I let myself in. Exhausted from my flight, I decided I'd sleep for a few hrs until everyone else woke up.

I walked into my bedroom and took of my jeans leaving me in my underwear and a t-shirt.

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When I sat down I felt someone on my side of the bed. Assuming that Nate had missed me and was sleeping on my side, I leaned down to kiss him but my lips brushed along long hair smelling of feminine shampoo. I turned on the light on my nightstand and saw my sister wrapped in my husband's embrace… and both of them were naked! I stood there frozen while they groggily realized that the light was on. When they saw me, they each jumped up trying to cover their nakedness.

Unable to speak, I just ran out of the room, grabbed my jeans and shoes, then the house crying. I ran to the train station and got on the next train. I didn't know where I was going but I needed to get away from here. The last I remember of my little town is the station shrinking behind me as the sun rose.