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Creamy latin pussy gets fucked
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I stared out of my bedroom window toward the large tree that stood in the middle of my backyard. It was higher than the house and was, at the moment, dressed with red and yellow leaves that were just starting to litter the grass. In the tree was a large wooden tree house. My twin brother and I built it when we were ten years old with the help of an older cousin.

I thought it would be used often but since its three years of being in that tree it wasn't used too much aside from being the perfect hiding spot for hide-and-seek or a tower to throw snowballs at passersby in the winter. The more I stared at the tree house the more I wanted to be in it for some reason. So, I stopped working on the homework I was supposed to finished and walked out the bedroom door to the downstairs.

I saw my mother sitting on the couch and my sister was right next to her. I went through the kitchen and out the back door right to the tree. I looked up and started climbing a rope ladder.

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Once I reached the top I had to boost myself up and climb in. I looked around. There wasn't much to see. There were a few plastic crates that were used to sit on and some sheets of paper cluttered the floor. There was a battery powered amp hanging from the ceiling and "curtains" made out of torn up shirts covered the two small cut out windows on both each wall. I started shivering from the wind that started blowing. I was about to climb down the ladder when I saw my brother climbing up.

"Hey," he said, "what are you doing up here?" "Nothing," I told him. "I just wanted to look around in here.

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I was getting bored in the house." "Yeah, there's nothing to do," he said as he took a seat against one of the walls. I started walking around to inspect the tree house more when I heard laughing. My brother and I looked out one of the little windows and saw a girl and a boy walking down the side walk.

(The tree house had a good view of the alley in the back and the street next to the side of the house). I saw the girl turn her head and recognized her immediately. "Hey Mario," I said as I nudged him, "isn't that Ivet?" "Yeah I think it is," he replied. He squinted his eyes to get a better look at her. "I don't know who the guy is though." "I think that's her boyfriend," I told him. "I'm not too sure though." "Well he's lucky. Do you know how many guys would like a chance to go out with Ivet?

She is so hot." "Yeah I know what you mean." I said. "Her boyfriend is pretty cute though so I guess they make a good match" "Did you just say her boyfriend was cute?" Mario said as he turned his head to look at me. "Well, um, I meant he is good looking. You know what I meant." "You are so gay," laughed my brother.

"You think her boyfriend is hot ha-ha." "Shut up!" I yelled. "I didn't say that!" "But you were thinking it right?" "No." I began blushing.

"Holy shit," said my brother, stopping his laughing. "You really are gay aren't you?" "Sometimes I just think guys look cute," I said. "Do you jerk off about them?" "What?" "Do you jerk off about them?" "I don't know what that is." "No way!" My brother looked very surprised. "How can you not know what jerking off is? Almost every guy does it." "Do you?" I asked. "Of course!" "Can you show me what it is then?" I asked.

My brother was about to say something but stopped. I could tell he was thinking to himself and after a couple seconds he walked up to the window and closed the make-shift curtain. He did the same to the other side and put a crate over the ladder entrance. "Yeah I can show you," he said, "but you can't tell anyone. I don't want people to think I'm gay or anything." "Fine," I said.

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Mario started by telling me we had to take our clothes off in order to be comfortable while doing it. He pulled off his sweatshirt and pulled his shirt off too and threw them on the floor. I did the same.

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Then we sat down and pulled our socks and shoes off and pulled down our jeans. Now we were only standing in our underwear.


When I looked at my brother I could see our bodies were identical. Even for twins. We were both soccer players and that lead to us having really strong and firm legs. Our chests were pretty strong too and we both had visible abdominal muscles poking from our stomach.

We both had smooth bodies too, but when we pulled our underwear down that was obviously not totally true. Around our dicks we both had a patch of black hair the same color, but not as straight, as the hair on our heads.

"What do we do now?" I asked. I had my arms folding because some wind was getting through the cracks of the tree house and making my nipples hard and body shiver. "Start stroking yourself," Mario ordered. I used my thumb and one of my fingers to starts stroking my dick. It was really soft and was going to be difficult to get hard with the wind constantly traveling along my body.

After a minute or so I felt it getting harder and saw it getting longer. When I peaked over to look at Mario he was doing the same. When we were finally at our full 5" my brother told me to 'think of something that gets you really horny and keep stroking'.

I laid down on the floor and did what he said. I closed my eyes and started thinking about my friend Kevin.

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We were soccer teammates and often I would stare at him when we took our shower after practices and games. I couldn't help but looking at him.

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He was Mexican like Mario and me but he had a darker tan. I would always watch as he rubbed soap on his smooth chest and moved it down over his stomach that was riddled with rows of muscle.

He would take more soap and lather it on muscular thighs and then begin rubbing his balls and uncut dick. I started shuttering while still stroking and thought about him beginning to rub his butt. That was my favorite part. His butt poked out like a girl's did but it was tight and creased on the side of each butt cheek. He would move one of his fingers into the crack and spread his cheeks a bit to make sure he cleaned himself thoroughly.

"Ah," I groaned. I kept stroking and kept rocking my hips. My stomach started caving in and I felt an intensity travel from my balls to my dick and felt pressure that I had to push out.


I opened my eyes and saw white cum squirting out right onto my stomach. I started breathing heavily and kept watching as the white substance kept dribbling out. I looked over at Mario and saw him kneeling next to me. "Wow," he said. "That looked intense." "Did the same happen to you?" I asked as I caught my breath.

"No, I didn't even stroke cause I saw you shaking and moving your body and I couldn't stop looking. It was really hot." I chuckled when I heard him say that I sat up. I grabbed one of the papers on the floor and started wiping the cum from my body.

"I do have an idea though," he said. "What is it," I asked. "Well, um, instead of, um, me stroking and you just watching, um, you could, like, suck me off?" "Huh?" "Well you're gay anyway so maybe this could be good practice for you, right?" He stood up and held his dick in front of me in an inviting manner.

Honestly, I couldn't resist. I wanted to try it out. I got onto my knees and put his dick into my mouth. I rested my hands on his bony love handles and started moving my head up and down. I thought about it licking it like I would Bomb Pops, my favorite Popsicle, although his dick wasn't nearly that big.

I started swirling my tongue on all sides of his shaft and kept moving my head back and forth. I made sure to keep my teeth hidden behind my lips to make sure I wouldn't scrape him. "Mm," he started to moan. I felt him rest his hands on the top of my head. I moved my head and faster and started literally sucking on his meat.

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The slurping sound seemed to turn him on more because he started rocking his hips faster and faster. I moved my hands from his love handles to his butt and squeezed it as I forced his dick deeper into my mouth. I could feel the head poking the back of my throat and I wanted to gag but was able to keep control.

He clenched my hair and when I peered up with my eyes I saw him clench his teeth.

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I felt his dick throbbing in my mouth and all of a sudden I could taste the salty liquid that was now bursting out of his pee hole. I tried swallowing it but I didn't like the taste and when I took him out of my mouth a got a spurt of it on my cheek.

I tried swallowing what I could and spit out the remains onto the floor. "Oh my God." I immediately looked up and my brother turned around. To my shock and my brother's horror Marina's, our 12 year old sister, head was poking through the ladder entrance and staring right at us. I immediately grabbed the clothes that were next to me and stuck them in front of my dick while Mario just kept his hands over his crotch.

"What are you doing here?!" he yelled. "Marco, what were you doing?" Marina asked. "Why are you guys naked? Oh, gosh I got to go." Her head disappeared from the entrance. My brother and I only looked at each other.