Cute japaneses lusty oral pleasure stockings and hardcore

Cute japaneses lusty oral pleasure stockings and hardcore
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My job often takes me away from home and I find myself alone in hotel rooms. That is, until my husband bought two web cams. I was in Dallas at the Marriot on a two day road trip the first time I fired up my laptop with the tiny web cam attached. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to connect with Bill, my husband, but soon we were chatting and looking at each other. It was instantly exciting. I unbuttoned my blouse and fingering my black lacy bra, I lowered the camera so Bill could only see my torso.

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I removed each of my full breasts and massaged my nipples. I could see Bill's smile and hear his laughter. This was wonderful. I told Bill to stand up and remove his pants. He did and his cock was hard and getting harder. He moved his camera closer to his cock. I told him to rub himself.

I wanted to see him cum on camera. I masturbated for Bill, the camera close in on my swollen clit as I lay back and rubbed myself. I was turned on watching bill stroke his cock while he was watching me rub my pussy. When he came, he came so hard I could see it shoot onto his keyboard. I rocked into a shivering orgasm. We laughed afterwards and blew each other kisses for the night, promising to connect again tomorrow night.

The next night I was having a drink after work at the hotel bar when a man sat down beside me. I was anxious to get upstairs. I was excited about masturbating on camera again. I had been thinking about it all day. The man's name was Jason. He was years younger than me but very cute. I let him buy me one drink telling myself that would be it.

I wanted to get upstairs to my room. Well, one drink turned into four. Before I knew it, I had told Jason my masturbation story. Jason was clearly excited. I was a bit drunk when I said, "Why don't you come up to my room with me?" Turning on my laptop, I logged on and soon had Bill's smiling face on my web cam again. He was clearly in a mischeavious mood again for he was wearing only a bathrobe.

Jason was sitting on the bed out of view. I lowered my camera to began teasing Bill.


Suddenly feeling bold, I took off my blouse and bra. My breasts are full and firm and I love to massage them.

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Bill was chatting to me to pinch my nipples and play with my pussy while he was stroking his cock. I looked over at Jason on the bed and I could see he was turned on. His erection was pushing up his pants. I licked my lips and motioned for him to unzip his pants. He smiled and his cock, full and hard, popped out. I wanted to suck it badly. Meanwhile, back on camera, Bill was pumping away on his own cock. I continued to rub my pussy, now dripping wet.

"Honey, "I said to Bill, "What would you say if I told you there was another man in my room right now?" He stopped stroking his cock and I watched his camera move up to his face. I watched Bill's expression change into a big grin. "I don't believe you, "he laughed.

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"Prove it." I motioned for Jason to walk over and I positioned my camera so only his hard cock was now in the camera's view. I wrapped one hand around Jason's cock and gave it a squeeze. Jason stood there with his mouth slightly open, smiling. "I want to watch you suck him," Bill said. I had two fingers inside my steaming pussy as I took Jason's cock in my mouth. His cock jumped and stiffened as I licked up one side then down the other.


I slid down to his balls and gently rolled each one in my mouth. Then I began to suck him off in earnest. I deep throated his rod and sucked, his cock fully eight inches down my throat. Bill had his cock in his hand and was pumping massaging it quickly, up and down. My pussy was swollen, wet, and I ached to come. Jason gave out a moan as he started to move his pelvis. Grabbing the back of my head, he guided my mouth on his cock.

Before he came, I let him slip out of my mouth. His cum squirted warm on my face as I held his pulsating dick and rubbed it around in his dripping cum. I turned back to the camera in time to see Bill blow his load. He came so hard I could see him shudder. Suddenly Jason looked a bit sheepish, standing with his deflating cock beside my desk.

I reached up and gave him a kiss. "Thank you for the fun evening. I need to talk with my husband now," I said. He left, throwing me a big smile as he walked out. "Honey, that was wild," Bill said. "I'm glad you liked it," I said.

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"I know I did. Now, why don't we see if we can't get another go around out of that big hard cock of yours that I can't wait to see again?" I inserted my purple vibrating dildo in my pussy and adjusted the camera to fill the screen with my moist lips and clit.

I lay back and let a tidal wave of orgasm rise up from deep in my cunt. I rocked and moaned as I came over and over.

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Meanwhile, Bill had been off camera for several minutes. He appeared again just as I finished my second wave of orgasms.

I asked him where he had gone. I could see his cock was hard again when he walked in front of the camera and sat down. We chatted for a bit when he said, "Sweetie, I have a surprise for you too." He lowered his camera and I saw the back of a woman's head appear. The head of a brunette with long hair was moving up and down in Bill's lap. I had two more orgasm's watching Bill's blowjob.

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I think he had taken a Viagra for he was still hard and she was still going at it when I caught myself yawning. "Sweetie, "I said. "I have to sleep. Enjoy your blowjob." I turned off my laptop and got into bed. My pussy was warm and moist. Jason's cum was still on my face and I knew that Bill, the man I loved, was in seventh heaven at this very moment. I felt peaceful and contented and turned off the light. I couldn't wait to get home.

The sooner I got home, the sooner I could go on the road again. I've come to look forward to my business trips. The difference being, I'm never alone in my hotel rooms now.

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I always have Bill watching over me.