Hot young gay porn full length Ash Williams amp_ Nathan Brookes

Hot young gay porn full length Ash Williams amp_ Nathan Brookes
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Megan: Can I please go in and get a shower now sir? Megan stepped into the shower wincing from the pain she was feeling in her bum now that the adrenaline had worn out from her earlier experience with Mr Johnson.

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She couldn't quite get her head around how it had happened, how yesterday she was pure and now she was the girl who's ass had just 10 minutes ago had her horrible neighbours cock in it. Was she still a virgin she wondered, she knew she probably was but wasn't sure how long that would remain a fact.

After she had asked Dominatus if she could shower he had strangely decided to for once get her own way, all he had said was that he expected her back on her laptop in an hour, but she could shower and have lunch between now and then. Megan couldn't even think about food right now her stomach was churning so much still. She sighed to herself as the hot water hit her body, washing away the greasy feel of the sun lotion from her skin, as she started to drift off with thoughts of what could possibly happen next she heard the phone ringing.

Quickly getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around her wet body, Megan ran downstairs to see who had interrupted her soothing shower unexpectedly.

When Megan answered the phone she heard the comforting voice of her mum asking her how she was. She didn't have to act much in convincing her mum she still didn't feel well, her stomach still felt funny and she was preoccupied with the earlier events of the day, which her mother took for her still being ill. She was order to go back to bed and stay there, which she would have happily done if she could.

Still not fully concentrating on what her mother way saying she said bye and put down the phone, but as she did that last thing her mother said replayed in her head, she wouldn't be home till after midnight because of drinks with work.

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Her heart sank as she realised she had a very long day still ahead of her. Megan turned away from the phone and realised with shock that her hour was up already, she hadn't had time to change or eat or anything, but knew she had better go to the laptop straight away.

She quickly sat down at the kitchen table and opened her messenger and typed a quick message to her master Megan: I'm back sir… Dominatus: So I see, do you remember our conversation this morning? I was hoping you wouldn't disappoint me again young lady!


Megan: What have I done now? I got back on time! Dominatus: What you have done now you stupid fucking slut is turn up looking like a drowned rat, half dressed and don't even have the sense to call me sir! Megan shivered as she realised her mistake, and started to type her explanation about her mum calling when she got another reply Dominatus: You will be punished Megan, don't make it worse!

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Megan stopped typing and just looked sadly into the screen Dominatus: Go into the kitchen and get some olive oil Hurrying in case he decided to punish her further Megan quickly returned with the bottle of oil and sat back down Dominatus: Now cover your fingers in the oil and push then into your asshole…I want you to start with one finger but you can't stop until you have taken three fingers in that pretty ass of yours Megan sighed but decided to do as he asked rather than face the prospect of being made to do it outside, she slowly coated her finger in the oil and pulled up her towel and slowly inserted her finger into her tight little bum.

She winced, her ass still hurting from the attentions of Mr Johnson earlier that morning. As the pain started to die down she slowly added more oil to her fingers and added another finger. Her ass flared in pain as her fingers stretched her tender ass, a tear running down her face, looking at the screen, begging to be allowed to stop with her eyes. When no more messages appeared her head dropped and she slowly added her third finger, the pain now almost too much for her.

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With her free hand she typed Megan: Ok I have done as you asked Dominatus: I've sent you some lunch as you didn't bother to have any, the pizza man will be there any minute A confused look came across Megan's face, wondering at the kindness he had just shown her Dominatus: When you answer the door you will pay the man, but he will also deserve a tip. So I want you to drop your towel on the floor, then turn your back to the delivery man and bend over with your legs apart so he can have the treat of seeing you.

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Megan's mouth fell open, wanted to say no, to tell him she wouldn't, but knowing that she now had no choice, she just slowly nodded her head, wiping her fingers clean on the towel wrapped around her body The doorbell rings loudly making Megan jump, a tear runs down her cheek as she reaches for the money her mum had left for her by the door and slowly unlocked and pulled open the door.

Slowly a middle aged man comes into view, smiles at her holding up the pizza box.


Slowly taking the box from him and setting on the table next to her Megan hands the man the money for the pizza and then slowly turns around and lets her towel drop to her feet. She feels the cold air harden her nipples instantly and then slowly bends forward, her ass slowly parting as she bends and feels the air cool against her asshole from the oil. Megan was just wondering if she could stand up when she felt a hand rubbing slowly over her ass, making her jump.

She quickly looked up at the screen hoping her master would tell her she could stand up. Not seeing anything on the screen she had a strong feeling she shouldn't move or she would be punished, so just kept bent over as the hand on her ass become more confident, rubbing and squeezing he tight bum. She then heard the front door close and breathed a sigh of relief and started to stand up, but then felt a strong hand on her back which pushed her firmly over to the table she had set the pizza on.

As she was roughly pushed over the table she finally broke her silence "Please don't I'm a virgin, don't hurt me." The pizza guy laughed in her ear as she felt him leaning over her body, the sound of a zip being pulled down in the background, "I won't hurt you, you fucking cock tease, you lubed up your ass all nice for me." Megan screamed as she felt her ass stretched to the limit as the pizza guy thrust hard into her ass, his whole cock pushed into her anal passage, much deeper than Mr Johnson had done earlier and much more roughly too.

"No please stop," she screamed as he start savagely pumping into her ass, fucking her hard while pulling her head back by her hair.


"Take it you little whore, take my cock in your ass you fucking slut," the man degrading her as tears ran down her face. She felt him speeding up and openly cried at the violation she was experiencing, knowing this was her punishment that her master intended.

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Then all of a sudden he pulled out, leaving her laying on the table panting, he had finally finished with her. She lay for a minute thinking he would leave, but was then roughly pulled by her hair off the table and to her knees.

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She looked up into the lust filled eyes of the pizza man who was jerking his cock in his hand. "Open your mouth you slut, you're going to clean my cock before I go," he said as he pushed his cock toward her mouth. Megan clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, not wanting to taste his cock after it had been in her bum. *SLAP* her head jerked sideways as she fell on her side from the force of the slap across her face.

He grabbed her by her hair and pushed his cock into her open mouth before she could stop him. She felt it hit the back of her throat and started to choke, but this only seemed to turn him on more as he pumped harder into her mouth. She couldn't breath and slowly felt the room spinning as she was pushed flat on the floor, his cock still deep in her throat, fucking in and out of her mouth faster and faster.

Then it happened, he tensed up and she felt the warm sensation of his cum running down the back of her throat, filling her belly, before he pulled out and quickly pulled up her trousers and walked out the door. Sitting up Megan slowly retched up the cum, it running down her chin and onto her small tits, as she cried into her hands.

After a moment she heard the sound of the computer alert that she had a new message&hellip.