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German Big Boobs OLD PORN
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Stepfather And I On Our Own When I was quite young, dad was killed in a car accident, and Mom and I were left all alone. Mom and I became quite close since there was just the two of us. We lived on a small farm at the edge of town and survived by renting out the land to sharecroppers. I learned the basic skills of domestic duties from her, since these were the only skills she could pass on to me.

Also we had some chickens, a couple of cows and a few pigs. We were fairly comfortable and this was the only way of life we knew.

When I was around fourteen years old, Mom remarried. He was a big old farm guy of about 250 pounds and well over 6 feet tall. His name was Oscar. I did not particularly care for his dominating ways but tolerated him, because he made mom happy. I was a husky lad at this age, tall and had rather effeminate airs about me. Shortly after their marriage, Mom was called and informed that her mother was ill and to come home right away.

When she informed Oscar she was leaving for a few days, he whined about who would take care of him while she was gone. Mom reassured him that I could cook and clean as well as she and that I would take care of the house and myself and him. He reluctantly agreed to her leaving. Several days after Mom had left, I went into their bedroom to pick up and change the sheets. There I found Oscar sprawled out naked on the bed, stroking his huge hard cock and moaning, his muscular hairy body for the entire world to see.

When Oscar saw me, he motioned for me to come to the bed. I walked over to the bed and as I did so I felt my cock rise up in my jeans, and a thrill go through me. As I approached the bed, Oscar cried out that he was oh so horny, and had a big load of cum in his balls that needed to get out, and begged me to help him.

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When I hesitated he reminded me that I had promised my mother that I would take care of him. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and hesitantly took his huge cock in my hand and slowly began to stroke it. It felt so full, hard and hot in my hand and precum was oozing out of the piss opening. Oscar moaned and instructed me to stroke it harder and faster which I did. Soon I had a hard fast steady rhythm going and Oscar was moaning out his ecstasy.

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He struggled to come. His massive body rose up to meet my thrusts in and out of my hand. I felt the cum rise up in his cock as it grew larger in my hand and the head became beat red. Suddenly he let out a loud cry of relief and his cock shot forth-large shots of white cum. He grabbed my head and drew it down to his chest and held me there and I tasted his swet and his tit in my mouth.

Oscar’s cock grew soft in my hand and he tenderly kissed me on the forehead and released me. I got up sheepishly and went back to my room. There I masturbated to the remembrances of Oscar’s cock in my hand and the vision of his cum spewing forth from his cock. Several more days passed and mom was still at her mother’s she had become much worse. Oscar came to me this time in my bedroom late at night.

He stood by my bed and asked me to please take care of him. He needed me.

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I sat up on the side of the bed and his cock was big and hard and at mouth level when I sat up. He was completely naked. I timidly stuck out my tongue and licked the head of it, tasting the sweet precum oozing out of the tip of it, than I licked it up and down several times. Oscar moaned with desire and encouraged me to take it all in my mouth.

When I next licked the head of his cock he grabbed my head and shoved his big cock into my open mouth. Holding both sides of my head in his big hands, he proceeded to shove his big hard massive cock in and out of my mouth, shoving it all the way in balls deep and I felt his balls bounce against my chin as he fucked me in the mouth.

In and out shoving it down my throat. My cock rose up as I sat naked on the bed sucking this giant of a man in and out of my mouth. I reached down and stroked my own cock as Oscar stroked his in and out of my mouth. I felt his cum rising up out of his balls, into his cock, felt his cock head become larger, inside my mouth.


As his cock grew larger in my mouth I stroked my cock harder and faster feeling my cum rise up out of my balls filling my cock. Suddenly it seemed like his cock exploded in my mouth as he shoved his cock deeper into my mouth and throat and cum shot out, I swallowed hard and fast to take his cum into me. Suddenly my cock shot off its load into my hand and we were both relieved of our loads of cum.

Our cocks soften and he pulled it out of my mouth and kissed me tenderly on the forehead and crawled into bed with me.

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There he took me in his arms and held onto me the rest of the night as we fell into sexually exhausted sleep. The next night he came to me with out any pretenses.


His cock became quite hard without much work and I proceeded to suck on it as the night before but he had trouble getting it off. His cum did not rise up out of his balls as readily as it had the previous night. He laid down next to me on the bed, and began kissing me tenderly on the lips, reaming the inside of my mouth with his tongue. He sucked on my tits till the nipples became hard and tender. At which point he rolled onto the top of me and proceeded to stick his big hard cock between my chubby thighs just underneath my balls and began the in and out motion of fucking me.

His cock rubbed against the underside of my cock and together we fucked. We moaned and groaned our ecstasy through out our fucking and I felt his sticky precum ooze out of the head of his cock and lubricate his cock so that he moved in and out faster and faster fucking me hard between the thighs.

His big hairy body shoved me harder into the mattress as he fucked.

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Soon I felt the head of his cock becoming engorged and he shoved one last time his cock deep between my thighs and shot off his large load of cum, and I shot off mine about the same time. His cock softened shortly there after and he withdrew and laid along side of me and took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly on the lips and we again fell asleep in each other arms. Mom returned home a few days later and Oscar went back to sleeping in her bed.

We occasionally there after met in the hayloft and I satisfied him. Especially those times of the month when mom was unable to or during those times when Mom was not in the mood to satisfy him.