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Busty latina babes public nudity and outdoor peeing of exhibitionist milf heedin
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Hey there xnxx.com readers. Just for privacy reasons I won't reveal my name, but I'm 19 and I go to community college in California. I'm black mixed with some native american and some mexican also, and I'm a bit on the skinny side. I want to try to workout more but I recently landed a job so I'm much more busy. The area I live in is quiet and boring, but it's also safe so I never worry about someone smashing my windows in.

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I found this site about a year ago and now that I've just recently had my first time I finally have something to write about. All the stories I will write will be true stories involving me; I'm not good at making stories up in my imagination.

This first story spans the last 3 weeks, from the time I broke up with my ex the Thursday after Valentine's Day, to just a couple days ago, on March 9th. My life has gotten so much better since the breakup, I almost forgot she existed haha! Anyway, that's me, and here's a preview of my first story.


Also, I'll try to name my chapters after song titles that describe my mood at different moments in the story. --- --- --- *Note that the contents are 99% true, the only changed aspects are the names of the people involved. Enjoy :D* -Friday, Thursday 17th: Grenade- I woke up that morning at 7:30am like normal. My phone's alarm incessantly rings in my ears until I turn to my left, pick it up off my nightstand, and silence it with the push of a button.

Then I turn back over and look at the ceiling in my room and breathe a long sigh.


The sun shone through my window blinds, giving my room a striped pattern of light and darkness. My clothes sat scattered on the floor, but my laundry hamper was empty. My nightstand was a bit dusty, comprising of my lamp, an old broken radio/alarm/CD player, and my deodorant stick that acted as a paperweight for the several fast food receipts of the past few weeks.

This morning wasn't much different from any other. However the main difference was that today, I woke up single for the first time in 3 months. I laid there thinking about what had just occured the day before.

Yesterday I broke up with my ex, Kristine. I met her on Facebook in early November, and she went to my old high school across town before I transferred to one closer to me. She was a 20 year old latina girl, average size body, not exceptionally curvy but not incredibly skinny either, 5 foot 4 inches tall, a tight ass and 36D boobs. She had long black straight hair and brown eyes.

We talked nonstop on Facebook throughout the week, and we became a couple on November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11 I know, what a sweet anniversary!). However, the relationship was everything but sweet.

We didn't have our first date until 3 weeks after we started dating, and she was scared to tell her parents we were dating. Her mom preferred she date Latino guys, and her dad was racist against black people.

So the odds were highly stacked against us. Over the length of the relationship, we managed to go on two dates, and every other time we met, we would just makeout in the back of my car. Sometimes I would bring up the subject of sex to her, but she was a devout Christian, and pledged abstinence. She wouldn't so much as take off her shirt for me, but she let me pull it down and suck on her nipples sometimes.

That's pretty much as far as it went. We couldn't do anything together because she wouldn't tell her parents.

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I constantly begged her to do so, and explained why it's important, but she wouldn't budge. So I broke up with her.

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I deleted her phone number, deleted her Facebook, and stopped all contact with her. Kristine was only my 2nd real girlfriend and I was torn to shreds; I'm not afraid to admit I cried on the way home from her house. I texted my best friend Luke and his girlfriend Katrina, and they invited me over to Luke's house to comfort me and to hang out a little bit.

The sun shone in my eyes, temporarily blinding me and making me realize time was passing by.

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It was 7:45am, and I had to get ready for my math class at 9:30. I pushed my sheets off, rolled out of bed and stepped into the shower. I think the modern shower is one of the greatest inventions in the world.

It's not only a place to exercise good personal hygiene, but it's also a place of serenity, a place to relax, a place to sing your heart out as your voice is drowned out by the falling water.

For me, it was a place to think. A place to think about moving on with my life, and what it would take to forget Kristine's name.

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I got dressed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and picked up my backpack. I checked the time, it was 8:30. It usually takes me half an hour to get to my class 25 miles away, but I always like to be early.

With that, I walked towards the stairs. However, I forgot to do something, so I turned around, and booted up my computer. I logged on to Mozilla Firefox, and began to update my Craigslist ads listed under "Casual Encounters: m4w." --- --- --- That's all for now, hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek and I should have the story done within a week.

Thanks for reading.