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Sexy blonde fruit is eager to drill some hairy asshole
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Chapter I - The Coming of Rebecca I It was still a little dark outside. The pretty lace curtains gave way to the glass paned window. The blinds were pulled away just a little so that he could look outside and know how the light of the day changed.

Rory loved the laces on the window. They were intricate flower patterned and in white. Nothing really different from the average window lace curtains, but he loved them nonetheless.

They reminded him of some more laces in the house. Those he did not come around to running his pale fingers along the edges.

He wanted to. There was golden light, the warm fuzzy kind, that was filling the room. It was a bright Sunday noon, the ones that came in the winter. When school was closed and were not due to open in another three months. The ones when there were nowhere to go, no uniforms to wear, no ball games to be played in the afternoons. Rory knew he was dreaming and he liked it. But as all dreams go, this one too was flirtingly vanishing.

Rory tried to hold on to it. He wanted that dream. There was a flash of glorious hair, swishing as his mother's face turned away, eyes bright and the most beautiful laughter in the world on her face. Those were the last few seconds. Rory was a tad bit disappointed that he was awake again. But the disappointment vanished just as easily as the dream. The laces gave way to a lighter sky outside now.

But the inky shade would easily take another hour to fade away to a blue. Rory fidgeted with the idea of getting out of bed. Wondered if it would be all right to start the day early. After all, the longer he was awake, the longer the day would be! He was turning 9 today, midnight. It was like an oversized balloon was being inflated inside him. He finally got off his bed and walked to the wardrobe. Putting on the pullover, he slid his feet into the slippers.

Rory walked out of his room and towards the common bathroom they all shared. It was at the end of the corridor, closest to his parent's room, and farthest from his and his sister's, which were opposite one other. As he passed his parent's room, he thought he heard something. Like someone was hurt. A moan to be precise. He slowed down and went closer to his parents' bedroom.

He was right. Someone was definitely hurt. It was his mom. He was about to knock (mom never liked it when he came in without knocking) when something he heard both stopped him and confused him.

"Gosh James, did I moan out too loud? The kids might be awake." "Hush's too early.forget about it.where were you like me calling you a slut? Huh you filthy whore! Look at your sloppy cunt." came his father's voice.but strangely raspy and he was panting. Rory stepped back. He did not know many of the words his father used. But it seemed like he was really angry with his mother.

But why was he kind of whispering then? Whenever he was angry at other times, he yelled hard. His mother was now saying, "oh god damn yesss.I am such a whore.give me more cocks, James.I need more cocks.". She did not sound like she was hurt but then again, she was moaning like she was.

Rory walked away and to the toilet. He did not know what was wrong. He had never heard his parents talk that way. He was confused. Not just to what he just heard, but also about what he was feeling.

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He was not scared but his heart was pounding. Was he worried? Rory wondered why his mother was worried that he and his sister would hear them? Why was his mother agreeing to whatever his father was angry about? Rory did not understand.

There was knock at the door followed by his mom calling out, "Rory? Are you in there? How long have you been awake?" Rory jerked out of his thoughts. He thought he noticed a touch of alarm in his mom's voice.

"Ye.yes mom! Not long. I just woke up!" "All right honey, wash up and come downstairs. Isn't it a big day!", said his mom. "Yes! Coming! Wow!" chirped back Rory. Zipping up, he flushed and ran out. All other thoughts were forgotten.

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It was indeed a big day. But in more ways than one. One that would start changing his life forever. II Amy, his 14 year old sister, was sitting with her back to the kitchen entrance. His father was sitting on left side of the table and his mom was at the kitchen slab.

There were presents at the table. Rory walked in. There was the sound of wood scraping against wood, and then a blur of blue. Next thing he knew, Rory was on the floor, flat on his back and the back of his head hurt just a little. "Happy Birthday tiny one!", Amy screamed. "Don't call me tiny!

And that hurt!" Rory retorted, a tad irritated. His mother rushed over. "Amy! get off your brother!" she said with a stern voice but a smile on her face. "Junior is 9 today!" came his father's booming voice. The rest of the morning was a blur of activity. Harry opened his presents.

Amy gave him a new sketchbook with money she saved out of her pocket money. Rory felt quite touched by it. There was a new bat, a new pair of jeans, a T-shirt with a football drawn over it, and the biggest one of all, a PSP.

His father put out out the day's plan out and Rory loved every part of it. His mother would have to go to work for a while. His father would be home, being a Saturday. But halfway through the day, they would go pick her up from work, and then together, they would head over of a little bit of shopping, followed by a trip to "Cindy's" (Rory loved the parties at Cindy's; it was the local rave place for a birthday party) and then a movie at the theatre.

They were showing the brand new movie that they were talking abut at school. Amy however, would not be going with them. "Alice will be coming over.

We really need to finish this essay for Monday or Mrs. Deborah will kill me! That old hag!", chimed Amy, putting on the jam on her slice of bread. "Amy! Don't say that about your teacher! It's all right. We'll bring home whatever we are eating for lunch at Cindy's" replied her mother. III The day was all bright now. His mother had left for office and his father was back upstairs. The day's morning string of cartoons were over. Rory switched off the TV and climbed up the stairs.

He planned on checking out the sketchbook. Holding the book under one arm he stepped into his room and switched on the table light. It did not come on. He switched it on and off a few more times but the result was no different.

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"Dad?" Rory called out. And again. Hearing no reply, he walked out to the corridor again. Nearing his parent's room, he found the door ajar. As he started pushing the door open, he found his father sitting at the computer, and his back to the door.

He had not heard Rory come in. What Rory saw, was to be yet another first for him. On the computer was a women. She looked grownup like his mother but had no clothes on! She was holding something big, black and almost as thick as the baseball bat he got as a present.

And she was putting it inside her! At the same place where his own pecker was! He could not see what exactly it looked like from where he stood. Rory quickly but slowly backed off.

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Once out, he slowly pulled the door near close. Then he peeped after making sure Amy was not doing the same, watching him instead. The image of the woman on the screen changed. It now showed two women kissing. The way his mom and dad kissed but only for much longer than how his parents did in the mornings. Rory could not hear right but it seemed like they were moaning. The same way his mother was earlier. They were touching themselves between the legs.

The videos playing on the screen changed, each staying for only a few minutes. Rory walked away, his heart pounding; not from what he saw but from the fact that he somehow knew he had heard and seen things that he was not supposed to.

Rory sat at his bed, wondering He was scared a little but he was also thrilled beyond belief. Somehow it felt so good to watch his parents do something that they did not want him to know about. He was panting just a little, his hands shaking ever so lightly. Rory walked back towards his parents room. The door was still ajar and his father was still there looking at the computer.

But it now showed something totally different. There were many pictures of boys and girls of his age.

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They were wearing things that he thought only grownups wore. There was girl with jet black hair, wearing bright red lipsticks and wearing the type of things he saw women wear on some shop windows.and she was posing the way one of those naked women were posing before.

Her hips were thrust forward and she had one hand on her chest, over a red cloth which he was sure was called a bra. They called it different names sometimes. A bikini was one. Her other hand was on the head of a boy of his age. He was naked and was on his knees, close to the girl. His pecker was standing up! Now that was something completely new! His father's back was still to the door but it seemed like he was shaking something very hard.

Rory could not see what it was but could see his fathers arm move up and down. After a while, he heard his father groan and his arm was not moving so fast anymore. Sensing something had changed, Rory quietly moved away and then ran straight for his room, closing and locking his door behind him.

He looked at himself in the mirror. A million thoughts ran through his mind. The images swapped places fast in his head and he saw images of his father shaking something. Before he knew what he was doing, Rory pulled down the shorts he was wearing. His pecker was just the same. It was not standing up like that boy on his father's computer.

Nor was it as hard as the other boys in the rest of the pictures. Rory did not know what was wrong. Why was his pecker so soft? Was something wrong with him? He quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes, thinking that maybe you needed to be naked for the effect. But after some good amount of time, when nothing changed, Rory gave up in a state of worry. He was sure there was something wrong with him. But as the day went on, and he heard his father put down the phone and call out to him asking to get dressed, these perplexing thoughts were pushed to the back of his minds.

There were more pressing matters, those that dealt with the very serious business of his birthday celebrations to be dealt with. IV It was one of the most beautiful birthdays Rory had ever had.

The day went beautifully. Cindy's was blast. Four of his best pals were there. They picked them up from their individual homes. Earlier, at the store, while James and his mother looked for the hoodie they were hell bent to find for him (Rory did not see the point of all the fuss though), Rory's eyes fell on the isle with a big pink "HER" on top.

It was lined with frocks, dresses and intimates so pretty that he could not take his eyes off them. There were so many colours. He glanced back at the row of hoodies his parents were looking at and it looked so drab. Another thought came to his mind; why didn't his parents buy him one of those pretty dresses.

He wondered in fact, why did none of his friends at school never wore those dresses either. And why did the girls sometimes wear the same kind of jeans and T-shirts which he wore. These thoughts brought back the other things that had happened earlier in the day. "Rory! What are you doing there, dear? Come here, we found the perfect one for you!" called out his mother.

The movie was everything they raved about and more. It was dark by the time they got out of the theatre and well past his usual bed time by the time they dropped off all his friends and drove home. As Rory walked, tired and sleepy, to wards the bathroom, he saw and heard what was the last of the day's many surprises.

He saw Amy, walk over to her school bag with a balled up fist. She put it inside her bag and spoke into the phone, "I have it for you darling. Wet as you wanted. Gotta go, someone might hear". Rory walked on. Not thinking much of it. V Rory slept well; a dreamless night, with a smile on his 9 year old face.

The following morning was all about holding on to the special day that was over only too soon. "Where's Amy?" Rory asked at the breakfast table. "Out with friends" replied his father, from behind the newspaper. It was switch too soon to normalcy for Rory but he could do little about it. His mom was dressed in her cleaning best, being a Sunday. Rory had his fill and walked back up the stairs.

As he neared his room, he remembered the last thing he heard yesterday. It was not very Rory to be inquisitive. However, the last 24 hours had revealed so much, that he just could not help turning the knob and taking a careful step into forbidden territory. Rory looked back into the corridor just to make sure.

He then quickly made his way to where his sister's bag sat, on top of her chair. He looked through it with his heart in his throat. He did not particularly know why he was feeling so scared and thrilled at the same time. You do not expect a 9 year old to disambiguate so much. At first, he could find nothing out of the ordinary. He was about to give up, when he noticed a bulge inside of a tiny pocket with a zip.

He unzipped it and what he saw inside immediately reminded him of his curtains.

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And what else he always wanted to run his fingers along. Amy's pink lace panties were bunched up inside. With a quick glance behind, Rory fished it out.

A part of the thin fabric was sticking together and there was an odd but lovely smell coming from it.


The soft cloth and the pretty lace felt like nothing he had felt before. The softness was divine and the smell.he could not help bring the panty closer. Not that it was the best smell Rory had every smelt. The smell became a fragrance and it was intoxicating. Amy was not due soon, or so told himself. Rory pocketed the panty and ran to his room, closing the door behind him.

He just had to try something. Rory quickly stripped off his pants. He sat at his bed, and slowly, bulled the thin material up his legs till it fit him right where it should, snuggling his penis close to his body. The feeling was intense and almost overwhelming. And then he noticed something that both shocked and delighted him to no ends. His little penis was a little hard and it strained just a little against the panty.

Now it certainly was not this way just some time ago! Rory rubbed his palm over his cock and over the panty.there was an intense feeling that he did not understand but it felt like the most wonderful sensation in the universe. Rory closed his eyes involuntarily as he lay back, shorts bunched up near his ankles and lovely pink panties around his cock.

It was slightly large for him and the elastics did not hug him like it should have. But Rory had felt enough to keep him hooked. There was a car horn outside that jerked him out of his reverie. He quickly sat up, and realised what he was doing. He quickly stepped out of his sister's panty, bunched it up into a ball like before ran back to Amy's room opposite to keep it right where he found it. The rest of the day went without incident but Rory had enough going on inside his head to keep him busy.

Little did he know, that he had in fact brought home someone, whom he would later call Rebecca. And that Rebecca would would, not much later, be the preferred part of the family.


That night Rory dreamt again. But this time it was not about golden light and his mother's smile. -------------------------------------------------------------VI - Epilogue------------------------------------------------------------ The events described above tells the story of how Rory, a boy who just turned 9, sees glimpses of a whole new world through a series of events that spanned across his birthday and the day that followed.

These events lead Rory to newer and for some, better things. The next part of the story follows up with a time two years later. But to understand the difference between Rory as we know now, and Rory as we will discover soon, it is important to know at least a little of what happens in these two years. Over the time, Rory got more and more fascinated with girls' dresses. He later found out that Amy, his sister, from time to time kept a panty inside her school bag.

This usually happened when she went visiting her friend Alice. Rory found himself with his sister's panties more and more often. The mysteries of a hard cock soon was not so much of a mystery. He figured he had a "hard-on" whenever he was wearing something of his sister's.

For a long time, it was just panties, but his alternate and ad-hoc wardrobe grew to shorts, skirts and even an occasional top and complete dresses. One day Rory had picked out his mother's panty from a recently laundered pile. It was way too large for him but the fact that we was wearing his mother's panty gave him a hardon much bigger than the ones he was having so far.

Often he found listening to his parents talk like they did on the day of his 9th birthday. Many, if not all, of those words made sense to him and he has getting a faint idea of what was going on. Or at least that's what he believed. He figured that his mother moaned when she felt good. It must be similar to how he felt when he wore the panties.

However, he had no clue as to what his parents did to feel that nice. Closer to when we pick up the tread again, Rory found himself wearing a denim short of his sisters, with a tight slip. For the first time, he noticed something different.

He did not have the same bulge on the chest like that of his sister or his mother. That disappointed him lot but he could do nothing about it. He tried to create an effect with bunched socks but they would stay only for a while before they slipped off. The difference they made, were however spellbinding. He then figures out the need for the bras. But he never gets around to trying that out.

At least not until we are with him again. Meanwhile, a few other things were changing around Rory. He somehow did not enjoy playing ball anymore.

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He'd rather stay at home and read a story. Or better still, come upon a chance to hear his parents talk those things, or watch his father looking at naked men and women on his computer. This however, had become a rarity. For some reason, the door to his parents' room was seldom ajar while they were doing anything interesting. Rory had turned a new leaf two years ago but he did not know about it then. Had he known, he would have been overwhelmed with the knowledge as to just how intensely his life would change after that.

Not that he would mind one bit!