Cogiendo con la estrecha de mi comadre gritona recibe mi vergota en su rico culo

Cogiendo con la estrecha de mi comadre gritona recibe mi vergota en su rico culo
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt7 The morning started as every other morning during my marriage when I have a trip. Kayko woke me up with one of her mind altering blow jobs. Each and every time I awake she is sucking and swallowing as I blow a load down her throat.

It still gets me light headed the first thing in the morning, and today was no exception even though it was 4am. When Kayko finished her last swallow and then sucked my dick clean she looked up at me.

"Good morning honey," she said with a pleasant smile on her face. "Are you ready for some breakfast?" I smiled at her and stretched as she stroked my cock a few more times, relishing the fact that she had just done a very nice service to me.

She was wearing her short Red Kimono, the one that looks like an oversized T-shirt with the two slits up the sides at her hips and the gold hem at mid-thigh. Her hair was already done up into a big pony tail in the back, and she was wearing her black stockings with the lace at the tops of the thighs. She looked awesome! "Yes sweetie," I said as I propped myself up on a pile of pillows. I already knew what was coming. Kayko then crawled off the bed and picked up the little lap table she had sitting on the dresser.

As usual it had the same things on it.

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It had a small flower vase with a single flower in it, a full cup of coffee, and an empty bowl. She set the table down over my lap and picked up the bowl. Standing with her feet apart she lifted the front of her kimono to reveal my favorite pussy, neatly trimmed and beautiful. She placed the bowl between her legs and pressed down with her muscles.

One at a time three hard boiled eggs emerged from inside her and fell into the bowl. She then set the bowl on the table with a smile and bowed to me.

It never failed, Kayko did the exact same thing every time. Every morning before a trip was the same. As I munched down the first of the three eggs she said the same thing, "The eggs are for prosperity and success.

And the flower is because I love you." "Thank you sweetheart," I replied as I sipped on my coffee. "You're the greatest." While I chowed down on the rest of my pussy flavored eggs Kayko got all of my things together. She already had my bag packed and my clothes laid out. I just watched her with fondness as she moved around the room, so graceful and elegant with her movements. With the last egg gone and my coffee finished up, I had a desire for a little bit of desert.

"Kayko," I said as I lay back down. "Come here." And I pointed to my chin. Kayko looked at me from across the room and put on a very sweet smile. "Your cab is going to be here in just a few minutes," she said as she walked across the room and crawled up onto the bed. "I know," I said as I guided her up to my head until her pussy was directly over my face. "I just need a little bit more of my wife this morning." Kayko just let out a soft sigh as I pulled her pussy down to my mouth.

Her intoxicating aroma filled my nose as I darted my tongue into her wet pussy hole. Even with the slight taste of hard boiled eggs inside her she still tastes fantastic. I licked and sucked at Kaykos' pussy while rubbing her clit with my nose. Kayko began trembling as I worked her closer to an orgasm, my tongue lapping at her gash like it was the fountain of youth.

When she arched her back and let out a loud moan, I closed my lips around her opening and sucked as hard as I could. Kaykos' cum poured down into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as she produced.

She shook as her orgasm rocked her world. I just held her firmly in place by her legs as I drank until I got my fill. When I pulled my mouth away Kayko almost collapsed onto me. She was breathing hard and her face was flushed. "WOW!" she panted as she swung her leg over my body and sat down beside me.

"That was amazing!

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Thank you." And she leaned over and gave me a deep open mouth kiss. Guys, ALWAYS take the time to do something nice for your lady. Even if you think it's silly or maybe too much trouble, do it anyway. The rewards it brings will carry on for a long time and only strengthen your relationship.

Kayko is proof. I once asked her to do something ridicules simply on a whim. I will admit that I was a little drunk at the time and the task served no real purpose, but Kayko did it without question. And the reason is that she thought it would please me if she did it. So, she did it! It was that simple. But having her pour a beer inside her pussy, and then walk across the lawn nude, and then squirt it into my mouth?

It was an amazing feat to say the least, but it served absolutely no purpose. But it is because of things like that, and the eggs for breakfast, and the blow jobs, and cumming in her mouth and pussy, and for her cooking, and cleaning, and taking care of the kids while I'm gone, all of that leads to a moment like this. I had the chance to give something back and I did! And because of my little bit of extra attention to Kayko she was now kissing me passionately after having had a very satisfying orgasm.

That, guys, is teamwork! Kayko pulled herself away from me with a loud sigh, "Come on Mike," she said as she climbed off the bed and straightened out her kimono, "you're going to miss you cab and I can't drive you there today." She was right, I had to get up. In only a few minutes, with her helping me, I was dressed and heading out the bedroom door.

I stopped in the twins' room first to give them a good bye kiss each. They were both still in their separate beds and still in the same positions we had left them in. I quickly pulled down their covers and gave each of them a good bye kiss on their pussy. Saki stirred a little but only just for a second. I recovered them and stopped in Erins' room next. She was lying on her side with her back to the middle of the room. I pulled her covers back a little, stuck my finger into her and swirled it around a little before withdrawing it.

Erin stirred and rolled over on her back, spreading her legs wide apart in the process. 'A double for me" I said to myself as I leaned down and kissed her pussy too. I headed down the stairs with Kayko to find the cab driver knocking on the door. What a snapper head. "Good bye sweetie," I said as I gave Kayko one more kiss on the lips. "I'll call you from Frankfurt tonight." "Be safe," she said as I walked out to the cab with my bags. I always hate leaving home, especially when I have such a wonderful wife and kids that I have to leave behind.

But this is the career I had chosen so I had to make the best of it. I watched out the back glass until I could not see the house anymore. My whole world would have to be without me for a week.

……………………&hellip. Germany sucked. My meetings went well, but it rained every day. It was nice to see the rainfall especially since it had been so dry back home, but doing anything was a real pain. The only break I really had was in the late afternoons and evenings at the hotel. I would turn on my lap top and watch the goings on in Kaykos' gym at home. The first afternoon I watched it was yoga class again.

Kayko had the girls stretching and practicing doing the splits. I didn't get to watch much because my meeting had run long and I mostly got to see them being graded by Kayko. Later I watched my wife do her exercise routine without the girls around.

On Tuesday afternoon I watched for almost two hours while Kayko introduced the girls to the short horse with the 5 pegs of different height. One at a time the girls took their turn sitting on each of the pegs.

Each girl would work her way as far up the horse as she could before she could not sit down all the way. While one was working with the horse, the other two would be stretching or doing splits. Erin definitely did the best. On her first try she made it to the next to the last peg. A rather impressive feat considering that it was a little longer than the hot dog I had stuffed into her over the weekend. With her legs out wide to the sides Erin slid up and down the 4th peg, taking it all the way in.

But when she tried the 5th peg she could not go all the way down. It was a good try though. Shiori made it to the 4th peg and could almost make it all the way down, but still a little of it showed between her legs. Saki made the 3rd peg with just a little difficulty, but the 4th peg was definitely too much.

More than an inch remained under her. She definitely had some catching up to do.

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Again I watched Kayko after the girls were gone. I was really starting to get horny at this point. Wednesday absolutely sucked to a degree more than anything that has ever sucked before. First, the broad band at the hotel was out so I couldn't even communicate with the office back home let alone watch the girls. Second, someone called in a bomb threat and we all had to stay outside for almost 4 hours while they checked the building. It was almost 10 at night before I got back to my room and the net was still out!

Then came Thursday, hell day.

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The meeting took a sharp left turn and the scramble ensued. With corporate lawyers running around, language and communication issues, and about 50 faxes back to the US, the meeting stretched well into the late evening. There had to be clarity on this, and the wording on that was not right, and this clause was not practical, the end never seemed to be in sight. Our lunch and dinner was delivered to us and we ate while we worked. It was well after 11pm before we called it a night.

I was exhausted and did not even bother turning my computer on at the hotel. I just flopped down and slept in my clothes. On Friday everything was back on track. By the time everything was completed to everyone's satisfaction it was 2 in the afternoon.

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Great, I thought as I jammed everything I had back into my bags and called for a cab to take me to the airport. I was going to blow this popsicle stand a little early. With no major delays I could make the 3:30 flight and be back in the states in 8 hours. YES! I was on my way back to my wife and her pussy! Luckily for me I can sleep like a rock in an airplane. As soon as the wheels were up, I was out. When the plane was starting in on final approach the flight attendant woke me up.

The whole flight seemed to be instantaneous! That's the only way to fly. Customs was a breeze and I was in a cab in virtually no time at all.

From the looks of things, even with the traffic, I would be home by 8pm, just in time for a late dinner. As the cabby rolled down the interstate I called Kayko. She was glad to hear from me and that I was almost home. "I'll have everything ready by the time you get home," was the last thing she said before saying goodbye, Oh boy! I was in for some kind of treat. I was starting to get anxious when the cab turned onto our road. I had no idea of what she had in mind, but my dick new.

He was getting harder by the minute. When we pulled into the driveway Mark was waiting for me. "Hey dad," he said while giving me a big hug.

"Hey buddy," I said as I hugged him back. "Mom says for you to go into the living room. I'll get your bags." I paid the cab and headed in as Mark picked my bags up and followed. As I walked in to the living room Kayko and the girls were all lined up in a row wearing short Kimonos.

The short horse was sitting in the middle of the floor, the one with the five different length pegs. "Hey everybody," I said as I tossed my suit jacket onto the chair and stepped out into the floor. In a flash I was buried with women.

Everyone hugged me at once, including Kayko. "It seems like you guys missed me," I said as I hugged each of them in turn. "Girls," Kayko interrupted. "Take you positions. Mike, have a seat." My wife said while gesturing to one of the kitchen chairs that had been placed a few feet away from the short horse. The girls quickly lined up in a straight line on the opposite side of the horse.

"Saki," Kayko said, "Go ahead." Saki stepped out of line and removed her kimono, exposing her naked 11 year old form. She stepped around the horse till she was standing directly in front of me. She stood for just a second with her head up, her chest out, her back straight, and her feet together. After just a second or two she squatted down, this time with her knees going outward to keep her pussy in plain view. Once down, she reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips open, like Kayko had done, before spreading her feet straight out to the sides and lowering herself all the way to the floor in a perfect Chinese split.

She placed her hands on her hips, straightened out her back, and held her head up with a big smile. "Excellent," I commented as I looked at her perfect form. Saki then got up and went around to the short horse. She spread her feet apart and lowered herself down on the first peg, taking all of it with no difficulty.

She stayed down on it for a few seconds before rising. She took one step forward and lowered herself down on the second peg. Again, the longer peg fully disappeared. She rose again and stepped up to the third peg. When she lowered herself down Kayko spoke again. "Shiori, you're next." As Sakis' pussy gobbled up the third peg, Shiori took her Kimono off and walked around in front of me. She performed her split in the identical fashion as Saki.

Her knees were out, she opened her pussy, and she made it all the way to the floor. "Another excellent split," I said. Kayko had really done well with them.

Meanwhile, Saki was just starting to go down on the 5th and largest peg. She twisted her hips back and forth a little as she got near the bottom, but she made it all the way down. Once she was all the way down, she looked over at me and briefly picked her feet up from the floor, placing her entire weight on her pussy.

I was impressed. The longest peg was firmly embedded inside her. "Very good Saki," I said as I clapped my hands a few times. The smile that came across her face was priceless.

Simply from her expression I could tell that she had worked really hard during the last week. She set her feet back down on the floor and rose up off the horse, leaving the last peg slick and shiny. Saki then stepped over directly in front of me, turned around so her back was to me, spread her feet and bent over. Her pussy was only a few inches in front of my face when she reached around and pulled it open with both hands.

I gazed in amazement as her hole was still dilated open from the last peg, allowing me to see inside her just a little bit. Her pussy is beautiful and pink, and she smelled so nice. I leaned forward and kissed her directly on her open hole, taking the opportunity to stick my tongue inside her for just a second. Saki giggled a little but pushed back against my face, allowing me a really good taste. When I pulled back Saki quickly stood up and spun around.

"Sweet as always," I said with a big smile. "Thank you Uncle Mike," she said and bowed to me. Meanwhile Shiori was lowering herself down on the 3rd peg with zero difficulty. All of the girls' forms on the horse were identical.

They had their feet spread wide apart with their toes pointing outward. As they lowered themselves down their pussies were spread wide open, so there was absolutely no interference to slow the progress of the pegs.

Shiori added a little wiggle to her hips every time her crotch came to rest on the horses back, grinding her clit against the wood.

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Kayko then called for Erin who followed suit as the other girls. As Erin disrobed, Saki put her Kimono back on and started the line again to Kaykos, right. Erin assumed the standing position in front of me. Her little breasts were standing out proud with her nipples hard and pointing just over my head. Her split was the same as the previous two.

Knees out, pussy opened, and then crotch to the floor. "Fantastic honey," I said as she smiled up at me. All of the girls had shown great improvement. As Erin stood up Shiori had just settled down on the longest peg. When she looked at me, she too picked her feet up, putting all of her weight on her pussy.

"Excellent," I said while clapping my hands. "That's just wonderful." Shiori smiled and rose up from the horse. She too came over and presented her pussy to me. It appeared the same as Sakis', open and dilated.


I leaned forward and kissed her pussy too, getting a great taste from inside her. "Delicious," I said as she stood up and spun around. "Thank you Uncle Mike," she said with a bow, before picking up her kimono and joining Saki in line. Erin was working her way up the horse with zero difficulty. When she got to the last peg she did the same as the other girls, lifting her feet and smiling at me.

But then she did something different. When she rose she took a step backward and sat back down on the 4th peg. Kayko came over and unscrewed the last peg and replaced it with the largest diameter peg from the other short horse. It was the same height as the long peg she had just removed, but it was almost twice as thick. Erin then stood up and took one step forward. She positioned herself over the new, wider peg and brought her pussy down until it was just touching the top.

She paused for just a second, long enough to take 3 quick breaths before she lowered herself down. I watched her grit her teeth a little as she started the trek down. Slowly and steadily the thick peg disappeared inside her until her crotch rested firmly on the horses back. She breathed heavily a few times before she looked at me, smiled, and picked her feet up off the floor. You could have knocked me over with a feather as I sat there and beheld my daughter sitting with her pussy completely full.

I was impressed, VERY impressed. "Outstanding," I said while clapping my hands enthusiastically. "That is just great." Erin dismounted from the horse and came over to present her pussy to me. I could see all the way in to her cervix she was so wide open. I leaned forward and kissed her open pussy, sticking my tongue as far into her as possible.

She tasted good, just like her mother. When I pulled my face away she stood up and turned around. "That was fabulous sweetie," I said while smiling at her with a pride that only a father could have. "Thanks dad," she said before leaning down and giving me a really nice kiss on the lips. As she stood up Kayko started barking out commands to the girls in Japanese. Instantly the girls sprang into action. Saki and Shiori picked up the horse, Kayko handed the extra peg to Erin, and the three of them made their way out the French doors and over to the gym.

"You've done a lot this week," I said to Kayko as she stepped up beside me. "The girls have worked hard for you," she said before leaning down and giving me a kiss.

"For me?" I asked as I reached up under Kayko kimono and slid my fingers into her. She was carrying her remote egg inside her and it was on.

"Nice to see you were thinking about me," I said as I pushed the egg around inside her a bit. Her pussy was dripping wet. "Yes," she replied.

She then straddled me and sat down on my lap, leaving enough room for me to play with her pussy. "The girls have their own agenda and asked for my help." "Ok," I answered with a bit of a question to my voice. I had no idea what she was talking about, but the girls were definitely up to something. "Come on," she said while standing up. "I'll give you a bath and then you can relax for a bit with the girls." Kayko does not have to ask me twice.

I know what bath time is like. As we stood up to leave the room the girls came back in the house. Kayko said something to them in Japanese, one of the words means bath (I do know that one), and the girls all piled into the living room and turned on the TV as we went upstairs.

It was great having them in the house, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show I had been given. Kayko was proving to be an excellent teacher. Upstairs Kayko gave me my usual bath.

Before getting into the pool with me she removed the vibrating egg. As she sat down on me she began milking my cock immediately.

"I'm going to give you some time with the girls this evening," she said while rocking her hips back and forth a little. "They have worked really hard this week and they deserve a reward." "A reward?" I said while squeezing her breasts. "Yes," she replied while changing her movements, slightly decreasing the sensations I was feeling from her. "If they work really hard and accomplish the goals that have been set out I will reward them.

In this case they get some alone time with you." "Ok sweetie," I said, "Whatever you say." Kayko dismounted from me after a long kiss and waded out of the pool. She had not allowed me to cum which was a little bit odd, but I just assumed it was part of her plan. In any case I was still hard as steel when she put my robe on me and lead me out of the bathroom. Kayko lay down on the bed and reinserted the remote egg deep inside her pussy.

She flipped the switch on and set the remote on the nightstand. "I'll be waiting right here," she said with a smile and a wink. At first I really didn't want to go.

I wanted to just jump onto my wife and fill her up. But she had promised the girls some time with me and I was not going to disappoint them. As I walked down the hallway I could hear them chattering in the living room. Some of it was in Japanese, and some of it was in English, but all seemed to have an air of excitement. When I walked into the living room I was met with smiles and excitement.

The girls all jumped off the couch and met me at the edge of the great room of the house. Each twin had one arm and Erin was walking backward leading me to the couch. All were talking at the same time which made it almost impossible for me to decipher what was being said.

I just smiled and nodded and kept replying, "Yes that was good," and "I am so proud of you." The seated me in the middle of the couch and piled onto me. Saki was to my left and Shiori was to my right.

They both pulled my arm around them and settled in close to my side as they had done before. Erin, however, sat down on my lap and leaned back against me. She wiggled back and forth in an attempt to get closer to me. "What are we going to watch?" Erin asked as she flipped through the channels.

"It's up to you guys," I replied as I hugged the twins under my arms. It took a few minutes of looking, squabbling, and compromising before a movie was chosen. It was one of those sappy girly love movies. I just sat there, basically pinned in place by the girls, and did my best to watch.

It was rather tough to see with my daughter sitting on my lap.

I shifted my head back and forth a few times but it was almost no use. Her height, while sitting on my lap, was just right for me to look at the back of her head. After several failed attempts to see I finally said something. "Erin, I can't see." I was expecting her to get up and find another place to sit, but that was not the case.

She spread her legs out to either side of mine and leaned forward. She grabbed one of the throw pillows that had been hap hazardly discarded on the floor at my feet.

She set it on my knees before propping her elbows on it and nestled herself down with her pussy directly on my dick.

Only the thin piece of material of my robe separated my dick from her hot little box. "Is this ok?" she asked over her shoulder as she began concentrating on the TV. "That's just fine sweetie," I said as the beast made an initial little stirring. The movie progressed to a point that the two main characters were getting into it hot and heavy.

It was starting to interest me a little so the beast began to grow, pressing up hard against my robe and my daughters' pussy. Erin, still intently watching the movie rocked her hips back and forth a couple of times, grinding her hot gash against the underside of my shaft just below the head.

That did not help matters out at all.


Within just a few seconds my dick was like a titanium missile looking for a place to roost. Erin seemed to be oblivious to my predicament and just continued watching while still rocking her hips. I shifted my position a little which caused Erin to move. In the bit of a shuffle that followed I got some relief. Erin shifted back towards me one last time before sitting down again and resuming her position with her elbows on my knees. Instantly I felt her wet pussy on the head of my dick. I wasn't sure if it was just a wet spot on my robe or not because we had just shifted around.

But one thing was for sure, it did feel good. For about another five minutes everyone sat still until the action got hot again. Again the beast stirred a little and I flexed my sphincter muscle, making my dick swell a little.

My timing could not have been more precise. At that exact moment Erin sat up. In that micro second that followed time seemed to stand still. The head of my dick HAD been resting against her bare pussy. As Erin sat up, my dick just followed the path that was laid out before it and I was in her. Her hands clamped down hard onto my knees as 3 or 4 inches of my shaft pried her open and slid inside.

I heard a little whimper come from her as my dick stopped with about half of its length firmly rooted in her pussy. Erin turned her head and just looked back toward me before leaning forward again and resuming the position she had been in before. Saki and Shiori seemed to not even notice as Erin pressed down with her hips in an effort to take more of me in. Damn she is tight, and hot!

The twins were starting to stir around a little as the actors on the TV were making out in some cheap hotel room. I raised my arms from around them and dropped my hands down into their laps with my arms resting on their chests.

The two girls immediately opened their legs and allowed me to dig into their pussies. Both locked their arms around my arms and hugged themselves tightly to me as I began working their tight little holes with my fingers. Erin began rocking her hips up and down, fucking me with short little strokes on the length of my dick she was able to handle.

It was great. I looked down at Erin's ass near my lap. It looked abnormal for such a large piece of meat to be stuck into a young girl, but there it was.

Erin's lips were stretched out wide around my shaft, making the ordinary pink color appear to be white. She was really starting to enjoy having her dad inside her.

Saki decided that my attempts to manipulate her were not good enough so she stood up on the couch beside me. From her standing position I was able to insert my finger all the way inside her.

She let out a nice moan as I dug around inside her pussy, probing as much of her as I could. She was deeper, that was certain, and she seemed to be a little wider on the inside.

Shiori wanted the same kind of attention so she stood up too. Now I had both hands digging into the twins while Erin bobbed her ass up and down. It was almost too much to keep up with. Suddenly Shiori let out a loud moan and started shaking. It was the first orgasm I had given her. Her legs began trembling and she clutched my shoulder to steady herself as her little pussy gushed out her sweet juice.

I raised my thumb up and started manipulating her clit. At the same time I did the same thing with my other hand, rubbing Sakis' clit as well. Shiori was riding a hell of a wave when suddenly, without warning, Saki let out a loud moan as an orgasm rocketed through her.

She didn't have time to react to the sudden wave of pleasure and fell forward, directly on to Erins back. Erin, who was completely oblivious to what was happening behind her, never had a chance to prepare.

When Saki fell onto her, the added weight forced Erins' ass down, causing her pussy to engulf all but an inch of my cock. Erin froze in place. Her eyes were clenched shut, her mouth was wide open, and her fingers were digging holes in my legs as my cock was forced deep into her. Her pussy was clamped so tightly onto my dick that I just couldn't take it and I began shooting cum into her.

Saki began scrambling to stand back up, putting more pressure on Erins back, essentially holding her down on my erupting shaft. Erins pussy was so tight, and gripping my dick so hard, my cum had nowhere to go except into her womb. I shot a full load into my daughter during the brief seconds that it took Saki to get up. "I'm sorry Uncle Mike," Saki said, almost at the point of tears. At that moment I could have cared less.

My dick was still spraying cum into my daughter and she had no recourse but to take it. Shiori was still shaking from her orgasm but was beginning to regain her composure. As the throbbing in my dick began to slow down, and the stream of cum began to decline, Kayko hollered down from the top of the stairs. "Ok you two," she said, referring to Saki and Shiori. Then she said something in Japanese.

"Thank you Uncle Mike," they both said. They gave me a kiss on the cheek before climbing off the couch and running up the stairs. "Erin," Kayko said as the twins ran past her. Erin looked over her right shoulder at her mother and nodded her head yes. "Five more minutes," Kayko said. Then she turned and went down the hall after the twins.

I was speechless! What had just happened?! I reached forward and wrapped my hands around Erins' trunk, grasping her little tits in my hands. With a gentle coaxing I pulled her upright until she was sitting straight up with my hard shaft still buried in her. "What was that all about?" I asked as my daughter sighed and leaned back against my chest. "That was my reward from mom," she replied. She then turned her head to the side and kissed me. I kissed her back while squeezing her small breasts as good as I could with my big hands.

When we parted for air I then asked her, "What do you mean your reward?" "Every time we achieve a certain goal," she explained while rocking her hips once or twice, "We get a reward.


For me it was for making it all the way down on the largest diameter peg on the small horse." "Really?" I said as I pushed down on her hips a little. Erin quickly turned and put a hand on my chest and shook her head no. "No more daddy, I'm full." I let go of her hips and ran my hands up and down her torso as she continued.

"Tomorrow I get to start on the big horse," she said with a certain degree of pride. "Depending on how well Saki and Shiori do, I will get a reward for each peg I master." "Well I hope you liked your reward." I said, and I gave her a big hug.

"I did daddy, thank you for cumming in me." "You're welcome sweetie," I replied. "Now, let's get you upstairs." Erin leaned forward and began lifting herself off my still hard dick. She was pulling up, but my dick was not coming out. It was almost like we were glued together. Farther and farther she moved up, but my dick was not budging. When I gazed down at her ass, it looked like her pussy was being pulled out from the inside due to the intense grip she had on me.

I was beginning to think we were stuck when suddenly my dick pulled free and exited her in one quick motion. Erin let out a sigh of relief as the thick hard monster left her, allowing her insides to relax. But what was truly amazing was that not a drop of my cum came out of her. Not even a trickle! Even though her pussy was dilated wide open, nothing came out!

There was just a tiny spot on the head of my dick that was in the shape of a perfectly round drop. The rest was still somewhere inside my daughter. Erin let out a little groan as she stood up and straightened out her legs and back. "One last thing," she said as she dropped to her knees in front of me. "Mom told me to do this afterward." With a bit of uncertainty she leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth. I was going to be the recipient of my daughters first blow job attempt!

Her soft lips cradled the bulging head of my shaft as her tongue swirled around the top, cleaning the remaining cum off. If I had entertained any thoughts about getting soft this evening, they went right out the window.

My shaft sprang back to full life as she did her best with her first attempt at a blow job. "Damn," I said as I placed my hands on the top of her head and stroked her hair. "I'm going to have to talk to your mother when you get done." "How about if I just take over," Kaykos' voice said from behind me.

End Pt7