Gay twinks chain kissing photos full length The Poker Game

Gay twinks chain kissing photos full length The Poker Game
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'I'm licking my lips as I calmly head to your door, sexy woman. The anticipation is undeniably overwhelming, but I love it. I know you want some time to get ready, but yet, my right hand is coming to the doorknob, and I'm cracking the door open,' I thought, prior to peeking in there. 'And my eyes immediately land on your butt which is covered by some pink cotton panties.

I can't help, but to bring up my dress somewhat and let my right hand into my underwear. Now I'm scanning your back over and over again as you only stand in your match bra and panty set and I play with my pussy.

Oh, you are stunning, Rose. Why must you test yourself in more than one dress? You will be dazzling in anything you wear. In the end, they'll be the same.' She put two different dresses in front of herself many times over just a few minutes.

The whole time, I could not part my eyes from her to save my life. She was one in a million, and I felt amazing because of it. Nothing and no one could make me feel different. I knew it because the angel loved me in the same way. Whether she even knew it or not, she held a giant soft spot for me, just as I did for her. Even though I knew for sure I'd be getting action from her after our date; I couldn't resist the urge to see her underdressed.

My whole figure shook around, but I didn't give away my location. I just bit my tongue and rubbed my twat ever so slowly as the show went on for another five minutes. Then Rose slipped into one of the dresses.

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'Oh, I was wrong, the red strapless dress is the one for you. Screw that blue one, red is for you, angel,' I thought, breathing heavily. 'I can imagine myself stripping it off you now ever so slowly. Tonight, I'll make sure you know just how much I love you. I have a massive heart filled with love to give, and I want to be your exclusive dealer. I certainly do hope you return the favor, Rose.

You unquestionably are a rose, and you have bloomed into one gorgeous woman. I know Lil noticed, but I knew it before I even saw your video, you naughty young lady.

Now, I'll take you on a date you'll remember forever. Incest is a dish best-served smoking hot, which you are.


I know we were the only ones in the house, so I'll let myself be in plain sight in the hallway. I still know it is wrong deep down, but love makes you do crazy things. Little did I know, incest love is even worse, Rose. You've made me the sexist and happiest mom in the world.' My eyes closed about halfway, and I felt to be dreaming. I saw everything else around the sexy goddess, but it nearly seemed like it all faded away.

That could have just been the result of the perfect formula which was me playing with my cherry while watching her brush her hair. 'I'm next to positive that she has no idea that I'm watching her, but of course, when you are doing something naughty, you just know somehow you might get caught.

I am taking the risk anyway and maintaining my position for the time being. Even as you're fully clothed, I can't help it. You seem like crack to me now; only it was much more pleasurable with no bad aftertaste or coughing. All I have to do is look at you, and that's it. I don't need to prepare myself or get in the mood. You're like my little blue pill.' After a full five minutes, I bent down somewhat. "Shit," I muttered, attempting to keep it together.

"Mom?" Rose asked, peeking towards the doorway. "She shouldn't be able to see me behind this dresser, but crap, I hear footsteps, and now ser her come in front of me," I whispered. I just smiled with a guilty face, and neither of us spoke a word.

The beauty girl knew for a fact what I was doing as she could see my hand down my panties. 'I know she isn't upset, but she isn't happy either. Damn, my heart is racing now. She is elegant and making me nervous now. I can't help it; I hope I didn't fuck this up.' My body vibrated and then her hands went to her hips. Even then, I still couldn't make myself take my hand out of my undergarments. I just seemed to be waiting her out. She only made me wait a moment before her hand came towards me.

I grabbed onto it with my free hand, and she helped me up. My mouth was about to open, but she brought both of her hands to my lips. She shook her head no and laid a few kisses on my right cheek.

'Okay, she isn't upset, but I can't stop masturbating,' I thought, exhaling deeply. We stayed silent again as we just had a staring contest. I had no idea what to think, or even if Rose would want me to say anything. Although, she did the talking for both of us as she nonchalantly grabbed my busy arm.

She lazily tugged on it and pulled my hand out. My juice dripped off it, and then she brought it up towards her face. My mouth opened up wide as she let my fingers into hers. She sucked off every single drop of juice she could get and had me jerk around a bit. My dress went back down, and a few seconds later, she let my hand down and closed the gap between us.

Her lips came onto mine, and she encased her arms around me too. I felt the instant urge to return the favor. 'I feel like I'm dry humping her a bit, but she is showing no signs of disgust.' Although, that only lasted for a moment before she let go of me and released my lips. Still, nothing was said, but she put a small gap between us and lifted up her dress. I fought the desire to utter anything and even brought my hands over my face.

"Damn, those are wet panties, Rose." "I know, now are you ready to wine and dine me, Mom?" "You are under twenty-one though, you can't drink wine." She came towards me and kissed me once. "Incest is illegal too, Kate, but that is a sexy purple dress though. We shouldn't give away that we're mother and daughter if one has a strapless dress on, and the other doesn't." I offered no counteroffer, but she put her hand out.

I calmly took it, and she turned off her light. I felt more energetic as we just strolled down the hall.

I kept a lid on it for the time being, and we actually went on a mother/daughter date. I found myself wholly in uncharted territory as I hadn't been on a first date in over twenty years. Then you add the fact that Rose was my daughter, and that left me nervous, but happy. I took her to one nice restaurant, where you had to make a reservation. I indeed planned on treating this as a date, rather than a meal with her. I sat across from her towards the middle of the place. Even as it was cool in there and we'd only been for a minute, I felt to be in a sauna.

We looked at each other, but I couldn't keep eye contact for long, so she lazily brought her palms to my wrists. "Don't be so fearful, Mom.


You are going to get lucky tonight. Dad won't be home, and I surely have some fun stuff for us to try." "No kidding, Rose?" She nodded and blew a kiss. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I don't mean to be shaky; I can't help it." She slowly leaned across the table, but left a one-foot gap between us.

"Would you feel better if I climbed underneath the table and ate you out? You'll do anything for your daughter, well, I'll do anything for my mom." I immediately grinned and pictured that proposal. I twitched back and forth a couple of times before she leaned back. I could only guess she knew the answer, but she blew me another kiss. A moment later, the waiter took our drink and food orders. After he left, Rose yanked her dress down just a little bit to make her crack a little bit bigger.

She seemed to be pulling my strings effortlessly, and I all I could do was sit back and let her. She knew the sexual tension was there, so all bets were off. We both stayed silent, even after our drink orders had shown up.


It seemed like we were in a game of chicken, and neither of us seemed willing to give in at all. I had juice flowing out my slit nonstop, and I was sure Rose had the same issue. "Fuck it, you win. I have to talk to you, hun." She giggled somewhat and crossed her arms. "Spill it, Mom." "Do you just like the ladies now, or you still like guys too?" "I'm bisexual.

I did turn down an opportunity to be filmed with a guy. He would have been my step-dad in that scene, but I figured you'd be much more upset if you found out about it. The video was just a one-time thing, and I never thought you'd come across it," she explained before sighing. "Thanks to Lil, you did." "Not true, I already knew about it, but please don't be upset with her, Rose. She is like a sister to me, I can't stand you being mad at her," I pleaded, grabbing her hands.

"Don't worry, Mom, I won't hold it against her," she mentioned before she leaned over and kissed me. She sat back down and smiled at me. "So, did you enjoy watching me a little while ago?" "Yes, and every time I watched your video too. Is it very taboo, and it makes me feel so wrong, that it feels right. Incestuous relationships are wrong, but I couldn't stop thinking about you, Rose. You are a woman's woman: stunning; you know the way around a woman and are eager to please too.

Did you make Lil feel good before I caught you?" "Yes, if I fuck my mom's best friend, then I'm gonna make her feel good, Mom. As you felt, I ate her pussy and licked her labia to make her feel better than a whole new woman.

I'll do the same for you every time you want me, I promise. Please don't judge me, Mom," she said before taking a breath. "I love pleasing women, and I'll do it for any woman that wants it from me. Lil got around to breaking out the 'B' word, but it seemed a little awkward to say the least. It still sounded like blackmail, even though she made it clear she had a crush," she explained before a pause.

"So, if you wanted me, and you never caught us fooling around, would you ever have told me about your incestuous crush, Mom?" I broke eye contact and moved back a bit. I kept my hands on hers, but I wasn't sure what to say. I never really thought about her question, but she deserved an answer. "I think so, babe. Sooner or later, I would have just went for it. We both know that you are getting prettier every day and I'm still a horny bitch that has to get what she wants eventually." "And you wanted me, Mom?

Even though I'm your flesh and blood daughter?" "Yes." "What about dad though? I'll let you commit adultery because of how much I love you, but you can't repeatedly cheat on him. He deserves that much, don't you think?" "Maybe, but you aren't going to let him know about this, are you?

I desire to be with you, but I don't want to break up our family though. You two mean everything to me, but you have some sexual hold over me now, babe. I don't mean to put it badly, but all of my cards are on the table.

Just getting a taste of you just made me want you so much more. Honestly, I thought if we did get involved even a little bit, I'd be better off afterward." Then we had another silent staring contest, but smirked at one another. It seemed like we had a lot of chemistry, but I just didn't know what it would be good for in this context. 'She made the perfect point about me cheating on her dad. I'm not sure how to feel about that, but as I told her, she has a sexual hold over me.

I can't help, but to keep checking her out, mainly her crack. Now I'm bitting down on my bottom lip and vibrating too, which is nearly leading me to make a scene.' "Easy, Mom, if you attack me, management won't like it." "I'm sorry, Rose," I whispered, angling my head down.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." "Don't worry, Mom," she mumbled, placing her hands on mine. "We've already been intimate, so if you wanted me to run, you failed.

I love you." I peeked back up and smiled back. "I love you too, Rose. You are everything I hoped you'd be and more." "You were hoping I'd be in porn, Mom?" "Shut up," I laughed, leaning towards her. We kissed each other for a few seconds before I sat back down. I cheesed a bit, and I had drenched panties too. I could only imagine that Rose knew, so she accepted me for what I was: a sick bitch that wanted to get her into bed. "So, Mom?" "Yes, dear daughter." "That's 'dear sexy daughter' to you, Mom.

Dare I ask: what color panties are you wearing?" "Why do you want to know? How do you even know I'm wearing any, Rose?" "Well, you are a classy woman, and you sure wouldn't leave the house without wearing some. You know how to let the imagination of others do the work for you, rather than you just showing the goods. Am I right?" I stayed silent and closed my eyes for a split second.

"What, Mom?" "You are spot on, Rose," I answered, opening my eyes. "You are a naughty devil wrapped in an angel it seems. They are dark blue rayon panties by the way." "Well, you love me best that way, Mom." We broke eye contact again, and she caressed my hands.

I wasn't sure what to say, or even what we could talk about to fill the gap of our meal.

I just knew what the result was going to be and I concentrated on that. "Mom, may I ask you a serious question?" I licked my lips and just eyeballed her for a moment.

"What, sweetie?" She slanted her head down and couldn't seem to let out the words. I immediately felt my nerves cringe somewhat, so I had to clench my fists. After twenty seconds of seemingly dead silence, I bumped the table with my knee. I jiggled a bit and sat back. "What's on your mind, Rose?" "Mom," she sobbed, peeking back at me. "Whether you liked the reasons why you wanted me or not, why didn't you tell how you felt? Were you afraid I'd reject you, or want nothing to do with you afterward?" "Please don't cry, honey," I pleaded, grabbing her hands tightly.

"I just didn't put you on the spot, and possibly ruin our mother/daughter relationship. I guess yes to that second one." "Okay, but, Mom. If you wanted to get between my legs whether you saw the video or not, you could have at least asked. I love you, and you love me. You are my rock, whenever I have any type of problem I can't solve myself, who do I come to?" "Me?" "Yes, so if you wanted to have sex, you should have at least told me. I'm your only daughter, and you don't have a son.

That only means that we've already bonded and I'd certainly think our relationship could withstand a little incest crush. You could have started by saying you wanted to kiss for more than a few seconds, then eventually worked up to us tribbing or sixty-nining.

You always tell me I'm your rose and you're my gardener, so it just seems odd that you couldn't come to me directly." "I'll remember that next time, babe," I let her know before I leaned over and kissed her again. "I think it is more than a crush though, Rose." She smiled and leaned back.

Although, only a few seconds later, she got up and calmly made her way towards me. She put her hand out, and I wasted no time taking it. She helped me up and kissed me again. "What are we doing?" "Care to dance, Mommy?" I nodded and felt tingles going throughout my body. We both slowly made our way to a small space out there, and my darling daughter wrapped her arms around me. "I like this," I whispered, placing my hands on her lower back. "I thought so, Kate," she said as she began slow dancing.

We held each other somewhat tightly as I couldn't stop smiling. Rose placed her head on my shoulder as I rested mine right on hers. I can't help, but to vibrate a bit. I know my dazzling date has noticed, but she hasn't said anything,' I thought before a gap. 'Wow, I'm dancing with my angel, jackpot.

I can't wait to get right between her legs. I'll make her love me in many ways she never thought possible.' We danced for over five minutes before her head went back somewhat. "So, Mom, what do you want to do with me? Please, spare no dirty details." I swallowed and began breathing quite heavily too.

"I want to eat your sweet pussy, Rose. I want to do it just as you did. I also want to rub my entire face all over your slit too, drenching it over and over again. Could you constantly call me 'Mom' or 'Mommy' as we have sex?" "Yes, what else do you want to do?

Please tell me, I'm your horny daughter, and I command that you tell me everything." I immediately began licking my lips and shuddering a little bit too.

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Rose knew just what to say to get me hot and horny, and she refused to back down. She did it most lovingly though, by intriguing my sexual need for her. "Rose, I have juice flowing down my legs right now." "Would you like me to lick it off in front of all these people? There has got to be at least one-hundred people here that could see it." I cheesed and checked out the perimeter for a few seconds.

I already knew the answer, but yet, the sexy lady had me thinking about it. "It is alright, Mom," she muttered before coming to my right ear. "You have me all night; there will be plenty of time for that kinky shit." "Crap, I want to rip that dress, your bra, and those matching panties right off you now," I moaned, grasping her butt. "You are my daughter, and I want to fuck the shit out of you, honey." "Do you want to scissor with me, Mom?" "Yes, but there is one thing I just really want to do with you." She grinned and leaned her head back.

"What?" I stayed silent for a moment. "Do you promise not to judge me?" "Mom, I love you, and that ship sailed when you told me you wanted to screw me. You can tell me anything you want, so what do you want to do with me?" "I want to make love to you, with a strap-on, Rose." "You mean you want to have intimate sex with me? As if we're girlfriends? Oral sex, nipple licking and pretty much everything else is great sex, but love making, Mom? Well, that's something different," she clarified before a pause.

"Do you really have a thing for me? Like you want to be actual girlfriends where we sleep together? What about dad?" "I don't know, sweetheart, I just want you," I let her know before I kissed her and peeked back at the table.

"Our food is here, let's go eat." We did just that, but our conversation was limited. 'All the sudden, Rose posed a good question.

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I told her I didn't want to break up our family earlier, but I have no idea how I'll feel after the date is over. Crap, what if I do love her way more than a daughter. She has already made me feel amazing, but having intimate sex with her could lead us down a bad road where I divorce her dad. I can't do that to her, but she is ravishing. I must her have her, even if it is just for one night.' "Mom, you are eyeballing my melons.

At least don't be obvious about it." "I'm sorry, honey," I apologized, looking away. "I want you to make love to me, Mom," she whispered, leaning towards me. "I want our boobs to come together, our bodily fluids to mix and for us to bring our love for each other to extraordinary levels.

Dad doesn't need to know everything that goes on between us, for all he knows, we're just having a mother/daughter dinner and going to play a couple of rounds of bowling afterward. Just promise me one thing." "What, angel?" She sparked a single tear and peeked down.

"What, sweetheart? You can tell me." I saw more tears appearing on her face as she lazily got up and came towards me.

She lowered herself to her knees and took my hands in hers. "I want you to promise me that nothing bad will happen to us, Mom. Sex can go either way, and if it goes badly for us, I'll never forgive myself. You are the best mom a girl could ask for, so please assure me we'll still be best friends after all is said and done." I couldn't help, but to let out a few tears myself.

"Well, Lil is my best friend, but of course, Rose nothing bad will happen to us. I'll remind you again: You are my rose, and I'm just making sure you bloom to your full potential. Your dad will be there the whole time too." "Good," she said before she swiftly came to me and kissed me again. She placed both hands on the back of my head and made out with me.

I knew it was weird to do it in front of all those people, even though they had no idea that we were mother and daughter, but I didn't give a damn. Rose took the lead, and I surely didn't stop her. After three minutes, she managed to get right onto my lap without taking her lips off mine. I placed my palms on her butt and squeezed those cheeks. My entire body shook nonstop as if I had vibrators all throughout my body.

"Damn, you are crazy, Rose," I moaned while kissing her. After three minutes, her lips calmly parted from mine. "What do you say that we get out of here now? I find myself dying for you to undress me." "And you'll do the same for me?" "Yes, but you have to keep calling 'Honey,' 'sweetie' and all those other daughter nicknames." "Okay, princess." "No, that one is dad's nickname for me. You're cheating, so you can at least not steal his nickname." "Okay, sweetheart," I said before I kissed her.

We finished our dinner, but we failed to speak, and we kept our eyes on one another. 'I certainly know I'm walking on dangerous ground, but shit, I need this sexual danger.' After we finished, I got up and escorted her out to the car.

I didn't open up her door, because I thought that'd be cliche. Anyway, we both got in the car, but I snatched her hands and brought her close to me. 'I guess we're skipping bowling, but I can live with that.' I didn't say anything, and she failed to utter anything either. It seemed just right as the intimacy was perfect. I brought my right hand to her leg and rubbed it for a moment. She returned the favor a few seconds after I started.

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Although, after that moment, she leaned towards me. "Mom, this is where you kiss me." I did just that, but I pasted my lips onto hers. 'Damn, my daughter is some woman. She knows how to woo a woman without even trying.' Her lips calmly came from mine. "You better take me home, dad isn't gonna stay out all night." "We're not going home, babe." "Where are we going then, Kate?" "I love it when you call me that, but you have to go back to 'Mom' when I get you into bed at the hotel." "Oh, it better be classy then, Mommy." "It is, now enough talking.

I'm gonna take you there and make you mine." She gave me one last kiss on the cheek, and I then drove us both to the hotel. She managed not to utter a word, but we smiled at each other numerous times. I could only imagine what it would be like to have her all to myself. Although, as we pulled into the parking lot, I turned off the car and took her hands.

"How many ladies have you been with?" "Not including you, Lil and that chick from the video, seven. I did use a few women to practice on, Mom. Now, take me away already, enough teasing." We both got out, I grabbed the bag, and we calmly made our way to the check-in desk.

After only a moment, she took my hand, and we made the trip to room 405. 'She is nodding and smiling, so maybe it'll be even more magical. She seems impressed with the place.' We got off the elevator, but she immediately got in front of me. I didn't say anything because her back was to my front and neither of us ever stopped walking. It only took a minute to make to our room, and she slid the key into the slot.

She opened the door and let me walk in there before her. I strolled towards the queen sized bed and just peeked around for a few seconds as I heard the door close. I felt more juice coming down my legs. "I like this place, babe," I mentioned, turning to her. "I agree, holy shit, you know how to pick them, Mom," she commended me before she attacked me. She took me down like it was nothing, and glued her lips to mine before I dropped the bag on the floor. "I love you, Mom." "I love you too, angel.

Now and forever," I muttered, encasing my arms around her. We made out like lesbo pros for over twenty minutes as our bodies rubbed together. Even just through our dresses, it felt amazing. We linked our emotional connections flawlessly. After those twenty minutes, Rose's lips drifted off mine, and she slowly leaned up.

She landed on her feet on the floor, and I just examined her as I rose up, but stayed sitting on the bed. She was dazzling, to say the least, but after two minutes, she lazily snatched my hands and brought them to her back. As I figured out the implication, I took in a deep breath. "I'm right here, Mommy, so take me, if you want me." I was about to open my mouth, but she placed her pointer on my lips. "Your brain might be telling you to say things, but resist the urge.

Let us come together as one by just performing our sexual desires on one another, Mommy." I nodded and nonchalantly unzipped her dress. As the zipper was all the way down, she lazily got out of it and stood in just her bra and panties. I didn't need to speak then, because she left me speechless. I just licked my lips as I studied her unbelievable sexy body for a moment.

I was biased as hell, but I couldn't see a single flaw on her figure. I just let my lust and love for her lead me there on out, although, I did follow her order and not speak.

I used my lips for something else as I let them come down on her stomach. She immediately twitched somewhat and placed both of her hands on my head. I was sure that regardless of what happened, there was no way the magic could go down. 'Oh, she has incredibly soft skin. The skin you would find on an angel,' I thought before we made eye contact. 'Don't worry, Rose. I'm watering you just the right amount and believe it or not; you will be blooming beyond your potential.' I brought my hands palms to her hips right above her panties and held her tightly.

She couldn't stop herself from shaking around. She began caressing my head and moaning somewhat too. All I did was lay smooches all her stomach, but yet, I had both of us loving it.

I had no choice, but to spark a couple of tears. Rose saw them and did the same. She kept to her word and didn't speak, but that didn't stop her from mouthing 'I love you.' many times. Even as it was relatively cool in there, I found myself sweating bullets. My hands gradually made their way towards her crotch. 'And her pussy is soaked.' I brought my head away from her, and we just glared at one another.

She blew a kiss to me, but then she pointed down. I got the message, and then I calmly slid down her panties. I failed to glance down though; I just wanted to keep the intimacy high. Although, then I saw her body move as I was sure she stepped out of them. She leaned down and snagged them, but instantly grabbed my hands and brought them back to her back. I cheesed and undid her bra as well. I tugged it off her and dropped it. "Go ahead, say something, Mom." "You are radiating, sweetie," I praised, her checking out her figure.

"Your beauty is undeniably perfect, and I know I'm going to be enjoying a lot more in the future." Her right palm haltingly made it's way to my cheek. "My turn," she whispered before she kissed me. As her lips were on mine, she pushed off the straps on each side of my dress over my shoulders, and it slowly fell off me, showing my bra.

After a couple more minutes of keeping our make-out session going, my dress fell right off, and she wasted no time letting her hands come over onto my back. She lazily undid my bra, and I brought my hands to her boobs.

Even then, she barely pulled it off me and refused to let her lips off mine. Although, after a minute, I decided to take my hands off her breasts and let my bra fall to the floor as well.

Our lips stayed together for another three minutes before I ended the make-out session. I took an extra deep breath as we both eyeballed one another again. Rose suddenly stopped on my legs, so I knew she noticed how turned on I was. She peeked at me for a few seconds and blew me a kiss, prior to lowering herself down to her knees.

Our eye contact never broke, even as her tongue hung out and landed on my left leg. She immediately, but gently licked off the juice in a straight line. I jiggled a bit, but kept my focus on her. She smirked at me again and wrapped her hands around the side straps of my panties. While maintaining constant eye contact, she brought them down to my feet, and I stepped out of them.

She grabbed onto them along with her pair and rose back up with me. She held my pair in one hand and her own in the other. I wasn't sure what to do, but then she brought my pair right to her face. 'Oh, she is sniffing my panties with the aroma of my pussy all over them. Now she is closing her eyes and enjoying the high of it now.' After her personal minute, she opened her eyes and transported them over to my face.

Her message was clear, so I took them right from her and took a very deep inhale. I leaned back and cheesed as much as I could. "Oh, your twat smells like a sexual garden, honey." "I know, now take charge, Mom. The woman you love more than anyone else in the world is standing in front of you, and she ready for you." "Just tell me if I push you too far," I told her, sitting down on the bed. "I will," she muttered, placing her hands on my head.

"Until then, no more talking, Mommy. Now, take advantage of my jugs." I took her left nipple into my mouth, and she instantly pressured me a little forward, so I sucked a little more of her nipple in there. I placed a hand on each side of her boob and made sure to hold it tight. I did my best to try to watch her react to the thrill, but I had to deal with it too. 'Oh, I love my daughter, and her nipple tastes wonderful.

It is the perfect size for her breast; I couldn't imagine it being any better.' I closed my eyes and began moving my head back and forth. The sexual nirvana spiked up, and I seemed to have her in the palm of my hand. Her moans got bigger and bigger with passing minute, and I even felt some of her juice plummetting out.

Her body was vibrating quite a bit, and she more than eager to please. I knew deep down that there was a lot of love going into this, but I couldn't stop myself from feeling the great feelings I knew we both had.

Without warning, I just switched nipples and looked back up at her. She smiled at me again, but it was about to get bigger as I let my right-hand fingers slither onto her pussy lips. I directly felt like there was a fountain down there, so I shuddered a bit. "Yes, Mommy, pleasure your daughter just like that." I grinned as much as I could, but sucked as hard as I could.

Rose fought the urge to let out more words, so she slanted her head back and nearly took my head off. Even as she hurt me slightly, I failed to hold back. I scrubbed her twat nonstop and sucked the life out of her nipple as well. 'I'm making my elegant daughter feel good now. I'm just sucking her nipple and playing with her cherry, so I'm going to make her feel so much better than that MILF did that video.' "Fuck, I was wrong, you can talk all you want, you dazzling, but incestuous floozy.

Suck that nipple like it is a fucking lollipop. Just save energy in those lips, you still have to use them on my cunt too. I'm certainly not just going to let you just use them on my nipples; you have to use them on the sexist part of my body too. You can't ask me to have sex with you and pleasure me halfheartedly, Mommy. You have to treat your daughter as the passionate wench she is. If you brought us to this classy hotel, you have to do a beyond classy job of thrilling me too." My mouth came off her nipple.

"Don't you ever shut up?" "Not when I'm doing the nasty with my mom." "I love your melons too; you certainly get them from me." "Thank you," she replied, leaning down to kiss me. "I only hope I can pass the torch on as the years go by, Kate. You are even more beautiful than you were ten years ago." "You think so?" She nodded and lowered her head to my right nipple.

"Keep that hand busy though, and tell me how much you love me frequently too, Mom," she advised me before she took it into her mouth. "Oh, you are quite alluring, to say the least, so you must be a seductress. You got me obsessed, so now have your way with me, you tart. You loving and sexy tart." Her lips came off my nipple, and her eyes widened. "Call me 'Sweetheart,' Mommy." "Okay, sweetheart, pleasure your mommy like I'm your ravishing lover." "Fine," she whined before she advanced me down to my back.

"I'll give the best memory you could hope for, Mommy. We don't want dad to find out, but if he saw us together, he'd be jacking off nonstop and filling up a bathtub in no time." "That is hot, sweetie." "Have you masturbated thinking about me, Mom?" "Yes, but please don't tease me now." "Yes, Mommy," she muttered, wrapping her arms around my legs. "I'll make you feel good, but you better return the favor though," she let me know before she let her tongue out.

"Oh, fuck yes, sweetheart," I moaned, lying my head back. "I'll do it for you, Rose. Only because I love you," I sobbed, placing my hands on my tits. I immediately began rubbing my back on the bed and caressing my bosoms as well. Then I felt a couple of fingers take shelter inside my slit. "Yes, thrust those fingers in and out there too, my sweet angel. Eat your mommy's pussy, and make her one happy lady. Fuck, I can't even see you, but you are making me feel wonderful.

I'm fucking crying now, Rose, but keep going. You are just a great young woman with a perfect tongue." I felt it rubbing my clit up and down ever so slowly along with her fingers moving nonstop too. She was just the perfect sexy storm, and I loved her more than ever.

I even began scrubbing my hooters. The incest feelings were roaming throughout the room and making me feel better with each passing moment.

As every movement of hers came about, I swear I came a little closer to just going nuts. I did my best to keep a lid myself, but my daughter was playing with fire. "Oh, that slick and loving tongue, Rose. You are in fact blooming now. You are in fact that best woman here, I swear." "Shut up, Mom. I want to make you feel incredible, but I need you at least try to be quiet," she whined, rubbing my stomach.

"I've only been eating you out for a couple of minutes, but you keep breaking my concentration." "I'm sorry, babe, please don't be mad at me," I pleaded, glancing at her. She shot me a dirty look and slowly began climbing up with me. "I'm not," she made clear before kissing me. "I do want to make you cum before you eat me out, or you make love to me, Mommy." "I'm sorry, Rose." She pecked my cheek and lazily went back down to my slit.

She blew me a kiss and slowly inserted a couple of fingers again. I saw her lips touch down on my pussy lips and kissed them all over for a moment as she let her fingers in and out slowly. She didn't need to please me; she had the thrill all locked up.

I couldn't possibly escape it, because she had me wrapped around her little finger, and I loved it that way. We kept our eyes on each other for the time being, but then she let her tongue back into my pussy, and she closed her eyes. "I can be whatever you need me to be, angel.

A sex goddess, a queen or just a casual fuck buddy. Whatever you want me to be, consider me ready for you," I let out before I slanted my head back again.

I positioned my hands onto her head and just kept them in place. They moved right along with her head as I felt her eat me out as the pussy munching princess she was. She failed even to take my lips into her mouth as she did the video, but it didn't matter.

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She just needed to rub that tongue on my pussy walls effortlessly. Whether in a circle, from side to side, up and down or anyway she found to make me feel good. I desired to look right into her eyes as she committed this felony, but I found myself nearly paralyzed with pleasure.

I just envisioned the sexy spectacle in my mind, which I had no issue doing. My mouth opened wide, and I just waited for the moment. The moment where I couldn't take it anymore and let the woman I loved most in the world have my juice.

"Holy shit, babe, you are the woman I love most on the planet. I love you, and I love everything about you too. Please don't ever stop being my daughter; please be the sweet and sexual angel you are now. Be this forever." I suddenly felt her face moving back and forth, which made her tongue fly around in the process. She washed my lips with her other hand and fucked me senseless without missing a beat. She just was the sexual goddess that I built her to be.

"Oh, fuck yes, Rose," I cried, shaking around frequently. "Stick that tongue in there as deep as you can. Shove it in there if you have to, but get the whole thing inside my snatch. I'll stop talking if you do it because then I'll be too busy cumming all over that beyond stunning face of yours." "Promise?" "Yes, then I want you to come up here with me so I can clean off your face with my tongue.

After I have it all off, I want to encase my arms around you. I want to hold you so close to me, that we feel to be just one woman. One soul, one heart, one everything as just let our love grow within." "Okay, Mom, but shut up now," she ordered me before she lowered her head down again. Then my sweet angel pressed on my pussy lips on each side and balled them up slightly. "I'll fuck you only in a way that a daughter can do for her mother," she whispered, gently rubbing my lips calmly.

"Does that sound good?" "Yes, it sounds amazing in fact." "Tell me you love me again, Kate." "It is 'Mom,' bitch, and I love you more than anyone else in the world, I swear on my life." She gave me the most devilish grin I could imagine and opened her mouth.

She let my twat lips directly into her mouth and instantly began sucking on them. "Yes," I moaned, swiftly moving up with her. "That's the spot, sweetie. Suck those lips and tickle them too with your wet tongue.

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Do it for me, for the one woman that will never judge you, only support you in literally everything you want to do.

If you want me to join your twelve guy gangbang, I'm there ready and willing, Rose. I'll let you grow so far that you will have to be the gardener and take care of me." I felt her suck in even more of my lips, and my tears dropped down like raindrops. I hit the bed several times with my heels, and I seemed to become a little out of control.

Although, that only made her more fierce and eager to please. She used her tongue just as I thought and brushed my lips like it was nothing. My arms went up, and I waved them around right above those nonstop, which caused the bed to shake. It even came off the legs a few times, but it served as no distraction for Rose. She jumped over those hurdles perfectly and impressed me. I lied back down on the bed and rolled the top half of my body back and forth.

Her face just followed my slit, and she kept her game up too. "Oh, son of a bitch," I moaned, halting movement. "Here you go, sweetheart. Enjoy the juice of your mommy," I recommended, peeking back at her. "I will, Mom," she said, positioning her face right above my cum squirt gun. I watched her just eyeballing my pussy nonstop while I rubbed my breasts ever so slowly. From one second to the next, I suddenly felt like I was about to give birth.

My slit was ready to shoot out my cum, and she was prepared to accept it from me. I gave an extra large dose of that juice which was solely because it was her that made it happen. I pushed myself as hard as I possibly could for as long as I could too.

I closed my eyes so that I couldn't see the miracle, but I felt it vividly. The intense, clear and pleasurable picture where I could clearly see me splashing my juice all over my daughter's face cemented itself in my brain.

I didn't need to see it physically, but I had it an emotional picture which was priceless. After it was all said and done, I found myself unable to move much.

All I could do was try to deal with the pleasure both physical and emotional. I felt to be frying in an oven, but I felt fantastic. The mental feelings rose again as I felt my daughter climb up on top of me.

She kissed me once. "Aren't you going to look at me, and wash my face, Mom?" "Of course, angel," I muttered, opening my eyes. We looked at each other not as mother and daughter, but lovers. I felt the feelings, and they were making me tingle. I knew they were there, but I couldn't fight them.

"You are beautiful, Rose," I complimented her, softly placing my right palm on her cheek. "More than an angel, Mommy?" "Yes," I answered before my tongue came out, and I brought it to her face.

I licked my juice right off her face as if it was an ice cream cone. I closed my eyes and blindly did the work faultlessly. I heard her moan a bit and she shuddered somewhat as well. She grabbed onto my arms and held them tight, but not too tight. As I tickled her, she squeezed my arms a little bit.

I didn't mind as I loved the results I got directly from her. I also felt her leaking out some juice down towards my slit, so our mother/daughter relationship indeed soared. "That was amazing, Mom," she mentioned, getting onto her side. "I had no idea you were this sexual or you had a lesbian side." "Even after over twenty years with me being your mom," I pointed out, getting onto my side too.

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"You're still learning things about me." As I was, we just glanced at each other again. Neither of us said a word for over five minutes, but we both smiled and licked our lips slightly. I had an idea jumping through my mind, but I just wanted to hear my ravishing daughter speak first. "Mom?" "Yes?" She kissed me once again, but then she slowly lied down on her back. I just watched her as she glared right back at me. I rose up to my butt as she calmly brought her hands down to her twat.

My eyes widened, and my entire body vibrated too. "I'm ready for you, Mommy," she let me know, spreading out her pussy lips. "Fulfill your incestuous fantasy."