Step bro caught naked his big cock suck again by Naomi Mae

Step bro caught naked his big cock suck again by Naomi Mae
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Another late night working at the open house. After all these years in the business Candy still worked the open houses. Single again and 40, the vivacious blond had built up a lucrative real-estate business.

But the hours were long and stressful. Candy was very tired and it was time to lock up - 10pm. She would just lock the front door then go home and soak in a hot tub.

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But being so tired, on second thought, she locked the front door and used the hot tub in the model unit. The plumbing was hooked up and it was a real big tub; the decor included a real towel. She could soak in the tub here. It would be quiet and relaxing. She filled the hot tub and didn't bother to lock the backdoor, after all, there were just half-built houses around here, so no one was likely to come by this time of night especially with all the lights off.

Candy took off her brown business jacket, hung it up and unzipped and slid off her brown business skirt. Slowly she unbuttoned her crisp white blouse, slipped it off and hung it on the door knob. Pantyhose down and off and just tossed aside. She unhooked the lacy 38C black bra and let it fall to the floor; same with the black lace panties. Who cared? She just needed to relax. Candy put her foot in the hot tub and slowly sat down in the soothing water to soak away the aches.

Leaning back and stretching out, she felt the water close over her body. The water gently lifted her milky white breasts so they floated. Her ID Card was still around her neck. Never mind, taking it off, just relax. She closed her eyes.


Dreaming. Was that a sound? No. Relax just a bit more. Dream some more. Lights on her eyes? Hand over her mouth! Cold steel at her throat! Dreaming? She was thrust under the water again and again, then was roughly pulled up by the hair. Forced to stand, gasping, sputtering. "Quiet and don't move! Hey, Jamal, forget the furniture, look what I found." Candy stood quivering and trembling. A flashlight blinded her eyes. She instinctively covered her breasts and privates. A vicious slap!

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"Hands at your sides! Let's see what we have here." The flat of the knife slid down from her throat, between her breasts, under her right breast.

The flat of the knife held her right breast up but nicked the other one, something warm trickled down her left breast. She couldn't see them.

The flashlight was directly in her eyes. The big man lifted the ID Card from where it hung over her left breast. "Jamal, hurry up, we've got some Candy." Two men stared at her.

Candy's naked body dripped and shook. Her head swam as she realized the trouble she was in. "P-please, please don't hurt me. You can take anything in this house, just leave me alone, please." "We can take anything? That's what we planned! Truck's out back and we're gonna fill it with everything here.

While we're at it, we're gonna fill you. I ain't had a piece of ass since before goin' to pris'n. 'Cept for the two porkers I had on the inside they really squealed. Turn around so's I can see your ass." Candy slowly turned around as the big man played his flashlight all over her body. "Jiggly ass, not skinny, got some meat on it. Maybe I'll try porking you too. Kinda got used to porkin' in prisn." "Whatcha find Eddy? Oh! Hey, cool. Nice jugs fill both hands. Too bad you spoiled one of them" As she turned around Eddy's knife knicked her left breast again.

Now his knife was under her right breast slowly raising it up and then dropping it, bouncing it like a ball! She could feel the blade scraping the flesh under her breast every time it bounced.

"I'll tell Carlos to come in from the truck. He'll like this too." "Not enough room here, Carlos can wait.

Now, Blondie, raise your arms over your head and spread your legs." As she raised her trembling arms and stood with her legs apart, a cold, rough hand squeezed her left nipple and poked the cuts. "Hey look at her jump! Guess we can still use this boob. Nice hair between the legs, she's a real blonde. Nice ass, I like them with a bit of meat." She could hear the sneers in their voices as someone grabbed her cunt and pinched hard.

"OK, slut, on your knees and keep your legs apart.


Undo my pants and take out my pecker. Hey Jamal get your pants off you dumb turd." Now she was on her knees, in the dark, in the tub. She could feel the tip of a cock touching her breast.

Now two. One of them put the tip of his cock on her left nipple and pushed so hard her breast felt like the cock was almost inside it as flesh folded around the cock. Eddy pressed his balls up against her right breast so that his cock rested on her throat. "Don't move while we grease up your titties luscious." They rubbed their moist cocks on her tits and she felt some warm goo dribbling on them. "OK, now bend down and start sucking," Eddy growled. Trembling, she reluctantly felt for his cock but he jammed it forward into her lips and Jamal tweaked her nipples very hard.

She jumped. "On second thought, suck Jamal's cock instead and turn around and lean over, I really need to pork you, bitch." The water sloshed as she sobbingly turned around again kneeling on her hands and knees.

She felt Jamal's cock brush her lips. It was already moist and she could taste the salt. His cock pushed at her lips as he once again tweaked her left, bleeding breast. Her lips parted and his hot, throbbing cock slid in so her tongue could taste his moist dribblings.

Meanwhile, Eddy lathered her ass with soap to make entry easier and then she felt the tip of his cock touch her left ass cheek then the right one before coming to rest at her asshole. She braced with fear as Eddy clutched around her soft belly and started to push.

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The soap did its job and she was surprised how quickly his cock entered. Candy felt him thrust into her violated anus as her head swam. Unfortunately, she remained conscious as he thrust all the way in over and over.

Everytime Eddy rammed his cock into her ass, her whole body swayed forward, her breasts swinging wildly. Each time Eddy rammed into her ass Jamal's thick cock was forced down her throat so she felt like vomiting. "Porky! Here I come!" She felt Eddy shudder and knew his filthy cock had come inside her.

As he pulled out, Jamal started pushing harder and his balls ground against her chin while he continued to inflict pain on her tits with his rough squeezing. His cock rubbed back and forth over her tongue and into her throat as she fought the nausea. She felt him jerk uncontrollably as his filthy cum filled her mouth forcing her to swallow the vile, salty goo.

Eddy shoved her to the bottom of the tub putting his foot on her left breast so only her nose was barely above water. She heard: "OK, go get Carlos. It's his turn." Soon a heavier set of footsteps came hurrying and she heard a low whistle.

"Saved me something huh? Let me see.


Nice tits. Blonde pussy! Get your foot off her so I can get in!" The foot came off but before she could move a heavy naked body was on top of her forcing her legs apart. Her knees went up above the water as she felt his hands searching for her pussy. Then she felt the head of his cock directed to her cunt as she tried to pull away. Too much weight on her, she couldn't move. Candy pushed and twisted but nothing would stop the onslaught of this third cock.

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The filthy rod pushed into her helped by the lubricating effect of the warm water. Carlos just pushed faster and faster. He had just one object squirt into this cunt as quick as possible. Shudders, release. His slimy cum must be in her now. She again felt like vomiting. His weight came off her. She subsided in pain and blackness as she gave in to her minds desire to close down. The last she heard was the scumbags laughing as they started carrying out furniture.


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The water cooled. Her eyes opened fearing to see the devastation in the house. Getting up, her body no longer ached. Her left breast was fine. Why? She looked around, all the furniture was in place! Damn! Would this recurring dream never stop??