Brazilian Girl In public strip

Brazilian Girl In public strip
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Sabrina was on her way to band camp, a slow sigh passing through her lips as she spread her legs slightly crossing them over as her button up top lost the button that covered her cleavage, she blushed a little before starting to hold the top shut as if she were nervous about her experience at band camp when really she didn't want anyone to look at her firm breasts.

The case on the floor in front of her contained her flute, so she was careful about where she placed her feet, her eyes soon took note of the guy sitting next to her, he seemed a little too muscular to be in band camp.

And his shirt clung to his body rather well, she blushed again as the boys eyes met hers, and she looked down before uncrossing her legs.

The short skirt she wore revealing that she was wearing a thong, she had taken it from her mother, Sabrina didn't think that her mom would get upset about one thong going missing. Though the second she uncrossed her legs the short skirt she was wearing curled up showing off more of her thighs, and the boy sitting next to her took rather quick notice before his lips came awful close to her ear, and he whispered.

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"Nice pair of legs, maybe you should show me the rest," Sabrina blushed more as she began to slowly pull the skirt down, stopping until it was almost down, "Maybe you should rub somewhere," Sabrina whispered back surprised at her own lewd behavior.

The young man nodded slowly as he slid his left hand between her legs, pressing his index finger against her clitoris before he started to run his finger up then down her pussy, feeling her becoming wet slowly but surely.

The bus was still going so she knew she had time for naughty behaviors, and the fact the male was handsome with well formed cheeks, and a strong jawline only made the experience better, she bit her knuckle holding back a soft moan though she began to pant as she did this.

The young man's finger began to move quicker up then down the length of her pussy while her hand came down, and massaged his bulge that had grown in his pants, it felt huge in her hand but she was a virgin after all so she had never felt a cock before. She began to stroke through his pants, before long the young man had scooted her thong off to the side, pushing his index finger inside of her, making her gasp as she unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out from the prison that was his underwear.

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She gripped at the very base of his length, it was huge, bigger than she had expected as it was at least nine inches long. The young man began thrusting his index finger into her, while she gripped the base of his cock stroking slowly as she kept gasping from this new feeling she hadn't known that having something in her pussy would be this good.

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Though with his free hand he unbuttoned her shirt, allowing him to see more of her soft breasts while he smirked looking at Sabrina, his cock throbbed in her hand as her heart began to speed up more with excitement, his index finger moving quicker in her making her gasp more, and more with each passing moment. She eventually reached over as well lifting his shirt up so that his body was visible to her, the beautifully toned skin soft, and rippling with muscles. She felt burst after burst of pleasure, and before she thought of anything she wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock, slowly bringing her mouth to the base until the head of his cock touched the back of her throat.

He smiled with a sign of pleasure before he slid his fingers out of her pussy, using his free hand to pull her mouth off of his nine inch cock, then he whispered to her, "You know, you should put it inside of you," Sabrina nodded slowly as she sat up from her seat slightly, using her hands to support herself as she began pushing herself over onto his lap.Sabrina nodded slowly as she sat up from her seat slightly, using her hands to support herself as she began pushing herself over onto his lap.

And she simply without thinking moved the thong off to the side, while her other hand took the base of his cock and she slowly began pushing it inside of her. Popping her cherry very clearly as blood ran down her thighs, he smiled now knowing that he was her first, Sabrina winced in pain as she began to thrust her self down on every inch of his cock, the head pushing up into her womb with each movement of her hips.

The most impressive part was only one of the students noticed, and didn't bother saying a word.

She could feel all nine inches twitching slowly inside of her, the excitement rising in her body as she slammed herself down much harder on the young man's length, while she bent forward hiding her face against the back of a seat in front of her. Sabrina could feel the pleasure starting to build up in waves, she was eventually struggling to hold back every moan she wanted to release, then he thrusted into her, making her bounce down harder on his entire shaft.

This caused a quiet moan to rise, but this moan wasn't loud enough for anyone to hear, she thanked God for that, eventually though she came from all nine inches of the boy's rock solid cock ramming into her. His muscles flexing as he saw her cum running down the shaft of his length, and he whispered to Sabrina, "I'm not done yet, keep going," Sabrina nodded lightly as she began to go faster on the twitching member that penetrated her deepest depths, feeling the throbbing details, and twitching inside of her.

And not too long after, just before they reached the gates of the camp he came inside of her. And then she quickly got off of his lap and moved her thong back in place, that way no one would notice that she had been fairly naughty on the way there, the only way to tell was if someone noticed the sweat on the two of them. As the bus approached the middle of the camp they had time to dab the sweat off of their foreheads, hiding the signs of what the two had been doing, Sabrina smiled at the young man as he put his cock away rather quickly, zipping his pants back up as he winked at Sabrina.

"Alright, last stop, we're going to be here a while," the bus driver announced before popping the doors open, everyone grabbed their instrument cases, and stood up, Sabrina, and the young man waited for everyone else to get off of the bus before making their way down the aisle then off of the bus.

She leaned over to the young man, whispering, "Will I get to see you later?" He smirked as he whispered back, "You sure will," Sabrina giggled in excitement as the two departed to their assigned cabins due to the fact it wasn't co-ed. But it was near night fall, and she did have plants for later tonight, very delicious plans that she had the intent to enjoy, so she set her things down in the bed she intended to have, then every one had to go to some lousy orientation.

Boring, and annoying all in one. Her mind was elsewhere though, she couldn't stop thinking about that gigantic cock she had got to give her virginity to, and how it tasted, she couldn't forget the muscles either as they were so perfectly sculpted like the boy was from heavens gate.

It seemed like minutes for the orientation to be over since her thoughts were purely on taking advantage of meeting this young man, and enjoying every second she could get out of him, and his amazing cock.


Some of the other girls there weren't even aware of what cock meant, but Sabrina found out the meaning rather well, she knew what they were, but she got to experience the perfect cock for herself. Night came soon, and she was unpacked already, lying down on her bed waiting for all of the other girls to fall asleep, it seemed like forever until they did.

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But she knew that this young man was going to be prepared for her tight pussy even more than before, everyone was asleep now, so she sneaked passed all of the beds, and out of the door.

There he was, waiting near one of the trees with no shirt on, and his pecs bouncing while he waved for her to come over, Sabrina ran over quickly to him, and upon reaching the boy she bit down on his neck. She wasn't aware that this was a turn on for him, but she thought she'd try, he shivered in delight before he scooped her off of her feet carrying her off into the woods, before setting her down.

Without even looking he plucked a small, flexible branch from a tree before speaking in a dominant tone, "Hands, and knees," Sabrina wasted no time even though she was slightly confused.


She leaned squatted down, then dropped to her hands, and knees making her night shirt ride up showing her night undies to him. With no hesitation he brought this flexible branch down on her rear, she squealed, not in pain but in delight for some odd reason, she gasped trying to catch her breath. She couldn't understand why her pussy had started getting wet from this, but he brought the swatch down on her rear again leaving another welt before he bent over her and took hold of the waist band of her underwear.

Yanking them down so the no longer could hide her pussy from him. Sabrina felt excited for some odd reason, she didn't, and couldn't figure out why, "You and I are going to have a lot of fun for a month," Sabrina wasn't sure if she could survive relentless poundings for a month but she was sure she'd want every bit of it. She bent over further showing she wanted his cock more than ever at this point, so he pulled his cock out from his pajamas, showing that his cock was already hard, all nine inches prepared to rail her hard, and rough.

The second he came around behind her he dropped down onto his knees, pushing the tip of his cock against the entrance to her pussy, it was still sore from earlier, but Sabrina wanted it so bad.

He took a hold of a clump of her hair pulling her face up from the ground so she was looking at one of the trees, and suddenly she moved her hips so every inch was forced inside of her, being out here she moaned more audibly as she began turning the tables on the young man.

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Slamming into him harder than earlier, forcing him to fall onto his back in surprise before she straddled his lap, and she began to ride him hard as she pulled her shirt up, the young man in shock from this forceful action she had taken only a few more thrusts of her hips made him snap out of it.

Then he began to return these thrusts into her tight wet pussy, sending more force as her pussy began to release small amounts of her cum along his shaft, lubricating him more allowing his thrusts to pick up more speed, and force. Sabrina had no clue what had came over her, but she was at this point pretty much demanding his cum, her tight wet walls squeezed his shaft harder pulling pre-cum out from the tip of his cock as she came down harder with every thrust since her body weight came down with her.

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Sabrina only became more excited as the pleasure had grown more from the first time on the bus, she didn't know what was happening at this point as she yelled out, releasing, squirting on his lap while he smirked looking up at her, she went limp at this point leaning back onto his chest resting her back against his perfect muscles. "Oh my God, what happened?" Sabrina asked in confusion, and before she got an answer he pulled his cock out of her pussy, spun her around, and pinned her back against the leaf covered ground, "You came for the first time, too bad I haven't came yet," He stated in a matter of fact tone before he took each of her legs, pinning them up on each of his shoulders.

Nearly bending her in half as he leaned forward making her night shirt fall further up her body revealing her bare breasts, and he made sure her knees were against her nipples as he began thrusting his cock deep into her, pushing every bit of the head into her womb.

His cock throbbed, twitched, and became more detailed with every thrust he made, while his cock began swelling up inside of her.Making her walls stretch around his cock to accommodate the forcing into her pussy, the young man had no signs of releasing yet other than his cock swelling inside of her, Sabrina couldn't escape his grasp either. She couldn't stop cumming all over his groin either.

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Eventually though she saw that he had become bored with this position, so he switched her over onto her side keeping one of her legs planted on his shoulder while he placed a hand on her shoulder, ramming into her while he used his grip on her shoulder to ram her back just as hard on his cock.

Moving his hips more rapidly while Sabrina screamed in pleasure, eventually though she began feeling more violent twitching inside of her pussy, then he pushed his cock all the way inside of her, all nine inches as he shot a gigantic load of cum inside of her. Large enough to make some of the cum run down her thigh from her tight warm entrance, when he finally released her leg from his shoulder, Sabrina laid limp on the ground with her knees pressed together and her breathing heavy, the muscular young man sat down next to her before rubbing her arm slowly, "I'm sorry I forgot it was your second time, didn't mean to be so rough." Sabrina's mind was completely blank, and she didn't know how to respond to this what so ever, all she knew for sure is she had came so many times she was surprised she was alive still.