Busty teen flashes in abandone mansion

Busty teen flashes in abandone mansion
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I'm sorry to post a repeated story but the first one I posted had horrible grammar and errors. I hope this one is better please give me a feedback. I also changed the story a bit, for better i think.

################################################################## "Fuck.I'm late" James thought to himself. James was 16 years old and lived with his parents in a small town called Spinacles.

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Little did he know that today he would lose his virginity. As soon as he arrived to school he heard a deep voice: his principal. "Mr. Taylor&hellip.

Late again? This can't go on anymore Taylor" "I'm sorry Sir, I'm really sorry." "It's too late for that.

You're going to Detention.the whole day." He sentenced. He opened the door "Detention zone" "Why the hell does this exist…" he though. "Get inside James. This isn't a first so you know the drill, right?" He said locking the door.

He was well familiar with this detention zone.

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It was an old storage room. There was a lot of empty boxes and old furniture stocked around. He spent so much time in here that he had already made a small corner of his.

He had a chair a table and an old box full of books and magazines he brought in one day. He grinned as he sat down, he really didn't mind going to detention zone, as long as he had his magazines he would do just fine. He really didn't understood if he kept been sent there because of his punctuality, irreverence or if it was because he had been caught kissing the principals daughter, Rachel.

James started to put it all together and in fact he concluded that it was obvious. This principal crap all started after that episode and it's been far more intense now that he and Rachel were going together to prom. This line of thought gave James a big smile on his face and a hard-on. 'Rachel' and 'prom night'. He was thinking about it for a long time : The day he was going to lose his virginity and make love to Rachel.

All these thought about Rachel, got him really hard, thinking about her young firm body. She was 5'6 tall, slim and had a fit belly.

Her hair was black and shoulder length, and she had the most amazing breasts he had ever seen and he wanted to touch them so bad… "Fuck I'm so hard" he thought, as he caught himself feeling his cock. He pushed the table away.

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He unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock. He starts touching it slowly, then grabbing and jerking. He thought of the day he would rip Rachel' s dress and grope her all overfeeling her tits and that perfect ass. He was getting really into it, feeling his cock throbbing when he thought of it. He was so into it that he only heard the door knob moving after a while.

He stood up quickly and turned around. "Fuck who's there…" he thought. He zipped his jeans up and turned around. The door closed. It was a girl. She walked and out of nowhere she says: "So … why are you in here?" moving towards him.

She was hot, not as beautiful as Rachel but she had a really nice belly, her tight top really made it stand out. She was wearing a tight black top just how James liked. "I really don't know. Officially? I was late." He told her. "You were late?

Geez! You really pissed off Samu.I mean, the principal." She answered She was his height, 5'9 or 6'. Long blonde hair and green eyes a rare exception to the usual brunettes in his town.

Her breasts were small but perky. He couldn't see her ass yet but it looked very good from the side. She moved to check out a box on the floor and he finally could glare at her ass. It looked even better than what it seemed. Round and small very fit. "Like what you see?" She said still searching for something inside the box. "What you mean?" He played dumb "You like my ass? I know you were staring.

" she instantly replied. "I wasn't stari." "Don't lie…, I know you were I saw you from that mirror" she interrupted pointing at a mirror right in front of her. "Caught!" he thought. "Fine I did stare and I'm sorry I didn't meant to be rude or something, it's just … it's really nice." He told her "Thanks… so who the girl?" She asked "What?" James said kind of puzzled. "The girl, or is it the guy? You know… who was in your mind when you were jerking off before?" She asked him He just stood quiet.

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He couldn't believe she asked that. "How could she know I was jerking off" he thought. "Fine. Then I'll tell you something first. You know why I am here? I am here so I can become desperate and beg." "Beg? What are you talking about?" he said "Principal Samuel likes me better when I beg for his cock." She told, speaking really naturally.

First the jerking off question and now she tells him she's fucking the principal, James couldn't believe it. "So I told you something. It's your turn" she said, walking towards him again. He paused but decided to tell her "Rachel, Rachel Harris." She stopped 2 inches from his face and moved her mouth to his hear "The principal's daughter?" She whispered, very. He couldn't tell why but her voice made him feel a small shiver down his spine.

She moved away. "She's hot! But she's also Samuel's daughter. Now I see why you are here." She giggled. "You fucked her?" she promptly asks "No. We just hang out from time to time." He told her "So, you are a virgin right?" She asks. "No. What? Why do you say that?" - He answers.

"Well you had that look when you were staring at my ass." "What look?" He asked "A look that seemed as if you were going to jump onto me and fuck me right there" she explained He didn't say anything. It was actually true he did want to do that. "I see." She moves closer to him, her mouth this time was only 1 inch away from his lips. She whispers: "Jerk off for me" she rubbed her hand on his crotch. His cock got hard really fast. "Pull it out" she whispered rubbing it even more.

He pulls away from her. "What are you doing? Are you crazy?" He screams "No. Just horny, and you so are you. It's a win-win situation. I want to piss off Samuel. You want to cum… " she giggles. "What's wrong with that? Now pull your cock out let me see it" She moved again towards him. "Puuuul it ouuuut" she spoke really slowly while she unzipped my jeans. "Fine ill do it" she said pulling them down. My cock was tenting under my boxers. She smiled She pulls them down too letting it go free, sticking out in the air.

Very hard and thick 8 inch. "My! That's a big one" she congratulated James He kept his mouth shut all the time. He wanted to stop this game but he was so hard and horny. All he could think was pushing his cock up that sexy mouth of hers. "Suck it&hellip." he moans very softly.

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"What? What did you said?" She smiled jerking is cock softly. "Suck it, please suck it" he pleaded "Hmmm, does SHE suck it for you?" She asks James nods. "Then I'll do it just so you can say I'm much better" she leaned down and started jerking it.

She jerked faster as she kneeled down.

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She spread her knees a bit and kisses his balls. Licking them. Pushing them inside her mouth and when she heard James moaning she let them go and licked his shaft from bottom to top and swirled around his cock head. "Ohhh, fuck" James moaned really loud She started bobbing on his head. Licking and swirling. She then opened her mouth and swallowed half his cock right away sucking on it, up and down, using her hand also to jerk sofly.

Going faster, sucking deeper, up and down his shaft, she could feel his cock throbbing harder by the minute. It was so dirty and sexy that they were both enjoying it.

James was now near cumming he never had such a good blowjob. She was perfect in every aspect so hot he just couldn't keep is cum anymore. She sensed it and she didn't move away, instead she pulled her mouth all the way down his cock swallowing it, gagging.

He could hold it anymore "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck yes" he moaned cumming inside her mouth. She slowly pulled off while he spurted his hot cum in her mouth. When she saw he wasn't cumming anymore she sucked it one more time and pulled out swallowing. He doesn't know why but he pulled her face back on his cock and rubber her face all over his wet cock cleaning it on her face. When he saw what he was doing he let her go and pulled away.

"What the hell? Why did I just do that?" He asked himself. He did it by instinct, as if she was some kind of disposable toy. When he pulled away she fell on her hands. She looked up very angry. "What the fuck?


Who do you think you are?" She stood up and stormed at him. As she lifted her hand to slap him, James grabbed it and pulled it away. "Don't you dare you were the one that wanted to play…" he said. But he couldn't believe what he was saying. He was so …dominating he felt so superior to her. "Let go" she pleaded "Let go my hand please" He let it go.

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They looked at each other. "I don't know what got into you, you became so confident and rude all of the sudden" she said "I don't know too… but I know it's you that makes me like this. " He told her James moved towards her and leaned in for a kiss. They had a very deep and sexy kiss; he took advantage of his position and used his hand to feel her perfect ass really good. While they were kissing he kept pushing in hand under her skirt groping her thighs and with the other hand feeling her breasts.

She was getting very excited with all this. She moaned, and moaned each time he touched her. He pulled away She looked at him puzzled. "Take your clothes off… I want to see your body" he demanded He sat down and started playing with his cock. Neither he nor she ever thought they would be in this position.

He: being dominant to a girl he didn't even knew and She : obeying a younger guy and far more inexperienced than her… there was just something about how she liked to feel a slut. She didn't question she moved away and pulled her top off. As she throws it away James could now see her bra.

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"Take it off" he ordered She unhooked it and let it drop on the floor. Her tits were small but that didn't make her less of a hottie, in fact it made her so fucking sexy that James began to get hard again.

She saw his cock and started to unzip her skirt. "No …let the skirt on. Pull off your panties." He demanded She zipped the skirt again and pulled down her panties, staying just with the skirt and heels.

"Come here…" She walked to him. He stretched his hand and rubbed it on her legs… feeling them. With his other hand he spread her legs and helped her sit on his lap.

He kissed her neck. She moved her hand on his cock jerking it. James felt it getting really hard, so hard he immediately pushed it inside her cunt. It felt different from what he knew, a blowjob, he felt better, warmer, it felt so fucking good, that thrust after thrust he moaned louder and pushed harder.

She moaned now with her arms around his neck and her fingers creeping on his back. He kept going faster and faster. He stood up and pulled her up. Turned around and sat her on the table. She laid down and he started fucking her really hard and fast. Her small tits bounced up and down and her head moved around the table in pleasure. "What's your name? " He asked She moaned "What's your name?" He demanded She looked at him moaning, he fucked her even faster, he was so close to cum and he could feel her squeezing his cock more and more.

"Sofia, its Sofia" She told him "You are a fucking slut Sofia!" he told her. He was at the edge and he pushed his cock all inside her. She clinched and twisted. She was cumming. He saw it and right after her he came too. He shot his whole load inside her. They both screamed and moaned. He pulled out and sat down. He couldn't believe what just happened. He lost his virginity. She sat down on the table looking at him. They looked at each other. She stood up.


"Want me to clean your cock" she asked very submissive "Yes." He said running his hand thru her leg as she kneeled down. She licked it clean and sucked it one more time.

She was kneeling looking at him. She was so fond of him.she wanted to be fucked by him all the time, to be his slut. He thanked her feeling her face and pushing a finger in her mouth. It was all hot and they were feeling so connected but then they both turned around at the same time.

Someone opened the door&hellip.