Inked trans babe masturbates after shower

Inked trans babe masturbates after shower
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Gina and her horsies… It was a lovely warm August day, and little Gina had just woken up, thoroughly refreshed, from a lovely dream about big cocks and lots of fucking, and her little pussy was dripping wet, and gagging for some deep penetration, and a good, hard, pounding shag… She sat up in bed, and stretched, and let out a huge yawn.

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She then swung her legs over the side of the bed, stood up, and toddled off to the bathroom, where she had a pee, and attended to a few other things. After this, she wandered down stairs, wearing just a tiny, see-thru baby doll…and nothing else!

Gina was 18 yrs old, 4'10" tall, weighed in at about 95 lbs and was just about the horniest little thing you'd ever seen. Really cute, with her long, silky soft blonde hair, she had slim shoulders, a narrow back and tiny waist, slim, gently rounded hips and a delightful soft, round peachy arse, and an absolutely stunning pair of legs.

She had a huge pair of full, soft, heavy, bouncy breasts, with huge, thick, sensitive teats, which required a 30HHH cup bra to keep them in check.

Her little pussy had a cute little bush of soft, curly hair around the outside of her sweet lips…she had a gently bulging pudenda, which, with the lips bisecting it, looked just like a split peach.

The pussy itself was warm, soft, stretchy-tight, super juicy, and so deep it was like a bottomless pit…Gina had yet to find a cock that she couldn't take, and naturally, enjoyed the longest, fattest, hardest ones she could find!

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On top of all this, her clitty was long, thick, flexible, completely circumcised, sexually ultra-sensitive, and constantly rubbed against the material of her skin tight, super stretchy, silky soft panties, when she bothered to wear any: she was permanently erect, and very, VERY horny, and her pussy continuously leaked warm, super-slippery juice, and the little tart ADORED being made to cum, and cum, and cum… Her delightful little asshole was also really deep, and warm and very tight; Gina loved being fucked hard in every hole…preferably all at the same time!

After a breakfast of orange juice, cereal, and a couple of nicely poached eggs on toast, she decided she was going to take her quarter horse, Blackie, out for a ride. She had a very good relationship with her stallion, due in part to the fact that he could speak to her in her mind, so they could converse.

The difference being with Blackie was that he said what was on his mind; unlike humans, who spent so long beating around the bush before getting to what they wanted to say. Gina appreciated this, and talked to her stallion the same way; which often led to some very horny situations… Blackie, of course, being a stallion, was horny all the time anyway, but with this being the middle of the breeding season for horses, he could hardly think of anything else!


All he could think about was relieving the delicious pressure in his huge, melon-sized balls…as often as possible… Gina, having dressed in a little tiny sundress, suspender belt, glossy black, sheer, silky, seamed nylons and sandals with a 3-inch heel, wandered out to the stables on the other side of the farm where she lived by herself, with half a dozen gorgeous, horny stallions. She always took care of all their needs (and I mean ALL their needs!), and took pride in keeping them well groomed, happy, and contented…in EVERY way.

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A contented horse was a happy horse, she always said…and her horsies were the happiest in the whole of England. They were well fed, watered, groomed, and regularly exercised; but the key to a happy stallion, as far as Gina was concerned, was to help them to empty their huge, heavy balls on a VERY regular basis…in the most pleasurable way possible.

And the way that Gina's stallions most enjoyed emptying their swollen, cum-filled balls was to fuck, very deep and very hard, for a long time, until they erupted, long and strong and very powerfully, for as long as they wanted to! And since there was only one deep, soft, tight, warm, juicy pussy on the farm, well, you can guess where they enjoyed emptying them… Gina entered the stables, and was greeted with a chorus of whinnying and neighing, which was her stallions' way of saying "Hello", and in her head was greeted by Blackie, who said "Mornin', you gorgeous little thing you"… She blushed prettily, and her pussy began running with warm, slippery juice…she could smell the musky scent of her horses, and God!

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It was turning her on… And the trouble was, the stallions could smell her pussy, too…and it was turning THEM on, and making them very, VERY randy…oh dear! Since they hadn't emptied their huge, melon-sized nuts for at least three days, from the tail end of the previous week (Gina had spent the weekend with friends), said nuts were very swollen, very large, and very heavy; and hanging well down on their spermatic cords in the sultry warmth of the stable, dangling and wobbling in their velvety-soft ballbags… She went over to the stalls, and worked her way along from one stall to the next, petting each of her horses as she went, and giving each of them a couple of lumps of sugar.

Apart from Blackie, there was Nero, Zeus, Cheyenne, Pegasus and Dylan (who was a beautiful big Percheron, and just a big softie…aside from a certain WONDERFUL part of his anatomy)! As she worked her way along them, they all nuzzled her neck, and the upper slopes of her beautiful, big, heavy breasts, causing her large, thick nipples to swell with need, and stand out big, and fat, and stiff; she couldn't help but notice they all had their long, thick cocks hanging well out of their large sheaths, with the big, distended veins already standing out, their huge balls visibly swelling larger by the second, and copious spurts of warm, clear, slimy pre-ejaculate splashing onto the dirt of the stable floor beneath them from their already swelling glans…"Oh, you horny bunch; it's going to be one of THOSE days…isn't it?" she said, in fond exasperation, shaking her head in amusement.

"Damn RIGHT, sweetheart", said Blackie in her head. "And it's ALL your own fault, coming in here with that gorgeous, warm juicy cunt smelling as heavenly as it does…We haven't cum for three whole days, now; can you honestly blame us for getting long & thick & hard?" "I guess not", said little Gina, whose pussy, by this time, was getting so juicy it was starting to leak out and trickle down the inside of her shapely thighs.

"And I suppose you're ALL expecting me to take care of the consequences…AREN'T you?" Which statement was met by a chorus of soft whickering and grunting, as her stallions made it VERY clear just EXACTLY what they wanted!

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"You know what's coming next, DON'T you, pet?" said Blackie, with a deep, throaty chuckle. "You know you're gagging for it…AREN'T you?!" Without further ado, Gina went and sat on the end of a padded, blanket-covered bench at the far end of the stable, which just happened to be PRECISELY the right height for her stallions to mount her, without having to get up on their hind legs; unless they wanted to, in which case there were a pair of brackets with large, cupped metal receptacles mounted on them, one on either side of the table, with attached handles for gripping hold of, just right for securely placing forehooves into… She lay back on the bench, and without even thinking about it, began to stroke and flick her clitty with her fingernails…which just made the flow of pussy-juice increase in volume, till it was running out of her warm, sweet little hole.

It trickled down the crack of her soft, round ass cheeks, and involuntarily, she began to finger her tight little bumhole, plunging first one, then two and finally three fingers right in to the knuckles, and then her entire fist (right to the wrist), moaning with intense pleasure as she did so, while continuing to manipulate her clitty with her other hand… "Come on then, Blackie, love…I can't wait ANY longer", moaned Gina, who by this time was becoming frantic with the need to cum.

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Her quarter horse needed no further encouragement; he trotted forward to the end of the bench, dipped his head, and extending his long, broad, warm, wet, highly mobile tongue, began to lick Gina's slit along its full length, from bottom to top, ending by flicking and swirling it around her by now hugely erect clitty…her pussy responded by producing even larger amounts of warm, sweet slippery love-juice, till it was pouring out of her.

Blackie grunted with pleasure as he scented her delicious fluid, beginning to drink it down, gulp after gulp, his cock responding by growing longer, and longer, and LONGER, and SO much fatter; his penis beginning to swell with blood as his own arousal steadily increased, the large cockhead beginning to expand, and flare to its gigantic, fully excited condition.

His own horniness was starting to show in the way his nearly fully hard penis was slapping against his belly, and Blackie lowered his hips slightly, and pushed his now enormous glans back and forth along his belly several times, drawing himself to full, rock-hard erection (which had to be at least 34-36" long, and a good 8" thick at the root). Jet after jet of warm, musky pre-ejaculate began to spurt, with increasing frequency, from his urethral process, which protruded from the depression in the centre of his now hugely swollen, gigantically flared, colossally bulging, deliciously sensitive glans… Blackie continued to swipe his tongue back and forth along Gina's now gaping pussy, lashing his tongue across her clitty, and occasionally nipping it firmly between his incisors; the little slut couldn't hold back much longer, she was SO close to cumming, she was going mental with pleasure, which just continued to build, and build, and build… Blackie brought matters to a head by biting her clitty hard with his teeth, and then plunged his long tongue as deep into her pussy as he could… "Oh, GOD, I'm CUMM-I-ING-G," she screamed, "Christ, it's GORGEOUS, Blackie, don't stop, don't stop, Jesus fucking H.

Christ, ohhhhh.!" Her pussy was spasming, and her pussy juice was flooding out of her, and saturating Blackie's nose, and whiskers, and pouring down his throat, and by Christ!

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he needed to plunge his huge, thick cock into her steaming hot, juicy cunt! and fuck, and fuck, and fuck… His gigantic balls were by now so swollen with thick, hot, slimy, super-fertile semen, that they were hanging down below his knees, and rumbling, and churning, and he was ACHING with the need to empty them as deep inside this randy little mare as he possibly could… "Can't wait any longer, sweetheart…I have GOT to fuck you…" Gina heard in her head.

"Oh God, please, Blackie, please, give me your huge, thick cock, pleeease, give me ALL your lovely thick, hot, fertile cum, you big, strong boy…mmmm, I want your foals…" moaned Gina, feverish with pleasure, bringing her knees back up to her ears, and giving her horny stallion unrestricted access to her squelchy, steaming cunt. Blackie needed no further encouragement; he reared easily up onto his strong, muscular hindlegs, his enormous, steel-hard erection swinging up as he did so, and his huge, copiously spurting, massively flared glans (which had to be at least 8" across) lodged against his mistress's warm, dripping, gaping cunt.

He relished the feel of this lovely soft, warm, juicy flesh against his huge cockhead; he dropped his forehooves neatly into the cupped brackets beside little Gina's head, braced himself, flexed his powerful haunches, and pushed as hard as he could… Gina's pussy resisted for a few seconds, as her stallion's giant glans began to tear her cunt open, then all of a sudden, it surged through her pussy lips and forced itself deep inside her vagina, stretching her SO wide…making her scream with delight, and arch her back up to meet this enormous, vigorously thrusting monster that was giving her so much DELICIOUS pleasure.

Blackie pulled out six inches or so, then plunged himself back in at least a foot deeper, then back out, and in again even deeper still… Gina was thrashing about under him, almost out of her mind with bliss, bringing her hands up to the bracket grips, so as to stop Blackie pushing her off the end of the bench, as her horny stallion pulled out and rammed back in again even deeper, finally stuffing the thick root of his colossal, rock-hard weapon right into his little mare's cunt, and squashing his enormous, swollen, heavy balls against little Gina's soft, fleshy buttocks… Eyes bulging, and spittle dripping in long strings from his muzzle, Blackie began the repeated deep, powerful, pelvic thrusts which would eventually bring him to an incredibly strong, long-lasting orgasm.

He grunted with pleasure with each massive hammer-blow into his mistress's unbelievably deep, hot, tight pussy, slamming himself into her ultra-tight, steaming hot, juicy depths as hard as he could.

With endorphins flooding his brain, he lost track of his surroundings; for him, there was simply the delicious, mindless bliss of DEEP, hard, POUNDING fucking, as his huge balls drew up tight against the base of the giant, steel-hard bar of his plunging, pounding cock.

Blackie only knew one thing, if he was thinking anything at all; never, in all his seven and a half years on this Earth, had he EVER fucked anything so hard, and which gave him such delightful pleasure, as this young human's GORGEOUS deep, tight, STEAMING cunt…and the best thing about it, was that the little mare wanted him to, with all her heart; he could feel the outpouring of emotion, and the utter love and devotion to him and his stable mates, in his mistress's thoughts…she WANTED her huge stallion to mount her, thoroughly enjoy himself, do EXACTLY what HE wanted to do, and be as happy as he could be… With this, incredibly, Blackie increased the length and power of his draws out, and thrusts back in; his balls drew up even tighter against the base of his huge cock, a sure sign of rapidly approaching orgasm, and he started humping and slamming into her even deeper, and harder, and faster… "Oh JESUS, Blackie, keep fucking me, sweetie, I CAN'T stop cumming, it's wonderful, don't stop, please, please, PLEASE don't stop, I'll die if you do, oh God baby, oh sweet Jesus, yes, yes, YES", Gina was babbling under him, on the point of blacking out under the intense pleasure, arching her back, and bucking her hips, helping Blackie to plough her juicy cunt as deep and as hard as he possibly could.

Her clitty was flexed back inside her cunt, crushed to a pulp between her tightly stretched cunt walls, and her stallion lover's enormously long, massively fat, viciously pounding, steel-hard GIANT erection, getting so much deliciously intense stimulation that the pleasure was mind-blowing… Blackie couldn't hold back any longer; he gave the deepest, hardest thrust he could, forced his gigantic flare right through his mistress's cervix, buried himself as deep inside her womb as he could, and froze, his balls rumbling and churning, his giant, thick penis throbbing in time with the strong, steady beats of his great heart.

A VAST plume of thick, hot, slimy semen erupted deep inside Gina's cunt, spurting deep inside her like a firehose, and flooding her womb with such pleasure that she momentarily lost consciousness, causing her to relax, and encouraging Blackie to stuff himself even deeper still inside the tightest, sweetest little cunt he'd EVER fucked in his life.


Another, even more powerful jet spurted inside her uterus with the force and volume of a volcanic eruption, followed by another, and another, and another, and another, and… Lost in the depths of the most powerful, deliciously intense orgasm of his life, and his brain saturated with pleasure endorphins, Blackie grunted loudly with every blasting, erupting jet of super-thick, steaming hot, slimy, raw semen, as it caused intense pulses of pleasure from his urethral process and hugely flared glans, and caused his enormous balls to throb and swell with even MORE pleasure, and LOADS more thick, hot cum… He continued to spurt and erupt deep inside his mistress's hot, tight cunt for a long, LONG time, which, by now, was seriously overflowing with his virile, super-fertile semen; her belly was hugely swollen with the gallons and gallons of thick, warm, life-giving seed that had been pumped into it… Eventually, after nearly 20 minutes, the flow of semen slackened off, and Blackie's cock began to soften.

As the endorphins began to fade, the first thing the stallion became aware of was how relaxed and contented he felt; he pulled back, and his long, fat, floppy cock pulled out of little Gina's well-fucked pussy, and swung backwards and forwards between his hind legs, streams of thick semen still pouring from his urethra. He lowered his muzzle to the horny little mare's pussy, and lovingly whickered as he gently licked and teased her clitty with his tongue, inhaling the aroma of well-fucked cunt and horse semen, and licking up the delicious mixture as it flowed out of her hole, and ran down the crack of her buttocks… "Oh, WOW, Blackie; Christ, sweetie that was fuck-ing in-cred-i-ble; Mmmm, corrrr.!

Jesus, lover, you are the BEST shag EVER…nobody, but nobody, makes me feel like you do. Coooo…" Blackie whickered gently, and reaching over, lovingly nuzzled her neck, and licked her face, feeling VERY contented and happy… "Fancy a repeat performance, sweetheart?" enquired her stallion, with a glint in his eye.

"Mmmmm…," said Gina with a chuckle. She sat up with an effort, swung her legs round, and, reaching over, scratched the base of Blackie's left ear, gently petted and stroked his neck, and looking deep into his large, liquid brown eyes said quietly, "You KNOW I want to give you foals…don't you, pet?" "I do," replied Blackie equally softly.

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"And I think you're the most gorgeous thing I've EVER fucked. You're like a drug…I can't get enough of you.

If you need proof of that, just look down…" Gina did as she was bid…and saw that Blackie was already enormously erect again… "Ohhh, you.! Later, you horny bugger! Let it build up for a while, then you can fill me to bursting again…I'd like that! Right now, sweetheart, I need some downtime", and with that, dragged herself to her feet, and somewhat unsteadily, tottered out of the stable door, pausing, and turning back toward the other stallions, and said," Don't worry, you lot; I'm gonna drain every set of balls here dry before the day's over…at LEAST twice, or even more, if you're lucky.

Be patient just for a little bit…see y'all soon." And she turned, and tottered off back to the house, semen running down her thighs as she did so… Copyright Gina Walsh: August 2012