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Huge boobs woman analyzed by black dudes
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Story so far: Benjamin rescues 2 girls from zombies.


While they sleep that night, zombies burst in. I look at the figures dropping into our apartment from the hole above in fear. They moan and limp slowly towards our little camp.

I move my hands slowly to grab my baseball bat.


They didn't notice because zombies have extremely bad eyesight and have a keen sense of smell instead. However, the zombie's keen smell won't usually work due to their own stench of rotting meat.

As they got closer i examined them, there were 3 normal rotting zombies and another zombie with a broken leg crawling on the ground. I silently planned an escape path as the pathetic zombies closed in. The stench woke the girls up and as they were about to scream i signalled for them to shut up. I quietly told them the escape plan and we began. As the zombies came to arms length i swung the bat at the first zombie and knocked it out. As planned Kaitlyn kicked the other zombie in the balls disabling it from the fight.

The next zombie came in view and i simply batted its head off. "I never knew male zombies will get hurt when kicked in the balls" shouted Kaitlyn chuckling "The thing is i didn't know either" I shrugged trying to look innocent. As we walked to the entrance of the apartment to find another place to camp we heard a loud scream. It was from Wendy who was following us from behind. I looked down and saw the zombie with the broken leg grasping onto her jeans. It was almost in slow motion as i went to kick the zombie's head but as i got there it was already to late.

The zombie had already landed the bite.

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By the time i decapitated the zombie Wendy was on the floor whimpering with Kaitlyn comforting her.i walked slowly to Kaitlyn and pulled her away. "Be careful she could change any moment" i said "Go away!" Kaitlyn shouted loud enough for the whole city to hear. "If I were to die i would rather die here, with my sister!" She shouted again. I stared at her for a few seconds and tried to convince her but nothing would work so i gave up. "No Kaitlyn go with Ben, you can leave me here ill take care of myself." Wendy suddenly said "No but." "Live your life to the fullest Kaitlyn" Wendy said with tears running down her face.

"I will."Kaitlyn said as we walked away. When we walked out of the building i exclaimed to Kaitlyn that Wendy only had 15 minutes after bitten until she would be infected. While we argued about that, we heard a crash in the block behind.

It was Wendy, she had suicided after climbing to the 3rd floor and jumping down. Kaitlyn cried that whole day and wouldn't talked to me. That day Kaitlyn was too shocked to do anything so i had to find us an empty building that was an decent sized apartment. And setup anti zombie protections on the doors and windows.

Our food was low so i decided we were going to take some food from the shops tomorrow. Even tho we didn't speak that whole day we felt more closer than yesterday.

She was feeling more safe and didn't try to escape.

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We only managed to sneak back one sleeping bag yesterday instead of both, Since i thought that it was to risky to go back. Kaitlyn didn't object or say anything.

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Because i didn't want to be accused of sexual harassment i let her sleep In my sleeping bag while i slept on the ground. This wasn't fun due to the cool ground. Now i really know what the words "now I'm lying on the cold hard ground" from the song I Know You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift meant. I sleep like a log that night and had a really absurd dream where I was some sort of zombie king sitting in a throne.

I looked down at my hands and surely i was zomified however i wasn't all crazy about eating people.

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I had a army of normal zombies that eat people under my command. I also caught glimpses of Wendy being held up by 2 zombies. Later on I woke up in terror after some events that i couldn't remember.

After all It is rare for me to remember a dream clearly. When I woke up it was already morning and My back hurt like hell due to the "cold hard ground." Kaitlyn was already awake and was still sitting there owling in the the corner of the room. I'm sorry for being aggressive yesterday" she said quietly and calmly.

"It's ok i don't mind but." Kaitlyn suddenly ran over and hugged me. I was out of words for her body felt so good against mine as i hugged her back.

We soon break the hug and sat next to each other. After a decent amount of awkward silence Kaitlyn leaned towards me and I held her in his arms her. She then place her lips onto his and we kissed passionately. As i reached down to take off her clothing she hesitated and pulled away saying something about it being to early. Later on we stood up again, took our belongings and headed to the super market.

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We grabbed our food quickly and rushed out. The food included a few packet of chips some canned food and some lollies since those were the only things that didn't expire, As we came back to our apartment i noticed the blood trails on the ground.

Last night the zombies must have found our scent and followed us to the building so we had to move again.

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This was the seventh time i have move apartments or houses since the start of the apocalypse. Luckily I found a nice bungalow that hadn't been touch by zombies.

However to my surprise i found the area around the bungalow surrounded by "actually dead" zombies. "Thats weird" i say as we walk in. As i pack the food and sleeping bag Kaitlyn ventures into the main room before screaming at the top of her lungs. I quickly rush in with my base ball bat ready to face the zombie. But instead what i see is something else.

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In the corner of the room sat a handsome man with blood stains on his shirt. By the looks of it he isn't a zombie nor a human. I tell Kaitlyn to back away since i can see that the man is still breathing but barely. As i help the man up he looks up at me with fiery red eyes and intimidates me completely. "What are you?" I ask nimbly "A vampire." He says as i drop him right to the ground in fear.

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