Flirty peach gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the cream

Flirty peach gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the cream
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A few months had gone by since my encounter with a stranger behind a rest stop. It was now the beginning of the summer, and New York is the best place to experience summer. Be it rooftop parties, trips to the shore, or just lazy days at home, summer had always been my favorite.

My girlfriend and I were still crazy about eachother, I had never spoken a word about what happened in the rest stop, and I hadn't been with a guy since. Well, one day I was home alone, and my girlfriend was at the pool with her friends. I decided to kick back and relax. As I was flipping through the channels, I couldn't find a single thing on.

I decided to go to my computer and look at porn, only to find that my internet was down. I then turned to the only video I had on my actual harddrive, the rest stop video. It had been some time since I had looked at that video, and it was incredible to watch again. As I was halfway through the video, slowly stroking my dick up and down, my girlfriend walked in.

Apparently they had finished early at the pool. I tried to very quickly shut off my computer screen and pull my pants up, but she saw everything.

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She walked over, and with one hand started stroking my dick, and with the other, turned the screen back on. At first it was fuzzy and dark, and she had no idea what was happening, then suddenly the screen got lighter and there I was, worshipping another mans hard cock. She stopped jerking me and just held my dick. She looked at me like she had a naughty secret. I stuttered with my words trying to explain what had happened. My heart was racing, I was so scared of what she would say and do, but she just looked up at me and said "I knew it" and started blowing my dick.

She took off her bikini top revealing her amazing breasts. Big enough to cup, but not too big. Incredibly round and tan, and all oiled up from suntanning. She started pumping on my dick, working the shaft, and licking my balls.

She looked up at me and said "I bet you wish this was you with a big hard dick in your mouth" and, without thinking I started to slowly nod up and down. She started working it faster and faster, until she just stopped.

She stood up, took off her bikini bottoms to reveal her freshly waxed, dripping wet pussy. It was so fucking hot. I reached over to it and she slapped my hand away. She was in charge. She straddled me in the chair and lined her wet pussy up with my throbbing dickhead. She then reached down and grabbed my cock, and started rubbing it all around her dripping wet pussy lips.

She started rubbing it up and down faster and faster, slowly penetrating herself until I couldn't take it any longer. I had always been a big guy, and I grabbed her, putting my arms around her ass and up to her back, and picked her up.

I slammed my dick into her, deep, and pushed her against the wall. I was now holding her against the wall, penetrating her pussy as deep as I could. She started moaning incredibly, screams of pleasure were being yelled to the rooftops. I felt that I was about to cum, and I told her. She pushed me off and said not yet. My balls were aching, I had to cum. She told me to go sit on the bed and she would be right back.

She left the room and when she returned, she was holding her smallest vibrator, one that she oftentimes kept in her bag for when she really needed it. She stuck it up her pussy, and then told me to open wide. She shoved it into my mouth and told me to suck it just like I wanted, and then she said to make sure I got it nice and wet.

She pulled it from my mouth, and came up and starting making out with me. She then moved down to my neck, started kissing, sucking, and licking my shoulder and my neck. All the while, she was massaging my asshole with her small vibrator. She started to slowly insert it, and as I started to move down onto it, she knew everything was fine by me.

As I took the length of her small, around 4-5 inch vibrator, she turned it on. The sensation sent me overboard, I was as hard as I had ever been. She immediately jumped on my cock and started working it with her pussy. She put two fingers in my mouth and told me to suck them.

Her moans started getting louder and longer, and I told her I was about to cum. As I began to shoot load after load into her pussy, she was screaming in pleasure at the top of her lungs, and she began to cum as well.

After we both came, she reached over, took the vibrator out of my ass, and lay on top of me, my now flaccid dick still inside her throbbing pussy.

We both lay there, sweaty and tired. I woke up later and she was gone, out to dinner with her friends is what the note she left said. I decided to drink some beer, watch the Yankees win, and then go to bed.


The next morning I was awoken to my gorgeous girlfriend waking me up with a blowjob. She normally isn't this sexual, but I was loving it. She then stopped and said she had a surprise for me. She left the room again, and I was anticipating another vibrator, this one a bit bigger than the last. She came back in, leading a man into my room. A very gorgeous man, well built, tall, dark hair, and white.

He was wearing a button shirt and jeans. She said to me "If you get to have the fun that I saw you having in that video, I get to have some fun too" She started kissing the man on his neck. I am an incredibly jealous and insane person, and I knew that I could stand up right there, kick this guys ass, and throw him out my window.

But, while I wanted to, I was way too interested in seeing my girlfriend be a whore. I had always fantasized about it, and I had to let it continue. She slowly unbuttoned each button on this mans shirt, until she was kneeling in front of him. She unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans, and pulled them down. I could see the bulge in his tight boxers. She pulled them over his hard cock and down to his feet.


His 7 inch cock sprung out of them. He wasn't fully hard, but getting there.

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She then took his cock into her mouth, and started going to town. I got up, and tried to touch her breasts, and she said "You'lll get your turn, go sit down" I did as I was told and I started to slowly stoke to the scene unfolding in my bedroom. She started to slowly finger herself as she ate this mans hard cock.

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He started to pump his dick, and she started to suck on his balls. She then got up, laid down, and beckoned for him to come over to the bed. She said he wanted to feel him inside of her, and as I wanted to kill this man right then and there, I didn't move. I wanted to see this.

He positioned his dickhead at the front of her wet pussy, and with one thrust, entered. She then reached over and grabbed my dick. She said she wanted to have two dicks inside her, and she gobbled up my hard dick, which was leaking precum everywhere. She started to suck up and down on my cock as this stranger was pounding into her. She was loving it. I couldn't contain myself any longer, and I put my face down by her clittt and started licking up everything.

I was licking his shaft as it entered my girlfriends tight pussy. I was now in a 69 position with my girlfriend as she was getting fucked. I pulled the strangers cock out from in her, and started to suck on it wildly.

I could taste her on it, and I was in fucking heaven. I loved it. I will never be able to express it, it was, up till that moment, the best feeling I had ever experienced. Then, she started to finger my asshole, and I was loving it even more.

I rolled over onto the bed, now laying on my back. My girlfriend hopped on my face, and the stranger positioned himself at the foot of my bed. As I was eating her clittt, he started to suck my dick. I could feel him rubbing on my asshole, which was at this point lubed up thanks to the strangers tongue. He started to position his dickhead, and while I normally wouldn't have allowed this, I was craving his cock.

I needed to feel him inside of me. He slowly inserted his dick and I tensed up, once he could tell the pain had subsided, he started to thrust wildly. It was an incredible feeling getting fucked by a man while eating out my love. They then started to make out over my body as all of this was going down. My girlfriend started to cum as I licked up and down her throbbing clittt, lapping up all of the juices in the process.

The stranger also said he was about to cum. As my girlfriend came, she took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it as hard and as fast as she ever had. The stranger began to shoot his sticky cum into me, and I loved it. He pulled out his dick, and I could feel the cum stringing out after it.

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My girlfriend started to finger my ass, as I told the stranger to come over. My girlfriend shifted to where she was blowing my while fingering my asshhole from the side of the bed, and I took the strangers half erect cock into my mouth. I was tasting everything, and I felt so dirty. I loved it. He said he was going to cum again, and I was so excited. This time I would fill up and taste cum. After a couple minutes of my intense blowing, we were both ready to cum.

My girlfriend started to work my asshole harder and faster as she blew me, and we both started to cum at the same time. 5 shots of cum were sprayed down my throat, and I loved it. I swallowed every drop. My girlfriend caught all of my cum in her mouth, and crawled up to me and started to kiss and lick me wildly, spreading my cum all over my dirty face. It was the most intense sexual experience I could have ever imagined.

The stranger left, as my girlfriend and I lay there kissing each other passionately.

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She said that if I was bi, should had no problem with that. That's when I realized that I really truly did love this incredible girl.