My busty sister ignorant of the camera

My busty sister ignorant of the camera
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They all slept together that night and although it was a bit crowded in the bed, they all slept quite well. They all would have agreed that it felt nice to be cuddled up close to each other. When they woke in the morning, they all felt pretty good. They thanked God that they woke early enough not to be walked in on by children. They got up and Danny made them a breakfast of eggs and sausage. They ate pretty much in silence, none of them knew exactly what to say after last night, especially Sara.

When she came over to spend the weekend, she had no idea that anything like that would happen. Many thoughts went through her head as she ate her breakfast. Was Kayla ok? She was awful quiet this morning. Did they plan the whole thing? Would their friendship survive? What other kind of kinky shit are they into? Danny finally broke the silence. "Well I don't know about you two," he said. "But I'm going to need today to recuperate after last night." After they ate, they all decided they needed showers.

Sara went first so that she could start packing up her stuff while she waited for them to get cleaned up. She filled the tub with water, took off her clothes, and sank into the tub letting the warm water relax her.


While she was in the tub, Danny went upstairs to get his phone off the night stand. As he passed the bathroom door, he noticed that it was open just a crack, and that he could see Sara's reflection in the mirror. Being a guy, he couldn't help but stop for a moment and look.

She was lying in the tub, the water just coming up to her breasts. Her hair was wet and hung down across her shoulders, reminding Danny of last night and the lake. He could feel himself getting aroused. He reached down and rubbed his dick through his pajama pants.


It wasn't long until he was rock hard and could feel a wet spot where a scout team had an attack of ADD. He was enjoying watching Sara in the tub, and getting hornier by the second, but as he heard Kayla start up the stairs he quickly ducked back into their bedroom and tried to act innocent.

I didn't work. As Kayla entered the room, she could tell something was up. Danny's face was red with embarrassment and he had a raging hard-on in his pants. She glanced around half expecting to see Sara hiding in the closet or something.

That's when she noticed the bathroom door was cracked open., and what could be seen though the crack. "So," she asked with a grin. "What are ya doing?" She already kind of knew the answer. "Nothin'." he answered. However, he realized that the gig was up as Kayla looked at the bulge in his pants and grinned.

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"Nothin' huh." she said slyly. "Then you didn't notice that the bathroom door is cracked open and that you can see Sara in the tub through the mirror." "Ok. You caught me." he admitted. "I noticed and I watched her in the mirror for a bit." "And, apparently you enjoyed it." Kayla said as she reached out and rubbed his dick through his pants much the way he had rubbed it just moments before.

"You were watching Sara in the tub. You're a peeping tom." Danny had nothing to say. He was caught and he was embarrassed. His wife's hand felt good rubbing his cock though. Kayla leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. "Do you like watching her in the tub?

Does her wet body turn you on?" Danny didn't answer for a minute. "Yes, obviously!" he finally said pointing to his crotch. "Do you want to watch her some more?" she asked. Danny thought long about that.

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Wasn't sure what to say. He did in fact want to watch her some more, but he didn't want to offend Kayla. So he hesitantly answered. "Maybe, if you'll watch with me." Kayla sucked on her top lip for a second. "Ok." She agreed. "Maybe I can play with you while we watch." Danny quietly went back into the hallway and stood just beyond the door.

He peered in through the crack. Kayla came up behind him and peered in over his shoulder. They watched Sara's naked body reflected in the mirror. Sara had no idea that she was being watched. If she had just looked up into the glass, she would have been more than shocked to see the both of them peeping in on her.

She would have seen Danny as he stuck his hand down his pants and started to rub his cock. Or, she might have seen as he reached behind him, slide his other hand down Kayla's shorts and begin to finger her.

Sara wasn't looking. She was soaping herself up. Her soapy hands were gliding across her naked body and her wet tits jiggling. After a minute or two, her hands slid up to her breasts and she began to squeeze her nipples.

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Danny and Kayla continued to watch as Sara began to fondle her own tits. It turned them on, but then they really got a show that made them horny. Sara's right hand drifted down below the water and her legs spread apart. They could see her arm moving and knew that Sara was pleasuring herself. "Wonder what she's thinking about?" Kayla whispered in Danny's ear. Danny didn't care what she was thinking about. Sara's arm began to move faster as she continued to play with her tits.

Suddenly she arched her back and her hips rose up out of the water. They could she her fingers fucking in and out of her cunt with wild abandon.

She was biting her lower lip and then all of the sudden she came. This was just about all Danny could take. Standing out in the hall, watching their friend master-bate in the tub while he fingered his wife was going to make him cum.

That's when Kayla whispered in his ear again. "I want you to fuck me. Quick before she gets out of the tub." she said.

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Well he couldn't say no to that. He turned Kayla around and headed towards their bed. He didn't even bother shutting the door. He bent over and pulled her pajama bottoms down and off. Coaxed her up on her knees at the edge of the bed, and took off his own bottoms. "Should we shut the door?" Kayla asked.

"What if she comes out?" "Who cares!" Danny answered. "Let her watch if she wants!" Danny bent down and licked her pussy from behind.

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She was so wet and still tasted of last night's sex. He liked the taste, and would have stayed there longer, but couldn't wait to get his cock inside her. He stood up, got right up behind her and placed the head of his dick up to her pussy lips. He rubbed it around for a moment and then slid the tip of it in.

"You ready?" he asked. "Yes!" Kayla answered. Just then he rammed it home. Kayla gave out a little cry as she felt his hard cock slam into her, and it turned Danny on. He likes it when a woman gets vocal, one who moans and cries out while she's getting fucked.

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He grabbed Kayla by the hips and started fucking her HARD. He wanted her to feel every inch of his cock deep inside her cunt. He wanted to give her a pounding that would leave her panting on the bed. Hard and fast, in and out he rammed his cock. There was no hiding what was going on as the bed started to squeak as it shook from Danny's hard thrusting. And if that didn't give it away, Kayla's loud "OH GOD, OH GOD!" would have. They didn't care anymore if Sara heard.

They just kept going, both of them extremely turned on. Danny placed his index finger on Kayla's ass hole.

He knew better than to try and slide it in, but knew she wouldn't mind if he just teased it a little. That must have been all she needed. She started to shake and buck her hips, as she grabbed at the sheets. Danny knew she was having one hell of an orgasm, and fucked her as hard and fast as he could. She tilted her head back and let out a long moan. That set Danny off. He pulled out of Kayla's cunt, and shot his cum all over her ass. His body shook as the thick sticky liquid pumped from his cock and ran down her butt crack.

Kayla loved the feeling of him blowing on her ass. She liked the fact that she could feel his cum running down her body. Liked the way the warm liquid felt as it ran over her ass-hole.

Then Danny did something really kinky, and really hot at the same time.

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He began to kiss her back. Then he worked his way down to her ass and licked up a small pool of his own juice. Then he stood up and pulled her off the bed and into his arms. Then he kissed her, his tongue eagerly finding its way into her mouth. He hoped she would like the little surprise he had for her.

Kayla did like it. It really turned her on in fact. She could feel and taste Danny's cum on his tongue and thought that it was very kinky, very fucking hot.

Sara came out of the bathroom then, wrapped in a towel. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked a little surprised to be seeing them both with no bottoms on. "What's going on guys?" she asked a little puzzled. Danny and Kayla just looked at each other and giggled.

Then they fell on the bed and continued kissing. "You two are out of control!" Sara said as she went to her room. She dressed and then packed. She had to be home by noon when her ex would drop off the kids. Danny and Kayla both stopped their shenanigans and got cleaned up. They dressed and saw Sara out to her car. They stood around in the driveway and talked a bit before she actually got in and started the car.

"Well," Sara said as she got into the car. "Thanks again for the exciting weekend. I had a blast." "Maybe someday we can do it again." Kayla said. "I got no problem with that." Danny said with a smile.


He leaned in through the open window and gave her really passionate goodbye kiss. As Sara started to drive away, Danny was a bit bummed out. He had been the one to benefit from Sara's visit, and was a little sad that it had to end. 'Oh well,' he thought. 'All good things so they say.' When her car reached the end of the driveway, Sara stopped. She stuck her head out the window. "Hey!" she yelled. "You guys like camping?"