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Pregnant hairy milf fucked cummed on tits continue on mypornox com
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Asuhina was in her. Bedroom on the second floor of her house.

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She had headphones on and was listening to music. She was a week into her summer vacation and still had 2 months to go.


Her parents left on business and wouldn't be back until 3 days before it ended. Other 17 year old girls would throw parties and have sex every 5 minutes but asu wasn't like that. Despite her surprisingly perky d cups, red hair and cute pointy nose, she hadn't conformed to the social norms of the dumb hottie. And while her hymen hadn't been intact since she was 15, she wasn't just some whore. She flipped on her stomach and looked out the window. She looked at the forest, the bright green trees covered in vines.

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She peered next to a large tree in a small clearing and saw a little patch that was darker than the shade around it. A cave! Asu was ecstatic, she was bored silly and a cave was the perfect for relieving her Boredom. She got a flashlight some boots and locked the doors.

The cave was only a few hundred meters from her house so it probably wasn't necessary to bring the muesli bars but she brought them anyway. In the forest the light shone through the trees in small beams. It wasn't hard to find where to go, the large tree acting as a perfect landmark. She got to the clearing at the base of the tree and saw the cave, rather obvious now.


There were vines growing over the mouth and she moved them away. Asu crept through the cave, flashlight beam slicing the darkness like a knife. She saw some green slime on a rock. She dabbed her finger in it. It had the texture of semen and smelled identical, though semen would have broken down in the a mount of time this slime had been there.

Then she heard running footsteps, and to her amazement a girl in her early 20's ran out of the darkness, completely nude She had light skin like asu's but smaller tits. She ignored asu and ran, covered in the green semen. Asuhina wondered what that was about, she looked like the girl who went missing a few months ago, maybe she was hiding in this cave.

Then something grabbed her cut and pulled her legs out from her.

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She hit the ground with a thump, large breasts having the fortunate effect of airbags. She looked behind her to see who was pulling her but but saw no one, then she caught sight of a vine. It was dragging her deeper into the cave and she screamed for help, she kicked at the vine, but unlike a vine it squelched, more like a tentacle.

She kept jabbing at it until another tentacle grabbed her other leg. Then she was pulled into a large cavern, crawling with tentacles that all looked at her. Tentacles grabbed her arms and others pulled at her shirt and pants.

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They were torn off revealing her pink g-string and lace push up bra. The tentacles wrapped around her underwear and yanked it off, now she was completely naked, bound by tentacles, red hair sticky with their slime. A tentacle slithered to her pussy. It tickled it, moistening her legs then penetrated. Asuhina was shocked. She had often masturbated to hentai, she loved seeing the girls dominated by the tentacles, it didn't seem so hot now.

The tentacle searched her insides. It landed on her g spot and latched on. Her legs clenched together, and a tentacle used it as a chance to penetrate her ass hole.

She cried out, she had only ever used the anal vibrator with lots of lube, and while she had put it on the fastest speed it was nothing compared to this, the tentacles, 1 inch thigh, pounded her ass and pussy, asu cried out, it was agony, the tentacles were rough, pounding as hard as they could, asu was able to bend her head in order to look at what was happening, the tentacles were purple gooey things than moved fast.

Her tits bounced as they pounded her insides. Then the two tentacles started getting faster. Her pussy was filled with pleasure and her ass with pain and she cried out in a harmony of pain and pleasure as the tentacles pulled out, lurched, and sprayed green goo all over her face. She had been screaming, so almost all the semen had gone in her mouth. She had been so startled she swallowed. It then occurred to her the girl she had seen running out went missing months ago, so she may be here a while.

And then the second onslaught came. 2 tentacles spun around each other like a double Henrix and hit her pussy. The ribbed feel made her orgasm, squirting everywhere.

She cried out, complete pleasure on her mind and she was the happiest she had been in years. Then another tentacle hit her ass, penetrating deeply.

She cried out again, though this time the tentacle felt good, it rammed in and out, spinning inside her, thrusting in and out as the two tentacles slammed in and out. More tentacles slid in her cleavage wipe others secured her boobs together.

They all slid up and town her tits and sensationalised them so incredibly she never wanted them to stop. Another tentacle slid toward her face, slid open her mouth and went down her throat.

It went incredibly deep. She felt it at the base of her throat. It went up and down, a massive bulge forming on her throat. Tentacles wrapped on her hands and she grabbed them and the tentacles binding her arms moved to her shoulders so she remained in the air but could now jack off the two tentacles. She clenched her ass and pussy for the tentacles and gagged on the one in her throat. Her nipples went hard and the tentacles titty fucking her sped up.

She was in absolute ecstasy.


She felt the tentacles speed up, all at once, she felt the her throat gag, her ass split, her tits almost blistered and her pussy went red. They pounded and pounded and her round breasts bounced and jiggled and she would have screamed were it not for the tentacle in her throat that she would never give up.

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Then she orgasmed and squirted a bucket load and all the tentacles exploded. The semen filled her. The one in her throat filled her throat and mouth, her tit tentacles ejaculated all over her face and covered her round tits. Her vagina was filled before it pulled out and sprayed her toned stomach.

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And her ass hole was completely filled up. The tentacles lay her on a pile of her clothes. She was covered in cum and she looked like she had participated in a 1000 man bukkake. She could see the exit. But instead of running away she lay there.

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She was the happiest girl in the world. Her whole body felt amazing and she was so tired. She rested and quenched her vagina, squirting the semen out of her ass hole and sniffed it.

There was no doubt it was semen. Maybe genetically different but physically identical. She poured it into her mouth, if she was going to stay here then she would need a food source. And there was nowhere in the world she wanted to be in more. So she had 2 months of the best sex ever, before her parents came home, and maybe she would stay longer, who know, this was the best way of living