Sin tu ayuda me divierto

Sin tu ayuda me divierto
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The 2 girls are Jenifer (Jen) she 10-11 and Sarah who's 9-10.

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As with my other stories I use the ******** lines to sepparate the sex scenes. So if you get sick of the boring part of the story, just skip ahead. RUNAWAYS My name is John I'm 35, I've always loved younger girls but I didn't realize how young until 10 yrs ago. When I was 22 I won $100,000,000.00 from a lottery, so I'm set for life. Anyway, 10yrs ago I was coming back from the airport after dropping off a friend, when I saw her hitch hiking.

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She must have been 10yo, and very cute. I stopped and picked her up, she said her name was Jennifer but you can call me Jen and she was 10yo. I said,"Your parents must be really worried about; I think I should take you to the police station." She said "Oh please don't, I couldn't spend another night there.

I'll do anything you ask just don't make me go back there. I'd rather die than be one more night with him" I decided to take her back to my place, I lived way out in the middle of nowhere in a huge house.

She told me about her parents how her dad has been having sex with her since she was 8yo. She described him as fat smelly man who likes to get drunk. Since she was so young at the time, she thought that was a normal thing.

Her mom has known about it for 6 months now and doesn't seem to care. Her back pack was pretty big and full of clothes. She really packed for a long trip. We got back to my place and I showed her to one of the many rooms.

Like I said my house was huge, I had and indoor and outdoor pool, a hot tub, spa, work out area a room just to practice my Akido, the works. She was pretty amazed when I brought her in. After she settled in, I gave her a tour and told her she was welcome to use anything. I brought her to the kitchen and we had some lunch. Over the next few hours we got to know each other, she mentioned she thought I was cute. I told her I thought she was very beautiful. She'd been there about a month then one day I was swimming in the indoor pool when she came down.

I couldn't believe my eyes; she was wearing a very skimpy bikini. The bottom was a thong, and the top barely covered her already small chest. When she saw me looking at her she just smiled. She said "Do you like my suit? Dad used to make me wear it when mom wasn't around." I just nodded my head, I was glad I was in the pool so she couldn't see how hard I was. ********************************************************************************************* We were swimming for about 20 min.

when she asked "no one can see us can they?" I assured her no one could. She got out of the pool removed her suit and jumped back in. Then she said "now it's your turn, and don't cheat by taking your suit off in the pool." I was about to protest when I decided what the hell. I got out removed my suit turned and walked back in. My overly hard cock standing out in front of me. She had a huge smile on her face, and she was staring at my cock the whole time. She swam over to me, stood up, wrapped her arms around my neck then kissed me full on the lips.

I couldn't help myself; I let my tongue move out to meet hers. My hands slid down to grip her tiny hot ass as she rubbed herself against me. I picked her up and brought her out of the pool, to one of lounge chairs. I laid down and she guided my cock to her tiny bald pussy. Once I was inside her she let her wait down, burying me in one motion. She was moaning loudly now, saying how good it felt.

I hadn't had sex in while so I knew I wasn't going to last long. Suddenly she screamed out "OH GOD I'M CUMMING", as her orgasm hit. I told her I was cumming, pulled out of her, and she quickly moved her head right to my cock.

She took in about half and pumped me with her hand till I released down her throat. She managed to swallow every last drop without a problem. She said "That was the most wonderful experience I've ever had.

I've wanted to do that ever since you picked me up. You treat me more like an equal than a kid. I've never had that before, and your so in shape I like your body." Then she moved down taking my cock into her mouth again, I couldn't believe how incredible she was. It didn't take long for me to get hard. She said as she mounted me again "This time I want to feel you cum inside me, I never knew I could feel so good." She started riding me, pumping up and down faster and faster.

She was so excited, I felt her pussy grip my cock as she climaxed. She kept going, rubbing and pinching her little nipples. She was so tight I could feel myself getting ready to explode again. Her moaning got louder and louder as pleasure ran through her body more and more.

She came again only more powerful than the last one. I reached down and grabbed her ass, helping her move up and down. I came like a volcano, spurting deep inside her. When she felt me cumming she screamed out, as an overpowering orgasm took control of her body. Her hips were bucking against me, as I flooded her she was yelling out OH MY GOD, over and over.

********************************************************************************************* When we finally calmed down, we just laid there for about 20 minutes catching our breath.

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We finally got up, and went to our rooms to clean up. Both our legs were a little wobbly as we walked away. I laid in bed for awhile after my shower, thinking about what just happened and the implications. I decided as long as no one ever finds out I'm ok, and I sure loved feeling her nice young body against me. I finally went to the living room, she was there watching TV. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw me.


She said "I never knew what sex was really like until now. My dad would always come in do his duty and leave. I came a few times, but not like what I just had. That was truly amazing." I replied "I never knew how much I liked young girls until you came along, that really was the best sex I'd ever had, I wish I had 5 more girls here just like you.

Then you could really experience some great sex." She thought for a moment, not sure what to say, then replied "I'm yours to do what ever you want with, I'll even help you get other girls my own age if you want. Just promise, you'll always make time for me" I assured I always would, knowing it wouldn't be a problem.

Over the next few months we watched all the porn movies I had, which was quite a few. We tried all kinds of positions; she loved it when I went down in her, that turned her on the most.

Then one night I fucked her ass, and she really ended up loving that. It took several tries, because she was so small, but once she got used to it she couldn't get enough. We were now into 6 months, I really loved her young body. We got so we were walking around naked most of the time. We had sex several times a day, she was amazing. Sometimes she would just get down in front of me, and sucked me till I came in her mouth. She asked me to take her down town one day; she needed to do some shopping.

So we drove down town and I dropped her off with a bunch of money. I told her where I'd be in case she needed me for anything, and then we set a time to meet back at the car. Being her 1st time away from the house, and she had about $500.00 in cash on her I wasn't positive I'd see her again. I got to the car and she was already there, I had left the doors unlocked just in case. I climbed in and asked if she got what she needed, she said "I sure did, and a whole lot more" and just grinned at me.

Not sure what she meant, but figured I find out soon enough I drove off. We were about half way home when I heard a noise from the back. It sounded like giggling.

I looked back and there was young girl, sitting there smiling. Jen said "I'd wondered if you were ever going to notice, her name is Sarah, she's 9yo and is running away from her parents who abuse her. I told her about you and that you might have a place for her to stay, but I didn't promise anything. I waited till we got back to my place, I set her up in one of my special rooms (one that has hidden cams and mic.'s in it) through a series of questions I found out she was never sexually abused, just knocked around by one of her drunken parents.

I knew I wanted her right from the go, but I knew not push anything. I treated her with the same respect, I gave Jen. Since she moved in we were back to wearing clothes around the house, and I got a lot less sex. I would sometimes monitor Sarah in her room while she changed; I watched her young body as she got all naked and would get so hard thinking about doing her. She'd been there about a month, when I was watching her one morning, Jen entered her room and they started talking.

Sarah asked "Does John like you a lot more than he likes me? I see you go to his room a lot, but he's asked me to stay away" Jen replied "It's because I'm more of an adult and really know how to make him happy, I doubt someone your age would understand" Sarah said "Now come on your not that much older than I am, I can be just as much of an adult as you, just show me how." Jen "I think I can teach you, IF you really want to learn.

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You have to do what ever I say without questions, can you do that?" Sarah - "I promise to do what ever you ask" Jen - "Wait here and get undressed then get on the bed, I'll be right back" Jen left, Sarah looked like she wasn't sure, but finally did was she was told. She was just getting on the bed when Jen walked back into the room, she had DVD in her hand and she put it in, (all the rooms had a TV, DVD player and a stereo) then she got undressed, and joined Sarah on the bed.

********************************************************************************************* I couldn't see the TV from where I was but I cold here the sound, it was one of my porn videos. After listening for a few minutes I knew exactly which one. It was a lez porno that started off showing 2 girls kissing each other. Jen said "Now do whatever you see on the screen.

Pretend you're the girl on the left and I'll be the one on the right" I could see Sarah looked a little unsure, but she also look a little excited. They were both kneeling on the bed facing each other. I watched as Sarah moved her head in and kissed Jen on the lips. Jen moved her head back and said "Now open your mouth, and let your tongue move out to meet mine when we kiss.

Just like you see them doing." Jen moved her head back in and locked lips. Sarah looked a little awkward at first but the hang of it real quickly. Soon the were running their hands up and down each others body. They broke from the kiss and Sarah said "WOW. I feel so weird, it's like I'm tingling all over" They kept kissing and would only brake just to see what was going on in the movie. Next they laid down slowly never letting their lips part, Sarah glanced at the screen, then reached over and started stroking Jen's pussy up and down with her finger, while Jen did the same to her.

The girls started moaning right away, Sarah started moving her hips against Jen's touch, and I could see Sarah was getting more and more excited. They both worked their fingers up and down each other's slit while their bodies were reacting on their own. Sarah couldn't keep her eyes off the TV now, and it was clear she liked what was happening.

They were both moaning loudly, and getting louder with each passing second. Their bodies were humping against each others fingers, while they kissed passionately. Soon they had to stop kissing as their orgasm approached. They had their heads thrown back, while their bodies jerked around. Sarah said "OMG it feel so good, what's happening to me" Jen replied "We're cumming, Oh god Sarah we're both cumming" Suddenly their bodies went stiff, jerked then went stiff again.

They did that several times, before calming down. Jen paused the movie so they could talk. Sarah said "That was incredible what just happened" Jen had a huge smile on her face when she replied "That was called and orgasm, it's what sex is really about.

It's also called cum, or cumming. (Jen actually spelled it out for her) When I feel myself hit my peak, I usually yell out I'm going to cum, or that I am cumming. I don't even realize I'm saying it at the time. I just can't control myself, I also want you to know I've never down this with another girl before so this is a first for both of us" Sarah said "I still feel tingly like I need more it that normal?" Jen kinda giggled when she answered "That's very normal and it's called being horny, and feel the same.

I'm very horny right now. These are some other terms I use (she went through a whole slew words and even pointed out things as she went) So go ahead and use any terms you want it actually makes you like your more into it." With that she turned the video back on. Sarah had a puzzled look on her face, what are they doing now.

Jen just said, this. She got down between Sarah's legs, and buried her face. As soon as Sarah felt Jen's tongue she arched her back, and her eyes got wide. Jen had also brought one of her fingers up and it appeared like she was slowly finger fucking Sarah. It was hard to believe that that this was an almost 11yo and a 9yo that I was watching. My cock was so hard it was hurting.

Their young naked bodies look so sexy, as they played with each other. Sarah reached down and was pulling Jen into her, she bucked her hips. Forcing her pussy against Jen's face as her moaning got louder and louder. Sarah was now saying "OMG it feels so good, I'm going to cum Jen.

Oh god don't stop, your making me cum. oh, oh, oH, AWWWWWWWWWWW" Her orgasm hit her hard, a lot harder then last one did. Her whole body started shaking; she had grabbed Jen by the hair and held her tight against her pussy. "oh m, oh m, oh my god that was amazing." Jen picked her head up; you could see her face was as all wet and shiny.

She waited a few minutes, letting Sarah catch her breath. Jen got up and said "Now it's my turn, but stay right where you are." Jen moved up turned around and lowered her pussy down onto Sarah's mouth.

Sarah did the same thing Jen had done, she started finger fucking Jen as she licked away. Sarah went at it like she was a natural; Jen was grinder hips down and moaning, like crazy. Unlike Sarah, her orgasm came quick and hard.

Sarah didn't stop though; it was obvious she like what she was doing. Sarah was using her other hand to play with herself, it looked a little awkward but she was enjoying it. Jen screamed out as she came over and over, each orgasm bigger than the last. After her 3rd or 4th orgasm, she moved down so her head was between Sarah's legs and now they were in a 69 position.

They humped up into each other, I could hear there muffled voices, as their bodies shook and convulsed. Finally Jen rolled off; I could see Sarah had passed out from cumming so hard. I left my viewing room and went right to bed. It was about a half hour before Jen showed up. She climbed into bed, grabbed raging hard-on and guided it right to her pussy, She said "You have no idea how much I need this, I'll tell you later, but right now I want to feel your cum deep inside me.

It didn't take long either, I couldn't believe how wet she was. Suddenly she slammed her self down as huge orgasm took her over; I'd never seen her cum so hard or fast.

In the middle of her orgasm that's when I came. I drove her to new heights. I emptied myself into her as she fell down on my chest, passing out with my deflating cock still inside her. ********************************************************************************************* The rest of week went very similar; the girls were spending more and more time together.

Then Jen would always come to me still horny, and fuck me like crazy. Each day she more excited than the day before. They sometimes met in Jen's room, so I didn't get to see all the encounters. The next wasn't much different, but I made sure to show Sarah the same respect I gave Jen. I treated her like a lady instead of a little girl. I could tell she really appreciated it to. Sarah had been here for almost 2 months, she would masturbate in her room on a regular basis.

Jen and Sarah would take showers together, laughing and giggling like they were sisters. I got so I hard every time she came into the room; I decided to finally make a move one night. I knew about what time she liked to masturbate, so I went to room about a half hour early.

She was sitting on her bed in her night time clothes. I sat down beside her; she just kind of looked at me. I asked her "Do you like it here, are you having any problems?" She replied "OH I love it here; I don't think I've ever been so happy. You treat me so well, like an equal and some dumb kid" I said "You're defiantly not some dumb kid; I think you're a beautiful young woman" ********************************************************************************************* With that I gently touched the side of her head, and leaned in slowly to kiss her.

She met my kiss with enthusiasm, my hands slowly moved up and down her little body. To my surprise her hand went right for my cock, rubbing it through my pants. She stood up, threw off her night clothes, no underwear underneath, and then helped me get undressed. We were naked in no time flat. I couldn't keep my hands off her hot little ass, she felt wonderful. She moved her head down, and took me into her mouth. I couldn't believe how good she was, almost as good as Jen.

She managed to get most of my cock in her mouth while she pumped me at the same time. When I told her I was about to cum, she didn't even pause. I was grabbing the back of her and was face fucking her as I shot my load. She kept her lips sealed not letting anything escape, making sure to swallow every last drop. That was only the beginning; she kept on sucking and licking, till I was hard as a rock again.

It didn't take long, just watching her little mouth move up and down my shaft as damn erotic. The she said "I want to be more like a woman, fuck me now, that's what Jen told me." She laid down on the bed with her legs spread for me; I moved into position and guided my cock to her tight hole.

I let the tip of my cock slowly move inside her, I couldn't believe how tight she really was, it was amazing. I moved in and out several times, she was really wet from excitement. Then I said "I want you to close your eyes and grit your teeth, this is going to hurt at first." She replied "I know, Jen explained everything to me I just want to get it over with so please hurry." I backed out a little then in motion I pushed forward, breaking her barrier as I kept going deeper.

I wanted my cock all the way inside her. Once I was buried I let it sit there for a few minutes, letting her adjust to my size. She had a look of pain on her face, which slowly subsided. She opened her eyes and said "ok I'm ready, fuck me till you cum inside me. I don't care how much it hurts; I want to feel you so bad." I started pumping slowly, but built up a little speed.

I knew I wasn't going to last long, she just felt to damn good. It didn't take long for the look of pain to go away and be replaced by a look of pleasure. Soon she was moaning, and grinding her hips into me. Sarah said "oh, oh, yes, I can feel you, I'm going to cum, omg I'm going to cum. Let me feel you cum inside me, I wanna cum with you." I let loose like a canon, shooting hard.

As soon as she felt me explode, her own orgasm hit. She drove her hips into me screaming out as she did. Telling me over and over how good it felt. ********************************************************************************************* I left her room very spent, and took a nice long shower.

Breaking her cherry had made quite a mess. Before I left, I had told her to do the same, then get a clean blanket for the bed. I told her we'd wait a week before we went at it again.

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I wanted to make sure she felt nothing but pleasure the next time. It more like 2 weeks though, I didn't want to push her. Then one early evening Jen came into my room.

I still loved seeing her hot body, and she had some sexy underwear. She was wearing a pink see-through thong with a matching bra, and right behind her was Sarah in wearing the same thing only it was blue. Granted they didn't have much to cover up, but that made it all the sexier. I was just in my underwear which I quickly shed. ********************************************************************************************* I got in the middle of the bed and they climbed in on either side of me.

They went right for my cock, French kissing each other around my hard member.

It was incredible. They'd break from the kiss; one would take the head between their lips while the other licked up and down my shaft. They did this for several minutes before breaking apart. Sarah was the first, she climbed on, just pushed her undies aside and sank down slowly down. She got me in just a little before moving up then down again.

She kept doing this until I was buried deep inside her; Jen moved her head in and started licking Sarah's pussy. Sarah rode my cock nice and slow, really getting used to the feel. Her eyes were closed and it looked like she was in ecstasy. She had her hands on the back of Jen head, and was holding her there.

Her moaning started out soft, but soon got louder and louder. Soon she was riding me faster and faster, she lost control of herself as her first orgasm hit. She didn't even slow down, Jen moved up and was kissing her while she used her hand to rub Sarah's clit.

Sarah went wild, breaking from the kiss to scream out. "OH FUCK, IT'S BETTER THAN YOU SAID, I can't stop cumming Jen, oh, oh OMG I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN FEEL HIM CUMMING." I was blasting away while she bucked her hips and her body shook.

She came hard, and it probably was biggest orgasm she's had yet. She climbed off of me falling to the side, almost collapsing. While her body jerked around from the aftermath.

Jen was now sucking on my cock, and got me hard again. She climbed on pushing her pink panties aside. Sarah was removing what she had on, and looked like she was enjoying what she was watching. Jen almost came immediately, she was so worked up from watching she overly excited. She rode me for about 10 sec. and came hard. She was on her 5th orgasm when I came again, just as hard as my first one. It was amazing how much their young bodies turned me on. Jen moved over to Sarah, and got into a 69 position with her.

They were licking and sucking my cum out of each others pussy. Soon they were moaning and humping up into each other. I got behind Jen and buried my tongue in her ass.

Her moaning got a lot louder, but she didn't stop. She came first moving her hips back into us, then Jen grabbed Sarah and rolled over so now Sarah was on top. I got behind Sarah and went at her ass, the same way I went at Jen's. I loved the feel of her tight young ass, and as soon as she felt my tongue, her body suddenly jerked.

Her moaning became a whole lot louder and she came.


Her orgasm rocked through her body, and you couldn't even understand what she was saying. I was already hard again, and my cock felt like it was aching it was so hard. Sarah rolled off of Jen and Jen moved over to me and got on her hands and knees. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted it even more.

I let my cock slowly enter her ass, but she would have none of that. As soon as she felt the tip of my cock inside her, she slammed her hips back burying me to the hilt. Then started moving back and forth, soon we got into a rhythm. I pull back as she went forward, and then thrust forward as moved back. She came screaming out "OH YEAH, FUCK MY ASS, OMG FUCK ME.


FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM" Which I did, I buried my cock and held her there while I emptied everything I had. ********************************************************************************************* Sarah was watching us in awe, but was too spent to move. Her last orgasms had really taken a toll on her, but she had a huge smile on her face. I laid down and Jen laid down so I had a girl on each side me and we fell asleep. The next morning when awoke both girls where already gone from the room.

I showered and to the living room, I found both girls sitting around nude. They just looked me, then looked at each other and started giggling. We had some early morning sex that was awesome.

I didn't want to, but I had to go out and take care of some things. I knew the girls still needed and education, so I did some research for home schooling stuff. I found I could order everything I need from my online account at home. ********************************************************************************************* When I got home, Jen was on the couch, with Sarah between her legs inserting the handle of her hair brush into Jen.

I got an instant hard-on watching them, and I was out of my clothes in a flash. I got behind Sarah, and inserted my cock into her overly wet pussy. She had been playing with herself the same time she was doing Jen and was really worked up.

Sarah moved her head down and started licking and sucking Jen, while she kept pumping away with her brush. Jen loved every second of it, her moaning was quite loud as she humped up into Sarah.

I kept rubbing Sarah's hot little ass as I watched my cock disappear inside her. I loved the feeling of how tight she was, both these girls were incredible. Sarah had stopped her licking as her orgasm approached; Jen was cumming at the same time anyway. Feeling Sarah's pussy clamp down, drove me over the edge. All 3 of us came hard, at the same time.

When I pulled out, Jen came over and licked me nice and clean. She kept going till I was hard again, which didn't take long. Then she said "Do my ass like always do, I want to feel you cum in my ass" I turned her around and buried my tongue in her hole, making sure to get her ass nice and wet.

She actually didn't need it, her pussy was so wet she had leaked down and was already soaked. I sat down on the couch, and then she sat down so her back was to me, grabbed my cock and guided it in. Once I was inside her, she slowly let her weight down. She got about half way down, then just let go, burying me in one quick motion. We sat there for a couple of minutes, and then she started fucking me.

My cock looked huge as I watched it move in and out of her tiny ass. Her moaning was getting loud again, she said "Oh yes it feels so good, I love having your cock in my ass. Now Sarah, do it now" Jen stopped her movement for a second, Sarah came over and reinserted the brush handle, then started picking up speed again." I was obvious they had talked about this already, and Jen really like the feeling of having both holes filled. It took about 10-15 sec before she came, but it didn't stop.

It was like she was going through one huge orgasm. Jen was screaming like never before, her body looked like she as going through a seizure. Right in the middle of it is when I came, flooding her tight ass with hot cum. She slammed her ass down on me, feeling my cock swell as it exploded. Her whole body went stiff, and then she passed out. ********************************************************************************************* I don't know how long we sat there in that position for, but I finally got up and carried Jen to her room.

I could still hear her slightly moaning as I put her down. I'd never seen her get that excited. I decided to go online, and check out something. I Thought I'd get a few dildos for the girls, from what I just saw I knew they'd love one. I looked for quite awhile, not sure which one to get.

Then I found the perfect thing, it was the size of a large suitcase. It had a huge variety inside of it; I knew it would be perfect. It was pretty expensive, but they gave you a deal if you ordered them in bulk.

I ordered a total of 10, I could afford it, and 2 of them were free because I ordered so many. It was kind of funny; the sex toys arrived the same day as their school stuff I had ordered. I put 8 of the cases in storage, and brought the other 2 home. I first gave them the school stuff and hid the cases. I held on to the cases for about 2 weeks, I even put their initials in each case. They were overly excited when I finally gave one to each. I told them to put the cases in their rooms somewhere.

Jen had turned 11 somewhere along the way, and Sarah had turned 10. They never told me when their birthdays were, but since I them anything they asked for, I guess it didn't matter.

I let them order things off line, and I would just pick them up at a special drop off point I had set up for myself years ago. It's where I get all my packages delivered, I liked my privacy especially now. John gets a new girl at least once a year, some a little older some a little younger.

Some of them don't stay for good, he leaves it up to them. Should I continue ? Let me know