Spanking teen boys free videos and college first time self gay sex

Spanking teen boys free videos and college first time self gay sex
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Grudge fuck files ------- Huck Fimm "Huck, get your ugly ass out of bed. I want you to fulfill your chores before you're doing groceries and I've got some more for you to do when you come back." I pulled myself up from out of the dark pit I found myself in.

I showered and dressed into work clothes to work the garden meticulously up to the ridiculously high standards my mother wanted the garden to be in. Mom didn't enter our garden into competitions and I'm sure lots of people that did compete were happy we did not. Paradise could not be more beautiful.

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I think Mom insisted on me doing the garden early in the mornings to keep it a secret she had her own son working his butt off. The whole world was convinced the garden was all her doing. Whenever she got an opportunity and the weather was dry she would enter the garden and doodle in it all day, every day.

I never, ever caught her really doing something like weeding or topping or removing dead branches but people would see her there nonetheless. I did catch her once squeezing a ladybug to pulp between her fingers but after telling her that ladybugs ate aphids I didn't catch her doing it again. I really am in the dark why I obey my mother in everything she wants from me. Stronger, it rarely crosses my mind that she controls all of my life.

Perhaps it is because it has always been that way. Perhaps it is because I never talk about her controlling behavior with anyone. Even when someone is complimenting me with our garden and the effort my mum puts into it I agree with them.

Or perhaps it is I just like the work in the garden and I like to cook our meals. Perhaps it is I like to get our groceries and do the laundry. Perhaps I like all that work because when I do those things perfectly; I also get absolute freedom from my mother of how to do them. I must do something good because it has been three years since I was critiqued on how to do my chores.

I like my steaks rare. I like clean sheets on my bed every week. I like my bed made up every day and I like doing all that by myself. I like to take Mom's Jaguar for a spin when doing groceries. I don't like to study and I'm grateful to pass every year without actually doing the studying. I also liked that whenever I went for groceries I would meet Bridget in the mall.

Bridget, the girl next door I have always have had a crush on. If only she wasn't two years older than I am. I'm grateful this is my final year in school with the year ending in two weeks time.

I'm looking forward to starting working on our garden and house full-time. Yes, seriously. I'm proud of my achievements in landscaping our garden. Mom is unaware I found ways to scrape of money out of the weekly budget we have for groceries and to scrape off of the other budgets. The annual house maintenance budget perhaps being the one I scraped of most.

Balancing books like a professional bookkeeper is not one of my skills but I soon learned in my life that my mother was totally ignorant of money's worth and I exploited her blindness. When I was fourteen I learned all the wood on the house was painted for twenty thousand dollars every year and the next summer I started painting the house myself. The books only showed an entry "Paint House", and I kept that up, stashing 20K a year as a starter in the process. I really wouldn't know where Mom gets her money from.

I really wouldn't know whether she is rich or not. I do know we are quite comfortable. Not more than four years ago she looked like an old hag with sagged breasts but within half a year she looked like an angel with the figure of a model so I guess she had some plastic surgery. She went away a few times in those days but it is beyond me how she financed it. Painting the house really was challenging that first year.

I slept well and my musculature developed nicely. Together with my growing physique, I got complimented on my adult looks and behavior after that summer. Mom is unaware of a lot of things. Like she is unaware of how I do the chores she wants me to do. Like she is unaware or not interested in my schooling and only the past year I started wondering why that may be and to this moment I was still wondering for I am oblivious to why my Mom never asked me how I was doing at school or why she never went to parent-teacher events.

She just signed of everything I put in front of her. It must have been years ago in the time we used to have strenuous discussions whenever I needed her to sign school papers or a rapport. Boy, did I dislike those discussions like I was averse to any kind of confrontation? I will bend myself over backwards to avoid confrontations so the first time I spoke up to my Mom when I needed her signature again and said to her in a frustrated voice, afraid of having to explain myself heavily; "I need you to sign this," she just reached in her purse for a pen and signed without commenting.

This way of asking for signatures in a demanding voice became a habit. I must be a very laydown person.

It took me four years for my Mom to stress me again. It was a few months after my 18th birthday on a Saturday. I was outside the walled garden working in the forested part which was designed with a Japanese Garden as an example and where every twig had to be in the right place.

I was working on a tree sawing through a big branch that didn't belong anymore when I suddenly noticed her standing right next to me in the direction of the saw.

I still do not know how I prevented to hurt her on the saw but I remember I fell away from the branch I was leaning against to give me leverage and I hurt myself toppling over. Frustrated I blurted out to her: "Mom, you fool. Go get me some water!" It didn't occur to me she obeyed. When the shock of the moment faded and the pain became noticeable I only grabbed for the water bottle standing next to me. It was that night that I was looking at porn in my bedroom jacking myself off to the vision of a lovely bare-chested lady performing head to a guy.

At the very moment he grabbed her head and facefucked her, I came. This was the first time I saw porn this way. A guy just using a girl to his liking. Not masturbating with his hand but with her head. That same night I had a wet dream reliving the porn from the evening before. My first thoughts were to chastise myself for having to wash the sheets on a Sunday.

Doing laundry on a Sunday was new but could not be helped. All spare sheets were in the wash. I was too busy lately with other chores eating away my time. It's just that when I came down from my bliss and searched for the wet spots in my sheets, I could not find any and went back to sleep. Another thought hit me squarely and I needed to sit down.

This had never happened before. Always when I jacked off I envisioned Bridget from next door. Bridget, a beautiful girl with blond hair, lovely C-cups on the bigger end of the C and with the face of an angel. Only the way she always said hi to me could produce me a boner and I suspected her to abuse my physical reaction. No, I was sure she always had fun arousing me because I often saw her looking at my crotch before and after she said hi. If only she was my age and not two years older than me; I would have asked her out for sure.

The fact I never saw her go out except during the day with her friends didn't help. I just didn't dare to ask her myself. I didn't dare to ask other girls as well for that matter. No, this night, during my height, I didn't think of Bridget. I didn't think of the girl in the movie neither. I thought of my mother. With automated moves, I got the sheets of the bed nonetheless.

I didn't trust them not to be stained. And where in the seven hells did my mother come from this night? How dare she invade my dreams!

I never even pictured her during my daydreaming. I never pictured her during my handiwork but tonight was different and somehow I remembered vividly; My mother was on her knees before me looking wantonly to my dick, her big eyes screaming SEMEN to it. In my dream, I grabbed her hair in both my hands and rammed my cock in her throat unloading the same moment I imagined to feel her tongue on my tip mumbling it wasn't supposed to be like this and I agree with the image of my mother rejecting incest.

The thoughts of my mother sucking me on the rhythm of my masturbating moves holding her head tightly in my hands resulted into another boner. Apathetically I rubbed my pants over my dick imagining to squeeze my mother's tits with one hand. "NO," and the daydream broke. I knew I would not succumb to incest, I knew I couldn't. After doing three loads in the washing machine and performing my weekly Sunday chores I decided to drive to town into the mall where I knew the 7-eleven to be open all day on a Sunday and to get ahead on chores this week.

I usually do groceries on Tuesday to get all vegetables as fresh as can be but I didn't care for fresh today. I needed to get my Mom out of my head but she didn't want to be evicted. Every time I realized I hadn't thought of her tits for a while, she was back in my head.

Every time she was back in my head I didn't say to her to put a signature on a paper or to sign a check for whatever. No. I told her to go to her bedroom and come back into the living room without wearing a bra. If ever I would have the guts to tell her anything like that. In a trance I drove to the mall, more than once wondering how much her tits would fill my hands. Would they spill or would I wish for more? First time ever I drove the Jag sporting a boner and when I needed to adjust him in my pants anxiously, I thought our tainted windows a bonus.

The straightening of my dick was only making him harder. Etching my mother into my subconscious more and more. Mentally I probed her cunt for her wetness while I was parking the car.

Getting out of the Jaguar and mentally tasting her fluids I was brutally yanked out of my thoughts with the words:" Hey, you cheat. You're having a boner without me saying hi." It took me a few moments to gather my wits and to realize a real Bridget was talking to me and this was not a mental projection I could command to kingdom come.

My intention, awareness and my mouth met somewhere halfway and I answered her not exactly timid like I used to talk to Bridget," Follow me, Bridget.

I need to talk to you." I already made strides towards the nearest diner when the thought hit me that she was following me in short deliberate steps on her high heels trying to keep up instead of being the tease she usually was. I didn't look back and kept my pace, Bridget click-clacking behind me. Remembering to be a gentleman I held the door open for her with a serious, angry mask on my face trying in vain to excommunicate my mother from my mind.

Bridget past me in a confused manner. Part of her confusion was her searching in my face for the usual devotion I had for her, another part of her confusion was her seeing my arousal and mistakenly thinking it was because of her. Out of her comfort zone or perhaps in her comfort zone for the first time with me, she caressed my dick over my trousers passing me in the door, trotting to the table she usually sat at with her friends.

"No", I said to her, "you go sit on the red couch in the corner". To my surprise, she walked towards the red plush couch around a pentagon table in a blind corner of the diner and squeezed herself behind the far side giving me an unobstructed view into her cleavage for a moment. Flabbergasted about my behavior towards Bridget I walked to the counter and after making eye contact with a waitress I said, "The usual drink and food for the lady and I will have a cola together with a House Stake Special.

Make it rare." After placing my order I turned around and made eye contact with Bridget walking towards her. It registered with me she cast her eyes down, destructing her self-confidence. In my mind, I saw my mother casting her eyes down to me and my boner revived in my pants. Bridget's eyes were not cast that far down. I saw her registering my predicament and her self-confidence bounced back. Keeping my lack of confidence hidden away I said with a teasing voice: "Why did you caress my dick without asking me first, bitch?", and I knew she would never haunt me again.

I had tailored myself another ghost to haunt me in my thoughts and I knew I didn't look up to Bridget anymore. I didn't care for one bit how she might react to my antics.

"I, eh, I'm sorry H-Huck. That is, i-if y-you still are H-Huck, Huck?" "Don't try to deviate yourself from a proper answer bitch. Answer the question!" "B-But Huck. It was just a caress. What's your problem? I will not do it again." "Oh Bridget, you little lost cunt. You are going to do it again, but you will wait until I tell you to caress me." "I don't know you. Who are you? What did you do to Huck?" "This is the Huck who tells you what, when and how Bridget and now we are going to eat", I said as the food I ordered was being brought to our table.

"You are scaring me, Huck. How did you know what I like to eat?" Bridget said recognizing her favorite macaroni and cheese on her plate and picking up her fork with her right hand to start eating it. "I did not need to know what you like, Bridget, but as you only need one hand to eat you can pet me with the other", picking up her left hand on the table and placing it in my crotch," No need to make a scene, Bridget.

It's only a caress." For a few minutes, I left her thoughts to herself and she agreed keeping things silent as well. She didn't dare to remove her hand from my crotch though and I broke the silence saying,"Give it an occasional squeeze. I like that", and she did squeeze. Occasionally. Bridget continued her pleasurable moves on my dick and kept it up in my pants doing so.

My self-confidence got a boost. Massively. I made sure the self-confidence showed on my face and Bridget saw it. I heard her panting getting more troublesome. I didn't need to check her cunt to be wet. I knew she was. I had watched enough porn to recognize her breathing as panting. Bridget was aroused. "You are wet, aren't you, Bridget?" "Y-yes, Huck. I am w-wet. W-why a-are you doing this to me, Huck?" "Because I can, Bridget. Don't stop caressing me.

If you are unable to tell me why you caressed my dick when you passed me in the doorway then tell me now what you want from me." "H-Huck, please. Please don't ask me that." I lay down my fork and knife and grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her head with my hand, forcing her to look into my eyes. "I already asked you the question Bridget, so tell me.

What do you want from me." "I-I w-want what you do to me now, Huck. I want guidance. I need you to give it to me, guidance. Are you happy now, you bastard? You are not supposed to know this. Not yet. Mom will ground me for life." It's a good thing I read and watched so much porn.

Whatever it taught me I don't know but I just knew she would obey me in everything. I just couldn't place her mother's role in this drama.

Why would she be grounded for having an adult relationship with someone? Why on earth would she be afraid of her mother? Bridget was 20 for god's sake.

What leverage could her mother have? "Thank you, Bridget. You are a good girl. I will give you the guidance you need. Just be prepared I have little spare time.

Are you a virgin, Bridget?" "Yes Huck, but." "Bridget, cunt. Focus. Give me straight answers. I want you to give me straight answers to my questions. Leave out your butt. You know the difference. Are you a virgin?" "Yes, Huck. I'm a virgin." "Unbelievable. Such a vision of a girl. Still a virgin. Bridget, you teased me in a sexual way for more than 6 years if I remember correctly. All those years you must have realized your teasing would come back at you. I will cherish your cherry but you now know it is mine.

Was your cherry supposed to be mine always, Bridget? " "Yes, Huck. My cherry is yours. I saved it for you.

What I don't get is that you are already what I need you to be. I know I have been preparing myself to come this far.

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I have been teasing you all those years to keep your focus point in my direction. What happened to Huck? I don't understand. This is not how my mother taught me you would be. You are so much further. Oh, damn. I should not tell you all this. I am so confused. Huck, please, can I come? I so need to come." "First eat your lunch, Bridget. Leave as much on our plate as you always do. Instead of thinking of your own release, think of the person you teased for 6 years first.

How are you going to help that person?" "You know how Huck. Don't make it so hard on me." "Yes, Bridget. I know how. It is already hard. But you are going to beg me to learn how you can help me to help yourself and if you beg for it well enough I will consider waiting with our first fuck." Bridget got tears in her eyes now.

It registered with me her mother guided her in her behavior towards me. I just didn't know yet what to do with that information. Bridget, on the other hand, started to beg me to have her suck my cock. "Huck, please. I need to suck your cock.

I would love to suck your cock, please, Huck. Tell me to take it in my mouth." Internally I was going mad. I almost ordered her to suck me right here, right now under the table but with my last clear thoughts, I suspected that would be too much, too soon. I got up and told Bridget to follow me to my car.

I left enough money on the table to cover our meals and drinks and walked away. Again I opened the diner's door for Bridget and she click-clacked ahead of me to the Jaguar. I took the opportunity to watch Bridget walk past me and to admire the movement of her swaying buns.

She saw me appreciating her and added more sway in her step. At the car, I opened her door on the passenger side and waited for her to be seated before closing the door. I sat behind the wheel and said to Bridget," I remember a girl begging me please in the diner just yet but would you be so kind to repeat the plea, Bridget, I think it didn't fully register with me yet." "Huck", Bridget answered me with an impatient voice,"Please let me suck your dick so I am allowed to come myself, please?" "Bridget, open my trousers and get on with it.

You may come after me when you swallow on my dick and when I come you are not to spill any of it. I'm sure you can do it." Bidget loosened the button on my trousers and pulled the zipper down. She fished in my trunks and got my dick into freedom. Not for long, because she bent over and took him all the way. She deepthroated my dick with contended noises. She hummed on it as well. This feeling was so much better than I thought it would be and considered myself lucky to have had two heights not too long ago.

I wanted this to last and thought what thoughts would help me to prolong the feeling. Again my Mom popped into my head which did not help me prolonging my release. My thoughts related to squeezing my Moms tits and ordering her to her knees in front of me. It didn't help that Bridget's mouth was engulfing my purple angry dick sucking it her life's worth. "So your mother taught you to suck dick," I guessed loudly, "Uhughmmmmnnngh," Bridget answered.

"Oww damn. I'hmmm not suwwosed to tell you that," she hummed on my dick, "pwease, Huck, don't tell my Mom I told you this." "Dear Bridget, you better release your grip on my dick and start telling me what is going on with you and your mother's interfering in my sex life." Bridget continued humming on my dick so I unceremoniously yanked her back on her hair, the suction so strong her mouth made a loud pop with the release.

"Bridget, you'd better learn that a friendly request from me equals a harsh command. I don't like it one bit to be unfriendly, do you get it?" "Yes, Huck." "Now, tell me.

What is this masterplan you and your mother concocted? The plan I seem to play a leading role in?" Before Bridget could answer the question her telephone rang and she saw Huck nodding to pick it up.

"Bridget here, oh hi mom. What is it?" "I made too much lasagne, can you please ask one of your friends to help us munch through it all?" "Would you mind to feed Huck?" "You can bring Huck, no problem Bridget. See you later." "See you later Mom." "You heard it?" "Yeah, let's get some lasagne." Bridget stepped out of the car saying; "You only drink apple juice, don't you Huck?" "Yes, I hope it's not inconvenient." "No problem, Huck.

You go say hi to my mother, I'll go get your drink. I won't be long." I drove home but instead of parking before our garage, I parked the car on the Dane's driveway and I walked around to enter from the back door. Upon entering I heard moaning, "Unghn, Huck, yesss, yess, unghnmmm." Adjusting my eyes to the dark I saw Bridget's Mom laying on the couch, one hand moving frantically under her dress and the other holding her large right tit near her mouth, suckling on the nipple.

She hadn't noticed me entering the house and moaned some more. "Unghnmm, give it to me, Huck, unghn, yesss, do it, please. Please, Huck. Can I have it? Ungnhmmm.

Yesssssss. I'm such a bad girl, aren't I?" Inexperienced as I was I didn't dare to act on her submissive behavior. More silent than I entered the house I went back outside and walked to the front of the house thinking what I should do with what I witnessed.

Bridget's mother seemed as obedient as Bridget herself turned out to be. She looked like an older sister of Bridget now instead of the older women I always envisioned her to be. I noticed an alarming tight feeling in my trousers and set things straight before it could get hurt.

I rang the bell and I heard a noticeable thud coming from inside the house followed by some feminine cursing. A mildly confused Ms. Dane opened the door, blushing profusely.

"Oh, eh, hi, eh, Huck, I was thinking about you just a minute ago. I was so surprised Bridget chose you to come to eat lasagne with us. Come in." Entering the house I remembered from the stories I read on the Internet that submissive persons cannot tell wrong to their Mr. Right so I opted not to make things easy for her ordering," Right after ringing the bell I heard a loud bang, tell me what happened Ms. Dane." "I, ehhh, when you ringed my bell.ehhh, ringed the bell. I, ehhh. kind a fell from the couch." Because Ms.

Dane moved her hands together with her explanation I could see her dress was not buttoned up correctly. I stepped back into her personal space and comforted her with my hands on her shoulders, saying," Oh, I'm so sorry Ms. Dane. It wasn't my intention to startle you. I hope you're not hurt." "No Huck, I'm fine, really. I'm alright." "No, you're not, Ms.

Dane. You didn't button up your dress correctly.

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Let me help you," and I started to unbutton the top four until I reached the one that skipped a hole just underneath her breasts making sure to touch them beautiful tits in the process.

"I. ehhhh, Huck? I.ehhh, please, I can do that myself, ohh.unghmm, please Huck." "It's ok, Ms Dane. I'm done in a second. There you go. Nice dress, by the way. They.ehhh. You look nice in it. I like it. You make me think of Bridget so much." "Oh, ehh. th.thank you, H-Huck." "And such a nice perfume.

I haven't smelled this on you yet. What is it, Ms. Dane?" "I'm not wearing any, Huck. Oh, ehhhhh. You really like it?" She asked me coquettishly to save her face.

"What's not to like, Ms. Dane?" I saw her nipples poking through her dress and continued with," there must be a draft here. Come, Ms. Dane, let's go inside", and I steered Ms. Dane into the living room guiding her with my hand on her lower back after she had closed the front door. I still didn't think I was far enough to direct Ms.

Dane in everything but I did have a question for her to seal the deal. The fact I was standing almost against her helped a lot and I looked her square in the eyes, saying," now, Ms. Dane, I have a question for you and I want an honest answer." "Yes, Huck, I'll always be honest with you, you know that," Ms. Dane answered timidly.

"Ms. Dane, why am I the subject in your dreams?" "Oh my God, Huck. You can't ask me that." "Yes I can, Ms. Dane. I already have. Answer the question." "That's an awfully long story, Huck, and your mother would not like it when she finds out I told you about it." "That is some lame excuse, Ms. Dane. You are avoiding my question. I think I should punish you," and started to unbutton her dress top down. Waiting until I got to the fifth button, already under her breasts, she said," no Huck, please.

Don't." I continued until I reached her belly button and said, "Do you really want me to stop unbutton your dress, Ms. Dane?" "No, please Huck. I mean yes, Huck, please, stop, ooooh, unghnmm, don't, stop, unghnmm." I could smell Ms. Dane got aroused again and I said," Such a lovely smell indeed, Ms. Dane," and made my right hand disappear in the gap of her opened dress to cup her left breast feeling her heart beat going fast like that of a bird.

My left hand caressed her left thigh and slit under her dress, smoothly parting her lips. I licked my fingers clean after my antics, "tastes good as well, Ms. Dane." "Ungnhmmm Huck, please, please?" "Please what, Ms.

Dane?" "Please stop, Huck. Your mother will be so upset with you." "I will deal with my mother. She will not be your problem. I guarantee." "Don't underestimate your mother, Huck. She is quite the character." "Ok, what is the leverage my mother has on you? There must be something why you bow for her? What is it, Ms. Dane?" Before she could answer me Bridget entered the house, I didn't bother to remove my hand from her mother's tit and squeezed it a little. Succeeding in making a point.

Bridget said, "Oh goody, let me lose my bra as well. Good idea." I lifted her mother's dress and said," There's more to lose, Bridget," and after being topless Bridget rolled down her tanga from under her skirt. Ms. Dane became upset and said," Huck! You are not supposed to be able to do that. Your mother said you'd be obedient. You are being the opposite.

You are already more dominant than your mother ever was. Just don't think I'm complaining. I like you this way. Do I have permission to go topless as well, Huck?" "Well. What does my mother know? But serious, Ms. Dane, what is the leverage my mother has on you? There is something, isn't it? Something to do with me, perhaps?" "Yes, Huck. It has got to do with you. In fact, whatever the reward your mother promised us, you are giving that now tenfold on your own account. We have your attention.

In the event, you give us your guidance we get so much more than we bargained for. We did what we did for a few drops of your cum every week. It really tastes like heaven." Saying this Ms. Dane and Bridget both started to caress my chest and abs. "And when was the last time you had 'a few drops'?" "Last night, it was Bridget's turn to collect and she shared it with me when she came home.

Oh, your cum. It is such a delicatessen." "Ok girls, time for more explaining. Stop caressing me, it works too well. I will not be able to concentrate on what you're about to tell me. How exactly do you collect your weekly fix?" "Deep in the night, around two o'clock one of us leaves this house and enter yours through the back door. We witness your mother giving you head and when you come she kisses the one who is collecting. She shares your cum with one of us and then it is homeward bound to share with the other." "I thought that was a dream I had this morning.

I solemnly swore to myself not to engage myself in incest." Bridget was very fast with her assumption," Mom, that must have been how Huck broke the spell Vivian had over Huck. Her hold over Huck is gone.

That must be it. The real Huck was repressed all these years. The real Huck is a true master, aren't you Huck?" "Define 'true master', will you Bridget?

I would like to know what a true master is from your perspective." "There is no definition of a 'true master', Huck. But when I look at you, such a gentle person in your speech and in your behavior, yet without anybody telling, or asking you, you just have your way with me and my mother. And while you have your way with us you give us orgasms. Just look at my mother, she is in utter bliss. I believe nobody else could have done with my Mom what you do." To emphasize Bridget's words I squeezed Ms.

Dane's left nipple again and with my other hand I again felt up her slit. Bridget spoke the truth. Ms. Dane came. She was leaning more into my hand, pushing her breast into the other. Cumm was pouring out of her cunt and she said while going down to her knees," Ooooh, I can't stand on my own legs anymore, unghnmmm." Her breast escaped from my hold and I caressed her head while it past my hand. Ms. Dane conquered a firm grip on my thighs with both her hands straining her neck looking up into my eyes.

I recognized the question in those big eyes but nodded no with my head. I thought there was too much to find out at this moment and asked with astonishment in my voice," So last night around two o'clock Bridget went to my house, witnessed my mother giving me head and after I came she shared my cum with her after which you went home and shared the cum further with your mother.

Other than you think my cum to be a delicatessen, does it do anything else for you? What if you don't collect after a week?" "No, Huck. That's impossible. We are so in need after a week. It is almost unbearable. We are yearning for it after 5 days.

The seventh day we are so week we sometimes have to stay in bed. But that yearning is nothing compared to the bliss that lasts for four days. Look at us. Don't you think we are shining now? Don't you see the difference with the day before yesterday? I remember you said I looked so pale. You even asked what ailment caught me.

And. it hits me now. You also said I looked like the vicar's wife on Sundays. Whenever we go to mass on Sundays she has that pale look as well while she just seems to float on air through town on Mondays to Fridays." During Bridget's argument, Ms. Dane kissed my crotch thrice and strained her neck further the rest of the time. Seeking permission and guidance. I looked down into her eyes not missing her bare breast under them with a hot nipple staring back at me.

"No, Ms. Dane, you can't go topless like Bridget is. Your one tit peeking out at me is enticing, invigorating and alluring at the same time. Keep it this way, Ms.

Dane." My words made Ms. Dane moan some more and she pressed her cheek into my crotch, holding tight. "Ms. Dane, you'd better get my dick out of my pants before you hurt it but beware of letting it catch a cold. Bridget, go help your mother warming me up." In a loving fashion yet with astonishing speed my dick was parked in Ms.

Dane's mouth with Bridget alternatingly licking my ballsack or sucking my balls and within moments I felt an eruption coming. Just before the point of no return, I said," Stop my angels. We cannot continue. If it is my spunk you are addicted to, what would happen with you if you were to receive a big load the same day you already have had your fix? We need to find out first when and how much you can have or must receive. Hopefully, we can fuck and I can unload in your cunts without influencing your addiction to my cum.

Apparently, we have been kept in the dark and only my mother knows the inside-outs of this predicament of your weekly fix and my nightly sessions. Somehow we have to get that info from her. Most importantly how did my mother emptied my balls for perhaps four years every night without me noticing? What kind of witchcraft is that?

And what made me fight her today?" The Dane dames now took turns to give my dick an occasional lick. Both Dane dames did their utter best. A moment later two Dane mouths were playing parking for my dick and ballsack. Four arms caressing abs. Four awesome tits rubbing my thighs and. my mother in my head. Such wonderful tits to squeeze, such delightful wetness between her legs. within seconds I was to erupt again and I had to call of the pampering. Two Dane ladies looking unsatisfied into my eyes.

Four accusing nipples acknowledging their point. I felt for Bridget and her mother. Bending over I softly touched their clitorises and said," Come girls. Dinner awaits," and both ladies wrecked into bliss for a few minutes. When they opened their eyes I could see the exhaustion and went to the kitchen to check the lasagne's progress to find it non-existent until I opened the fridge.

All it needed was a small hour in the oven. Lazily I set the right temperature and put the dish in the oven. After entering the living room again I saw the Dane girls still out of it and laid them both in comfortable furniture. Ms. Dane on the couch and Bridget with folded legs on the two-seater. I gave them both a kiss and could not help myself kissing Bridget's nipples as well.

They were begging for it. I swear! My loving touches got her to moan happily and I felt something waking again in my groin so I thought it better to stop touching the Danes and covered them each with a blanket.

I thought the situation very awkward. Here I was. A man in his prime, I mean, can a man get any hornier than at the age of eighteen? Yes, at thirteen, but at that age, he is not a man yet. No, I considered myself a man now with two of the most beautiful ladies available to me. All three of us able and willing and yet, I did not dare to release myself in any of their holes afraid they would grow more addicted to my cum than they already were.

I considered myself to be a man so I decided to confront my mother with her behavior for the past four years. I needed to know her motives and I needed to know whom she corrupted with her sharing. I really didn't think her neighbors to be the only ones. When I entered the gate of our garden I immediately saw my mother standing there with her back to me in the middle of a flowerbed. She had not heard me and I silently walked closer to her, slowly and sneakily. I heard her mumble but I was not close enough to hear what she was mumbling.

Together with the passing of cars on the road at the far end of the garden, she stopped mumbling, listening to the cars and I guessed she was listening for the distinctive sound of the Jaguar and started mumbling again after being comforted with the knowledge the passing car did not enter our driveway.

Luckily for me, I was on a rocky patch in the Japanese part of our garden and I knew how to get close to my Mom without her noticing me. At the time I was in a secluded spot I could hear my Mom far better. ". his seed … more times. Unghnmmm." What the hell is she doing, I thought?

She sounds aroused and I moved some branches to have a better view. Oh, my God. My mother had her dress all bunched up around her waist and she was frantically fingering herself. I had a boner instantly but I tried to ignore that. I really should have relieved myself with one of the Danes.


"Just two more weeks and I can have him permanently for the garden. Oh god, please give me that week. He is my last chance for a personal slave, unghmmm.

Unghmmm, the idea alone. It is going to make me come. My dear submissive Hucky, unghmmmm, ooooh. The plants are almost ready for him. One more week and nobody will miss him. Please let my Hucky sleep deep these last nights. After next week it won't matter anymore.

Only one week and then the Danes can have him for the sex they so much like, pretending him to be dominant, but not yet, nooooooooo, unghnmmmmmmm. Unghmmm, ooooh, my addiction to Huck gets too strong.

What am I going to do? I can't tie him up. He would be missed at school. I so want to ride him whenever I want, but I can't. Oooh, Vivian, keep your cool just two more weeks. Oooooh my Hucky, unghnmmm, I wish I knew how nice your dick would fit in my cunt, unghnmmmmmm, but we can't. Not yet. All would be for nothing. My lovely obedient Hucky. I'm coming, Hucky, unghmmmmm, oooooh, unghmmmmm, unghmmmmm, aaaahhhhhhh." I thought I went crazy now. Does she want to ride me?

Does she want to tie me up? Does she need me for another week only? And then what? What the fuck did she mean with 'The plants are almost ready?' She is coming with me in the foreground of her thoughts, fucking her. I didn't think of her as my mother anymore. Her lack of love for me hurt me too much. I saw her glide to the ground in her bliss. I went closer and she was totally out of it. Her little hand fisted in her cunt. So that's how she imagined having my dick in her cunt.

I went to the barn to get my tie-wraps and some lengthy ropes and went back to that thing in the garden that I considered to be my mother until a few mere minutes ago. But no more. I now saw a thing with two arms and legs with two tits and a cunt.

Nice as it might be, I didn't give a shit for an ass, but I welcomed the sight of that face to fuck. Although, it might be fun to spank her on those big suntanned buns.

I knew a twig or two in the barn that would help me spank her. I rolled the thing onto her stomach and forced the arms to her back. With one hand I held the wrists together and tie-wrapped them. Afraid she would scream when she would regain consciousness I tore away her panties from her knees and stuffed them in her mouth. I lifted the thing on my shoulder in the fireman's grip.

Not by coincidence, her right tit was lodged between my left shoulder and my head. I squeezed the large conical breast on several places and thought it to be a very nice breast. I could not relate the tit to any negative thoughts people might have about boob jobs. I didn't think anything wrong with it. I didn't consider the thing on my shoulders as my mother anymore. It was a plaything now with holes to fill and parts to squeeze and to paint blue with kitchenware like large spoons or whatever I could find in the house with flat surfaces.

Her pain would become my joy. I dumped her on her kingsize bed and spread her legs wide tying them with one rope through underneath the bed.

I released the tie wraps and fastened new ones. I didn't think she would be able to break one tie-wrap but fastened her arms with three nonetheless.

She was now spread-eagled on the bed. I checked the time and saw that the lasagne was due in ten minutes. I decided to make a phone call to the Danes and ordered them to come to my house when the lasagne was done. I collected a pair of scissors from the kitchen and went back to my mother's bedroom where she was tied on the bed. My bedroom now I thought.

I'm going to show her who the master is. I cut away her clothes unceremoniously. The thing on the bed moaning in bliss and I wondered for how long. In a curious fashion, I rolled one nipple hard between my thumb and index finger. I knew another thing to sting and flicked my index finger against the hardened bud. The flick drew another moan from the thing on the bed but on a significantly different pitch than before.

I wanted it to be aware before the Danes would arrive so I started slapping her tits. It didn't give me the desired result so I started to slap her face. That helped. She continued with the narrative I heard her uttering in the garden.

"Unghmm, yes, that's nice, unghnmm, a little pain, unghmm, oooh, aaah, yesss, more. I like that Hucky, hit me more, yesss." I certainly didn't like her to like what I was doing so I gave her a bitchslap as hard as I could after getting the panty out of her mouth.

"Auch! Wha?.What? That hurt!. What? Why am I tied up? Make me loose! Huck? Is that you? Huck, loosen me! NOW! HUCK! MAKE ME LOOSE!!" "Talking more loudly isn't going to help you cunt. Nothing is going to help you. I heard and saw you in the garden talking me down and fisting yourself imagining I was fucking you." To make her aware of my hold over her I caressed her cunt lips which were still a little moist from coming not 10 minutes ago.

"How do you like that, cunt?" "Don't you bastard! I'm your mother! MAKE ME LOOSE, YOU STUPID IDIOT!" She screamed at me. With a wooden spoon, I reapplied the panties in her mouth and the new bite marks on the spoon showed me to be careful what to put in her mouth.

"Have you already had dinner yet, cunt?" I asked her. "You haven't made any, you moron. Now loosen me!" She added with a muffled voice and a less commanding one. "If you are a good girl I'll save you some lasagne, cunt." "Don't you call me a cunt, Huck. There is no lasagne. You haven't made any dish for me. I'm going to punish you, you know that." "See you later cunt." "No, stay.

I won't punish you. I promise." Without answering I closed the door and saw the Danes entering the house with the lasagne. I took it over and after putting it on the table I went for a nice sloppy wet kiss to Bridget. Kissing her I felt her up and noticed she didn't bother to put on a bra or to step into her tanga again. I moaned appreciatively in her mouth. After releasing Bridget I took Ms.

Dane in my arms and said," I don't want to call you Ms. Dane anymore, any suggestions? I don't want to humiliate you, or is humiliation one of your fetishes?" "No Huck, I'll explain.

My strongest fetish is in doing what you like. I like you to command me. I like to watch you use other women, commanding them, especially women I know, like Bridget. It really turns me on if you fuck her. I don't care where.

And I would like you to call me Beryll. Please, Huck, call me Beryll." "Well girls, let's eat first. Then I want to show you something in the master bedroom. Be sure you only eat with a spoon and to finger yourself with your other hand. I want you wet and tenderized all the time from now. Give me a lot of lasagne and save some for a fourth person. I have to check something. I'll be right back." I opened the bedroom and instead of commanding she started begging right away,"Make me loose, Huck, please." The begging endeared me a little because it really came out in a pleading voice, muffled by her panties.

"Of everything you can be sure of, cunt, is that you will not be released in the near future." "I need to pee. Why are you calling me a cunt, Huck?" "Hold your pee or sleep on a wet mattress, cunt. I'll be back soon." But instead of leaving I first pinched her cunt lips hard and entered three fingers in her cunt. I scooped up some residual cum of her and smeared it around her nose. I pressed a button to lower the burglar security screen and then left my screaming mother,"What was that? What did you do?

Make me loose, Huck or I."I heard her scream in her panty but paid no attention to it. Her bad not knowing about the existence of these screens. Her bad for being a financial noob. The little cunt was more disappointed than she should be for lowering the screen.

I wonder what abilities this woman had. I intended to be more precocious with this bitch than I already was. Seating myself behind a filled plate of lasagne I looked at both girls," Is any of you afraid of my mother?" "Oh, yes", both replied with Beryll continuing," Is she around, Huck? I wouldn't dare to speak when she can hear me." "You can speak safely, Beryll." "I think I'm afraid of her because she has some mean streaks. I think you are capable of being a sadist, but I like you to be.

I trust you. I don't trust your mother. I don't like her for the way she is talking about you and in the deal, we have with your mother she is always talking you down in what you can mean to us when she is ready with you. I'm not afraid of what she will do to me, I'm afraid of what she will do to you." "The person I used to consider to be my mother is no more that person.

She is now nothing more than a cunt with tits and a mouth for me to abuse." "Apart from having us both at the same time I thought you were struggling with the concept of incest, haven't you, Huck?" asked Bridget. "Yes, Bridget. I did. But I don't consider that person as a relative of mine anymore. Again, she is nothing more then a cunt with tits and a mouth to use for my pleasure and if you wish of harming her in any way for your own pleasure, please let me know.

I might let your wish come true." "Oh Huck. What a pleasuring wishful thinking. If only such a thing were to be. I will be your slave for life, Huck. And happily so." "Me too", added Bridget. "Consider your slavery a done deal ladies.

I have got the bitch tied down on her own bed. And she is not going to be released soon." Both ladies looked at me openmouthed in astonishment. "Nooooooh", the both of them exclaimed in a staggering voice.

"You can't have", Beryll continued. "For the life of God, how did you accomplish such a feat? Hercules would add a thirteenth to his works if he'd pull this one of. If I didn't already love you, Huck, I would love you for this one alone.

Huck, I love you, I love you. Oooh, I will so love to be your slave, thank you, Huck. Please use me." "You're done eating?", I asked Beryll upon seeing her empty plate. "Yes, Huck. I'm stuffed." "No, You're not. But you will be soon. Get under the table and suck my cock. Beware not to have me come. I warn you, Beryll. Keep me on the edge." "Saving it for her in your master bedroom, aren't you?

Dumping a load in her cunt would violate her plans real good." "Oh, yes. Tell me more, Bridget. You seem to know more about this than I thought." "Vivian, your mother, always was relentless telling us how she had you under her thumb, Huck, and what she would have you do to her. Fucking wasn't one of them. All her witchcraft, if that is what it is in her renewed 'virginity'. All of her leadership in her coven is based on the fact she doesn't get fucked where the others are subject to their husbands and get fucked regularly.

I advise you to fuck her in the presence of her second in command. The vicar's wife. Eleanor. You can expect her tonight around two o'clock.

I'm sorry for not being forward in our home. I was too afraid of what she might do to you. But no more. Oh, Huck, I'm so excited. Having Vivian of off our backs. It's wonderful. It really is. I love you, Huck. I love you too. I love to be your slave for the rest of my life. Please use me, Huck. Just like you use my mother. I love seeing the bitch on her knees sucking your dick. I would be content the other way around as well. It is a win/win situation for me. For us all." "Ok, Bridget.

In the cupboard above the sink is a Nutella jar. Open it and smear my dessert on your nipples. Then serve me my dessert. Oh, and Beryll. What you did just a moment ago. I think with your tongue along the ridge under the top of my dick.

Lots of surprised repeats. I'd like that." Beryll answered with a full mouth, "Yews Hwuck, Ih hwill." Bridget came back into the living room. The extra weight of the Nutella on her nipples made her tits sag a little. I suspect her of scraping the Nutella out of the jar with her tits. They were covered with the hazelnut paste way more than just the nipples. I thought one chocolate tit would be enough for me so I shoved the other in her own mouth.

"Well, you join me in having dessert, Bridget," and I suckled mine clean taking my time. During the cleansing of the tit, I fingered her clit. It made Bridget wetter than she already was. "I bet I can get you off suckling your tit, Bridget." "That's not worth a bet, Huck. You can get me off telling me to come. It's just that easy between you and me." "Is that true, Bridget?

You cannot get off like that with anybody else?" "Really Huck. I can't. My mother conditioned me to. My body doesn't respond to anything else but you.

A dildo is nice and all but I can't get of on it. And nobody else but you, for that matter. The same goes with my mother. She doesn't orgasm when you're not around participating. The poor bitch had it tough until now. Now she is in paradise. You only have to look at her and she's coming." "Is that true, Beryll?" "Yes, Huck. Like now. I'm coming constantly.

It's unheard of. I'm so happy. Please shrink me and stuff me in your underwear and I'll suck it all day long. All I have to be aware of is not to drown in my horniness." "So, this afternoon when you were begging me for my dick and coming like a banshee you knew I was in the house?" "No, I didn't know. But I should have known. You are right. I should have known you were near." "That tit clean yet, Bridget? I think it is time to pay a visit to somebody. In the nude everybody." Bridget let go of her own breast and I could see it was clean as a whistle.

I filled a plate with lasagne and made my way to the master's bedroom after undressing myself followed by my girls. I opened the door and said," Cunt, here comes your dinner", and she looked mockingly up at me from the bed and when she spotted both her neighbors she pleaded with them,"Aah, Bridget, Beryll, so good to see you.

Make Huck see the error of his ways. Nothing good can come from this. Untie me now." "We don't think so Vivian. We enslaved ourselves to Huck.

You have zilch to say about us anymore. That ship has sailed. We have come to enjoy ourselves in your predicament. May I say you look lovely sticking your tits straight up in the air. It is such an endearing pose.

And don't you recall that your hold over us has always been negligible the first few days after your sharing of Huck's cum? Wasn't it last night? The last time. Yes, I think it was last night." "Don't you gloat over this minor mishap. Before you know it I have my coven making your life miserable." Beryll answered for me," You mean that coven that needs their fix in the coming days.

I'm looking forward to Eleanor's visit this night. Do you think she will get hers? Do you think you will get yours?" I sat astride on her abdomen with my boner lodged between her tits, keen to keep him away from her mouth. "Please get some oil, Bridget. You will find a bottle in the bathroom. Yes, that one. Pour some over my dick, make it nice and greasy. I'm going to fuck this cunt in places, Beryll.

Get one of those thick candles and doodle with it in her cunt. Don't think it will not fit. I saw her fist herself this afternoon. You have my permission to be rude. And Bridget. Use some oil on her ass. See if you can stick that smaller candle in her arse." The pained look in the cunt's eyes became more panicked. "Huck, no, please don't. Let me go, please. I promise. I'll be good. I'll do everything for you. Please don't hurt me." "What an empty promise, you cunt. I'm already capable of doing everything to you.

You have to do better than that. I don't buy it. Girls, continue. Abuse the bitch. And you, cunt. What's in it for me to keep me from fucking you in your cunt? Is it worth anything to you?" "Just let me pee. I need to pee, Huck.

I can't think straight anymore, Huck. Please. Uhnghmm." Bridget, succeeding in entering the smaller candle in the cunt's arse, added to the rocking motion with I fucked her tits at a leisurely pace.

At intervals, I released a nipple from squeezing it between my fingers. And petting them with my dick. Cunt's moaning became more frantic.

Our assaults on her tits, arse, and cunt became cunt's awareness. For her, there was nothing else than a constant abuse of her tits and mid-body cavities in a physical sense. Her constant moaning enough proof of her pleasure. Fucking her tits I now caressed her earlobes, whispering niceties just above her head.

"Ohhh, you like this, don't you slut? Do you feel my dick between your tits? Can you imagine it is my dick fucking in your cunt? Can you imagine it is my dick in your arse? I'm almost coming, do you know that. Where do you want my spunk, cunt?

Tell me. Where do you want it?" "Go to hell, Huck, unghnmmm, ohmygod, unghnmmm, go to hell." "Girls, let us have a potty break. Come, follow me, girls. We can't have this cunt have all the fun. Leave the candles where they are." We all broke off what we were doing and left the room.

Cunt was too exhausted to curse us and kept her silence apart from breathing heavily. In the living room, I set Beryll to her sucking choirs and motioned Bridget to give me easy access to her tits and her cunt. "Ladies, we have Vivian out of her comfort zone. We have to keep her that way.

Beryll, do you know why she does not want to be fucked in her cunt with a live dick? The candle does nothing to her apart from a little excitement." "Yes, Huck. When you fuck her in her cunt, she is not the coven supreme witch anymore. The next in line will be the supreme witch then.

As far as we know that is Eleanor. After Eleanor, I don't know. It might even be me." "You?" "Yes. I might be. Together with Eleanor and Bridget, I get a personal share of Huck's, of your cum, so in the coven yes, I'm of significance.

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With Bridget that is. But it's easy to find out. We just watch who is coming for their fix and when. Tonight will be Eleanor, I think she gets to share twice a week, maybe even thrice.

We will sit the week out and see what happens. You will need to have the coven supreme witch in chains. We can't have the coven supreme witch running around lose, so no fucking Vivian in her cunt yet. You can fuck me or Eleanor or Bridget safely for that matter. Fucking a not supreme witch does not induce a transition in a coven at all.

I now understand. You can fuck Bridget and me in our cunts whenever you want. Vivian might beg for you to fuck her in her cunt when she realizes her situation can only be helped with a free Eleanor.

Oh, and she will be able to hold her piss for a long time. The metabolism of a supreme witch is something to behold. She can even sweat her piss out, though I think it unlikely when she remains tied up. I'll run home. I remember to have a bedpan somewhere. I won't be long." "Well, the honor is yours, Bridget. But I want to tease Vivian with it so back to the master's bedroom it is. Come on. Let's fuck." Upon entering the bedroom we found Vivian to be in utter bliss again with fumes coming out of her honeypot.

"Now there's a hot one. The slut melted the candle. Her cunt is coated with candle grease." "Not my problem, Bridget. Spread your legs. I'm going to deflower myself in you." "You will be deflowering me in the process, Huck. Please, Huck, give it to me." I slid my dick a few times up down her slit and then offered him to her honeypot.

I slowly sank it in. This was so good. Incomparable with anything. We both moaned heavily, with Bridget having equal bliss as I did. Vivian watched our act begging," My cunt hurts. It needs dick more than anything else right now. If you have any humanity left in your devilish bones than fuck me now." "Shut up cunt. You just wait fifteen minutes and I'm sure you'll get a surprise", I answered Vivian keeping a steady rhythm together with Bridget.

"Unghmmm Bridget. That sucking thing you do with your cunt when I move outwards, what is that? That is so nice, it feels like your milking me." "Hihi, Huck. I really am milking you. When we apply for witch the first thing we need to learn is to strengthen our cunt muscles. They are called Kegel exercises and benefit the joy of fucking ultimately." Vivian added." If you like her cunt exercising your dick you should stick it in my cunt and have the ride of your life.

Come on Huck. Fuck me." "Shut up, cunt, or I will stick a candle in your mouth. I'll fuck you when I've got the vicar's wife tied up next to you." "Please turn me around and let me rest on my belly. I've developed a back pain." "Shut up, cunt. Forget your minor mishaps. We are not here for your comfort." I started to get into a very comforting zone nearing an eruption.

I didn't hold back and fucked Bridget faster. Her sucking even more pleasurably so. I alternated between watching her tits moving around and comparing them with Vivian's. I soon found myself toppling over the edge while I squeezed both a tit from Vivian and one of Bridget's.

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"Unghnmmmm, unghnmmm, unghnmm, unghnm, unghn, ooooooohhhhh, that feels so good, thank you, Bridget." Bridget scooped some cum out of her cunt and fed it to Vivian. "Ooh, Huck. Look at your mother. She is getting off on the taste of your spunk. Can you believe that?


If only I could live on it and eat nothing else." Beryll entered the bedroom with the bedpan and applied it under Vivian immediately. "This is not adding to my comfort, thank you very much. I curse you all." Bridget answered," Just pee in it, bitch.

And you better do it fast or you be laying on a bedpan until Eleanor arrives tonight." "How did you know tonight is Eleanor's turn? I didn't tell you. That's for sure." It was Beryll answering," We knew since we learned we could not trust you, cunt. You lost us for your cause when you promised us to have Huck as our master in our submissive games and you would see to it to disintegrate Huck's dominant abilities.

Bridget and I took turns to be non-existent so we would not be seen. So we decided to keep a close look at your house and who was visiting and when. We found that Eleanor was coming to your house every night following our visit. We concluded you milked Huck heavily on the weekends. We haven't caught anybody else on other nights, but after this week we will know everything we need to know.

There is nowhere to hide, dear Vivian. Oh, I'm not sorry for the pun." "Beryll, Bridget, follow me," and outside of the master bedroom, I said," I have an idea.

I remember I was able to catch the witch while she was deep in bliss with pleasuring herself. I favor the idea to keep her on a high and when she gets exhausted ask her questions. I think it is our best chance to get answers. We can take turns in toying with her or we find some battery operated toys to do the work for us." "I'll go get my toybox.

I guess I won't be needing them anymore now we have access to Huck. ehh, I mean, now Huck has access to us." Bridget stated and left in a hurry. There was nothing else to look at than Beryll and my gaze landed on her ample tits. Beryll saw what I was looking at and supported them with both hands. "I can see you like them, Huck." "That's a good idea, Beryll. Bring them to me and put your right tit in my left hand, yes, wonderful. I love your tits to be more than a handful. I suggest you now spear yourself sitting in my lap preferably with your cunt." Beryll pointed my dick to its target and slowly sank herself until she was seated.

What a hot cunt this girl had. A muscled furness within an oven. I also didn't have to move, nor did she needed to. Her cunt muscles did all the work. "Ooooh damn, Beryll, you make me cum so fast." "That doesn't matter. If you are ok with it I'll come with you." You may come whenever you can.

I will tell you when I want you to withhold your orgasms." Indeed, Beryll came at the moment I coated her insides with my spunk. For a moment I thought it to be unfair girls could almost come at will and that I was done after three times in one day but on the other hand, I had as much joy as they had. I just had to make sure I would have something left in me when Eleanor would show up after midnight. Beryll was somehow able to keep me hard but slowly I could feel our mixed cum pour out of her cunt alongside my dick cooling my balls and thighs.

"You think you can clean me without slurping too much, by the way, my compliments for milking me that fast and good." "Oh dear, what a nice compliment, Huck. I don't think I ever got one like it." "You'd better get used to it, my compliments won't stop here. Only the fact that my eyes may stay glued on you and I would never see anything else for the rest of my life could satisfy me should tell you enough." "My my, a flatterer.

I bet that when Bridget comes in the glue would not hold." Bridget did come in but I kept Berylls eyes in my vision. "I'm back. anybody. I've got a ton of toys to keep Vivian busy." Bridget's comment broke our gaze and we retreated to the master's bedroom with Beryll in front of me. My dick was poking her in her butt a few times and it made her slow down a bit.

"Huck, loosen me now. I'm your mother. You can't do this to me. Let me go. My back hurts. I'm hungry. I'm getting sick of this. You don't know what you're doing." "Enough, cunt. For all, we know you were going to suck more lifeforce from me as you already did for four years.

As far as I know, you were well on your way to do so, sucking me every night and sharing my cum with the members of your coven." "Don't be ridiculous, Huck. Witches? Covens? You're sick in your head. Loosen me, I'll call a psychiatrist for you." From the bucket Bridget got from her home she handed me a little egg. With an accompanying remote it could be switched on and vibrated with the sound of an angry wasp.

I shut it off and checked the bedpan. The cunt had done a nice number one and number two, their smell ominous when I released the bedpan from under her. Beryll volunteered to get rid of the contents of the bedpan and neither Bridget nor me denied her the job. Bridget felt the cunt's cunt up and said," The wet has deserted.

We will have to excite her again. "No problem", I answered and went back in the saddle, lodging my dick between her greasy breasts from the remaining oil. Pressing them tits together I slowly fucked the cunt between them alternatingly squeezing her nipples hard. "Here Huck, I think you know what to do with these", and she gave me two large nipple clamps, each with impressively sharp points on the end of their beaks.

I didn't want to waste time and applied them without any ceremony on Vivian's nipples. She kept her mouth shut but shot daggers at me with her eyes. "She is defiant enough, stuff the egg in her cunt, will you." "I think it is better if you insert the egg yourself, here." Bridget had been toying with the cunt's cunt and she now handed over the egg to me. I inserted the egg. The witch was easily aroused and I thought that it maybe was a property of a witch; To get easily aroused.

Bridget saw me thinking about something and asked," Are you wondering about her strength, Huck? Are you wondering what she might be capable of?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, that was exactly where my thoughts were. Please enlighten me if you can.

All knowledge of what the witch can use against me would be most welcome." "Tomorrow we will dissect the garden for you. Almost all the strength of a witch is in her plants. Seeing her up close she does not look extremely young and you don't look a day older than your age so I don't think she already started to siphon your youth to make herself younger." "I never guessed witches robbed other peoples lifeforce.

I always thought them to be old hags." "Not just from other people, Huck. Witches can only rob youth from their own spawn and only before they have fully grown up, mentally and physically, so you are not entirely safe yet. And they certainly can grow into old hags. It has been said that with more than ten children a witch could get to become 150 years old or even older." "What a nonsense", cackled the immobilized cunt. "Huck, that woman is deluded.

Untie me now." Instead of loosening the bonds I accepted the remote to the egg now deeply set in the cunt's cunt from Bridget and switched it on. Bridget and I witnessed an immediate transition in the bonded woman changing from a commanding witch to a horny female slut. To add to her mix of perceptions I removed both clamps from her nipples and the witch started coming. I guess I have a bit of a sadist living in me.

After 10 seconds I already reapplied the clamps again. I thought the blood in the nipples could refresh itself enough and furthermore; I didn't care. Before this afternoon I'd think my mother to be pretty but after hearing about her intentions with me I could only think of a hag and that is what I saw in the bed. A perpetual orgasming hag because that is what I saw this afternoon in the garden and what I now saw in the bed. A constantly coming slut. Again I removed the clamps. I didn't want to mutilate her, yet.

The now again freely flowing blood brought back life into the nipple's nerves. The newly revived nerves made her scream. I'm sure from joy, an abundant amount of cum oozed from her cunt.

I checked the egg; There was not only a switch to put it on but it had a dial to increase or decrease the power as well. I set it to the maximum and after another flood from her cunt, she went out of it. To be sure I checked her pulse and I felt her heartbeat to hear we had not done her harm.

On my suggestion to leave the egg in her cunt on a minimum setting we left her to take a break. "We didn't get much information, did we?" "Oh, I think you misunderstood. Our constant barrage on her pleasure perception will not work in half an hour. It will take days, Beryll before she will crack. If she will crack.

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I hope she does. It is our only chance." "Was this session only half an hour? I'd swear we were in there for a few hours." Bridget checked the time and saw it be ten o'clock in the evening. "I suggest we all have a power nap. We can't entertain Eleanor with us being exhausted tonight, can we?" "That's a good idea, Bridget", said Beryll," orgasms will increase her power levels but as far as I know Vivian always kept her power to the max so it will overflow into the environment.

I'll check my library for books with knowledge of catching and detaining a witches overflow." I folded out the convertible in the living room, lay upon it and invited Bridget to join me in a nap.

She nestled herself in my arms and surprisingly we both woke up again when Beryll returned an hour later, dumping a stack of books on the table. "Did you find anything, Beryll?" I asked. "I found too much, Huck.

I think this is a book for you to read. Don't rush through it. It is better to comprehend a few things than to have a glimpse of everything. Start with the chapter 'Power' and 'Para', in that same order. We just have to find out how she gets and maintains her power. My guess is with the garden, so concentrate your reading on plants in the 'Para' chapter.

And could you have Bridget eat me out, please? The excitement will fill me up with power. I might need it tonight." "Would you mind, Bridget?" "Like I haven't done it before on my own.

Spread your legs, Mommy.


I'm hungry." Every half hour I made a short check-up of the cunt in the bed. Every time I made my check she was still out of it. Once I did set the egg to the max for five seconds but her body didn't react.

I didn't mind. I had too much reading to do. In spite of our awareness, we were all startled by hearing the bell at two o'clock and we looked at each other. We all realized we didn't plan anything. I had an idea and I whispered this to both B's. I went to the front door and knotted a piece of rope to the latch and guided it through the metal fringes on the door. I climbed onto the ridge above the door and pulled the string.

The door opened fully and Eleanor walked in like this was business as usual. I jumped on the floor behind her and bend through my knees. Bending was good, something heavy swung above my head and I gripped the underside of her dress with both hands pulling it upwards above her head. Luckily the dress was tightly buttoned up to her neck and I was lucky for the dress not to be tight.

With one hand I held the dress high in the air with Eleanor's hands in it. I had her almost immobilized now. With the other hand, I loosened the piece of rope from the door and tied the dress together with Eleanor's wrists peeking out of the dress. Apart from the dress, she was as nude as I was and I squeezed a nipple saying," Nice tits, Eleanor." Pulling the nipple I guided her to the living room without troubling myself with introductions.

Eleanor mumbled something and Beryll almost flew towards the witch giving her a not so very mild uppercut. Beryll had to nurse her fist and Eleanor swayed on her feet.

"You can keep your incantations to yourself, you vile witch." "Vile? Me? I was attacked upon entering the door." "Oh, you are gonna play the innocent one? Mind telling me what you came here to do?" Before speaking up we could all see Eleanor watched at my boner penetrating the air in front of her and said with her body paler than I ever saw her face," Well, I suppose it's not a secret to you.

I was coming to get what's mine. It has been a busy week and I need my weekly fix from Vivian. Where is she? All I need is her kiss and I can leave you to you're more important dalliances." I got some more ropes and tied Eleanor's upper arms together with her neck so she could do less with her arms.

I pried the heavy thing from her right hand and Beryll said," Oh my. That looks like a wand. Can I see it?" "Noooo," Eleanor screamed out but we paid her little notion. Beryll said," Check out page 89 in this book, Huck. It says that a wand only works with its wielder." "I don't want to interrupt anybody with something important but I can see somebody sitting in Eleanor's car", said Bridget.

I squeezed a nipple again, harder now and I asked menacingly," Who is in the car, Eleanor?" "She is not of any consequence.

It is just my driver." I squeezed much harder now and Eleanor hissed between her teeth," It is only my driver, I don't know her name." "Bridget, would you please invite the person into the house.

Have her answer to our dress code. Not five minutes later an old naked woman entered the room in a slow pace followed by Bridget. The old woman had sagged breasts and an extremely dried up skin all over her body. She looked frail as anything. "Huck, Mom, she says she is Eleanor's oldest daughter." Beryll didn't question Bridget and asked the old woman," What is your name child?

And if you would share your age with us, that might be helpful as well." "Ohh, seeing Mom immobilized. Thank you so much. I'm Meriam. I'm 25 years old. Eleanor birthed me when she was only fifteen. Can I hold her wand, please? It will stop Eleanor sucking my youth and it is my only chance to get something of my youth back." "True. Oh so true", Beryll said and handed over the wand to Meriam. She started fucking it immediately, like it was a dildo. "Aaargh, unghnmm, oooooohhhhhhh. It's been soooo long.

Unghnmmmm. Aaarghhhhhh." Meriam continued making loud noises and we didn't have a single reason to interrupt her. And then I thought I saw something in Meriam's posture. I looked again to see if I could still see it. Somehow it appeared as if my eyes were deceiving me but if I looked just outside my periphery I saw it again.

I saw a hint of a young woman in Meriam's silhouette. "Are you girls seeing what I see", because I saw Beryll and Bridget looking open-mouthed at Meriam and Meriam said," Well, that is proof enough for me this will work. What you see is a subliminal image of the former me. You see a silhouette of how my body should look like. You just let me continue for a while. I just wish you can keep Eleanor like this.

If she and Vivian can work together I'm lost again. Speaking of Vivian, where is she?" "Vivian is a little tied up at the moment. You don't have to worry about her." "Tied up in what? Shouldn't we go to a safe place? I sure as hell don't want to confront the witch." "You can check her ties in the master's bedroom if you so wish. Perhaps then you feel safe." I showed Meriam the way. She refused to remove the wand from her fanny and therefore walked a little funny. She screamed when she saw Vivian in the bed but sighed relieved when she saw that the ropes she was tied up with were not made of biological material.

"Huck, this is not going to stop the spells she set in motion to rob you of your youth. Do you have anything planned to avoid your downfall?" "We are looking up what we can do but other than me fucking Vivian followed by me fucking Eleanor making Beryll the new head witch, no.

We have no plans yet. I'm still reading this book here with this chapter about parasitic plants in gardens." "Come," Meriam said," I saw a book of plants in your wall. We walked back to the living room and Meriam opened my Encyclopedia of Plants S . Within seconds she found what she was looking for and said," Have you ever seen this flower in your garden?" Holding her hand on the name.

"No. Never seen them in my life. I would know. I tend to the garden every day." "Yeah. So does Vivian. I know she pointed Eleanor to use Strigo to rob me of my youth. I suspect Vivian to use it on you. I have heard enough conversations between Eleanor and Vivian to know this to be true. Do you have lights in the garden?" "Yes. What." "Follow me then. And put the lights on. Then show me the spot where she soils the garden." "Soils the garden?" "Yes, dumbass.

The spot where she fingers herself and squirts the plants with her cum. The single place that defines her strength. The more time she spends there, the stronger she gets. The place where you probably overpowered her when she was in bliss. When she was vulnerable." "Through that door, Meriam. There is only one path to that place from here.

You can't miss it." I followed Meriam outside. She wobbled over the path with the wand wiggling between her legs but I also saw the hourglass figure she was said to regain.

I would not mind to fuck her when she'd become that person again. No, stronger than that. I would not mind to fuck her at all.

"You will, Huck. No problem there. I want to fuck you as well," Meriam said, probably after reading my mind. "No Huck. I didn't read your mind. You are a male. I'm nude and walking in front of you with a wand sticking out my cunt.

What else would you think of.?" "Yeah, Meriam. You have arrived at the Vivian spot. Just one meter to the right from where you are standing now.

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That's where she stood almost all day for the last four years." Meriam sank to her knees and dug up the roots of the plants beneath the spot I pointed out to her. It was mostly a miniaturized version of bamboo there. They could grow to the height of three meters and were now only one at most. She tore off a bunch of roots and handed them to me. "Tell me what you see, Hunk, ehh, Huck?" "I see you tore off the roots of the bamboo I planted two years back and.

I see the roots of something else between them but I would not know what that is. Do you know what it is, Meriam?" "Let me check another spot. Does Vivian have a second favorite spot you know of?" "Yes. About 5 meters down the path where she can be seen from the street." Meriam started digging for roots on the place I told her Vivian would stand a lot as well and gave me another handful of roots to check.

"Same here. Roots of the chrysanthemums with other roots I don't know what it is." "I bet she waves a lot with her hands on both spots and mumbles around a lot standing here." "You have won the bet.

Enlighten me please." "If you don't destroy the plants in the garden and specifically the places where Vivian stood most you will look like me at the end of the next week. I believe that is when you have been to school for the last time and if you then have Vivian still tied up you will have a younger version of Vivian in your bed. Well, not exactly a younger version, she would remain this Vivian for the years she will steal youth from you." "Anything I, or we, can do about my upcoming bad case of progeria?" "Yes.

Kill everything in the garden first thing in the morning. Steam the soil for the next twenty years once per month and rigorously kill everything that grows here and kills every seed of Striga in this garden. That is what these roots are, Striga. Witchweed. Preferably cover the place in concrete and steam the place twice a year for the next twenty years. Striga seeds are known to last for ten years so steaming the place for twenty years might be enough.

Tying Vivian up won't help you. You have to kill her plants. You have to kill the Striga she grows here. " "Striga. Yes, you are right. That is Striga roots intermingled with the bamboo and the Chrysanthemums, killing it in a few weeks. I now see what you mean.

But if Vivian gets my youth by killing the plants in the garden through the Striga. Won't it kill me, Meriam, if we cut the plants down and cover the soil with concrete?" "No, she loaded you with her power and connected your youth to it through the plants.

If we kill the plants she loses her connection to her power and you, therefore, will remain young. The question is what can you do with her power?

Her essence in you will have the means to wield magic but will you have the ability to use it? If so, you are a warlock and you will have to learn a lot. Well, my dear Huck, whatever you will be, you are going to be one hell of a busybody the next weeks. Don't worry. I will be around.

There will be so much power around you and the magical morphing of me back to my youthful self will need a lot of power. I suggest you tie Eleanor next to Vivian and ignore the vicar for the next week.

Although I don't think she will be missed. If Eleanor doesn't come home I think the whole family breathes relieved." We went inside the house and applied handcuffs to Eleanor's hands. We also tied her legs to the bedposts and then we cut away her clothes. I could not help admire the figure in the bed next to Vivian. So much younger and then it hit me that I was just looking at another hag wearing Meriam's youth.

"Meriam, if I hurt this bitch physically, will that hurt the youth she is wearing? Will it hurt your youth?" "Wow, Huck, thank you for your concern. No, it won't. You just do what you think you must do. Just don't damage the goods. By the way, would you mind fucking me? I could use your juice. It is powerful and after you come in me, stirring the wand through your cum will speed up my rejuvenation." "Sorry, Meriam.

We thought it better to have me fuck Vivian tonight. The role of the Supreme Witch will go to Eleanor and after we learn who the next in line is I will fuck Eleanor to have the role go to that person after we took control of her. We will continue that strategy until the supreme witch role is with someone on our side. Would it help you if you would eat out my cum from Vivian's cunt when I have released my cum in her?" "You don't have to cum in a supreme witch to switch the role.

Just sticking a live dick in a supreme witch and the role is lost to her. I can eat all your precum and your cum for the energy it will give me. And the switch of the supreme role when a supreme witch gets fucked is not preset. The role will go to the nearest and or strongest witch in the neighborhood. I wouldn't rule you out. I think you are by far the most strong entity around.

I think we are going to have ourselves a warlock on our hands when you stick your dick in Vivian." Vivian kept her mouth shut and Eleanor was still in shock over what happened here tonight. I felt Vivian up and found she was dried up. While looking into her eyes I set the egg to the maximum and I saw her sink away again in her own bliss. The vibration from Vivian's cunt made Eleanor look up and uttered," Wha, wha?" The incoherent noises from Eleanor made Meriam and me laugh.

I looked at Meriam and said surprised," I'd swear your youth is getting more substantial!" "Already? Meriam said rhetorically. "Now that's a surprise." She now looked at Eleanor to see whether or not she got more wrinkled and said to her mother. "Hello Eleanor, bitch.

How do you like your new bonds? Are you comfy? I'll bet you have been in bed before with Vivian, haven't you? Sharing Huck's cum?

Eating each other out. I'm sorry we didn't tie you 69 with her." Meriam saw the box with sex toys and choose a massive dildo. Without ceremony, Meriam rammed it into Eleanor's cunt. I looked surprised. "You should remember this, Huck. The first thing a witch learns is to have a wet cunt. Always.

So she is prepared to stick something in it and to put a spell on whatever she puts in there." "You mean she can only perform her witchcraft on things that are inserted in her.?" "Yes, Huck. That's what I said. But that only works on innate objects. And in this case. I inserted the dildo into her cunt. For her, that is an abomination. Not to have control over the situation and not being able to put a spell on whatever is inside her cunt.

Do you now understand why I'm fucking her wand." "Right before we invited you into the house I remember Beryll saying that a wand only works with its wielder." "I'm not wielding it, Huck. I'm draining the wand from its power. It is my only source of getting back as much youth as possible. Do you really think it is working?" I caressed her tits which had only a little sag now.

"See, that is not make-believe. You are getting pretty big breasts, Meriam and you already don't look a day older than my mother." "Ohh, I liked that, Huck. Please continue. Unghnm, yesssss. Ooohhhh, I'm coming, unghnmmmm. Unghnmmm, I like it you can get me to cum by touching my tits, unghnmmm." Off course I toyed with her tits. Only touching them makes her come. What's not to like. Bridget came into the master's bedroom followed by Beryll.

"You never guess what we found, Huck. Here is a device that measures how much power a witch has. It says that Bridget is more powerful than I am. I'm not going to be the supreme witch after Eleanor. Bridget is. Look! The monitor shows an extremely strong witch in this room.

It can't be Vivian. All her power is in her spell to steal your youth." She held the meter near Eleanor. "No, Eleanor is even weaker. I wonder why that may be?" Now she pointed the meter at Meriam. "Yes, I think it is you, Meriam. This thing is wild about you." "No, it's not me. Hold the meter against Huck." With one step Beryll could hold the meter against me. The apparatus made a bang and a puff of smoke came out. "Now we will never know why the power meter went out of charts. Or this thing was already broken." Beryll added,"Or Huck has fabulous powers?

Or whatever. It's not relevant anymore. I think it's time Huck fucks Vivian. Not only will she lose her supreme role. The book says her witches ability will be heavily disturbed. I like that part. Does anybody claim the magical residue that will be attached to Huck's dick after fucking Vivian? Bridget, Meriam? Yes, Meriam? I thought so. Would you mind sharing with me afterward?" Meriam attached herself to my dick with gusto.

I think she was humming a song and I moved my hips on the beat, resulting in me fucking Meriams face. The same as both Danes, she really liked being used, I already knew that and we all could see the cum oozing from her cunt. Meriam's visible joy cemented the knowledge in my head and made me like her even more. After a while, Meriam stopped humming, just before I needed to cum myself.

She released herself and asked me to cum in Vivian. The combined fluids she would suck out of Vivian's cunt and lick from my dick after the fuck would be powerful stuff. I saw that Bridget removed the egg from Vivian's cunt and the moment my dick was lodged fully in Vivian, I came. The amount could have been more but it was enough. Fucking this cunt did not overly pleasure me and I was glad I came prepared by Meriam.

The next thing I noticed was a most exquisite feeling around my dick. I checked and saw Meriam happily sucking and licking whatever was on it. Powerful stuff indeed. I a few moments I saw her rejuvenate herself on the residues on my dick. Instead of a granny she now looked like a younger sister of Eleanor. I looked to my left and recognized an astonished Eleanor. Meriam released my dick and said to Bridget and Beryll, "Bridget, Meriam, suck on his dick or eat out Vivian now.

His spunk is still fresh. It is so powerful. It is making me feel so powerful. And look at Huck, he's glowing." I didn't see it myself but it sure felt like I was glowing. The cunt I fucked lay wasted and spreadeagled on the bed. Somehow I got the idea to remove the clamps from Vivian's nipples.

They had been attached long enough. The pain from the returning blood flow made her orgasm again, and again. With every orgasm from Vivian, I felt the glow growing stronger like a current on my skin. All the girls watched me in awe with their eyes almost closed against my glow.

Paired with the growing glow I felt my anger against the thing in the bed disappear. I became indifferent to the thing but with the thought that that thing had the most beautiful set of tits standing proudly upwards. She was not my mother anymore but neither did I think of her being my enemy. As much as I radiated a glow and paired with the glow, confidence, the thing in the bed radiated obedience without the slightest power. The witch was gone. In contrary to the vicar's wife. Where the thing I fucked was an empty vessel, Eleanor had a strong glow around her cunt.

I knew I only had to fuck her to get that power absorbed into me. I looked at my other girls and saw a little less power in Meriam and Beryll but a whole lot more in Bridget.

Power for me to take. I knew I was going to but I also knew that was not going to happen this day. In Seattle, a night watchers attention was drawn to one of her many screens.

Instead of a multi-colored graphical image it now only showed snow like if it's feed went missing. The night watcher checked the text pertaining the properties of what was shown. Next, she checked the protocols of the specific monitor and checked it's cables. After being satisfied the feed was ok she pressed the alarm beneath the monitor with the snow.

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The night watcher knew that within an hour she would be testifying what happened before a tribunal and that early tomorrow morning an investigator would be ordered to find out why an extremely powerful witch had disappeared from the grid. The night watcher gathered intel and set up new connections related to the properties on the snowy monitor to be able to answer the questions that would come to her.