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Gay sex nude video of man penis xxx Straight guy goes gay for cash he
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My name is Matt. Her name was Lindsay, she was perfect, medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, and the most wonderful smile I'd ever seen. She was 5' 4", lightly tanned, with well toned legs that led all the way up to her beautiful ass. Her breasts weren't large, 32b at most but on her body, they were perfect, just like she was, two small problems, she had a boyfriend and he was my friend.

Her boyfriend, DJ, was a cool guy to hang out with but often times he treated her like crap.

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A group of us, Lindsay and DJ included, went on a retreat over a weekend. The place only held our group of friends, plus the few chaperones that came (not the least of which was Lindsay's mom, who was equally as hot as her daughter.). It was out in the boonies but that was fine. It wasn't much to look at, most of its decor had been killed not too recently and hung on the wall.

We each had our own rooms even each of the couples had split, though adjoining rooms. There was a public pool, with a connected hot tub there were a few communal rooms. Late one night I headed out to the hot tub a pair of swim trunks on, planning to relax, suddenly I hear the door swing open and then slam shut and locking me inside this indoor pool area.

It was Lindsay, in a stunning suit but her face looked awful. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Wha-? Oh, It's nothing really, I just need to relax I've had a lot of stress on me lately and I feel so ugly" "Ugly, why would you think that?" "Well, DJ keeps paying a lot of attention to Lauren. We rode up here together, the three of us, and they went on and on with each other he hardly noticed me." She sighed as she sat next to me feet in the water.


"Lindsay, DJ is my friend but you deserve better. You need a guy who can make you feel beautiful all the time and who will put no one before you." "Know anyone like that?" she through tears. "Yeah, I might," I said wiping the tears from her cheeks and lifting her chin up, I placed a peck on her lips.

She followed as I pulled away. She grabbed around my head pulling me back down into her mouth, her tongue passed over my lips and I echoed her.

I began to run on instinct my hands worked their way up her sides from her hips up to her bikini straps as I went to pull her top off, she tensed, then quickly released. Her top fell as my hands replaced their function and began massaging her small tits and pinched her nipples she began to moan into my mouth, I pulled away and planted my mouth on her left areola.

"Oooh!! That's nice," she giggled. "MMM" I kept suckling her tit, as her giggles of delight turned into moans of pleasure.

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I slid my hand in to her bikini bottom, and began to massage her clit. "Ahhh" she gasped, "Oh God! that's amazing, Oh. OH GOD!!" she screamed in orgasmic delight her body shook her cries grew louder. "Oh God I've never felt that before is that what cumming is like?" "Yeah, and it can get better," "Oh yeah? The only thing I've ever done with DJ was give him a handjob, he's never returned the favor." "Well here," I said as I slipped my finger into her, pulling her panties away.

"Ohh" she moaned. I slipped in two more fingers as my mouth began to explore her clit, "OH MY GOD!!!" She cried out as my fingers found her button "oh shit, that's good" she cried out. As she came down from her second orgasm I said "That's all I can do for you," "wh- why?

I want more, I need more" she begged. "anything else I would do would require penetration," "Oh," as she pondered her breasts were heaving, "What kind of penetration?" "Oral, Anal, or Vaginal," I'm up for any of them but vaginal could be to risky I don't want you pregnant," "Well then," she smiled coyly, "let me help you out," she slid herself into the water and in front of where I was sitting and tugged at my trunks, "I've never done this before," she said.

"Well this is a night of firsts for you," I smiled as I helped her remove my suit. My dick sprung out 8-inches long its head just below the water. She knelt down, opened her mouth and put my cock in. My GOD it was unbelievable. For a rookie she was good, Before long my entire length was down her throat. As she went up and down on me (not once surfacing from the water) her tongue swirled around I felt my balls tingle her ears were still above water as I grunted, "I'm cumming" but she kept going, blast after blast of my seed went into her throat as she drained me dry.

Her head rose above the water, "Mmm," she said "that was good, How was I for my first try?" "Amazing," "this has been such a great night, your the greatest guy I've done anything with, I want you inside me " "ok" I said.

I turned her around and placed my head just inside the crack of her ass, and slid it in. "Oooh," she moaned, as my full shaft entered her virgin asshole.

Slowly at first, I pumped in and out. "Aahh" she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain from my increasing speed and force. "Oh God, Oh it feels so good, harder Matt! Harder!" I began to pound her ass harder and harder, faster and faster. "oh my God! I think I'm… Oh yeah!… I'M CUMMING!! She froze, "Oh Matt this can't end I want you in my pussy, I want you to fuck me!" Lindsay pleaded.


"That's enough Lindsay," said another woman's voice from behind me. I looked at Lindsay's face as her eyes grew wide. "Mom!" she gasped. "I think you should go Lindsay I'll talk to you about this later!" she shrieked, with that Lindsay's gathered her clothes and ran off. I started to leave. "No Matt, you stay." I froze. "You don't realize what you've done, do you?" "Lynne, I understand you're upset, but it was never meant to go this f-," I began to explain.

"Listen to me Matthew, Lindsay has a inherited a very powerful sex drive, and I was hoping that if she didn't know the pleasures of sex she wouldn't be as tempted to seek it, but you've fucked that up." She yelled.

"What do you mean she has inherited it? Is her father a sex fiend too?" "He was but with time his libido has cooled, It took three kids and 16 years but it finally happened," "So you're afraid that she is gonna be crazy about sex like her father?" "God no, I'm afraid she will end up obsessed with sex like I am.

I've done pretty well resisting my own urges," she said. "I'm honestly very sorry to interrupt you though I know what its like to feel…unsatisfied. I haven't had sex in soo long," she said slipping her feet in the hot tub. "Not since the time our family and DJ went to Vegas last summer." She said "So that was the last time you and her dad had sex?" I asked.

"No it was the last time DJ and I had sex, we used to fuck about once a week, but then he began to feel guilty about cheating on his girlfriend with her mother." She said, her hand loosening her robe's belt.

"Well it seems we share mutual frustrations," I said standing up. "Mmm, It looks like we do," she said staring at my dick, "Maybe we could help each other," she said standing up and letting her robe drop off, revealing her gorgeous breasts, and her shaven snatch. As she stepped towards me, I leaned in and we kissed, like lovers that had been torn apart for years. I turned her around and bent her over her large breasts swaying in the open air I lined up and pushed into her ass. "Ahh, your so big!" she exclaimed.

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As I began to pump in and out of her she began to push back. "Oh yes fuck me, fuck me harder!" I abliged. "OH!" she called out, "OH MY GOD!" she called out in a moan, as she began to cum. As her tight warm asshole clenched around my dick I began to cum as well. "Oh God Matt! I've never cum with a man before. If you can do that with anal, I want you inside me for real now!" I reached down grabbed her perfect ass in my hands and lifted her up and laid her down.

We both knew what we wanted.

As she lay on the side of the hot tub I began to slide between her legs, as I reached the opening of her dripping cunt I eased in. I quickly picked up the pace. "Oh shit!" She yelled, "yeah baby just like that," I fucked her like an animal harder and faster, her breasts bounced as I did. "Oh my God!" as she peaked in orgasm, her snatch squeezed, tight on me, and I couldn't hold it.

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"I'm cumming," I grunted "Fill me up, baby Get me pregnant if you can, give Lindsay another sister." Jet after jet of my hot seed started to fill her. "What? why would you want to get pregnant?" "All the times I've gotten pregnant before were from awful sex with my husband, this is the best it has ever been, I should be able to have a child to remember this by.

In fact I may be pregnant already I'm at peak ovulation, and the women in my family are very fertile., and you could visit it, and best of all my husband will raise it" "Sure," I said, "but lets just make sure," with that I began to plow into her again. "OH FUCK! your good." Lynne cried out "Mom?" Lindsay said. She was standing in the doorway God knows how long. "Baby come here and sit in front of me," Lynne said, and Lindsay, still naked, did as she was told and when she sat Lynne forced her face into Lindsay's lap.

"Oh, Mom, wh- what are you doing?" Lindsay gasped, in pleasure. Lynne, lifting her head, merely said, "Something I have been fighting since you began to develop into this gorgeous person, you see your grandmother and I were once intimate with one another when I was about your age, this has been a long time cumming." She smiled.

"Oh, oh, mom, Mom! You're, you're making me, me so wet, oh God keep going please keep going," Lindsay pleaded. Watching this incestuous act take place, had made me harder than ever and I quickly realized that my thrusting had stopped, in fact I had pulled out of Lynne I was so enamored with their lust for one another I couldn't think to do much else.

"Matt, I know you don't want to just stay on the sidelines, Lindsay why don't you help Matt out." Lynne said. I was just sitting on the concrete rock hard, as Lindsay crawled over on all fours and began to suck me off, and while she did so Lynne slid her body out of the pool and under Lindsay, and as she did so she grabbed Lindsay's hips and pulled her snatch to her face taking it in.

I could feel Lindsay moan as she sucked my raging hard on. I watched Lynne as she slowly introduced one finger, two, three into Lindsay's snatch all the sudden I felt an enormous moan come from Lindsay as her entire body shook and I could see her juices flowing onto her mother who was now playing with herself with her free hand.

The sight of this forbidden affair and the affects of Lindsay moaning on my dick caused me to erupt, "I'm cumming," I groaned and Lindsay pulled back leaving my head in her mouth, and I came load after load like I had never felt into her mouth, as I lay there recovering from it Lindsay rose up mouth closed and slid into the hot tub then she took a finger and called her mother into the hot tub as well, Lynne slipped in, grew closer to her daughter and then they kissed, their tongues were swirling around in each others, mouths with my cum swapping between them.

"mmm," Lynne moaned, "tastes great, I bet lindsay's sibling is already forming in me. ya know? I think It would be great if Lindsay had a daughter to carry on our tradition, what do you say Linds?" "Mmm, I'd like that," She smiled. "Well, If she is anything like her mom this is all it will take," lynne said " I'm worn out come back to bed when you're done Lindsay," "Mmm, I will," she said, smiling at her newest lover.

And with that Lynne robed herself and went to bed. "Now fuck me" she said to me in urgency, "I need you in me, I want your seed," At that she sat on my lap and slid herself onto my dick, she winced as her virginity was lost, but quickly began to pick up her pace, lifting herself falling back onto me. I began to match her rhythm. "Oh yeah!" she said, "fuck me, ooo God yes," with every thrust I felt my head reach the base of her cervix.

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We were perfect for each other. "Oh, Oh shit!" her pussy squeezed tightly on my dick "I-I'm cumming!" she cried.

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And with all the tightness I couldn't hold it. "Me too," I said beginning to pull out. "No!" she cried out, pulling me to her, "I want it, I want your child, I want apiece of you to stay with me forever!" and she got it, 9 months later she & her mother, gave birth to children each claiming it to be their man's (Lindsay had sex with DJ, after she missed her first period). They were an aunt and niece pair, both named after their mothers. I visit often, Lindsay and I are engaged now years later, and I visit my daughters and to give some attention to their mothers.

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