Peeled banana put in ass and then eaten

Peeled banana put in ass and then eaten
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CeCe and Rocky are the best of friends. They dance on a show called Shake it up Chicago. They have been the best of friends their whole lives. One day they were just hanging out after a taping of their show. School had just ended. Now they just finished tapping their last episode for the month. As they talked about what there plans were for the week.

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CeCe had a great idea. She asked Rocky if she wanted to have a sleep over. Rocky excepted her offer right away.


They were going to meet up that night at 7. They left to go get ready. Since they lived 2 blocks away from each other they walked together. CeCe's house was first so Rocky walked the rest by herself. As she walked she thought about how great a friend CeCe is. Rocky always pasted this one store on her way home.

It was called Aunt May's pleasure shop. Rocky was always told never to go in. Then as she pasted the owner asked her to help carry a heavy box. Since Rocky helped since she is a nice girl and pretty strong for tiny build.

Once in the store the lady she helped said that she could have once free thing, for the first time Rocky realized she was in a sex shop.


No wonder her mother never let her go in. Rocky not wanting to be rude walked around.

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A few old fat guys gave her a few looks. This place made her feel weird. As she reached the back she saw long sticks.

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When she was closer she realized what they were. They were at less 15 different dildos. She had never seen one before.

She never even seen a penis either except her brother's when he was young and towel fell down. she saw a purple one that looked like it had to ends, she told the lady what she wanted and quickly left. When Rocky got home she packed for her sleep over.

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She put her new toy in the bag. She wanted to show CeCe it. When it was 7 she left for CeCe's. CeCe had already popped some popcorn. They went to put in a movie but the dvd player was broken.

CeCe really wanted to watch this new movie. CeCe remembered that her cousin had left his laptop at her house the week before. They were going watch there movie on that. CeCe had gone into her mother's room where the laptop was. She brought back to her room. When they turned it on they put in the movie.

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The watch all of Marley and Me. When the movie was over CeCe went to check her facebook. She went to type it in when the history showed every site her cousin has been on. They were all porn. Pornhub Redtube Xnxx the girls clicked on a random on to see what they were. The first one was a video of two girls making out. Rocky was watching these to tall blondes girls with c cups holding each other. Rocky felt a tingle in her crotch. The one of the girls on the screen is now sucking on a small pink nipple.

Before Rocky new it her hands were in-between her legs. Rocky was a tall girl. Long flowing black hair going all the way to her tight little butt. She has a nice b cup that was very perky. Now her nipples were hard. She started to hear a moan from behind her. CeCe was completely naked except her white tube socks going half way up her calf. CeCe was little shorter then Rocky. CeCe had red hair that was in a bun on the top of her head. She has A cups that where filled with life and bright pink tits.

Now both of the girls were laying next to each other naked. Rocky had remembered her dildo and went to grabbed it.

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She walked back to her spot and asked CeCe a question. "do you wanted to have sex." CeCe was confused since they were both girls. Then Rocky showed her the dildo.

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She roiled CeCe over. Then with her perky little ass in the air Rocky found CeCe's pussy. First she drove her finger in. CeCe let out a long moan of pleasure. Then a second finger went in. Rocky slowly pushed in and out of this tight little pussy.

As the tension built up Rocky pulled her fingers out. Rocky then got on her knees and licked the now aroused pussy.

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The feeling was like nothing CeCe ever felt before she then grabbed the back of Rocky's head and pulled her in. CeCe had enufe was she screamed and juices poured out. Rocky climbed up to where CeCe was laying. They looked deep into each others eyes. Then in a quick motion that started to kiss. With each other's tongues down there throats. Sliding down to CeCe's pussy Rocky placed one end of the dildo there and one end at her own vagina.

As the smell of sex over came the room the to lovers looked into each other's eyes. Rocky went down as CeCe pushed up.

They both let out a small gasp as the popped each other cherries at the same time. As the went up and down Rocky started to each out to CeCe's chest. With one hand on the wonderful boob her friend has and the other holding the dildo in place as they go on in this wonderful frenzy of flesh. The to hot sweaty girls reached the point of no return they release a loaded that leave a little puddle on the bed.

Rocky then rolled off of CeCe. CeCe was panting as she got up. She walked all the way around the bed to Rocky's pulsing red pussy still dripping from the biggest orgasm either of the two ever had. CeCe then kneeled down to finsh off Rocky, She leaned in to eat Rocky out her tongue licking every little drop of her cum up.

As she went on Rocky was close to another orgasm. Rocky started to get closer and closer then finally a blast in the face of CeCe ended there wonder full night. They crawled up to the top of the bed and fell a sleep in each others tight naked bodies.

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