Lesbian fitness trainer licks hot blonde

Lesbian fitness trainer licks hot blonde
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Dear Reader - this story will make a lot more sense if you read the first part before this, the second installment. ************************************* Even though she knew what we were doing, Mom didn't say anything more to us and quickly got used to us going to the same room at night. My twin and I used my bedroom because the guest bed was bigger, quieter and had more bounce.

For the next six nights Holly and I lived in a sexual fantasy land as we tried to make up for the years we were apart. We didn't try to make excuses for our behavior, we didn't try to rationalize, we just fucked like overheated lovers. Since the Christmas party my sister had been taking me out, showing me off to her friends. She didn't tell them who I was or that I was staying at her house but she wasn't being shy about letting the other girls know we were an item. The only thing she told them was that I was from a different town and that I was here visiting family over the holidays.

I was supposed to go back to our father just after the New Year, if for nothing else to finish the last few months of high school, but before I left there was one more party. Holly and I were going to Jill's house for a New Year's Eve celebration and Holly was helping her to decorate and since I had nothing else to do I was helping too.

Even though I was fucking Holly every day, Jill caused my nuts to churn in their skin sack every time I saw her. She must have thought I was a real bastard to Holly because I would flirt openly with her whenever we got together; but she did flirt back. Holly noticed my attraction to Jill and commented on it "Jesus, Lee, can't you control your balls? Jill has clothes on, you can't screw her that way so calm down." "What about you, you can take your clothes off so I can practice a little ball control." She kissed me lightly and smiled "Save that for later, we have to get ready for the party." That night mom was on a date so Holly and I started early.

She tried to step between me and the TV but I dropped to my knees in front of her, reached under her skirt and ripped her underwear down and off her legs. I lifted her skirt and kissed the soft brush of blonde curls then twisted her around and urged her back to the cushions of the sofa. When she laid back I pushed her legs apart with my hands then put my head between her thighs and licked her tender cunt.

The suddenness of my attack surprised her but she didn't fight me off. She rocked her ass more toward the edge of the cushion and splayed her legs even wider.

When I began licking, kissing and probing the tender flesh of her pussy she arched her back and yipped a sound of passion. I stayed between her legs, eating her until her stomach began to quiver. I pushed two fingers into her and plunged in and out while my lips caressed her body. She brought her legs together and rested them on my shoulders, the soft skin of her inner thighs was caressing my ears.

It took only a few seconds longer to send her off on a flight of rapture. When she climaxed a wash of fluids dripped from her which I licked off. I pulled away from her, dropped my pants then put my raging erection where my fingers had just been. I fucked my sister for several minutes until my nuts were ready to pop.

I pulled out of her then helped her up by a hand and we scampered to my room where the intimacies continued. We stripped quickly, playfully getting ready to spend the night bonding even closer as siblings. As soon as we hit the bed she urged me to my back then went down to give me head. Her mouth was wet with saliva so when she started dipping on my cock with her tongue caressing the bottom of the shaft it felt like I was fucking her. She looked up to my face and smiled around the thick shaft, her long hair was dangling across my groin so I reached down and swept it over her shoulder so I could watch her give me the job.

She bobbed and licked on my erection for several minutes until I felt the end coming. I reluctantly grabbed her long hair and pulled her off. "Holy shit girl, that was good but now I have to fuck you." Holly chirped a happy laugh then moved up beside me and offered "you won't need to use anything but get out before you finish." She was on her stomach with two pillows under her stomach which raised her pussy off the bed. I got between her widespread legs then slipped my aching erection into her, my twin and I started another sexual odyssey.

We rolled and wrestled around in several different positions the entire time getting hotter and wilder with each other. She reached her limit before I did and started to convulse while I slapped her ass.

She gasped and cried out three orgasmic peaks before she collapsed on the mattress. She didn't want me to cum in her so I pulled out and grabbed her hand so she could finish me.

Holly shook off her sexual stupor, sat up then bent over and pulled my cock into her mouth again. She was sucking and licking me with new found energy and I knew instinctively she was expecting to take it all, something we hadn't done before. My hips bounced, my erection convulsed then I fired a hard surge of boiling cum over her long limber tongue.

Holly may have thought she was ready to suck a cock dry but I caught her by surprise and the blast of cum against the back of her throat caused her to gag. She lifted her head just as she coughed and bubbles of cum squirted from her nostrils like she had sneezed snot.

She sat up straight, eyes wide with shock and pinched her nose, squeezing the dripping mess from her nose. She flicked her fingers and the blobs of cum splatted on my legs. I was trying hard not to laugh when she looked at my hard-on which was still pumping creamy fluids into my pubic hair. She had a grimace of revulsion on her face but she was determined to finish the job.

Holly picked up my erection, put her lips around the head and sucked the last pulse from me. She sat up slowly, a look of disquiet on her face (along with globs of semen). She wiped the cum off her lips and chin with a finger then licked the finger clean.

She faced me "I wondered if I could ever do that but doing it is a whole lot different than thinking about it. That was pretty fucking gross." I smiled and had to say "It was only gross because you tried to breathe it" then I laughed.

The house was decorated for New Years Eve. Colorful strings of crepe paper stretched across the rooms, paper shades imprinted with greetings and designs replaced lamp shades. Helium balloons drifted on long strings or freely against the ceilings. Jill's parents relinquished possession of the house for the night to Jill and her brother who was 20.

In all there were some 30 people expected but this time it wasn't a couples only party. There would be no eggnog in the back yard either, it was bring it in if you wanted it.

It started as most parties do, quietly, a warm up period for getting acquainted and localizing a social circle for the night. Holly knew almost everybody but I was still a stranger to some. Several remembered me from the Christmas party and thought that Holly and I were a couple, nobody knew she was my twin sister.

Since I'd helped Holly and Jill get the house ready for the party I knew Jill well enough that we talked frequently with a new found familiarity.

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She had fascinating eyes, almost black, Latin eyes, that captivated me and caused my entire body to vibrate when she looked into mine. At 5'11 I towered over her diminutive 5'1 but that wasn't a bother. Her frame was packaged with a delectable set of feminine features; face, tits, legs and ass all competing for Best of Show. All of that was topped by short jet black hair. She would not have looked out of place walking the sands of a beach in Rio in a string bikini.

This was a girl I could want and love for more than two hours. Jill's boyfriend was her constant companion, hovering near, insanely insecure about the security of their relationship. Holly had wondered out loud to me more than once why Jill was dating the little wimp.

He was barely taller than her, thin as a rail and looked like reality scared the shit out of him. I had visions of him sitting for hours in front of his PlayStation building alien empires and attacking his own home planet Earth to rid the world of 5'11 guys lusting after his girlfriend. Jill came over to me and offered me a sip from a bottle of rye whiskey then passed it to her boyfriend. As he tilted the bottle to his lips Jill flashed me a come hither look and when I turned to her she whispered "He'll take about four slugs from the bottle then want to play Halo on-line.

He gets drunk and sits for hours fighting." I was right! He was a gamer. My heart picked up a few paces as I listened to what she wasn't saying.


She was trying to get him away from her for the night. "You've done this before?" "I never tried to get Reggie into his game on purpose before, but I don't want him hanging around at this party." "Well," I said, "that gives you some free time but some of us maybe don't have your good luck." Jill looked past me "Here comes Holly, I think she's looking for you." My sister came up just as Reggie rejoined Jill and me and took a second hit off the bottle, "Give me some of that" she demanded and pulled the whiskey from his hand.

Holly swallowed a shot then pulled me away from the other two. "There's somebody here that's kind of hitting on me and I like him so you might not see much of me tonight. I'm setting you free, our engagement is off" she teased. Before I could say anything she turned back to Jill and whispered into her ear "I just dumped Lee, he's available." Jill cast her eyes from Holly to me with a look full of promise.

I pulled the bottle from Holly's hand and gave back to Reggie, I wanted him out of the way too. Twenty minutes later Reggie vanished to another room to hook up with his Halo team on his laptop which he carried around in a backpack. As soon as he left I went looking for my next girlfriend and found her talking to a gaggle of friends in one corner of the front room.

When I caught her attention she gave me a hint of a smile and nodded toward an adjoining room.

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I sat in a dark corner and waited for her to come to me. Jill moved through the shadows then set herself across my legs, her firm round ass rubbed invitingly on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and whispered "This is my party so I can't be gone long, come on" then kissed me lightly on the lips. She got off my legs and pulled me up then led me by the hand to her room. She turned and sat on the edge of her bed and held her hands to me.

I went to my knees which put our heads even and leaned to her for a kiss. Her lips were soft, warm and wet. After the first experimental touch we quickly pressed our mouths together gaining confidence and courage. I put my hands on her hips then smoothed them down her legs until I felt bare skin. I ran my hands under the skirt and up her thighs until I found cloth then pulled on her panties. Jill lifted her ass slightly allowing me to pull the delicate chiffon lingerie down her legs.

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She kicked off her panties as she fell back on the bed, legs hanging over the edge. I stood between her spread knees and quickly freed my lust bloated erection, Jill's face lit up with a smile as my pants slid to my ankles. I was staring at her neatly trimmed thatch of ebony pubic hair when she uttered, "Oh wow, Reggie doesn't have anything like that." She pulled her skirt to her midriff, opened her legs wider and reached for me.

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I almost came on her fingers when she wrapped them around my shaft and pulled me closer. She rubbed the slick, swollen head of my cock on her outer lips then worked it between her slit and into the entrance of her body. Once it was lodged where she wanted it she moved her hand and rocked her hips as I pushed into the tight tenderness between her legs.

I penetrated her slowly, she was smaller and tighter than Holly and I didn't want to wreck her poor cunt on our first date.

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When my balls finally stopped my thrust into the girl I could feel her warming, loosening and stretching as she accepted me. I fucked my dream girl eagerly and she responded to me with enthusiasm and lust.

I'd been fucking my sister two or three times a day for a week so I didn't have a lot of back pressure when I started screwing Jill so we got to enjoy getting acquainted for maybe fifteen minutes. I moved from standing between her legs to the bed with her and we necked and fucked with increasing heat and ardor.


Even though she was as into me as I was her she managed to say "I have to get back to the party before somebody misses me. Do it now Lee, we can come back here later." The words of encouragement screamed from my ear to my nuts and my cock gave up waiting for the girl. It seized and convulsed as I shot cum into Jill in long deep thrusts. She was standing in front of the mirror renewing her lip gloss when I held her panties to her.

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She looked at my reflection "I don't need those, nobody but you and I will know." "Not even Reggie?" Jill turned around and put her hands around my neck and pulled me down "Reggie has his game, go give him a couple more shots of booze and then you can be my game all night." "What about Holly?" Jill pulled her head back and looked me in the eyes "Your sister?

She sent you to me." My heart stopped cold as I looked into her eyes "You know about us?" Jill licked her lips then smiled beguilingly, "Yeah, she told me two days ago. She said she's been fucking you since the Christmas party.

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I told her she had to give you up tonight or else I'd blab to the world she's screwing her brother." She kissed me tenderly, "You are mine until you leave for home again and I'm going to make you wish you never had to leave." I already wished that. The party got more festive, parents and police might say wilder. Booze was flowing, hormones, both male and female, were stewing and several times I noticed couples sneak out of the main room for 15 or 20 minutes. As the clock moved closer to the new year Jill and I stopped being secretive and began to openly flirt.

Holly was enjoying the attention of Jill's older brother Stan. When I asked her about him she told me that she had carried a crush on him for years and now he finally noticed her as a potential girlfriend.

"Are you going to bed with him to celebrate the new year?" "Lord knows I want to but I don't want him to think I'm some kind of easy or something." "If he's like me he won't.

Jill already took me to her room but I don't think she's a slut. I'm ready to marry the girl to keep her swinging on my dick." Holly stepped back and looked at me with wide eyes "You fucked Jill already?" "What do you expect?" I joked, "You dumped me, I had to find comfort somewhere!" Holly laughed and slapped my arm "Thanks, that makes me feel better.

I need comforting too, I'm going to wish Stan a happy New Year properly and hope he gets the hint." It was just after midnight when Jill checked on Reggie, she found him passed out in front of the laptop so she woke him up and sent him staggering home with the rest of the party guests.

In a few minutes it was only she and me in the front room, Holly was nowhere to be seen. Jill moved around the house turning off lights until there was just the glow from a small table lamp left to keep the dark at bay.

She came to me and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and touched her nose to mine "I hope you don't have to run off too" she said softly. My cock was growing again, pressing against the tender young girl sitting on it. I slipped a hand up her leg, under her skirt and felt the effect I had on her. She was heated and wet and when I stroked her she widened her legs to let me feel her warm puffed slit. Jill shuttered then put her mouth over mine and we got intensely involved in turning each other on.

After a short session of necking and petting her pussy I picked her up and carried her through the house. As I neared her room I caught a faint sound that I recognized as my sister in the throes of ecstasy. A quick image of Holly naked and under Jill's brother caused my nuts to shiver and I felt a flash of jealously, but it passed quickly, after all, I held in my arms the potential for a long enjoyable night.

Jill wriggled out of my arms and disappeared into the adjoining bathroom while I stripped. I was fumbling in my pants pocket for a condom when she dashed to the bed naked and threw herself on it, laughing, teasing me with her eyes. She saw what I was holding in my hand "You won't need that, just come over here, I want it natural and I want it now." Holly's best friend was not being shy or bashful.

She rolled to her stomach and I climbed onto the bed over her then put my cock between her wide spread legs and slipped into the cutest, most petite girl I had ever fucked.