Que rico coge mi esposa

Que rico coge mi esposa
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YOUR NEW MAN Your new toyboy arrives on time, obviously very eager at what potential sexual pleasures you and I might have on offer for him. You have hand selected him from a short list of possible candidates one of my customers organised as a contra deal. He is around half our age, 180cm tall, a body like an Adonis and has a reputation of being very adept at pleasing females as well as select males.

I have explained to him that he will be an extra man in our relationship, though not necessarily the third man today. I told him you are French, bi-lingual, a very talented performer with high expectations and what the rules are, though you just might vary them if you are inclined at a special moment.

I also explain to him that you love being teased and licked and that I like watching you receive sexual pleasure. You tell him to undress and we both watch with great anticipation, you especially. You haven't had a third man for more than a month. Your eyes feast on his very well built chest. We are both impressed when takes his trousers off to reveal a huge semi-erect cock, much bigger than me. "Now you two, show me your bodies," he smiles. He barely glances at me, but doesn't need to say anything about your body, his cock is showing his approval.

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"Very nice trim body. Especially love your arse," he says, "absolutely brilliant." He reads your mind and your instant desire and in no time at all is kneeling in front of you licking and teasing your cunt lips.

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"Love your Brazilian," he smiles between licks. His only contact with you is his lips and his hands on your thighs as he thrusts his tongue into you. I am kneeling behind you holding your hips and kissing and licking your glorious arse cheeks. You are obviously enjoying being pleased by two men for the first time in more than a month.

Without stopping kissing and licking your glorious arse I reach and tease your nipples with just the tip of one finger on each.

They are erect from the sensation and excitement of a new toyboy licking your cunt. In just a few minutes you tense and multi-orgasm.


Toyboy is very impressed and he feels confident he has taken you to new levels of sexual pleasure. You soon bring him back to earth when you tell him that was a nice try and just minor foreplay. "What else can you do to please both of us?" you ask. And what can we do to please you?" "Suck my cock," he smiles, "while I suck your man's cock.

Would you like that?" Without waiting for an answer he sits on the settee and motions for you to kneel in front of him and for me to stand in front of him.

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We both look at his bulging and very erect cock and can see he is obviously very turned on at the thought of receiving and giving sexual pleasure with a female and male simultaneously.

You kneel and tell me to "watch and enjoy baby" as you tease and feel the weight of his cock in your hand. He does the same to my cock and has my full attention as I feel my cock growing to it's full extent.

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You tease his cock into your mouth and he mimics your actions as he teases my cock into his mouth. I am the only one who can speak and I am determined to make the most of this moment as I watch you take more of his cock in your mouth and straddle it with your thumb and forefinger. "Do you like sucking another man's cock while he is sucking mine baby? He is much bigger than me.

Much bigger." I watch as you both react to my comments. "Squeeze his balls baby," I instruct.


You do and he does the same to me. I am teasing my nipples to heighten the pleasure of watching my lover suck another man's cock while he sucks mine.

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"So good baby. I am not sure who is enjoying this the most, him or me?" I tease. "You are so busy fucking him and pleasing him with your mouth and tongue you can't see what he is doing to me. He is very good. Different technique to you though. Wish you could watch." And you do. You stop sucking him but keep pleasing his cock with your hand. I can sense that you very much like what your are seeing, as he sucks me even harder for your benefit. He stops sucking, licks both sides of my cock, puts your hand on it, then resumes sucking.

"I love watching another man sucking your cock. Love it!" You smile as you tongue kiss me, increasing my pleasure as he watches while sucking my cock. "I expect you both to last for twenty minutes, a good lover should be able to keep it up and receive pleasure for that long," you instruct as you resume sucking him with gusto.

"Is she good, have you ever had better than that?" I ask him as I sense his obvious enjoyment from having his cock sucked as he increases his pressure and pleasure on my cock. "She is an absolute pleasure machine.

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"Love watching you suck his cock while he is sucking mine baby. It's heaven on a stick. "Squeeze his balls baby, hard, drive him over the edge."
And he does exactly the same to me, to my sexual enjoyment. "We are both getting close baby, must be almost twenty minutes.

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Very close. "Show us both how really good you are. "You love a captive audience." He responds by raking his finger nails across my arse then digs then into my arse as he sucks me as I have never been sucked before.

The mixture of pleasure and pain is exquisite! You stop sucking him and tell him to suck me harder as you tongue kiss me. "Cum for me baby. I love watching another man sucking your cock." And so do I with her tongue kissing me.

"Cum for me baby, then you can watch me finish him off. Would you like that? I would." He is digging his finger nails into my arse again in a mixture of pleasure and pain and I am enjoying it as I hover very close to cumming. Before I can answer, I tense, groan very loudly and have a mind blowing orgasm as my lover and another man share my enjoyment. The other man stands up and I watch fascinated as my lover prepares to bring him to orgasm by sliding her two hands along the full length of his cock so that she is slapping into his balls.

The noise is a turn on for all three of us. To heighten his pleasure, and ours, I stand behind him and drag my fingernails across his arse then dig them into his arse.

At the same time I tell my lover to, "squeeze his balls, hard." It has the desired effect and he screams as he orgasms.