Going naughty with ebony teens Ariana Aimes at laundry room

Going naughty with ebony teens Ariana Aimes at laundry room
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It was when he reached her tits that she slipped a little, accidentally letting out a sharp gasp that he took as a sign of enjoyment from her. He devilishly grinned as he slipped her bra straps down her shoulder, loosening the bra from her chest. He moved the material away from her tits and reached behind her back to unhook the clasp.

After the clasp came loose, he immediately threw it off the bed and took both of the tits in his hands, massaging and feeling her firm breasts. He groaned and licked his lips as he felt her hardening nipples in his thumb and finger.

He moved his right hand away and began circling his tongue around the nipple, not yet sucking on the throbbing nip. Marissa couldn't help from breathing heavier. She concluded that she wouldn't make any noise except for her breathing. She knew her body couldn't resist the urge to release some sort of noise. While thinking it over in her mind, Mitchel switched breasts and performed the same act on the left nipple. This time, Marissa's chest was slightly raised, being pushed into mitchel more.

Her nipples were hard and wet from saliva now as mitchel climbed back up and reached her face. He moved his head slowly to the side of her face and whispered in her ear " You're going to turn over for me, on your stomach or you will regret it. Trust me." Marissa fully understood the consequences and willing turned over onto her front side as Mitchel lifted himself off of her.

"On your hands and knees now." he said forefully to her. She quickly got up on all fours, obviously hearing the seriousness in his voice.


He stood next to the bed and undressed as his eyes roamed over the tan and toned body in that position. After his clothes were in a pile next to the bed, he returned to her, but he placed himself behind her. He leaned himself over her body, so that his cock would be rubbing against the crease in her ass through her panties as he warned her about what would be coming. "I bet you've had at least half of the boys in your school. But they can't please you like I can. They're all so young and small.

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I'm grown and much bigger than them." he said, practically growling every sentence into her ear. His tone mixed with his position over her body was enough to make her tremble. He returned to his original position behind her.

He took his time admiring her young, tight ass and the smooth skin before he pulled the matching black lace thong down over her thighs, down her knees and finally completely off of her. Immediately after her thong was off of her, he moved closer, rubbing his hand up and down her pussy, occasionally brushing one of his fingers on her clit as he moved forward and back.

Marissa couldn't hold back much longer.

She slipped again. And he knew what he heard this time. "You do like this, don't cha' baby?" he said observing the look of pleasure in her face. She closed her eyes and turned her head away, half from the embarressment and half from the urge to move her head around from the pleasure. When he quickly stuck a finger in her, it was a suprise, but she quickly adpated to it.

As he worked his finger in and out, he made sure that he watched her facial expressions.

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He wanted to see every emotion that ran through her face. It turned him on to watch. He then stuck in two fingers.

This made her gasp more. from surpise and from pleasure. He looked at her again. Her eyes were closed and her face was scrunched up. Not from disgust, but from feeling the strong fingers inside of her. Three fingers. This made her scream a little combined with a muffled moan that she tried to hide by stuffing her face into the pillow. "Mmm baby, how many fingers can you take?" he asked her.

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Four fingers. "Agghh, Oh God!" she moaned back at him. He took advantage of her enjoyment and dared to go on. "You ever been fisted before babe?" he said as she looked back at him. Her eyes widened and she shook her head with disaproval. "No, please don't. Please!" but he didnt care. He gave her a lustfull look and concluded, "Well you're about you be." and with that he stuck all five fingers in, slowly moving his entire hand in until her pussy swallowed his hand up to his wrist.

"Oh My God! FUCK! MMPH, please stop!" she begged as she thrashed her head around. He ignored her screams and kept his hand moving slowly until he pulled out a few seconds later. "Here, maybe you'll like this better." he said as he moved his finger up from her pussy to her ass.

He carefully stuck one finger in her asshole and then the other. She yelped at the burning sensation, but she bit down on her arm to keep herself from screaming. He rhymically started moving his fingers in and out of her ass, marveling at the sight. He loved to watch it. He pushed his fingers in deeper and deeper until Marissa couldn't take it any longer.

Her body shook and trembled as she had her orgasm. "Oh baby, you're so hot" he said as he leaned over her back and whispered in her ear as he had down before. He gently pushed her body down into the bed with his hand so that she was laying completely flat on her front side. He layed ontop of her, gently grinding his hips into her ass as he kissed the back of her neck, making her moan.

She knew that she couldn't resist the pleasure as he rubbed his body up against her. It was too overpowering.

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And the scent of his cologne filled her each time he moved his face closer to her. He then flipped her over on her back so she was facing him. She propped herself up on her elbows so she was half sitting/half laying down. He ran the fingers that been in her ass across her lips. She tried moving her face away, but he quickly grasped her hair and held her head in place. "Suck off my fingers." he said to her as he held his hand to her lips. "No!" she screamed at him.


He pulled her hair hard, making her shriek and give in to her fate. She gave him a dirty look as she unwilling opened her mouth and began licking and sucking his fingers clean.

"Tastes pretty shitty, doesn't it?" he teased her, but she glared evily at him and at that, he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and pushed her back down against the matress. She obviously knew what was coming so she instantly burst back into tears and tried to tear away from his grip again, but her attempts for futile.

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As she instantly became distressed, he instantly tried to comfort her. He wanted the best experience possible from this so he carressed her cheeks and ran his strong fingers through her hair, trying to calm her. He bent his head down towards her ear once again, "I'm going to do this whether or not you want me to. If you give me a hard time, I can guarentee you that things won't turn out good." He pulled away and looked into her crystal blue eyes and held her tearful gaze as quickly thrust himself into her.

Marissa let out a sharp gasp, followed by moans and screams and he lost sight of the gorgeous eyes as she shut her eyelids and squeezed them closed, as if closing them would make everything go away.

He started grunting and moaning to match her noises as he picked up his speed until he was slamming into her. Marissa knew she wouldn't last much longer if he would continue fucking her this hard.

She did't want to cum again, it was embarressing to do such a thing from such a sick and twisted experience.


So she cried, hoping that it would make it all stop. As the tears flowed, he became more and more frustrated. "You're gonna stop crying out of those pretty eyes right now damnit!" he warned her.

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He continued fucking her relentlessly. His cock was throbbing ans twitching inside of her. He could feel her inner walls twitching too and starting clamp down on him over and over again. "Ugh, shit. You're so fucking tight you little slut." he moaned as he could feel a big load coming. And at that he let go and released his hot load inside of her. As he did, she arched her back into him as high as she could go and gasped as she clawed at his back. He knew that she was cumming too. He rid out both of their orgasms and slowly pumped in and out as his cum and her cum leaked out of her pussy.

He regained the gaze in her entrancing eyes and thats when he saw the look of curiosty cross her face. "Who are you?" she asked intently, not leaving his gaze. He could tell that she was studying his crytal blue eyes with the subtle swirls of darker blue. "I'm your dad, baby girl"