Facial for Small Titted Blonde

Facial for Small Titted Blonde
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Miss S: Chapter 1- The promised day has come, I'm tired from working all day, though Chad has been looking forward to this day for weeks. Outside in the taxi car I down the rest of the energy drink that promises little to help me out, if I could just take a moment to lay down on my bed and relax I would be good as new. There is no time, work ran over today so I am already going to have to rush to get ready.

With a tired sigh I watch the taxi leave and walk into the house where he is waiting on me like the good little Sub he is.

Diner is heating up in the microwave, having told Chad to go on and eat without me. After closing the door I notice the house smells like vanilla, my favorite scent. Chad moves to stand next to me wearing clothes, what a shame but it can't be avoided. I kiss his check to which he smiles happily. The living room that is to the left of the front door is spotless clean not a single thing out of place.

The carpet that has been laid down to keep the chill away has been vacuumed, all the wood is polished, windows wiped down. To the right of the front door is the kitchen, it too is spotless clean as well as the dining room.

The house that the two of us share, along with my roommate is quite open so from the front door I can see all three rooms.

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The couch looks so inviting but I know if I sit know my dog hair covered clothes will ruin all his hard work and plus I won't want to get up. Instead of doing what I really want to do I remove my shoes and socks so not to dirty the very clean tile floors that cover the house and make my way past the kitchen, through the dining room to the bathroom that is opposite the front door.

To the left is my roommate's room which is closed to keep out the four cats that he is always yelling at to stay out of his room at night and my dog that likes the lick himself in his bed leaving behind a nice little wet spot. To the right is mine and his room, the door is closed which would explain why my dog has yet to jump on me expressing his excitement at my returning home. My dog Mac, tends to get under foot sometimes that can make cleaning kind of hard.

I let him out of the room and head to the bathroom to relieve myself. Chad has gone back to finish heating up and preparing my meal. Inside the bathroom it is just as clean as everything else and I can't wait to take a shower after I eat. There is a clean towel waiting for me to use. My watch beeps telling me I only have an hour to eat, shower, get ready and be at the place. I go back to the kitchen where a glass of wine is and my diner is waiting.

My purse, shoes and socks have been moved out of sight to the bedroom, my house keys that I left sitting on the small island is now hanging on the key holder next to Chad's. "Chad, would you please go out my good jean's, boots and that shirt of mine that you like so much and put them in the bathroom a long with a change of panties and bra?" I ask, though he knows it is anything but a command to be followed.

He nods walking into our room, Mac fallows behind until he notices that I am not going with them, then comes back to sit at my feet. I finish my food loving every bite of it, put it is the sink and head to the shower.

Once I am dressed and ready to go, Chad and I head out to the movies. He has been wanting to see this comedy since we saw a commercial for it on T.V., I told him a week ago that we would go depending on his behavior. I don't enjoy comedy at all, though it makes for a nice reward for Chad. As we settle down into our seats I think back to how we first met. It was on a BDSM site, I was new to the lifestyle and just figuring things out.

I knew that I was a Dom and had sadist qualities not the giving pain part, I just liked to take things away that people really enjoy and only give them back when it suited my needs-as well as being primal a hunter of sorts.

Chad and one other had been doing so well with fallowing my orders that it was hard to chose between the two of them. Chad at the time was living out of town pretty far away from me, the other guy Frank was in town just legal and able to start living the life style as well as a virgin still.

So while I waited for Chad to move to town I took Frank under my wing. I showed him the vanilla side to sex and did a soft entry in BDSM. Frank and I had a lot of fun but it came to an end when Chad finally moved to town. Both men knew that they were both in my life and I cared for both of them very much, it was Chad that I wanted with me all the time though. He and I shared a lot more in common than Frank and I did.

Plus Frank was new to everything and I wanted him to experience life before settling down with only one Dom right out of the gate. Still there are times that I wait for Frank to come back to me, because no matter who he is a sub for right now, Frank will always and forever be mine. I hope that one day we three can live the life together with both of them as my sub's but who knows if that will ever happen.

So once Chad moved to town, Frank knew it was time to take his leave of me. I was sad to see him go, for he had been my first Sub. Chad and I hit is off right away, we had been talking all this time and already knew everything about each other so we just had to get the first meeting out of the way. After a few dates that's when we had our first sexual encounter.

After training Frank I knew what I had to do to make Chad submit to me fully and it would take a little time for that. I kept him hard and waiting for a week before allowing him to come all the while having him please me over and over again orally.

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I made sure he went to work thinking of only me and when I would finally let him have his release. One night he stayed over because I got off work late and he had to be at work early. While pleasuring me he came, as punishment he had to sleep fully clothed under the covers while I slept naked next to him.

He wasn't allowed to touch me at all, that morning while he showered for work I showed with him, he was only allowed to wash me but nothing else. Then he went to work and came back to my place like I told him to.

That night my roommate was out of town, I striped Chad down to nothing and had him make dinner, while I finished cleaning the clothes. As we ate I looked at his toned body, knowing he got that toned just for me was a real turn on. As a gift I propped my feet up on his lap knowing right away that would turn him on. Watching as he started to grow was making me horny, he kept eating trying not to notice what I was doing by not looking down at my feet that I had started taking better care of just for him.

His foot fetish was something that I could use to my advantage. With a straight face, I used my feet to slightly touch his member and balls. This is something I had never done before but wanted to try for him, it wasn't as easy as one would think to be able to try to use your feet to give a small foot job to. When my feet started to cramp up, I had to stop which turned out to be a just the right time.

There was a little bit of precum and I wasn't about to let him come just yet. "Could you start the dishes, while I walk Mac?" "Yes Miss S" Chad smiled gathering the dinner dishes. I hooked Mac up and took him out front. As he did his busy I watched Chad from the window, I could see his shaved chest but nothing else.

That gave me an idea that I had been wanting to do and this was the perfect time for that. After going back inside and letting Mac off his leash, I ignored chad as I whipped the counter down. Then I wrapped my arms around his waist to rinse the washcloth off pressing my boobs firmly against his back as I did it.

A small sigh escaped his lips. I let the cloth go in the water, to press my wet hands on his flat stomach. Moving them slowly down to his member and griping it in my hands as I kissed his back. "Once you have finished the dishes you are allowed to come." I whispered biting into his shoulder lightly. My hands stroked him slowly until he was fully up, I smiled letting him go.

My hands moved all across his body as my lips trailed kisses down his back. There was something I wanted more than seeing his back, I knew it wasn't really fair but I had to have it. "Turn around." I commanded, he did so. I got to my knees and kissed his beautiful dick and his balls. I lifted his member up and sucked on that small piece at the base of his dick that connected to his balls.

He shuttered in pleasure, using my tough I wet his whole dick by doing different movements, I didn't just want to lick him like a lollipop I wanted to give him pleasure beyond belief. "You may put your fingers in my hair if you wish to." I said, as I finished wetting his member. Before he could react I took him in my mouth half way, playing with his balls.

He laced his fingers in my hair, griping hand fulls and pushed himself deeps in my mouth. I reached up smacking his ass check hard, he pulled back right away. I had only told him he could put his hands in my hair, I never said he could control my head. I bobbed mu head back and forth deciding against giving him a great blow job.

I would save that for another day. For a few minutes I slid him in and out of my mouth, playing with his balls. "Miss S, I'm going to cum." Chad panted, I pulled him out of my mouth. I wanted to push him over the edge just for my own satisfaction by being able to make him cum and for making him break my rule but that wasn't fair to him.

Not only that I needed his mouth on my pussy tonight and if he came before the dishes were done that wasn't going to happen. He enjoyed pleasing me, so it was something that I would take away from him if he did what I told him not to do. Taking it away would please me a little but not enough to satisfy my tonight. "Finish the dishes." I commanded softy. "Then go to the room and assume the position." Pretty much jumping with joy, he finished the dishes in record time and raced off to my bedroom.

I gave him a minute to get ready than fallowed after him. At the door I turned to my dog. "Stay Mac." I said closing it on him and prayed that none of the cats were playing in here. I looked at Chad who was on his back legs spread wide open, his arms rest on my pillows, waiting for me. We hadn't made it to the bondage stage of our relationship but that didn't stop me from wishing I could tie him up right now.

That would come later. We had only had sex once in the month we had been together. Between our games and work times it was hard to be able to do much, then there was also the part where I was still training him. Neither of us minded, sex was nice big is wasn't the biggest thing in our sexual life. As long as we could play and get or that was all that matter. That was the point of our high.

"Now don't move until I till you to." I said, getting up on the bed. I was so hot and horny that they was only one thing that I wanted right now and only one way I wanted. I climbed over top of him and straddled his face putting my dripping pussy above him. "Eat me out, and you may cum all you like tonight, whenever you want.

If you happen to cum during this that is fine also." His arms wrapped around thighs as I lowered myself onto his face. For a moment he enjoyed having me above him, his toughed explored every inch of my pussy and that was building me up. He took such care worshiping that part of my body as if he knew without me telling him that was my favorite about sex. It wasn't the sex itself it was the foreplay, the building up.

Don't get me wrong even though I love the foreplay there are times when I want him to just plow into me but that wasn't tonight. I wanted him to eat me like his life depended on it.

I knew right away when he was done exploring because he pulled me down further onto his face till I was close to sitting on top of him. His tough danced on my clit, flicking it back and forth, up and down, he pulled and teased until I was about to cum, then feeling that I was almost to my climax he would stop and shove his tough into my hole and tough fuck it as his teeth playing with my clit.

I was pretty sure his teeth playing with my clit was not something he meant to do but it did wonders for me. "Oh god yes!" I practically screamed grabbing the head board to keep myself from squashing his face. "Fuck yeah, do it like man whore you are!" I yelled starting to ride his face. He gripped my thighs tighter my dirty talk didn't happen often but it sure did things for his body.

"Stop." I managed to gasp out, with a groan he did. I wasn't sure how I was able say the words I wanted to cum right then and there but I need him to cum with me. It just wasn't as enjoyable in this state of mind if he didn't cum with me. So I got off his face only to turn around so I could face his cock that was standing straight up, precum dripping down the side of it, lord he really was going to cum just eating me out.

That was so fucking hot. I straddled his face again but this time I leaned down and took him in my mouth. There was no ceremony to it, no licking and kissing. I just wanted him in my mouth.

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His hips bucked up pushing himself further into my mouth. I enjoyed the feel and taste of him as I bobbed up and down on his cock, it took a minute before I even noticed that there was no attraction being taken on my lower half. So I pushed my hips back sitting on his face once again fully.

He took the hit and got back to work, there was no teasing between the two of us it was straight to business. I bobbed up and down using my tough to play with his head. He had taken it upon himself to not only eat me out but started to finger fuck me as well. I didn't care as long as it got me and him off at the same time.

I was playing with his head for a just a second when I felt myself hitting my point of no return. "Shit." I mumbled, pushing myself further onto him at the same point he thrusted his hips up pushing his dick down into my throat, I gagged for only a second from surprise then got back to work. He bit down on my clit a little too heard letting me know his was close as well.

With one hand holding my up, I used the other to start playing with his balls that last little push to send him over the edge. His kept biting and sucking my clit but to really send me over it put two fingers into my sex and pumped me hard and fast. I exploded the same time he did, trying swallow every bit of cum that came out of him, and he gulped down my juices like it was candy. Than licked me clean as I did the same for him. I fell over on my back huffing from the force of my climax.

I got and started kissing Chad's thighs and his member, which stood right back up, neither of us were done tonight.


After a week of teasing him, he would need more than just a blowjob for release. "Miss S, may I please fuck you?" Chad asked, with pleading eyes. Lord those eyes were sexy as hell right now. "You were such a good boy tonight and did everything I said, so yes you may have sex with me." The look of happiness on his face was so cute, but there was still something else that he wanted but didn't dare ask.

"What else is it that you would like to ask of me?" Surprise showed deep. "Miss S as always you seem to know what I am thinking." He smiled.

"I wanted to know if maybe I could take you from behind." That was all that he wanted? Hell I would have made him do it that way away, I was in a wild mood tonight. "If that is what you want but tomorrow you must stay clothed." This made him a little sad but I had people visiting tomorrow.

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They were like us, they lived the lifestyle but the Dom was a male a very primal one at that and wouldn't like his Sub seeing another male naked. "Since you have to stay clothed, you may worship my body tonight." I say laying out on the bed. When we first started our D/s roles, I decided that once in a blue moon I would allow him to do with my body as he pleases as a treat for good behavior. "Also the reason you have to wear clothes tomorrow has nothing to do with a punishment, it's because we have company coming over." With that Chad got to kissing every inch of my body, he made love to my mouth, my breast, tugging and pulling on my nipples, nipping at my stomach as he got lower to my pussy that was already dipping wet again.

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He pleasured my clit again giving me enough to really get me worked up. He was making this moment last knowing it wouldn't be often that I would allow him to do as he pleased with me. I didn't like giving up the control even a little bit but if it made him happy than I could hand it over as for an hour or two a few times a year when he had been very good.

Once he was finished worshiping the front of my body, turned me over on my stomach and started kissing and nipping again, all the way to my feet. Though he didn't stay down there long to my surprise, I was thankful for that because if he had he would have had to start all over at turning me back on.

Since he only landed quick kiss on both feet then left them making sure to trail kisses back I wasn't turn off completely. Then it happened, he took hold of my hips pulling me up slowly so as not to seem like he was taking all the control over from me. Then let me go next thing I knew he was below me, pulling my pussy closer to his face having me sit on him again.

I hadn't know that he enjoyed having me sit on his face that much. This made me even hornier than I ever could have been. "Holy fucking shit!" I screamed, grabbing the sheets making a fist on the bed laying my head down my toes curled up at the fact that I was about to explode on his face for a second time tonight in my favorite way. "Fuck, I'm coming you piece of shit." I half screamed half grunted into the sheets as my orgasm hit me rock hard.


Before I could even recover from it, Chad was up pulling my hips back, his cock slipped inside of me with ease because how much I had cum. He started with a slow in and out motion. "Miss S, that was great you came all over my face." Wondering what he meant I lifted my head from the bed turning to look at him. My juices were dripping off his face as if he had just washed his face and not dried off.

I knew it had been awhile since I had such mind blowing oral before but that was a lot of cum even for me. The fact that this man knew how to give me such great oral meant I had chosen the right sub to dominate over. "Oh shit!" Chad grunted, then the slow in and out movement got faster and harder.

Damn, I liked it hard. I threw my head back, moving my hips and body to match his thrusts. It wasn't fast enough for him though so he took firm grip of my hips and moved them for me. It was so fast that I lost balance on my hands and feel to the bed face down, my nipples where sliding across the sheets doing wonders for my own building climax.

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Than I had a sudden urge to have something done that never would have crossed my mind before tonight. I picked my head back up and cried out. "Fuck you little whore grab my hair and ram me right." This surprised the both of us because it meant I was really letting go of my control but damn if that isn't what I wanted right then and there. Chad did as I said, being the good sub that he is.

Chad wrapped his left arm around my body and with his right hand he took my hair by the roots and using the grip around my body and my hair he slammed into me over and over again. "Oh, fuck, I'm coming!" we both screamed out together, knowing that he was coming with me made my orgasm that much stronger and a hell of a lot better.

We both feel to the side, he spooned me with his now soft cock still in me. Not able to move I pulled the covers that had been pushed aside over us and we feel asleep. See what happens next.