Nao has shaved slit fucked japanese hardcore

Nao has shaved slit fucked japanese hardcore
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It was Friday during the summer holidays when Keith invited his two best friends, Tim and Marcus, over to play. The day before, his parents had left for business trips and would not be back for 2 weeks leaving Keith to look after the house and his sister Kara, 13.

They had made him promise to look after Kara and the house while they had promised Kara a trip to Disneyland if she behaves and not give her brother any trouble. It was a trip she had wanted to go for a long time and she was determined to see through the two weeks with her brother and go Disneyland.

The 16 year old boys spent the afternoon playing winning eleven on Xbox and were happily playing when Keith received a call from his girlfriend, Stacey. She had wanted him to accompany her to a party that night. Keith thought about it for a while before deciding to go in hope of getting some action with her after the party. He then told his two friends that he was going out and they could stay on and play and leave before 9pm.

He then went to Kara's room and told her that he was going out tonight and that Tim and Marcus would be staying on for a while before leaving. She could eat the leftover pizza for dinner and if she behaved, he would tell their parents that she was a good girl and it would be one step nearer to her trip.

Kara agreed and continued reading her book. Keith then went to shower and got dressed as he left the house to pick Stacey up shortly before 6pm leaving Tim and Marcus at home with Kara.

He went and checked on Kara before leaving the house. A short while later, Kara felt hungry and went downstairs to find her brother's friends still around playing Xbox. She went up and greeted them and was surprised to see a new face in Marcus.

She had known Tim for some time as he was her brother's longest friend while Marcus was a new addition and she did not like the way Marcus looked at her.


She told them that she was hungry and Marcus suggested that they ordered in and she readily agreed. Marcus then called and placed their orders and Kara retreated back to her room. Marcus was eyeing the little blonde teen ever since she came down and was taken by her beauty.

He commented to Tim as Kara left: "Gosh Keith had one hot sister! I would love to get a piece of her!" Tim laughed and told him about how he fancied her as well but did not dare make a move. Marcus smiled and asked what he would be willing to do to get a piece of her. Tim smiled and said anything. Marcus then thought for a while and whispered something to his ear and Tim grinned and nodded. Marcus then called the diner and asked them to delay the order and went to the kitchen and got a drink while Tim went to get some ropes.


Both boys then headed to Kara's room. Tim knocked and both entered, handing Kara a glass of water to which she drank gratefully. The boys sat down on the chairs as Kara finished the water and turned to them.

They chatted for a while as Tim felt his dick rising inside his pants just looking at the cute girl in front of him. Kara at 13 was growing into a sexy girl. Standing at a mere 5'3 and weighing 110lbs, the young teen had one of the slimmest and toned bodies in her school. Her long blonde hair and angelic face features only emphasis her beauty.

She had a cute bubble butt and recently sprouted little 30A breast. Today she was dressed in a pink tank top and black shorts and her hair was ponytailed. They chatted for a while and blushed as Marcus and Tim complimented on her looks.

When she got up to get something, she felt a little giddy and wobbly. Marcus immediately went up and helped support her. While supporting her, he cupped her breast and felt her bottom.

Kara was shocked and tried to push him away but she felt weak. Marcus smiled as he laid her back on her bed and said: "Don't worry babe, I have given you some love drug and just enjoy.

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Be good and you won't get hurt." Marcus then crawled beside her and started stroking her face while Tim looked on excitedly. Kara tried to scream and move away but was slapped by Marcus and he repeated that she better behave or she would be hurt. Without any choice, Kara just laid there as Marcus started kissing her and moving his hands down her body. With tears in her eyes, Kara opened her mouth and accepted Marcus's tongue. Marcus's hands by now were on her body feeling her teen breast and grabbing her crotch.

Marcus then broke off the kiss and kneeled with her body in between his legs. He told Tim to strip as he peeled off the stripes of her tank top and pull it down to her stomach. Marcus then worked on her bra and it was soon tossed onto the floor, revealing Kara's little breast and cute pink nipples.

Marcus squeezed her right tit and sucked the left with his mouth. As Tim got naked, Marcus got off Kara and let Tim play with the young teen. Marcus then quickly stripped naked and went to work on Kara's shorts.

As Tim was squeezing Kara's breast, Marcus effortlessly unzipped Kara's shorts and slipped them to her ankles before pulling her panties down to join the shorts.

Both boys smiled when they saw Kara's smooth hairless pussy.

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As Tim moved back to his seat, Marcus ran his finger around Kara's clit and started playing with her pussy. Kara moaned as Marcus got one, then two, then three fingers in her and started finger fucking her.

By now, the horny Tim was jerking off his dick as he watched Marcus skilling getting Kara wet from his finger fucking. Marcus pulled his fingers out of Kara and licked his fingers. He then spread some Kara's pussy juice on his dick. Marcus then took a pillow and placed it behind her back, lifting her ass into the air. Marcus followed it up by spreading Kara's legs and knelt with his hard black dick at Kara's pussy entrance.

Marcus ignored Kara's weak 'no' and pushed his black dick in. Kara screamed and Marcus pushed his dick inch by inch into her virgin cunt and then got his whole dick in her, tearing her hymen. Marcus fucked Kara and was squeezing her boobs and it wasn't long before he came in her and Tim ejaculate on Kara's body. He pulled out his dick and went over to Kara's mouth and placed it at her lips.

When she did not move, Marcus pinched her nipple, causing her to yelp and shoved his blood and semen stain dick in. "Suck it well girl. If you bite I will beat you!" As Kara worked on Marcus's huge dick, Tim scooted up and positioned himself at Kara's pussy.

Without warning, he inserted his own dick in her and fucked her. As it was Tim's first time, he came quickly and at the same time as Marcus and both boys pulled out. Both boys then smeared cum all over her body and laughed. Marcus then kissed Kara and fed her with another drink. This time, Kara felt her strength come back and Marcus said: "Well bitch if you tell anyone what happened; I will come and kill your family you understand!

Now go wash up and get ready for dinner. Wear something sexy when you come down." Both boys then leave the crying and broken Kara and went to wash and dress up.

Within minutes, the boys were downstairs resuming their game and laughing. Kara came down 10 minutes later wearing a blue cropped halter top with a matching micro skirt. The boys whistled when they saw her and Marcus motioned for her to stand in front of them. As Tim pause the game, Marcus said: "Let's check her out before dinner arrives!" Marcus then undid Kara's top and removed her bra while time lifted her skirt and removed her panties.

The boys tossed her underwear onto the floor as the doorbell rang. Kara quickly redid her clothes as Marcus led the delivery guy in.

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He laid the food on the table and could not keep his eyes off the sexy Kara. Marcus noticed it and whispered something in his ear. The delivery boy smiled and nodded eagerly. Marcus then called Tim and Kara over to the dining room. He then took Kara with him and ordered her to untie her top in front of the delivery boy. She did as told and he reached out to squeeze both tits before undressing quickly.

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The delivery boy then had Kara bent over on the dining table and lifted her short skirt. Tim and Marcus watched as he fucked Kara with a rhythm and Kara moaned as her teenage pussy was breached again. The delivery boy finished off his fuck of Kara by sucking both her tits and left happily saying dinner was on him.

The 3 teens ate hungrily as cum was dripping from Kara's cunt. After dinner, Tim cleaned up while Marcus fucked Kara once more and came in her. Tim cleaned up and got another round with Kara and came in her before getting a blowjob from the teen. The boys left the house after dressing up and with Kara in position. Keith came home at about 10pm frustrated as he did not manage to fuck Stacey and was still horny as she stopped him after he got his hands in her panties. When he got home, he was surprised to find a note on the table and he was smiling after reading it.

He then went to the living room and found Kara tied up naked on the sofa with her legs spread and dry cum all over her body. She was gagged and looked pleadingly at her brother to release her. Keith laughed and started stripping. He then mounted his sister and whispered: "Well baby you are now my slut and we are going to enjoy the time. If you misbehave, I will tell mom and dad and your trip is gone. Be good and enjoy." Keith then spend the night exploring his little sister and they eventually felt asleep together with Kara feeling happy cuddled in her brother's arms P.S.

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The note that Keith read went like this: Keith, Your bitch sister tried to seduce us and we fell for it. However as she is your sister, I felt it my duty to leave her ass cherry for you. She was obedient and we would love to have more go's with her. Enjoy her ass as I bet your girlfriend won't give you hers.