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For a little background, this occurred after Janice and I had been married for about thirteen years. Bill and his wife had known Janice since she was in elementary school and she always spent a considerable amount of time with them. His wife was one of her best friends both when Janice was a child and then as an adult.

Two or three years after we married we moved into a place that was down the road and a very short walk from the house where Bill and his wife lived. Both Bill and his wife worked and Janice took on the job of watching their preschool son.

Bill always returned home from work an hour or two prior to his wife and Janice would then walk their son to their house. One day for no apparent reason Janice confided in me that Bill had been fucking her when she took his son home. I don't know why but I did not get angry, instead I get rather excited about the thought of her being fucked by another man.

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I recall that even though we were in public I wrapped my arms about her and gave her a big kiss. For how long after that Bill continued to fuck Janice when she took his son home I don't know.

I do believe that they did continue to fuck each other until Janice and I moved into an apartment in the area.

Years later Janice told me that Bill still wanted to fuck her occasionally but there was never an opportunity for him to do so.

Janice at the same time confided in me that she did miss being fucked by Bill and had enjoyed their daily fuck. Janice said, "If only there was some way that they would be able fuck again." I did not tell Janice but I also missed the feel of fucking her freshly fucked pussy.


I missed the way her pussy would swell from being fucked and how it was so wet inside from the mixture of her own juices and Bill's cum.

Janice and I came up with the following plan that would make it possible for Bill to fuck her at least once a week. I would go out one evening a week to visit with a friend and drop Janice off at Bills to visit with Bill and his wife. At a predetermined time Bill would take Janice home, our knowing that Bill would insist on taking Janice home by himself while his wife stay would home. Once at our home Bill would then be able to fuck Janice for five to ten minutes before returning home.

The extra time was always explained as Bill talking to me for a few minutes after he brought Janice home.

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This scheme that Janice and I had put together worked very well. Not only was Bill able to fuck Janice on a regular basis, Janice also enjoyed that she was being fucked by Bill. I would get very excited knowing that Janice was being fucked and I especially enjoyed fucking Janice after Bill had fucked her. Janice's pussy had a different, but special feel to it when I fucked her right after she had been fucked by Bill.

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Janice's pussy would swell or puff up from him fucking her and the presence of his cum in her pussy would change the way it felt to me when I fucked her. Even though Janice and I had been fucking each other for a number of years, getting what is commonly called sloppy seconds from your freshly fucked wife can be very enjoyable. Even though Janice enjoyed Bill fucking her, he was never able to fuck her for a long enough time to fully satisfy her needs.

Because Bill was not able to take the time needed he always satisfied himself by cumming in her pussy and would leave Janice with her pussy primed and ready for some more fucking.

I would always arrive home while Bill was still at our house and park the car where he could not see it when he was leaving. As soon as Bill was out of sight I would move the car park in front of our place. Immediately after I arrived home Janice and I would head for the bedroom, remove our clothes, get into the bed and literally fuck our brains out. We had found that what we were doing with Bill was very exciting for both of us and there was nothing like a good fuck afterwards.

It would also fulfill the need that Bill had left in Janice and our fucking each other gave Janice the satisfaction that she then needed. We had an arrangement that satisfied the needs of the three of us and hurt no one. On one night in particular Bill came to our place and told us that he and his wife had an argument and he had to get out of there for awhile.

He finally asked if he could spend the night and Janice fixed the sofa to give him some place where he could sleep. I later went into our bedroom while Janice stayed and talked to him about his wife. After a short while Janice came into the bedroom and told me that Bill wanted to fuck her and that he had asked her to ask me if it would be alright with me if he fucked her.

Bill had no idea that I knew he had been fucking Janice all of these years and I saw it as an opportunity for Janice and I to have some real fun.


We then established some ground rules for what was going to happen, primarily since Janice had never been fucked in our home while I was there. I told her that she could tell Bill that he could fuck her but he would have to wait until after I fucked her first. I also told Janice that after they had finished fucking I wanted her to return to our room so that I could fuck her again.

Janice agreed with what I wanted but she also said that I was not to try and watch her and Bill while they were fucking no matter how tempting it would be. Janice also said that Bill was already very nervous with fucking her knowing that I would be in the next room. She did not want me to do anything that would interrupt her and Bill while they were fucking.

I agreed to what she wanted and Janice went out and told Bill that yes he could fuck her but he would have to wait because I was going to fuck her first.


Janice came back into the room and we had a very pleasant fuck before she left to be with Bill. After we finished fucking she went out to Bill so that he could now fuck her cum filled pussy.

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While she was being fucked by Bill I lay there in our bed waiting for her to return to me. I knew that I would have her pussy less than a minute after Bill had removed his cock from inside of her. I lay there listening for the slightest sound they would make while fucking.

I tried to visualize what they were doing as one of my fantasies was to see another man slide his cock into Janice's pussy and watch as he fucked her. I knew that they had finished when I saw the glow of a match lighting up the hallway for an after sex cigarette. Janice returned to our room as soon as Bill finished fucking her just we had arranged and we laid there holding one another.

I did not question her about being fucked or even ask how it was. I started to touch and play with her pussy while kissing her and before I knew it I had my face buried between her legs and my mouth on her pussy.

I had planned on fucking Janice as soon as she returned to me after fucking Bill but I do not regret the way things happened. Janice's pussy was now swelled and puffy from being fucked by Bill, it was something that I enjoyed knowing that another man was the reason for it being that way.

I started by putting my tongue on all the parts of her pussy and then sucking on her now very wet pussy. Her clit, the swollen lips and anything else I could wrap my lips around.

I finished by trying to suck out of that wonderful opening in Janice's pussy that Bill's cock had occupied only minutes earlier of all the fluids that were in it. I know that I swallowed the combined juices that she produced from being fucked, cum from when I fucked her and cum that Bill had left in her when he fucked her.

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The taste of what I swallowed was not at all unpleasant even though previously I had never even considered putting my mouth on her pussy and eating her after I or someone else had fucked her and had cum in her pussy. After I had finished eating her pussy we fucked again for quite a few minutes and I left another load of cum in her pussy. It was a very good fuck for both of us as we were both excited by what we had just done and we were now doing.

I believe that I fell asleep shortly after that and Janice once again went out to talk to Bill.

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If Bill fucked her any more on that night I do not know but it would not surprise me to learn that he did. I seriously don't believe that either of them slept very much that night. After the evening the three of us had it really did not matter. Janice knew that she was free without any questions or prior approval to fuck whomever she wanted as long as she would continue to fuck me and on occasion bring home some freshly fucked pussy.

I later realized that I could tell if Janice had been fucked earlier in the day. Janice's pussy and especially the lips of her pussy would be swelled and puffy in addition to being extra wet inside.

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