Ashley Ryder and Lisandro in hardcore gay porn

Ashley Ryder and Lisandro in hardcore gay porn
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Hide and seek Champion I always had the ability I guess. I just never really noticed it. When I was younger I would hide in the worst hiding spot ever, and I would never get found. When my parents were angry with me, one of my sisters or my brother, I would hide in my closet.

They would look for me there, look right at me, and never see me. Once on the school playground in grade school I had been playing dodge ball, and none of the other kids could hit me. They swore I was popping around the field like a rabbit, here one minute and gone the next. Now I know, though because of my ability my schoolmates think I am a magician.

I can become invisible. When I don't want to be found, no one can see me. It has its perks certainly. But Im getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the magician thing. So its a normal school day. A Thursday to be exact. The sun is out, there are some clouds out, and the grass is green.


My school is built with white limestone blocks, two stories high and has six halls. Each hall is one long corridor with classrooms branching off and they are connected to the cafeteria by the main hall, which is just a big hallway that each corridor opens into.

The gym is separate and the fields are as well. In English 2, I was giving a presentation, and everything is fine. Then, in a few seconds, everything goes to hell.

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See, the only thing I didnt say is that there is a group of kids (the hall monitors, though the principals don't believe that) known as the masked marauders. They dress up in black robes and video, once a week, one victim being utterly humiliated in front of their class, which humiliates them around school.

So im talking, thinking I might make it through the presentation when the marauders bust in. Long story short, they humiliated me thoroughly. I wont say what because then those classmates of mine who know me might actually recognize me, and then everything goes south.

But heres the catch. Somehow, when its all over, they haven't turned on the video camera. So right as the head guy is yelling at the camera guy to turn on the fucking camera, I disappear. Im gone, out the door and running. I head straight home. Then I get a phone call from my best friend Stacy.

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT? The whole school heard how you disappeared! You never told me you could do MAGIC!" A word about Stacy. No her mom is not hot. Well, not hotter than Stacy. Stacy is five foot six, brunette and somewhat emo. Purple and black are her favorite colors; she wears long sleeve shirts in ninety-degree weather and she hates rainbows.

She is, however, smokin hot. At least 32C breasts, slim figure and yet still curvy. The hourglass shape is truly hers, and her hips and ass sway back and forth like a dancing angel, though Stacy is still hotter than the angel.

At some point we talked and became friends. Not im not emo. Im around six foot even, black hair and blue eyes. I don't really have any belly fat, and im proud to say my dick is seven and a half inches long.

Im stronger than average, though not a bodybuilder, im certainly faster than most though not track. I have a decent singing voice though im not in choir. Basically, im the jack-of-all-trades, the five card in the deck. No one really knows a lot about me, though they think they do now. Instantly I hang up the phone.

I cant exactly talk to Stacy over the phone about this. So I do the dumb thing. I try and turn invisible again. When I finally found the secret I headed over to her house. Sounds like a bad idea right? Yeah, I thought so too at the time. When I got there, Stacy answered the door, gasping at and instantly slapping me. Apparently she was mad. "You hang up on me after all of this, and then you show up at my HOUSE?

What the hell?" another note about Stacy. She is a bit hysterical about everything. Although she is the most honest, kindest, best secret keeping person alive that I know. I didn't really mind the slap to be honest. "Listen Stacy, I couldn't talk about it over the phone with my little sister there. She was sick today. I cant exactly talk out here either, so could we… you know?" often I had snuck up to her room, though for innocent things like consolation.

We had both needed a good friend over the years. She frowned, looked in and hen nodded. "Alright, don't scream or anything." I turned invisible, Stacys gasp making me wince. Then I stepped in, narrowly sliding by her in the doorframe and brushing against her full body. In tight blue jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, Stacy was even hotter than normal.

Brushing against her tits and crotch for more than a second gave me an instant erection.

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I swore at the time I saw a smile lightly lift the corners of her mouth. I made it into the house and she shut the door, heading straight into the kitchen. She spoke with her mom for a moment and then gestured for me to follow her upstairs, though the gesture was in a way only I could see.

I followed her up, watching her ass sway back and forth and actually imagined for a moment reaching up and squeezing a cheek. Then I put my hand to my stinging cheek and thought better of it. Finally we made it to her room and shut the door, locking it behind us. Stacy lived pretty simple and her room was at emo at all. The polka dot bed sheets underneath a comical sun covered comforter. The pink and white painted desk and the hardwood dresser.

She had her own bathroom attached, seeing as she was an only child. Her room had some secrets that I wont disclose here, but were extremely cool at the time.

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When she sat down on he bed I materialized. She chuckled to herself for a moment, probably at the fact that on command she had made a guy pop out of nowhere in her bedroom. I sat down on the bed, the impact of all of it hitting me like a freight train. "So, how does it work?" Stacy could tell how phased I was, her gentle tone dripping kindness and curiosity. I knew she was just trying to be a good friend. "I just think about hiding. I think… I don't really understand. And no, I haven't always known I could do it.

It just kind of makes sense of all my memories." I was seriously shell shocked, not really responsive or excited. Stacys voice faded out into the background.

She waved her hand in front of my face. Nothing really did anything for me; I just sat there with a blank stare on my face. Then I felt her hands on my face, saw her looking into my eyes. I just wasnt there. Then she pulled my face to hers and planted her lips on mine. That certainly woke me up.

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I kissed her back, shifting so that the bend was easier. We kissed for several minutes, not really hard or tenderly, just lightly and uncertainly.

Then we stopped and looked at each other. "You werent… I just wanted you to talk to me…" Stacy started to defend herself as if I was being defensive. I silenced her with another kiss, this one more passionate. She didnt resist, accepting and kissing back. I pulled her closer, Stacy swinging her leg over my lap and sitting on me. She kissed me hard, pulling me close and pressing her chest and hips into my body as hard as she could.

She moaned, her tongue probing into my mouth and her hands wrapping around my neck. Our passion increased in seconds, making us frantic with desire. We stripped each other in minutes, Stacy down to dark blue bra and panties.

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I stood, Stacy wrapping herself around me and moaning when she felt the bulge in my boxers press into her sex. I spun around and laid her on the bed, unhooking her lace bra and throwing it away from us. I didnt care about her breasts then, just about her. We continued our frantic kiss, stripping off my boxers and releasing my seven-inch dick from its confinement.

When it pressed into Stacys pussy lips She gasped into our kiss and pulled me closer. I was truly in heaven. Then she pulled away from our kiss, her desire no less than it had been.

She pulled her panties off, revealing her pussy lips to me. The forbidden fruit in front of me increased my desire for my extremely hot friend tenfold. I jumped on her and pulled her face to mine again, positioning my cock at her entrance. I pushed, not gently but cautiously, into her hot, tight cunt. She moaned into our kiss before falling away back onto the bed and gazing into my eyes like I was her prey.

The desire, the hunger, it fed mine as I took her pussy for my own. Soon I was all the way inside of her, the tightness holding my cock inside of her like a goddamn bear bite. I pulled out and pushed back in, the knowledge that I was having sex with my best friend and, at the moment, the hottest girl in school. Stacy was kissing me again, breaking off every few minutes and just moaning and crying out quietly.

The knowledge that her mom didn't know I was here preset in both of our minds. "Im gonna cum, Im gonna fucking cum all over you… oh fuck me Garrett, fuck meeeeeee…!" Stacy came with a serenade of moans and cries, bucking her hips even while impaled on my dick.

Her body began to spasm and her cunt latched onto my cock even harder than she was already wrapped around it. The pressure from her orgasm made me grunt and spray my cum inside of her cunt, neither of us caring at the moment. The thought of birth control was totally forgotten by the two of us at the moment, the thought of anything other than sex totally beyond us.

When we finished cumming, I slowly began to fuck her again, her cunt squelching every few thrusts. The combination of my cum and hers made her pussy so wet I was pounding in and out of her at speeds lightning would have been jealous of. She began to whimper, her clit being caught every time I slammed into her. Stacy grabbed her own tits and started to massage them, her nipples little peaks in the middle of well-tanned flesh.

I grabbed her by the hips and began to slam into her even harder. Finally she cried out again, another orgasm bursting out of her womb and spraying my waist and thighs with her pussy juices. I didn't cum at the same time but I came a few minutes later, pushed over the edge when Stacy grabbed my head and began to kiss me again, all while her other hand was still squeezing and tugging on her nipple.

I moaned, cumming for the second time and ramming all the way into her so that my seed could make the trip. At that point I wanted to get her pregnant. It meant we would be together forever, and that was what I wanted. I was an invisible boy.

I wanted someone who could see me. After wards the two of us cleaned up in her shower, which ended with me cumming in her cunt once more before we both dressed and I was forced to leave. " Hey Garrett!" Stacys call brought me back to her window, the grin on her face making me smile just as broadly at her.

"Don't worry. I understand if you screw other women… but I… well im not on birth control so im probably…" Stacy was happy, but she couldn't get the words out. I climbed back up to her window, invisibly, and kissed her again. "I had kind of hoped you weren't.

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This way well have to be together forever. I don't want anyone else, I just want you… Stacy Monroe I love you. Always have." I said it with honesty and truth in my voice, so that she knew I really was sincere. She smiled even bigger, the aroma of cherry scented body wash washing over me. " I know that now. But I know youll want to use your power, and maybe youll get into a situation where sex is a choice… I just don't want you to think that im the only girl youll ever fuck.

I don't want anyone else, but if you want, say, Marissa or Jacelyn, or even Cheyenne… you could, I wouldn't be mad. I love you that much.


Just make sure I get more of you then they do, ok?" Stacy looked at me like I was a criminal. I am the luckiest bastard who ever lived. Back with more later.

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