Bbc pov handjob in the bathroom with huge cum shot tube porn

Bbc pov handjob in the bathroom with huge cum shot tube porn
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My reputation is widely known around the world, my nickname John the Bull comes from the size of my cock. My cock and balls resemble a bull's, 9 inches in length and 4 inches in circumference when hard. My balls look like a pair of hairy baseballs. I prefer young women between the ages of 18 to 30, my favorite women are Asian and Latinos. I'm a divorcee of 6 marriages and a Billionaire many times over. My wealth is from international business conglomerate, stock investments, and a conglomerate of law firms.

I'm over 50 years old, a womanizer, and sex addict with a dark side for rough sex. I currently have a live in mistress in Dallas, a mistress in London, a mistress in Paris, two mistresses in New York and one mistress in Houston. Marci, a thirty year old single Latino is a reporter/anchor to an ABC TV station in Miami. I seen her at party I attended and knew I must meet her and have her as a mistress. I knew there was a job opening in New York at ABC and since I was a major shareholder I knew she would be hired.

Any party I attended always got the wives and girlfriends of other men gossiping about me and seeing who was on my arm. I'm very comfortable showing off a beautiful young woman. As I arrived at the party, Marci caught my eye across the room, she is intrigued in meeting me for the first time, and afterwards I have scheduled clandestine meeting. Marci is surprised some what frightened and somewhat aroused at this. Marci watched through her tinted window at the city as they drove past it.

The limo pulled to a stop in front of a large gate and the driver blew his horn. Within seconds the gate came open and the limo drove into the large compound and stopped in front of a mansion. The driver ushered Marci inside. He led her into the parlour where I waited for her. Marci swallowed her breath when she saw me seated across from her in the living room, wearing a suit and smoking a cigar in one hand while in my other I held a wine glass. Marci recognized me, I'm the one courting after her affections.

I took a puff of my cigar, fixing Marci with a stare. No one said anything while she stood there waiting for me. I turn my sight on Marci and smiled.


"How're you doing, Marci? It is my pleasure to finally meet you." " I'm happy to see you, John," she said; both of them fully knew there were few words necessary. " You must be tired. Why don't you rest on any one of the sofas," I indicated at one not too far from me. She thanks me and then went to the sofa I meant and lay down on it.

I turn to Marci and smile. " Marci, it's so nice seeing you again. I hope my men didn't put you in any type of distress when they arrived at your home?" She sat up. " Well, I was kind of frightened at first.

I didn't know who they were. But knowing they came from you . I guess I'm intrigued about whatever's going on." Marci looking at me, speculating on whatever is going on. " What's going on, John?" " I'll tell you," I said. I took one last drag on my cigar before turning around to a coffee table beside my chair and extinguishing the cigar on an ash tray then turned back to face her.

" I approached the station manager making an inquiry about your current contract. My inquiry was made with discretion and offered to buy your contract. Can you guess what my price is, Marci?" My eyes held hers in a firm gaze. It rattles Marci to stare back at me. She looks down then back up at me. " I don't . I know nothing about any price," she replies. " I know nothing at all about whatever inquiry was." " I know you don't, Marci.

A shame that I didn't contact you, but I'll let you in on my part of the bargain. What I want, quite simply, is you." Marci brought a hand to her chest; her lips came open with startled surprise.

" Me . me?" I nodded. " Yes, Marci, you. Your station manager already signed the contract yesterday evening. Except this morning he wants to turn chicken on me." My face hardened. " But I'm not about to let that happen." " I've been eyeing you since I arrived here in Miami, Marci. I'm not about to renege on the deal I made with your wimpy manager, and as long as you try not to fight, you'll see how much of a gentleman I really am." Marci looks at me confused.

" Whatever it is you want from me . I don't know what it is, but I'll do it." I smile at her. " First, I will arrange for movers to move you to New York. There is a nice loft for you and your new job is waiting for you.

Now, get down on your knees. Go on." Marci's heart is in her throat with fright, but she did as I wanted and slides downward to her knees till her face is aiming at my crotch. She sees the huge bulge there, like something long and thick and strong is trying to break through my pants.

Oh my God, please tell me that's not his cock! She looks up at me and I smile down at her. " It's calling out to you, Marci," I said to her, pushing my crotch against her face. " Be a good girl and unzip my fly and take my cock out of its hiding place, would you?" Marci is trembling as her hands work my pants pulling down on my fly's zipper.

She reached inside, feeling she is dipping her hand into a dark hole, and encounters my jockey briefs. She reaches inside till she pulls out my hard long thick snake. Her eyes grow wide at its size and she mutters a gasping sound. " Oh my God!" She moans. I throw my head to the ceiling and shook with laughter then turn to look down at her.

" Don't worry, babe. It's not going to harm you. Not yet at least," I chuckle. Immediately my voice barks harshly at her. " Well, don't keep me waiting. Put those sweet lips of yours to that cock and start sucking, Marci!" I grab the back of her head and roughly push her against my crotch, forcing my long thick shaft into her mouth.

Marci is grunting and choking as she feels the head of my cock jam at the back of her throat, making her momentarily gag on it. I explode with dirty talk as I watch her get back herself. Still holding the side of her head, I thrust my cock all the way into her mouth, barely giving her chance to recover. Marci shuts her eyes and takes the punishment; she desperately wants to cry. The girth of my cock filling her mouth like a helium balloon.

She tries desperately to relax her jaw to accommodate me. It is a struggle to swallow more and more of my cock. " That's it, Marci," I murmur encouragement at her sucking while thrusting my shaft in and out of her mouth. " Yes .

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keep taking that dick, babe . suck that cock like you were born to do it. And don't think of stopping until I tell you! I growl. Marci often prided herself to be a good cocksucker whenever she had the chance to handle her boyfriend's prick. What her boyfriend had is nothing comparable to my monster prick she is sucking right now. She feels humiliated scarping her teeth over the my cock's foreskin, muttering and gagging as she sucks my cock.

Her eyes watered with tears. Spit rolled off her mouth and down her chin. I hold my shaft in my hand at the same time holding her lower jaw. I turn to Marci and said to her, " Now, I'm going to jam my cock in and out of your pretty mouth and I want you to leave it wide open.

Nod your head if you do." Marci nods. " Good." My hard cock resembles a kid's fist; its size is like a bull's. Marci is shaking from the exercise and tears continue to down her face. When I finally stopped fucking her mouth I slowly pull out. Marci unbuttoned her blouse reaching into her bra to caress her tits. I take off my jacket and begin stripping my clothes off, my cock jutting in front swaying from side to side.

When I was naked, I came behind Marci pushing her forward onto her hands then spread her legs wide. I knelt behind her, pushing her skirt up then sliding her panties to the side. Marci looked back over her shoulder looking at me as I rub my cock up and down over pussy lips.

Then suddenly she screams when I shove the broad cock head into her. " OMG.STOP.IT'S TO BIG.IT WON'T FIT.PLEASE." Marci is shaking as she feels my cock sliding deeper into her cunt.

Her screams reverberating in the room. The pain she feels is intense; it is unlike anything she has ever felt before. She is moaning and gasping as I thrust my cock in and out of her. Her mouth open, as I grunt from her pussy's tightness forcing my cock deeper inside her.

My strokes sliding in a steady rhythm, her pussy releasing copious amounts of juice to compensate the wetness as her cunt is stretched and scraped. The pain is slowly subsiding mixing with pleasant sensations after a while and Marci is no longer hurting from it at all.

She is beginning to enjoy the size of my cock filling her and thrusting in and out of her. Marci is whimpering as I force my cock all the way inside her. Marci fell face down on the carpet. I landed on top of her, my cock throbbing and jerking deep inside her.

Her body convulsing and shaking under me. She reaches her hands behind her grabbing me, urging me to give her more, to release her from the pain she is in. " Take all of my cock!" I grunted into her ear. Sweat rolling down my face landing on her neck. Marci feels my cock growing bigger inside her. Her body tenses, as she screams feeling the roar of my cum shooting into her like a rocket exploding filling her womb.

Her body stiff as she climaxes again while I grunt as more spurts of semen fill her. When I'm done, I pull out of her slapping her ass cheeks. Marci moans as she feels my cock sliding out of her pussy. She remains laying on the carpet, loving the soothing feeling that came upon her now. I called one of my house staff to help Marci upstairs to get cleaned up. I said " I will see you again in two hours." A maid came helping Marci get off the floor.

She falters on her feet, to weak, she had to put her arm around the shoulder for the maid to lead her upstairs. Marci must have passed out. She woke up laying on the bed. Memories of her boyfriend now came to her as she recalled the exquisite hurt and pain that lit in her body and deep in her cunt when his cock broke through her hymen.

It was pretty much the same thing that had happened to her a couple of hours ago when I had thrust my cock inside her. It's no surprise I came at her from behind—she doubt if she would have allowed me to stick that big cock in her if I had told her what I intended doing. But now, thinking of it, she is glad that I did stick it to her.

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She'd never been so abundantly filled up by a massive cock. The way I had fucked her so mercilessly, making her climax suddenly .

it was worth having my cock anytime. She sat up on the edge of the bed, seeing some clothes at the end of the bed. A short red blouse, black skirt and nylon garters with stockings; there wasn't any panties. Marci picked up the red blouse and held it to her chest; it stopped halfway of her belly. She put it on feeling its tightness press against her body. The garter belt with the stockings came on next. The skirt is very light and it barely covers her butt cheeks when she wore on.

Marci thought that all she needed to complete the picture is a pair of maroon-coloured 'fuck me' type high heels to wear. She looks beside the foot of the bed and like magic, there was a pair of sleek black high heel shoes standing there just for her. No harm there, she sat on the bed and put them on and tested by walking from one end of the room to the other. Her legs comfortable with high heels but never one as outlandish as these; they made her look nearly six feet.

She approached the windows that face the front of the compound looking down at the driveway there is no sight of the limo or of the security Land Cruisers that had brought them here. Suddenly the bedroom door came open.

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She turns her face away from the window like one who'd been caught at something and sees me standing there in my vest and pants, admiring her new outfit. She feels naked before my eyes and feels the urge to search for something to cover herself with.

" No, that's not exactly the way I pictured you to be," I murmurs. I close the door behind me as I step further into the room. " First time I saw you, I had this perfect picture in my head of you dressed more sulture. You've got a very sexy body that looks like a ballerina." I came to her and caressed her lower abdomen, running my finger around her navel. This brought excitement to her.

Marci is suddenly angry at me. " I'm confused. I don't know yet how to take any of this. I feel like my whole world just turned upside down.

A few hours ago I worked for a TV station here now I work for you and moving to New York. Then you bring me here with security. You had sex with me. Exactly what would you want me to believe?" My voice became as cold as a tombstone when I said, " What I want you to believe is first of all, don't ever raise your voice at me." Marci took a step back away from me, momentarily afraid.

Just as I had turned angry, like someone flicking a light switch off, the anger in my eyes instantly disappeared and I resumed being casual and seductive, so too did my voice.

" I want you to feel my desire, Marci. Know how much I want you, and how much you want me in you." I draw her closer to me. My arms encircles her body pressing her against me; she can't resist. " You didn't see the look that was on your face when downstairs and you sucked my dick. I know you've never had one as big as mine before, or have you?" She shook her head against my chest. " Your cock was so . so fucking big. I've never had a cock that big before, ever." " I know, but you did enjoy yourself, didn't you?" My hands went down her backside cupping her buttocks under her skirt and she shivers as I begin caressing it.

" Tell me that when I shoved that cock down your throat that you didn't like it. You felt so alive when you were handling me. Sucking my dick with so much love in your eyes." My words are like the ocean waters and she is the Titanic going down to the bottom. Before she realises it, she is moaning against my chest, her hands hold onto me as she vividly recalls the rush that came upon her when I had served her my cock.

She recalls the taste, and with me standing here before her, there wasn't anything that could prevent her from having my cock again.

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She looks up at me stretching her face towards me. Our lips met, and then parted my tongue sliding down into her mouth. Our tongues dancing around each other. Her hands caressing the back of my head and shoulders while I keep squeezing her butt cheeks and giving them a playful slap. I bend down towards her legs lifting her up into the air. Marci gasps with sudden fear, as I lift her higher till she rests her legs over my shoulders.

She holds onto the far wall while her other hand helps up her skirt which partly now rests over my face. Within seconds she feels my tongue blowing air at the outer skin of her labia. She holds back the hem of her skirt and watches the top of my face bury itself between the open 'V' of her legs. My tongue licking up her pussy once, making her gasp momentarily. It slips up her pussy a second time, then a third, and then went inside her like a missile and begins sucking her pussy steadily.

Marci is panting. Her hands run over my head repeatedly while her feet kicking the air behind my back. I hold her deftly in my hands. My biceps stood out as I continue to balance her weight in front of my face while my lips suck her wet pussy with vigour.

I move forward lowering her to the bed. Still holding her legs up, I never once left up my head from where it was buried. Marci's pussy seems to scream at me for more, not wanting me to stop any time soon. Her hands holding my face down while her hips keep pushing up for more of my questing tongue. A raging fire is burning from deep within her and spreading through her into a flaming orgasm, one that makes her shudder and convulse under me. I keep my face buried aganist her pussy, even as she squirts juice upon my face.

She is gasping and panting wildly while her abdomen and pelvis rocking. " Ahh . Ohhhh . God! Oh my God!" she whimpers as the orgasm gradually dies down. " Ohhh God . John, I've never had it so good!" I look up at her, my lower face covered with her cum. " Glad you enjoyed it," I said.

" Yes," She sighs panting. Thank you for making me cum like that. Oh God, it was wonderful." " Don't thank me yet, Marci. I still want some more your pussy." I lay on top of her, balancing my bulk on one hand as if I was doing a one-hand push-up exercise, and with the other hand wrapped around my cock, I rub its knob head against her pussy entrance.

Marci drew in a deep breath, her body shaking, especially her legs as she feels me pushing my cock inside her, stretching her tight narrow tunnel. Marci is humming as I continue to push further into her, she feels her pussy spasming as it tries to accommodate the thickness of my cock.

Her humming changes to a moan, and then to a scream the head of my cock comes to rest against her cervix. " Ougghhh . Awwhhh . fuck!" Marci is heaving and bucking her body under me, her head is thrashing from side to side as I thrust in and out hard. Her hands encircle my shoulders.

her legs with the high heels remain suspended in the air. I thrust into her steadily, thrusting my way through the tightness like I was breaking down an impenetrable wall, loving the feel of her juices coating my cock. When I feel satisfied that I had easy access I laid carefully on top of her and start owning her pussy.

My hands slid under her buttocks pushing her hips upwards to meet my pelvis as my buttocks went up and down rhythmically on her. Marci senses her juices seeping out of her cunt staining the sheets. Her hands reach behind for the bed's headboard and she is moaning from the pain and lust I'm inflicting upon her. My face is inches from hers. I inhale her panting breath and she too did the same of my exhaling grunts.

My lips over hers kissing deeply, I never lost focus from the rhythm of my cock sinking deep into her. Marci turns her face to the side, her features squeezed in pain. The anguish brings with it searing heat and exquisite delight. It is unlike anything she has ever felt before. " Tell me what I'm doing to you," I said to her gruffly at the same time breathing down on her face., punctuating my words with each thrust my cock made into her. " What am I doing to you, Marci?" For Marci, it is an uphill struggle to put what I'm doing to her in words.

" You're . Uhhgghh . you're fucking me . you're fucking me!" She groans.

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" You love what I'm doing to you . don't you, Marci?" " Yes . yes, I fucking love it . Ohhhh ." " You're going to learn to love this dick for a long time," sweat dribbling off my forehead onto her face. " You're going to love my dick every time!" Caught in her ecstatic delirium, she responds that she is loving it already.

I pull out of her turning to lie on my back, pulling her along.

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Her pussy is by screaming for my cock to come back and fuck it; her juices trickling down her legs as she came on top of me guiding my cock into her waiting pussy then sinking herself downward to receive me. Her mouth open as she exhale a whimpering cry as my cock slides deep inside her. " Awwwhhh . fuck! Fuck me!" I slap her buttocks as she spurs herself to rocking her ass back and forth on my cock. She leans forward against the head board, her tits bouncing and jiggling above my face.

She gazes down at me, but didn't really see me. The room is getting blurry before her eyes. My hands slap her butt cheeks once more, making a loud crack that made her scream. " Move that ass, Marci!" I slap her butt again. " Fucking move that ass!" She is on top of me, riding me, in reality I'm the rider and she is the horse. Her hips bucking against me as I keep thrusting my cock against her cervix.

I pull her butt cheeks as far apart as my hands can and thrust my shaft way deep inside her harder and harder, my balls slapping up and down as my cock slides in and out of her. Marci braces herself for another splitting orgasm. This one coming to her like the rush of a bullet train. She fell on top of me whimpering loudly, beating her fists on my arms, begging me to stop, I didn't.

My thrusting cock fucking her like on automaton, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. The bed shaking under us.


My finger-fucked her ass as I nibbled on her ear lobe at the same time. As she is recovering from the shock of the orgasm she just had, within minutes she is having another.

Marci gives a lasting cry and jumping up from me at the last minute. A tidal wave of her juices gushing out of her like a broken dam; she massages her clit while it runs out of her and wets my body. " OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODDDDD!" she shrieks. I slid my cock back into her and went on slamming her pussy. I came up minutes later turning her back on the bed resuming fucking her once more.

By now Marci is getting frustrated at the same time admiring me in awe that all this time I hadn't climaxed yet. The moment came less than two minutes later. My hands under her buttocks and my hard cock pinning her to the bed, I mutter a satisfying groan as I let go of my deluge of semen filling her pussy and every inch of her womb.

She is lucky that she is on the pill. By the time I pull out of her, her pussy is drenched and sore. I came to the end of the bed where her face is dangling my cock before her; my shaft coated with her cum.

She takes it in her hand and brought her face to it, inhaling the sweet, intoxicating fragrance that is her pussy, then took it into her mouth. I held her head up while she sucks me. " You're going to be my mistress, Marci," I said to her while she continues sucking me. " You're going to be filled with my cum for a long time. My New York mistress. I'm going to fuck you however I want, whenever I want and wherever I want, and you're never to say no to me. And you're committed to me and to play with other pricks anymore." I grab her face staring at her.

She pulls her mouth from my cock and looks up at me. " Did you hear all what I just said, Marci?" " YES!" she yells her answer with submissive obedience glowing in her eyes. " Yes, I heard everything you said. Please, let me suck your cock, please?" I smile. " Go ahead, help yourself." She resumes taking my cock into her mouth.