Teen wanna fuck in bathroom and facial

Teen wanna fuck in bathroom and facial
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Denise was a veteran now, she was tied to her bed in her home now. Master Rocky hadnt dominated her for a week nowhe had an away game last week so he let her leave the frat house to spend time with Bill her cuckold husband. Rocky had dropped by last night unannounced & told Bill to get the fuck out of bed.

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Then he proceeded to lube up his cock & gave her her first assfuck in a month.Her ass was still store from that. Then after he unloaded his jism in her shithole, he put her over his knee,&spanked her ass very hard with hands "screaming did you miss me bitch " Of Course" Denise replied. Afterwards he demanded she put on her nipple& nose rings, ownership collar & leash & her 6 inch spiked heels.Rocky told her to get on all fours as he lead his wench like a dog to kitchen.

Rocky had Denise call Bill& he entered the kitchenget me one of your expensive beers out of the fridge shithead he said. Then get upstairs and go back to sleep you have to work in the morning Rocky laughed.Bill handed Rocky the beerand left. Collared and leashedDenise was lead into the living room by Rockywho soon sat on the sofa and used Denise as a footstool. Chapter 1-Rockys new Submissive As he used Denise as his footstoolRocky relaxed as he flipped on the tv & the dvd began to play.

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It began with Nina Rogers (his ex-gfs motheryou might remember CINDY from previous chaptersRocky got bored with her & hypnotized her again making her an extreme dyke who was now a complete lesbian who he would turn straight once in a awhile to use as a personal pissbucket & humilate)who was tied to the staircase bannister at the frathouse, and he was wearing a superhero mask as he whipped the owned house slave into submission.

Underneath Rocky Denise could hear the audio of Nina saying thank you master after each hit of the whipDenise counted ten on each cheek before Rocky stopped. Rocky was now jerking off to the video so he had Denise get off the floor and she took over playing with the 11 inch monster.

The next scene began with Rocky leading Nina into his bedroom at the frathouse, a place where Denise had spent many days and nights. Ninas asscheeks were very red from the whippingso as Denise jerked Rockys prick he got even harder.

So Rocky grabbed Denise by her hair & shoved his dong down her throat, as Denise kept an eye out on the screen as she was curious what would happen next ?

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Chapter 2- Next Denise couldnt believe what she saw nextas Nina was led into the bedroomRocky had another woman already tied to the headboards of his kingsize bed, later she would learn that the womans name was Bevand like Denise she was in her fifties, married and with big tits 42dds.

She had grayhair and was probably a grandma thought Denise,As she watched Rocky go over and facefuck the old hag on filmDenise was blowing the same prick. As she quickened her bobbing on Rockys wang Denise now noticed that Nina was licking Rockys ass &balls . On screen Rocky was roughly facefucking his new bitch Bev. He had met her earlier in the day at the same mall he had met Denise and Bill awhile back As he continued the continued the cock torture, Bev couldnt believe the size her husband Melvin had a 6 inch prick and she had thought that was big until today.

She was struggling to get Rockys 20something 11inch monster down her throat. Chapter 3- Meanwhile Meanwhile Rocky was getting too hardtoo quickhe wanted to enjoy his home xxx movie, so he had Denise lick his balls instead as he watched the screen. He had stopped facefucking Bev and had Nina untie her .Both ladies were hypnotized so he had them kiss each otherfeel each others tits & finger each other As he now took off all his clothes.

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He had wenches lay side by side as he lubed his hands. He was still masked as he began fisting them in unisonNina and Bevs pussy.


Right and left fists in both cunts as all you could hear was uuuugh, aaahh ,thats feels sooo goood master from both Nina and Bev. Rocky made sure both pussies were gaped as he shoved Bevs face into Ninas pussyand then he shoved his 11inch prick up her old cunt for the first time.

AAAAAh thats so big master Rocky exclaimed Bev. As Rocky drilled her harder. Is it better than your wimp husbands prick asked Rocky "yes Bev repliedMelvin is a wimp compared to you he has a needledick she proclaimed. Rocky unloaded a load of cum in Bevs cunt when she said those humiliating things about her husband.

Soon he would be reduced to being just a cuckold.

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Once he finished Rocky had Bev give him a rimjob (she had never done this before) & then Nina put on a strapon & Rocky told her to lube up and fuck Bev up the ass.Bev was now the newest addition to his sex slave harem as he now called it.

Chapter 4 Rocky had Denise finish him off as the movie ended. She swallowed his cum. Next week he would visit Bev at her home. And hypnotize Melvin also so he would be a cuckold like Bill & Ernie. Til then he would entertain himself with Denise