Morena safada se declara ao amante enquanto se masturba

Morena safada se declara ao amante enquanto se masturba
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I would say that I am a regular young man I like girls hanging out with friends and just having fun. I go to high school and have a sex a few time with the same girl. However when I found out my cousin was coming down from la I knew I would not be able to fuck my girl anymore.

My cousins name is Todd and to be honest I really don't know how old he is but I would say he is like 13. Just at that age to be annoying but he looks up to me and I don't like letting him down so for the next three days he will be staying with me.

So the day todd was coming out I decided to get in a quickie with Jill my girl. It was good and I noticed that my cousin and mom were pulling in the drive way so we got dressed and just hung out in my room until todd came storming up the stairs into my room. Don't get me wrong I love him but he can just be annoying.

When he came in it was very strange because he did not run up and hug me. He came up and just said what is going on. He looked like he had matured and was starting to grow up. Then jill decided to leave and as she left I noticed that todd looked at her butt as she walked out and I really did not care because he was only 13. So we hang out the rest of the day and talked about everything from girls to video game and all that good stuff.

He said that he had a girlfriend and has down the second base stuff with her and I told him that I had been having sex with jill and that was really it. I let him sleep in my bed that night and that is when all the good stuff started happening.

He got into his boxer and so did I and we crawled into bed. Then when I woke up I found myself in a very exciting situation. My cousin had a boner and it was poking out of his boxers. I could not help but look. It was not big but it was just so nice.

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That night I did not touch him or even look to long but I did rub one out thinking about it. In the morning we both woke up about the same time and it was not weird at all. Mom came in and said she was going to take todd to the mall the get a swimming suit and it would be a little while. When I heard this I quickly texted jill to come over.

They left and she came so we decided to fuck, this was by far the longest one because it lasted a few hours and it did not seem that longs.


Right about the time I switched to doggy style I looked up at the door and there was todd sitting there with his pants around his ankles.

So I decided to give him a show and kept going. When I saw that he was down I motioned hit to go the closet and wait for her to leave. I kissed her and then told her mom would be home soon so she would need to leave. She understood and left. Todd walked in and we did not even say anything about what just happened. He told me mom had to run errors and she just dropped him off. So we played video games until diner and then after dinner.

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After diner we went up to my room and that is when things got interesting. I asked him if he liked watching me fuck jill and he said yes. Then I asked if he liked porn and again he said yes. So I got on my computer and went to a good site and clicked a video.

With out even thinking about it I pulled out my cock and jacked off. I am not really sure why but todd cover up with a blanket and then jerked off. I finished quicker then him and I noticed he was going to town and then told him that is feels better when some one else does it for him.

He said ok so I set down next to him and grabbed his young cock in my hand and slowly started stroking it.

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He was getting really excited and moaning and twitching his legs in ecstasy. After seeing this I waited until he was about to cum and then stopped.


I looked at him and asked if anyone has ever sucked off and again he said no. So I explained sixty nine to him and lied on my back. He then put his cock in my mouth and took mine in his.

I was not really interested with my blow job but I really enjoyed the taste of him. Then I started feeling his firm young ass.


It was so soft and warn I put my finger in and went up and down his crack tickling his ass hole. He soon cummed in my mouth and I kept it in there and flipped him off me to where he was flat on his stomach. And spit his cum in his crack and rubbed it into his butt hole. He did not really know what was going on but I was about to fuck him.

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I bent down and licked his crack and butt hole. Then I spread his checks and set my cock in not penetrating yet. Just humping slowly. Then I thrust and went in a little. I really had to work to get in in but I went slow and fucked him until I came. Then I licked his butt a little more and just felt his ass with my cock it was so good, and soft. I could not believe what just happen. He said it was great and we got into bed naked and played with each other. He got me hard so we spooned, and I put my cock in his young ass, it was warn and I fell asleep with it in his ass.

In the middle of the night I woke up to a very plesent blow job from todd. He was just sucking me off because he wanted to so after awhile I cummed and feel back asleep.

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Then in the morning I woke up to a very horrible site. My mom was standing in the door way with her jaw on the floor. She was looking at me and todd naked in the bed. I covered up and said go away and she left. We looked at each other and got dressed.

It was time for breakfast and we both went down and sat at the table. It was very quite and then she spoke. I just what to know what was going on? I have a part two if anyone is interested just leave a comment