Super cute spinner babe double penetrated into her ass

Super cute spinner babe double penetrated into her ass
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My name is Joy, I am 4'11" tall, with reddish brown hair green eyes, and the pale freckled skin of my Irish ancestry, and I have modest 38C breasts.

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This story is about when I was going to see, for the first time, the man that had filled my thoughts and dreams for a long time now. As I got off the plane in London I was both nervous and excited. Paul and I had been talking/chatting through the Internet for nearly 2 years, but this would be the first time we had seen each other…face to face anyway. I was walking through the terminal thinking "Oh my God he's not going to show", when from some where to the left and a little behind me I heard my name.

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"Joy!" I scanned the crowd and I see HIM standing there, looking even better in person, his pictures and web cam hardly did him justice as hot as he was on-line he was even hotter in person. He has dark semi-longish hair and lips that can get me wet from just a smile. Though his best feature is his eyes, and they just seemed to grab me, it felt like I was being pulled to him.

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It was like my feet could not move, how you sometimes feel in a nightmare, only this time they were stopping me from getting where I wanted to be, and it seemed that there were thousands of people between us. When we finally made our way to each other, Paul grabbed me and pulled me into his arms, putting more passion into that first kiss than I have ever felt in my life.

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When we finally broke apart, all I could think to say (through the tears in my eyes) was "Hi Paul". Laughing he said simply back "Hi Joy". Then embraced me kissing me again, holding me tight against him.

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I think both of us would have started fucking each other's brains out right there in that airport, but we were brought back to reality by the P.A. system announcing some person's name.

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Once we had gotten my bags and made our way through the airport to his car, all the while basically not letting go of each other, we tossed my things into his back seat and drove back to his apartment. His roommate being so kind went to stay with friends for a few days (thank God!), so we would have the place to ourselves, for a little while at least, Paul showed me around so I would know where the kitchen and bathroom was.

Then lastly he brought me to his bedroom, we walked in (and having seen his room on the web) I was completely comfortable. We stripped down with a speed I thought only Superman had the power to use. Never taking our eyes off one another. Paul then pulled me into his arms again, crushing my already erect nipple against his chest, kissing me with more passion than before, as his tongue probed my mouth and danced with my own, his hands started to roam over my body.

He slowly pushed me back to the bed, kissing down my neck, to my chest he took one of my nipples into his mouth, licking around the areole and nibbling gently at the nipple.

Then switched to the other breast while squeezing and rubbing my nipple on the just tasted breast with his thumb until I moaned out with pleasure. While he was licking and nibbling on my breasts his fingers found there way to my pussy.

He first teased me by running his fingers gently around my legs and the crease at the top of my thigh. Then lightly just over my pussy lips, making my hips writhe with the anticipation.


Then making me groan, he finally slipped his finger between my pussy lips to rub on my clit. He rubbed faster putting more and more pressure on my swollen nub, then inserting one-finger then two fingers fucking me until I came.

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Then he rolled over me, kissing my mouth again, rubbing my clit with his swollen cock head (and wow is he hung!). "What do you want?" Paul asked "Fuck me" I respond out of breath "What do you want me to do?" Paul asked again "FUCK ME!" Then he thrusts deep inside me.


With long slow thrusts, I feel his huge cock inside me, as he starts to get faster, I thrust my hips up to meet him. "Oh fucking, YES" I scream out. "Oh YES" he replies As he his pounding into me harder and faster, with my legs wrapped around him and my fingers digging into is back, I roll us over. So that I am on top of him, head thrown back in abandon, grinding down on him as hard and fast as I can.


I feel his cock head starting to grow inside me; he rolls us back over, and continually pounds into me as I start to orgasm. With one final thrust, I feel his cockhead burst like a dam, that shoots me off, and cuming together we both spasm. With his dick still inside me, he falls down on top of me, kissing me.

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"Give me about 5 minutes, and we're going to do that again." Paul says laughing. "I hope you didn't pack too much clothes because you aren't going to need them, I'm not letting you get dressed" "What ever you say baby" I laugh back. We had both fallen asleep, cradled in each other's arms. Waking up beside Paul was the best thing that I've every felt, next to his cock inside me, anyway. I gently shake him awake.

"Paul, wake up sexy" "Mmmhhmmfff" "I am going to go shower" "Wait I'm coming with you!" He jumps up off the bed chasing me into the bathroom. He turns the faucet on and while we wait for the water to heat up, I sit down to pee. When the water his hot enough we both step in, getting ourselves wet under the stream first, the Paul grabs the soap I brought and starts to lather up his hands.

Turning me so the my back is to him he begins by washing my back, down to my ass running his hands over each cheek, then down my legs. Then bringing his hands around to the front, he starts to first wash my breast, paying great attention to my nipples.

Moving his hands down my stomach, to my pussy, he starts fingering my clit, then sliding his fingers in an out finger fucking me again. After I came again, and regained myself, I grabbed his soap and told him to turn around. I soaped up his back and his cute ass, down his legs just as he had me. "Turn" I told him again. As he turned to face me I got a full on show of his gorgeous dick standing at attention, a smile creeps into my face, knowing he has no idea what's coming his way.

I lather up his chest, arms and shoulders, bypassing his massive hard-on I crouch down and start up one leg, just grazing his balls, to go down the other. Then with soapy hands I start to wash his great penis, he just moans out, and I know he likes what he feels. Making sure his cock is soap free, I take just his head into my mouth licking around the head tasting his pre-cum. I little by little take more of him into my mouth, pumping my head up and down, licking his cockhead each time I reach it.

"OH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GGOODDD!" he exclaims, "I'm going to cum sexy!" Knowing this is the first time I've ever given a blowjob, he pulls out, and sprays his cum all over my breasts. As I stand up I ask him "I did that alright?" "Oh yeah sexy, nothing wrong there" he says back, his eyes closed, a big grin across his face.