Messy dancing with lusty sweethearts

Messy dancing with lusty sweethearts
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Some of you have read my stories, you know how it goes, I rape a girl. Those of you who haven't, I rape girls, I like it, if you dont, dont read it. I dont want any comments from retards who read something they dont like, then bitch, the subject is RAPE, got it?

Ok, so one day I was pissed at women, and I had a brilliant idea.

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I would go on one of these BDSM sites, pretend to be a sub, then let the bitch know how a man does it, here's how it went down. I looked around for awhile, and finally settled on Anna, a hot little asian number, pert tits, tight ass, great looking little slut.


We set up a meet, after I acted properly humble and servile, stupid bitch did she really think I was gonna let her beat me and make me beg?Anyway i showed up and she was wearing a nice black lace lingerie set that showed off her little b-cups great, holding a set of handcuffs in her hands.

"Beg for permission to enter you worthless piece of shit" she said. Fuck! what to do? I needed to make sure no one else was inside, guess she wins this one. "Please Mistress, may I enter so that I may humbly serve your every command and fullfill your every desire?", I couldnt believe my own words, I almost laughed saying them, but she bought it. "yes my pet, come inside but crawl!" So I dropped to my hands and kness, soooooo pissed off, thats okay though, I'll teach this slut something soon enough.As soon as she closed the door I lept to my feet, all 6'5" of it.

"DID I SAY YOU COULD." she started. SMACK, I let fly with the back of my hand right to the side of her head. "WHO ELSE IS HERE SLUT?" I demanded. "OOOWWW, OH MY GOD WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" she wailed from the floor I knelt down, grabbed her by the throat and demanded again, calmly this time" I said who is here you worthless slut. Now answer me or I'll choke the life out of you" "No- Nobody, please, your hurting me, I I.

I can't breathe" "Good, this is how it works now, you're my slut until I'm done with you, if you keep me pleased, I will treat you gently, if not then you get more of what you just got. Understand?" I said as I released her throat. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THI." she started to scream, but this time I grabbed her throat and slammed her head off the floor a couple of times, knocking her dizzy. I then picked up the handcuffs she dropped, cuffed her hands, and drug her upstairs.

I found her bedroom and tossed her on the bed, taking a moment to admire her slender little body. I took off my clothes, and she watched" What are you gonna." I backhanded her twice, fast. I leaned in real close and said, "You heard me, you're my fucktoy, now shut the fuck up and deal with it, or I will continue to beat the shit out of you untill you do, got it?" I could see the fear in her eyes, but she just sobbed and nodded. I ripped her one piece nighty off and looked down at her naked body.

She had the most perfect little tits, flat tummy that led down to her shaved little pink slit.

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"You wont get away with this" she said At that I grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the floor yelling "Look at what you're doing you stupid whore, if you tell anybody, I'll just say it was all part of our playing" The look in her eyes told me she knew it was true. I kicked her a couple of times, then threw her back on the bed, face down.

My cock was rock hard, she was sobbing, but had quit begging by now. She must have known it was true, after all her picture was up on that kinky little website. I took the pillow case off one of her pillows, rolled it up and gagged her with it.

While I was doing this I noticed that they were wide leather shackles attached to the head board of the bed. I retrieved my keys from my pants and uncuffed her, shackling each hand to the bed instead, face down.

We were going to have alot of fun her and I, but first I had to relieve some of this pressure in my balls. I picked her up by the waist, placing her on her knees exposing her little pink slit to me. I pushed her forward so that her head was right against the headboard, leaving her nowhere to go but back.

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I took my dick in my hand and spit on it, then pushed the head between her lips. I heard her squeel into her gag, I knew it hurt. "Dont worry slut, your little twat will betray you soon enough and get wet for me. You will learn that submitting to me is the only way for you now. There is only the easy way and the hard way, but I WILL have my way with you slut" With that I jammed all 8" into her to the hilt. She was very tight, with her tiny frame it was no surprise.

I immediatly started to fuck the daylights out of her, slamming my dick in and out, it took about 8 or 9 strokes before her pussy lubed itself up getting very wet though. "You see that? You're a nasty little whore, your twat wants it" I could hear her sobbing into her gag, but that just made me thrust that much harder.


I was slamming her little body now, each thrust ramming her head into the headboard. THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD, was all I could hear. I looked down at her tight little asshole I knew it would be mine for the taking. I could see her petite fame shaking with every thrust. It was all too much, I emptied my balls into her little twat, pulling back on her hair as I did, spasming deep inside her.

"MINE SLUT, YOU GOT THAT?" I shouted,"This is my pussy, and you are my slut, you have much to learn, and soon I will begin to teach you, but for now I think I will show you how bad it can be." I went over and got my belt off my pants, went back to the bed and pulled her left leg straight, binding her ankle with the shackle at that corner of the bed, then did the same with the other side.

I took the belt and lashed the end acrossed her back. She arched up in pain and screamed into the gag. I lashed he again.

"Now slut you will obey or be punished, and this is a small example of how" I lashed her again, and again, over and over, maybe 25 times when she finally collasped unconscious. Her entire back was red, bleeding in places, I could see a faint trickle of blood from her twat as well. Well she would wake up soon enough and we could continue, for now I was going to explore the house and see what kind of kinky shit this slut had.

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Let me know any ideas for future chronicals, thanks. To those with negative comments, suck my balls you didnt have to read it so you're just as twisted as me.