Bad latina with big ass fucks a cop with a big cock

Bad latina with big ass fucks a cop with a big cock
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My name is Abbigale. But everyone calls me Abby. I am 14 years old and live with my mother and step father. I love my mom, but she is never home. She works most of the day, or she is traveling. My step father is a lazy bum who does not work. I try to stay out of the house and away from him, because he is very strict and we do not get along. He has been around sense I was 6.

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He will often spank and beat me for stupid things. Even though he punishes me for stupid things, i never thought he would rape me. Or that I would like it. I'm sitting in his room, on the chair in the corner. This is were he sends me when I'm in trouble.

I have to sit here and wait for him to come in and give me my punishment. This week, mom is in L.A for buisness. A few minuts ago, he cought me kissing my boyfriend. He didnt like it, and told me to wait for him in here. Its almost eleven at night. I'm not really scared. I will probly get a few slaps with the belt and thats it. He walks into the room and looks at me. "Strip. And get on the bed." He comands.

This is what he normally says, I have to take off everything but my braw and underwear, and lay facedown in the middle of his bed. I stand up, and strip off my clothes and lay on the bed like normal. He goes over and sits on the bed next to me, which is not normal. He would normally stand by the side and whip me with the belt or stick or what ever.

He starts to slip off my underwear and i stiffen. I dont talk, or ask questions.

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I dont want worse than i will already get. He slides them all the way off, while i lay stiff. My step father begins to rub my ass. I feel uncomterable and ask what hes doing. "Shut up you little slut! Your going to get what you deserve!" With that he begins to slap my ass over and over with his hand.

I whimper and soft tears run down my cheeks. "I'm sorry!" I scream. After a few more minuts, he stops. "Role over" He says. I do as i'm told. Still crying and shaking a little. He moves between my legs and pushes them open. "What are you doing!" I whimper. "Shut up skank." He puts his face down to my pussy and begins to lick my clit.

"Please stop." I say. "You shouldnt do this." I'm close to tears again. "This is what you want isnt it. You little skank. Walking around in those short outfits. Kissing boys. I'm gonna give you want you have wanted all along!" He sticks two fingars up my tight virgin pussy, and begins to suck on my clit.


I yelp in pain, and beg for him to stop. He ignores my cries, and just digs his fingers in harder.

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Soon i relise I'm no longer crying in pain, and little moans of pleasure are actually exscapeing my lips. Am i a whore, for actually likeing this?

I'm not a whore. This is natruale feeling, isnt it? I suddenly feel an almost swelling in my stomac. My thighs begin to shake, and a huge moan exscapes my lips. "UHHHH!!!!" I practiacaly scream over and over. "Thats right Abby, moan for me! I wanna feel you cum!" My step father is now licking frantically. I can barley hold back and i feel my self realse something.

It felt like i was peeing. My step father sits up and pulles off his jeans. His large erection bursts out. I start to whimper. Its so big, it has to be at LEAST nine inches. "Please!" I say. "Please dont!" I'm crying now. Begging him not to rape me. "Your gonna like it, skank. And if you dont act like you like it, ill whip your little ass till he bleeds, then fuck you some more." He says putting his erect cock up to my pussy and rubbing it up and down.

I'm shakeing. And blubbering like a baby. Begging him not to. Soon i feel his dick start to enter me. He pushes in a couple inches befor he comes to my hymen.

I'm screaming in pain and begging for him to stop. He pulles out then quickly shoves his length in. "Ahhhh!" I scream in pain. My step father is pumping in and out of quickly. I can hear his balls slapping against my ass. He fucks me for a good few minuts befor i feel an almost numbness. Then, it starts to feel.good. Instead of screaming in pain, I am now moaning in pleasure. "Uhhuhuhuhhhh!" I moan. My step father seams to get more excited. "Like that you little cunt? I bet you do huh.

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Thats right, moan for me, scream my name!" He slows down, pulles all the way out then slowley back in. "OHHH! Uhhhhh." He does this a few times befor he says, "Come on baby, scream for me, call me daddy! Beg me to fuck you!!" "Ohh daddy!

Please fuck me! Oh yessss!! Please fuck me hard daddy!!" Thats all he needs to start pounding into me again. He goes harder than befor. I can feel the slapping of his balls on my ass now. He reaches up and pushes up my bra, and begins to fondle my tits.

"DADDY! Oh yes! Please daddy!" He removes his hand from my tit to slap my ass a few times, and rams into me hard. "OHH!! Daddy I'm gonna cum!


Uhhhh! I'm gonna cum daddy!" I cum on my step fathers dick for severel minuts. When I'm finished he pulles out and lays down next to me. He guides me on top of him, and i guide his dick into my swollen hole.


Holding my hips he guides me up and down real slow. "Ohhhhhh daddy." i saw as i speed up on him pounding my self down hard onto his dick. "Thats right baby ride me! Ohhh ya! Your even better then your mama!" I rub my clit while i ride him, bringing myself to orgasam for about the 6th time. "OHHHHHH!!!!!!" My step father screams. "I'm cuming!" "Please daddy! Please cum inside of me! I want to feel your hot cum inside me!" He shoots load after load into me.

I climax again. He finnaly pulles out. My step father roles me over and continues my befor spanking. Nice and heard. But instead of screaming in pain, I'm moaning in pleasure. This is my first story! Please rate and comment. Let me know if you want a sequal or if you want me to continue writing! Thanks for reading!!