Free emo boy porn gay tumblr Hardening Your Image

Free emo boy porn gay tumblr Hardening Your Image
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Fbailey story number 335 Bigger Boobs, Butts, and Bellies All I said was, "Wow! You girls sure are big." That's when they turned on me and one replied, "You call us fat again and we'll kick your fucking ass." Quickly I apologized by saying, "Oh no!

Sorry! I didn't mean it that way. You see in my last school all of the girls were either anorexic, bulimic, or weighed less than a hundred pounds. You girls on the other hand have bigger boobs, butts, and bellies than I have ever seen before. I sure like the way you girls look." At least they smiled.

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I continued, "Even my mother weighs one hundred and ten pounds and wears an A-cup bra. You girls look like real women should to me, instead of stuck up bitchy fashion models." The leader said, "So you really like the way that we look?" I smiled and said, "You bet I do!

I would love to see you girls on a beach sometime in your bikinis." One of the other girls said, "How about a hot tub? I've got one on my back porch." I replied, "I'll need to go home and get my swim trunks." She laughed and said, "No need, we never wear any. Still want to come with us?" I replied, "More than ever." I didn't know whether or not she was telling me the truth, but I was willing to call her bluff.

So I said okay and then I walked along with the girls. They wanted to know all about growing up out on the tip of Long Island in the Hampton's with the rich and the famous.

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They couldn't believe that everything there was named Hampton. There is Westhampton, Northhampton, Southhampton, East Hampton, Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach, West Hampton Dunes, Bridgehampton, and Hampton Park.

All I wanted was just to see them naked in the hot tub.

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On the walk I did learn that they were Ann. Beth, and Carrie, that they were all fifteen years old, and that they were going to be in my grade when school started up in the fall. I was fifteen years old and going into the ninth grade.

In this school district that was considered high school. Out on Long Island seventh, eighth, and ninth grade were considered junior high school.

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We walked a lot further than I had expected too. In fact we were clear across town from where I lived. Carrie said, "Don't worry, my Mom will take you home when she gets out of work." Okay.

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When we got to Carrie's house, she took the spare key out from under the welcome mat and opened the front door for us. We walked into the living room, through the dinning room, and into the kitchen. Carrie told Ann to get us towels and Beth to get us some sodas. Meanwhile she stripped off her clothes right in front of as if it were no big deal.

There was no music playing and she wasn't dancing, all she did was remove her shoes, jeans, T-shirt, bra, and panties. She looked at me as if to say 'what's taking you so long?" I started undressing too.

Carrie was watching me, Beth placed the soda on the table and watched me, and Ann came back in holding the towels. I just smiled and looked at them watching me. I figured that if Carrie could be so casual about stripping in front of me then so could I. When my very hard cock sprang out of my underwear and stood at attention I just beamed proudly.

Staring at Carrie's C-cup breasts and her puffy hairy pussy really excited me. Then I got to watch Ann and Beth as they undressed. They were just as casual about it as Carrie had been, but it excited me even more.

My cock was twitching so badly that it was smacking against my belly as if I were clapping and applauding their performance. Okay I was convinced that they always soaked in the hot tub while nude.

As the three girls slipped into the hot water the level rose and their big beautiful breasts floated on the surface. Once again I told them how much I liked them and their magnificent floating breasts. They asked me to stand up and then said that they would like to see my cock floating on the surface of the water too, if it would only go down. I took the hint and started jerking off. I just sat back on the edge of the hot tub and stroked my cock like I had twice a day for a couple of years.

The girls really enjoyed watching me and sat up on the edge with me and started fingering their clits, playing with their nipples, and Jilling off with me. It was a masturbation party. Once we had all finished, the girls sat down low and turned on the bubbles to hide their tits from me.


Eventually I was able to stand up and show them my flaccid cock. Carrie turned the bubbles off and we all watched as my soft cock floated on the surface of the water. Then Carrie sat up on the edge, leaned back placing her feet up on the edge too, and then she opened her knees and pussy lips allowing me an excellent view of her pink insides. Needless to say my cock stiffened again making the girls giggle.

I started to jerk off once more when Carrie said, "Why don't you just put that thing in me and use it like you're supposed too?" So I walked the two steps across the hot tub and aligned myself with Carrie's pink opening. I almost broke it off forcing it down far enough to place the head of my cock at her entrance. I looked into her face and she smiled at me as I inserted it into her vagina. God, it was wonderful, it was warm, and it was oh so wet.

As I sank it completely into Carrie our skin touched for the very first time and my hips were pressed against her butt. It dawned on me that I had not even held her hand yet.

I reached both hands out to touch her swelling breasts as she wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles together giving me a tight hug and forcing me another fraction of an inch inside of her. Locked in our love embrace we melted into one another and became one with the Universe.

I don't even remember shoving my cock into her a hundred times or her vaginal muscles milking me dry, all I remember is not wanting to ever take it out of her. I had lost my virginity to the girl of my dreams, Carrie. A voice behind me said, "It's about time you lost your virginity, Carrie." It was not a familiar voice but it was soft and gently.

I just turned my head and looked at an older version of Carrie with even bigger boobs, butt, and belly. She was completely naked and stepping into the hot tub with us. I was in a wonderful after sex dreamland of bliss, but she took it as being confused and said, "That's my daughter you have your cock in." I think I started to separate from Carrie but her legs wouldn't allow me too.

The added excitement of her mother's Double D-cup breasts swinging free as she leaned over getting in was more than enough to stiffen me once again inside Carrie. She just smiled at me again and started milking me with her vaginal muscles as she told her mother how we met and how we became united like we were. It seemed strange to have an audience watching me make love for the first time but it was kind of cool too. I was sure that was what memories were made of. I let her feet push on my butt causing my cock to enter her repeatedly then I simply lifted her ankles to my shoulders, placed my hands on the cement next to he breasts, and leaned into her.

I kissed her on the lips as I fucked myself into her wonderful body. For the next several minutes there was only the two of us, we were all alone making love, and everything was right with the world.

I was no longer upset at my parents for taking me away from my home, my school, and my friends and bringing me here. Within a single day I had met the most beautiful fully developed girl in the World and made love to her, still making love to her, and madly in love with her. When we were finished and had come back to the real World I said, "I love you." Carrie replied, "I love you too." Ann and Beth finally chimed in with, "How was it?" "Did it hurt?" "Did you have an orgasm?" "You're lucky." "I wish he would he would fuck me." At that last statement Carrie became quite serious and said, "He didn't fuck me.

We made love as only two soul mates could. It was not a sexual experience, it was a religious experience. I truly love him and I want to marry him, have his babies, and spend the rest of my life in his arms." Carrie's mother said, "I'm happy for you.

I only wish that I could find my soul mate." We spent the next hour sitting in the hot tub, snuggled tightly together, and talking about everything under the sun. With Carrie's permission I got to feel Ann and Beth's C-cup breasts too as well as her mother's Double D breasts.

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Even though the three girls claimed to have the same size breasts and wear the same size bras I still felt that Carrie's breasts were slightly bigger, firmer, and more fun to play with. However, her mother's breasts were something else, I could imaging using them as ear muffs in the winter time to keep my ears warm, I also knew where my face would be. That thought made me hard again. Carrie had gotten hot and had sat up on the edge of the hot tub again, so rather than let her know that thoughts of burying my face in her mother's pussy had turned me on, I simple buried my face in her pussy.

Carrie's fingers ran through my hair and forced my face into her pussy even more. As I tongue fucked her I could hear the other girls talking, "He may be licking your pussy but I was there first." "He might be where no man has been before but I know at least two girls that have been there often enough." "Maybe so but he's very good at it." "He certainly doesn't have any inhibitions, does he?" "No Mom, he is perfect for me." Then I felt her drawing me up, my cock entering her again, and making love to her for the third time in front of her mother and her best friends.

That summer was wonderful, the four of us were constantly together, and Carrie and I made love whenever and wherever we wanted too.

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Ann and Beth offered themselves to me often and Carrie didn't seem to mind but I never took them up on their offers. I stayed true to Carrie that summer, those years of high school, and all the years that we have been married. Ann and Beth were married, had children, and divorced.


My mother-in-law found her true love after my mother died and she married my father. Just the other day my wife found our fifteen-year-old daughter in the hot tub with her two girlfriends and a boy.

The two girls were Ann's daughters and the boy was Beth's son. He had his cock in our daughter's pussy taking her virginity. We have come full circle. The End Bigger Boobs, Butts, and Bellies 335