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My silky panties are guaranteed to make you hard JOI
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Prelude to "You Missed a Bit." ~ I have been asked if I could provide some background to Mason and his family so here is a Prelude to "You Missed a Bit." Mason and Chanelle. Mason met Chanelle when he was at the CIA training camp, known as "The Farm". She was a French instructor on a transfer from Interpol.

She was a very good at her craft and had a wealth of knowledge to impart to the young recruits. Tall and fit.

She could keep up with the men in all areas of physical training. Dressed in fatigues she was alluring and in civilian dress she was a goddess.

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She was 33 and 10 years older than Mason but that didn't stop the attraction between the two. It started off with just a coffee in the Mess Hall, then a date with a meal. On the third date they were all over each other. They shared and told each other all about their respective family's and histories. They spoke of Chanelle's previous failed marriage and being a single Mom. Mason wasn't able to father children due to a childhood illness, so having a ready made family was ideal. They spoke of Mason's ideas of having his own consultancy business in computers and programming.

So it wasn't a shock when Chanelle introduced Mason to her two twins girls, Teresa and Emily, both cute as a bug at 8, they took to Mason straight away. They shared their time with the girls and there carers. When Mason had finished his instructors course in computer programming, he moved in with Chanelle and that was the start of a whole new family.

Chanelle continued to worked at the Camp in her capacity of instructor but Mason quit the CIA and went free lance, while writing some anti hijacking software and programs for big business and then getting a job as consultant to the Government in Internet Hacking and program analysis. They soon Married, with Masons Sister Peta and her Husband Toby standing in as best man and Brides maid.

They were living in Virginia when Chanelle was offered a job, back in France with Interpol on secondment from the CIA. They packed and moved to Paris and settled down in a small house in Le Chesnay on the outskirts of Paris. The twins spoke French as did Chanelle and Mason soon discovered he had an affinity for languages, picking up French and German very quickly. Only a few of Chanelle's family were still living in France one being her Brother, Beau who was a single father with a daughter named Jacqueline (Jacki).

She was of a similar age to the twins and they soon became inseparable. Life was idyllic and they were all very happy until tragedy struck when Beau was killed in an armed hold up of the Armed Car he was driving for a very wealthy man.

Police and Interpol both had linked the man to overseas money laundering and there was an ongoing investigation into the deaths of all involved. Following the funeral and a period of morning it was found that Beau's last Will stated that Chanelle was the sole Beneficiary to his estate and guardian of his Daughter Jacki.

~ Life moved on as it does and soon Jacki had got over the loss of her Father, helped by the close relationship formed with the twins and Aunt Chanelle. The process of adopting Jacki was started and after a mountain of paperwork they were a happy family again. The period of secondment with Interpol was over and it was time to move back to the States. A few months before their departure for the US, Chanelle was asked to go and meet with an agent of the Mossad and exchange information.

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That morning was the last time Mason saw Chanelle. The respective agencies both tried to locate her with no results. She just disappeared. There was some talk that she could still be alive and in an undercover operation. Mason feared the worst, but until more investigations were done she was considered M.I.A. He told the girls all that he new about Chanelle's disappearance and they all hoped that she might come back one day.

Mason said 'he hoped so too.' ~ In an effort to normalize the girls lives, Mason, with the help of the US Embassy and the CIA was able to returned to the States where he had the girls in school and building a life for themselves in their new home and making new friends. Life was sad for a while but the young have a way of overcoming life's difficulties and moving on. Mason and the girls were not short of money and built a new home on some acreage with a pool and privacy. The girls were asked what they wanted in their new home.

Each wanted their own room, they got it.

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They wanted a pool they got it. Nothing was to small an ask. Mason doted on them and as the years rolled by a family was formed. ~ He had an open relationship with the girls and as a father bringing up 3 young, essentially French girls he found that nothing was left to his imagination when it came to their dress or lack of it as they moved about the house.

It was soon established that the bare minimum was the standard of dress around the house, just panties and t shirts, and some times just panties, with occasional nudity in the pool as long as they were alone. Still to young to have developed physically into young adults the girls they had no idea of modesty around him, so he tried to instill in them that they had to wear knickers with skirts and dress appropriately when out of the house. The climate in the state was not helping in this regard as it was always warm through out the year.

All of them refused to wear sleepwear of any sort except when the nights got a little cool, and slept naked under their sheets. He couldn't blame them to much as they new he slept naked in bed every night. At times he thought he was making some progress with their dress sense, but then they would gang up on him, and he was putty in there hands.

~ Puberty came on to them with a rush, it seemed to Mason, but the girls were already well prepared what with the internet and friends from school.

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All to soon Mason had the task of instructing the girls in the use of Tampons and such. Fortunately a lot of this was covered in the schools sex education program and what they had learnt from their friends.

What they didn't know, the girls and Mason found out over the Net and their Doctors advice. Both the twins had severe cramps and were put on the pill to alleviate this and regulate their periods. ~ He was still working as a consultant for the Government and bringing up the girls as a single parent, so he decided to get in some home help. There was an agency that supplied cleaning staff and home help and as soon as Maria started she became indispensable to the family.

Cleaning every second day and restocking the fridge and freezer weekly. Over the first week she soon discovered that the girls occasionally ran around naked and took this as the norm around us saying that her daughter was the same at home.

I said that if her daughter was the same age, maybe she would like to come and enjoy the company of the girls and the pool while Maria was doing the cleaning.

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The next week we had the pleasure of meeting Sofia. Full figured for her age with long brown hair to the middle of her back. She wore a pink Bikini and was very much suited a young girl just becoming a teenager.


Maria was so happy to see Sofia enjoying herself that we agreed that over the school holidays, she could be a regular here on the days Maria worked. Maria was usually here from 10 till late, sometimes even cooking for us all.

~ The girls were doing excellent at school, achieving the highest academic scores ever seen in the state, and naturally excelled in their French language studies.

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They were popular with both boy and girl friends who, occasionally would stay over for a pool party or sleep over. They still missed their Mom and Aunt, and sometimes Mason would wake up to all three climbing into his King size bed at night. The tears would stop after a cuddle and kiss to each. They had a system where the twins would be on his right and Jacki on his left in his bed while they cuddled. He would reach an arm around them and pull them into him and they would lay their heads on his chest with a leg draped over his thighs.

With the weather being as hot as it is for this time of the year, it was not uncommon for them to sleep with just a sheet over them. ~ The twins had developed physically it seemed overnight. They were now long and lean, just inches short of Mason 's height. Swimming and track had made their young bodies into sculptured works of art, long blond hair with a near all over tan and a natural way of walking like a model with a beautiful hip sway.

He had noticed recently that they had both shaved their pubic areas to give them a narrow strip of hair above their mounds. When he asked, he was told, 'all the girls do it.' Jacki, on the other hand had slowed, then stopped in her rush to develop into a young girl. She remained short for her age and was the shortest in her class at school. Her head would only come up to Mason's chest when they cuddled and she'd stand on tiptoe to kiss.

Cute, would be the word to describe her when she stood on tiptoes to kiss him goodnight. Blond hair like her Dad, she had a small chest like the rest of her and was cute as can be. She had incredible energy and was always on the go, teasing her sisters and playing practical jokes. Highs school was next on the agenda, but until then summer break was here and that meant sleep overs and pool time and with Dad on the Grill.

~ The High school years saw subtle changes to all the family. Mason found his business taking off and the need to outsource some of his projects leaving him with even more time to spend at home.

The girls were going out and meeting boys, going on dates and he supposed, doing the things that teenagers do on dates. With French accents and pretty smiles they were popular with the boys both young and older. He had, had the serious talk that all Dads have with their young daughters and pointed out that he trusted them to behave like young ladies and be back before curfew.

This worked surprisingly well and he relaxed and gave them more leniency. Birthdays were a big things to the girls and each time there was a pool party and Dad was asked to do his thing on the grill while countless nubile young girls would laugh and run around.

Occasionally a parent would attend and drinks were had while the parents lamented on the pace at which there offspring were growing up. ~ Every night homework was done before Dinner and Pool time. Jacki was always the one to finish her homework first and then would help her Dad with the dinner preparations.

Tonight she came bouncing into the kitchen in only the bottoms of her bikini's and nothing else maintaining the standard of dress for this home. Being only 5'3" at the time he saw her as more cute than an adolescent.

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She usually helped to set the table and prepare the salad. She would hang around her Dad and hug him and bump hips, using these times as an excuse to pull his head down for a light kiss on the lips. Mason had suspected she had a crush on him for some time now and thought of it as cute, not suspecting anything else, but to the twins it was obviously something more.

'Boys' never saw the sings that 'Girls' threw at them they thought. ~ Teri and Emi came into the kitchen dressed the same as Jacki and they all sat down to dinner. The talk was varied and often animated with, lapses into French with all the girls talking at once.

Mason looked on as the girls spoke of their friends and the upcoming visits to the Mall in the City and the beaches this summer. Jacki reminded him of his promise to have her best friend Sid over for a sleep over soon.

While Mason cleaned up following Dinner, the girls played in the pool. He watched through the kitchen window and couldn't help but admire their long blond hair, slim bodies and long toned legs.


They had removed their bikini's and romped and swam as they usually did till it was time to dry off and watch a movie prior to bed. Laying out on the lounges in the Den they watched a movie, laughing and joking about the terrible plot till it was time for bed. Mason and the girls had a routine that they followed when it came time to tuck them in for the night. This had not changed since they were young.

He would kiss and cuddle each of them then tuck them in and say good night, as they got older this was now a time to chat about their life and family relationships. Teri would talk about getting a drivers license when she got old enough and Emi would ask about going shopping for more cloths as she was growing out of some of hers. Jacki would just smile and hug him till she would demand her kiss and cuddle. Mason was always happy to give in to her demands. ~ The next few years flew by and as the girls grew up emotionally and physically, a tighter bond was forming between them all and mason couldn't help but treat his daughters as young adults.

My Sister and her Husband had separated. Her moving to England to follow her chosen career path in Science and Pathology studies at Sheffield University and Toby stayed in the US where he had a very up and coming security business with contracts with local business and government agencies both here and overseas.

They both still stayed in contact, more so Toby as he lived not to far up the coast. Mason and family