Mi amiga con mi verga por el orto

Mi amiga con mi verga por el orto
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First of all, some of this is fiction and some is true. Obviously the whole sex part isn't true, I'm not that lucky. :-P But pretty much everything else is true.

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I'm not using names, because my mother's ex-boyfriend might stumble across this site, and if he figures it out, I'm probably dead. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" She used to ask me, whenever she would do something outrageously arousing, like it was nothing.

I was fifteen, she was seventeen, my older step sister. Obviously, I had no experiences at that time other than masturbation. She always liked to tease me. "I have an oral fixation. I just. love to have things in my mouth, isn't that nice?" She would put up pictures of naked girls on her walls just to pretend she was a lesbian, though, I'm sure she is bisexual. I think it was just for attention, but she sure got mine.

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She was the daughter of my mother's boyfriend, it was horrible being subjected to such sexuality that was unattainable. One christmas she was wearing a red and white teddy that showed fabulous cleavage, and, apparently, she fell out of it while I wasn't looking.

I still kick myself in the ass to this day for missing that. But either way, I got better later on. One day we were on vacation and she had been excesively teasing. We were driving somewhere, her, her brother, her brother's girlfriend, and I.


She looked at me as if I were fabio, making interesting faces like she was having an orgasm. Then, she said "Oh my god. it's so hot in here." and started taking off her pants.

She took them off right beside me, down to her blue thong. I, being a virgin, was rather aroused, but tried not to let it show. She got really close to me, her breasts nearly touching my chest, and said "Does this make you uncomfortable?" I replied with "Extremely!". She backed off a bit and seemed hurt that I hadn't said something that she could use against me.

After that, she proceeded to play with the strap of her thong until we arrived at our destination.

Later that evening, I was lying in my tent with a fan blowing on me. (We were on a camping trip) And I saw a figure moving outside. My tent unzipped, and she slipped in, completely nude.


I was lying on my back, and had quite a tent of my own in my sleeping bag as soon as I saw her. I didn't say anything, I didn't know what I could say. She layed down next to me and played with herself, looking into my eyes. Then she took her wet fingers and touched them to my lips. I didn't know how to react. I realized that she apparently really did want to do things with me, so I took her fingers into my mouth, and they tasted wonderful.

After a few seconds she took her fingers out of my mouth and kissed me passionately, her tongue swirled sensually inside my mouth. With one hand she stroked the outside of my sleeping back, causing my penis to jump slightly and harden more. I could feel her tongue peircing on my tongue. She unzipped my sleeping back and popped my penis through the hole in my boxers.


The shaft stood tall an silouhetted from the ambient light outside the tent. I saw her hand grasp it and move up and down for a few long strokes, then she stopped kissing me and bent down to it. My penis was throbbing with anticipation, as she swirled the tip of her tongue around the head, tasting the presemen it was already crowned with.

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She took my cock into her mouth, taking it farther and farther until her lips had engulfed it all, her tongue ring felt wonderful on the underside of my pulsing penis. She went up and down on it with a timeless rythm, each time she got to the bottom my body would shake. I began to massage her clitoris, it was rather large and swollen. Her body convulsed each time I squeezed it lightly between my fingers. I slid my middle finger into her, feeling the soft inside of her vagina, as I searched for her g-spot.

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She continued sucking my dick, occasionally licking around my balls. I took her body and lifted it on top of mine. While she lovingly sucked my penis, I spread her lips and extracted her clitoris, and tickled it between my tongue and top teeth. I went in and out, each time her body shook with excitement. I swirled my tongue around inside her, occasionally plunging it as deep as I could, and she would moan with my penis in her mouth.

Soon her body started convulsing with the rythm of my tongue, and I knew she was reaching orgasm. I went quicker and harder, her beat increasing with mine, until finally she came, forcing my dick farther into the back of her throat than she had already done. She turned herself around and kissed me passionately, then sat up and guided my pulsing shaft into her vagina. It went deep and she moaned, almost too loudly, we were right beside our parents' tent. She squatted on my dick and moved up and down, I moved with her, our bodies slapped together as we fucked.

All the while my penis became even harder until finally, I whispered "I'm going to come." And just as I was about to, she got off me and rammed my cock into the back of her throat, and I cam violently into her, while she drank the hot juice.

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I shook and convulsed for what seemed like a minute, quenching her thirst for my cum. I finally stopped and lay nearly comatose, and she climbed up near me.

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"I told you I had an oral fixation." she whispered sensually into my ear, then kissed me once more, deep and long. On her way out she gave my penis one more little kiss, and waved a sexy goodbye as she went back to her tent. After that, she never made me uncomfortable.