Gratis teen porno deutsch

Gratis teen porno deutsch
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Author's note: This story is fictional. All the names have been changed to avoid any similarity there could be with real events. If you don't like incest then don't read this story as there will be sister/brother action. This is my first time posting and I hope my english is not too bad as it is not my first language. I look forward to your critics and let me know if I should make a part 2!

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Enjoy my fantasy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am Sandra and I live in a small country in Europe with my smaller brother and my parents.

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I am a pretty average woman at 1,65metres and 70kg. I have long brown hair and deep brown eyes. I am not really fit as I enjoy cooking and eating a little too mich but I am not fat either. I loved my body because it gave me all the attention I wanted.

But let's start with my story. It was just another day during the winter holidays between the two semesters. That's why I had a lot of time and I spent my days taking long baths, masturbating, reading and watching stuff on the internet.

Every weekend I would get out with my friends to have fun but I was mostly at home which I was enjoying to its fullest. At 20 years I wasn't the hottest chick but I had a nice big ass and 75C breasts which had pierced nipples since the day I had taken my last exam in january. Since that day many things had changed: I felt extremely sexy and I would masturbate multiple times a day. When I would go out with my friends I tried to put on clothes that made it apparent that my nipples were pierced without looking too slutty which would have surprised everyone because I am not usually a slutty girl.

All the knowing looks I got from men and women were driving me crazy and it only made me a hornier beast than I already was. I was taking a nice warm bath and sliding my hands all over my body imagining it was the hands of someone else. There wasn't a specific person in my imagination instead I thought of manly big hands which groped me harshly. My fingers found my nipples that had been very sensitive for the past few weeks since the piercings were done.

I pinched my nipples and pulled on them before going between my legs. I used an empty Rexona deodorant spray which I had put in a condom as a dildo (real dildos were way too expensive for a student like me). That deo was now in my pussy and I pushed it in and out of me while trying not to be too loud since my brother was in the same house and I knew that the house was not well isolated regarding rumors.

Suddenly the picture in my mind grew more specific and the hands now belonged to my brother Andrew and the deo was now his cock which was pounding me hard. I stopped immediately scolding myself and shocked about myself. Without cumming I showered the soap of me and got out of the shower and dried me off. Still naked I took a cutton bud drenched in desinfectant to clean my nipple piercings even if it wasn't necessary anymore.

As always I had to be extra sure about everything me being a perfectionist. Concentrated on cleaning my nipples I forgot the world around me and I didn't notice my brother knock on the door asking if he could use the toilet.


As I didn't respond he just came only to freeze at the sight of his big sister standing there naked holding her breast in one hand and cleaning her nipples. He hadn't known that her nipples were pierced. Looking down he saw my pussy which was neatly shaven except for a small landing strip. As I noticed him I froze for a moment. Then I looked at his crotch and saw the effect I was having on him through his loose shorts and smiled at him.

My horny mind had returned. Then he must have realized that this was sister because he turned around apologizing. I suddenly felt sorry for him and stopped him from closing the door saying that he could come in and do what he wanted to do earlier. He was thinking if she was joking but then again he had to pee really hard so he decided to go into the bathroom with her under the condition that she'd put a towel around herself.

I obeyed and as he came in he stared at me again before hurrying to the toilet to relieve himself. Our bathroom was a rather long small room so it was impossible for me to stand behind him without it being even more awkward for him.

I didn't even try to hide my looks at his cock which was now in full view as he was standing there peeing.

I couldn't help but realise how big he was even bigger than in my imagination earlier. My brother was not exactly what you would call handsome. He was pretty small for a guy standing only 1,70 so his big cock stood out even more. He had broad shoulders and was a bit chubby. His brown hair was long as he was a metalhead and he had the same deep brown eyes I had. All in all he was exactly my type. He noticed my looks and blushed. He had always been rather shy around girls so it came ton o surprise that he didn't tell me off.

Standing there I hadn't realized that my hand had made its way to my crotch under the towel and had started rubbung my clit. The other hand was cupping one of my breasts and squezing it. He must have noticed his sister masturbating to him and as soon as he finished peeing his dick grew bigger until he was fully erect.

He blushed even more so I had pity for him and of course I craved his cock so I asked him if he wanted me to make him cum. I realised that I would probably be the first woman touching him and this only added to my excitement. He didn't react so I approached him while letting the towel fall down which led him to stare at me again as he had done it before. His cock began to throb at the sight of his sister's pierced nipples.

He had turned to me so I went on my knees and before he could protest I took his cock between my moist lips. Slowly I took his cock deeper and deeper until I had deepthroated him completely. I was very experienced since I had been in a long relationship before and we had tried everything that came to our minds and that we saw in the pornos. I had no problem deepthroating even if my brother's cock was rather big. If I had to guess I'd think it was about 20cm and it was pretty thick as well.

My brother couldn't keep himself from moaning as my mouth took all of his cock. Then he became alive.

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He grabbed my wet hair and pushed me up and down on his cock. I didn't object at all, in fact I was enjoying it. My left hand hold his shaft to make it easier for him to push my head on it and my other hand had disappeared between my legs where my fingers were rubbing my clit wildly.

I looked up at him with my big brown eyes while moaning and this must have driven him nuts because his dick began to twitch inside my mouth and he came deep down my throat. It was a huge load of semen. As he withdrew his cock from my warm mouth he had to sit down on the toilet to catch his breath. I licked my lips while smiling at him.

He still couldn't believe what just happened. He was paralysed. He had most definitely enjoyed himself because as he came back to his senses he just stood up and thanked me before telling me to get dressed so I wouldn't catch a cold.

«For you anytime» I responded and grinned at the thought that he had been so harsh and still thanked me. He smiled back and left me alone. Now I was definitely extremely horny. From experience I knew that at this point doing the job myself wouldn't help at all. So I just got dressed as he had told me and went to my room where I lyed on my bed with my laptop.

I looked for a film to watch on the internet and soon I lost myself in the story and action. It was only morning so my parents wouldn't be home for a long time and I had all the time to relax and enjoy my free time. When the film finished I grew bored.

All this free time was nice and all but my list of films that I wanted to watch had become smaller and smaller so I had nothing to entertain me. I spent a little more time lying on my bed in my panties and a loose shirt while I was thinking about what to do. I was thinking about my brother and asking myself what he thought about me.

Even if he obviously liked what I had done, his thoughts intrigued me. I decided to go and ask him about it maybe he would even gave what my body desired so much.

I knocked on his door and asked if I could come in. As I heard a yes I entered his room only to find him naked in front of his PC where some porn had been paused. He was obiviously not embarassed to show me his naughty side anymore so it took me by surprise. I wouldn't back away now, so I went to his bed and sat down.

I asked him if I could ask him a question. «I'm listening» he said. «What do you think of me?» was my first question.

For a shy man like him who never talked too much it was a big question, I knew that. But then he still answered me truthfully, he would never lie to me and I knew that as well. «I think that you're beautiful and you turn me on. I like it that you take what you want but still enjoy while being used as a toy to make me cum.» He must have grown bold because while he was saying this he stood up and came over to me to push me on my back.

I wasn't reluctant as I was still horny as hell and getting hornier every second. He pushed my shirt up my tits and he groped my tits. I let out a moan which encourage him to be even harsher to his big sister.

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His cock was fully erect again and it throbbed and twitched with anticipation. Blocking his way he removed my panties with one swift move and parted my legs with his legs.

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All this time I was getting hornier and so my pussy was soaking wet with my juices. «Someone really needs to be pounded hard» he said while pushing one finger inside my pussy.

I was still sure that he was a virgin but he sure was very good at his first fingering. He made me loose control of my legs as they were pushing my ass up and making his finger go deeper inside of my folds. He pushed me back down and took his finger out. But before I could protest to him leaving my pussy he turned me around to get me on my knees and forced his cock in me. I loved every second of him entering me and so I let out a loud moan. He had lost his virginity and the sensation of the warm and tight pussy around his cock was too much for him.

He started pounding my pussy fast and hard. It was perfect. I had been so horny since giving him that BJ in the bathroom and now it didn't take me long to cum on his cock. As I came my whole body spasmed and my face fell on his bed. Pulling on my hair he forced me back up and pounded me even harder while holding my hip with the other hand.

I loved being treated so harsh so I could feel myself getting near to another orgasm.


Soon I came again and as my pussy twitched around his cock he couldn't last any longer came inside my pussy. He fell down on me entirely spent and we were both breathing hard. As he had caught his breath again he began apologizing for cumming inside me. I quickly explained to him that there was nothing to wory about as I was on the pill since I was 15. Relieved he let out a big sigh and thanked me as he had done for the BJ.

I had to laugh. Again it striked me as funny how he could be so harsh to me during sex and then again be almost submissive after it. I moved from under him and turned around to pet his head while telling him that I was the one to be thankful for him making me cum twice with his big cock. He smiled and rested his head on my right tit while gently caressing my left tit and following invisble lines with his fingers.

I told him to set an alarm as we were exhausted from the sex and as he had done that we returned to our previous position, my hand on his head petting him while he was resting his head and his hand on me. Soon we fell asleep. A few hours later we woke up from his alarm. We still had time until our mother would come home so we stayed in bed and he started poking me with his boner.

As he had done all the work before I thought it was my turn to make us feel great. I positioned myself above him and slid in his cock inside my wet pussy. I began to ride his cock while he was guiding me with his hands on my tits. He pinched my nipples and pulled me down on him to begin thrusting his hips up to meet my pussy.

My nipples were now at the same height as his mouth and he took one between his teeth and bit it and sucked on it. Soon I found myself screaming at the pain and pleasure he was giving me with his cock and his mouth. He was clearly turned on by my pierced nipples as he was eagerly doing everything he could think of with them. Soon I found myself in the third orgasm from that day and again my twitching pussy lead to him having to cum inside my pussy.

I fell on him smuddering him with my tits until he was asking for air. I rolled off of him and he again thanked me. This time he continued and thanked me more specifically for letting him fuck me and giving him his first experiences with a woman. He told me that he had been hearing me masturbate in the bathroom a lot lately and that it was driving him crazy to know that his beautiful sister masturbated. I felt very flattered so I thanked him and told him that I was thinking about him in the bath earlier while touching myself.

Then he kissed me for the first time. At first I objected a little since I wouldn't normally kiss a guy I didn't love and then I realised that I loved him so It was ok.

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I returned the kiss and again we were resting for a while before standing up and getting prepared for our mother who would soon be back from work. We were both more than happy that the day had turned out to be so full of new experiences. When our mother came back we went to greet her and helped her prepare dinner.

During dinner we acted normal so our parents wouldn't get the wrong idea. After dinner our parents were very tired from work so we did the dishes and while being only the two of us in the kitchen he spanked my ass from time to time which lead me to moan a little. He was clearly enjoying every bit of it and I was feeling extremely satisfied after those much needed orgasms.

As we finished we decided to watch a film together in my room which was something we would do normally so our parents weren't surprised to find us lying on my bed together with laptop in the middle of the bed when they said good night. We enjoyed watching the Sci-Fi movie together so we were only cuddling together during the movie. I felt at home. It was nice having my brother hold me in his arms and feeling him play with my long brown hair.

When the film finished we stayed like this and he whispered that my hair smelled so nice and was so silky. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that it was nice being held tightly by him.

He smiled at me and said that he loved me before turning my head to plant a kiss on my lips. I returned the kiss saying that I loved him too. Soon we fell asleep with the laptop on the bed and him holding me tightly from behind.

We were both spent from all the sex. ----------------------------------------------- To be continued if requested