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Boy porn bbw fuck mom
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I woke up the next morning in Austin's Arms. The sunlight streamed through a small gap in the blackout curtains of our ocean front hotel room. As I stared out at the sunrise, I could feel the strong arms of a surfer start to wake up around me. His hands started to brush my arm as his sleepy eyes fluttered open. "Well this is nice to wake up to," he whispered as he stifled a yawn and flashed a quick smile.

His eyes blinked a few times as he continued rubbing my arm, and I leaned back into his chest. We stayed in bed and watched the sun rise through the small opening in the curtains.

Around 8 o'clock, I sat up, and ordered breakfast. After all, it was free.

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Room service brought up an immaculate tray of fruit, pancakes, syrup, milk, orange juice, and about 4 platters of everything from omelets to grits and even some biscuits and gravy. We cuddled up back in bed and ate our hearts out, stopping in between for a quick kiss.

We spent the day wrestling in the ocean and tanning in the soft white sand. Around lunchtime, my friends arrived, throwing me a Frisbee the instant I was in sight.

Austin jumped up and caught it, since I wasn't paying attention, and threw it back to me. "Well looks like you made a friend!" Tyler shouted as he bolted into the ocean after my long distance throw.

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He loved those. I mean hey, any excuse to show off and keep the 5'4 bombshell of a girlfriend he sported around, right? I laughed and waved at the rest of the group. "This is Austin guys!


We're roomies!!" I laughed and pulled him over, arm around his neck. Bro style. Austin waved, a smirk just barely noticeable on his face. I flexed my muscles a little, which squeezed his neck gently, unnoticeable to anyone else, but letting him know to behave. "Wassup y'all!" A true redneck surfer. We couldn't be any better of a match.


I noticed Zoey, my ex, checking him out. "Hey, eye candy over here toots," I said. This sparked Austin's interest even more, as he looked curiously at me. I just shook my head and laughed. Grave dug one foot deeper. We spent the afternoon with everyone. After explaining, oh 15 times or so, how Austin and I met, we retired to our rooms after a dinner at a seaside restaurant. (BTW, the grouper…holy cow…) "So, who's this 'Zoey' of yours? Huh? Little bottle rocket of a girl huh?" Austin said with a wink as he slipped out of his shirt.

I rolled my eyes. "She's my ex. First girlfriend. You can see why we aren't together." I said, as I tried to forget once more that entire relationship.

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Austin walked over, looking in the mirror, checking out his tan, or so I thought. "Yeah, no kidding" he said, punching the air, like I would have loved to do her a few times that night. "Yeah…" he said, "I can see that reason right now pretty well." He looked back into the mirror, making it obvious he was referring to his reflection, then back at me. It's a wonder someone hasn't stoned him yet.

"Yeah sure. But no I mean she was great when we first met…" I was interrupted with an "I Bet" coughed under his breath, "then…things went down hill." Again, the peanut gallery responded with "Landslideeeeee." "Anyhow," I continued, trying not to laugh, "boulder down a mountain!" he whispered, swirling his hands in a downward motion and exploding them on the dresser. "ANYHOW!" I nearly shouted, laughing this time, "well yeah you can see how she turned out." He laughed.

Then turned off the light. I stood there a little awkwardly at first, not sure what was going on. I felt a hot breath on my neck and hands on my bare chest when he spoke. "Did you fuck her?" he said, breath hot on my ear.

"Thankfully no" I said pushing him off of me and laughing. He pressed his body into mine. "Well how about you make up for that tonight?" Someone's horny…He went on to tell me how hot it was (in a non creepy way I promise) and then pushed me gently on my back onto the bed.

He hovered his lips over mine, breath hot. My mind started to race. I actually really liked him. And wow he was hot. And kissing…woah.

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That moment his lips pressed firmly into mine. He kissed hard for a few seconds before breaking, just to return with a whispy kiss, the kind where your lips just barely touch, and you're left reeling. My hands started to rub up and down his back, hitting nerve endings along the way, causing him to tense up and push into me.

"Gah you are so freakin hot." He panted, fumbling to get his legs locked into mine. We tussled on the bed, rolling around, laughing some, as we started to make out. I could feel his dick begin to poke my leg, causing mine to get hard too. He started grinding them together through our shorts as our hands circled each other's faces.

His hand moved down my back and over my butt, squeezing the bubbly cheek. It moved around, and latched onto my throbbing cock.

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"Oohhhh" He moaned as I kissed his neck, biting just a little, my hands moving towards his muscly bottom. "Fuckkkkk" he panted, shoving his crotch into mine, and moments later ripping off my shorts.

He swallowed my dick, swirling his tongue around the tip, licking off the clear precum. He sucked and slurped, making lots of noises, but still, it felt amazing. The saliva acting like lube and sliding my dick all over his flickering tongue. He forced his way down, gaging slightly, and then back up. He traced my "happy trail" with his fingers, and with his other hand, began to tickle my balls. I writhed in pleasure. I groped for his leg, and finally catching it, pulled him around, lips still on my cock, so I could suck his.

I started by taking in all 8 gorgeous inches. Then sucked gently each nut, tongue flicking back and forth on each as my hands fingered his hole. He sat up a few minutes later, then pulling out of my mouth, pinned me down and sat on me. "Fuck me hard" he said, and with that, spit on my cock and rode it all the way down. He was so warm and tight.

Being new at bottoming, he flinched a few times, causing his muscles to tightly clench down on my cock. It felt good. Once down, he began to bounce. I thrust my hips slowly, in and out, squeezing his cheeks together with my hands. He jerked furiously on his cock.

With each long stroke out, his hole would clamp down, resisting my reentry, milking my impossibly hard erection to near explosion. "Cum with me.

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IN ME!" he said, inbetween moans, jerking harder and harder as he bounced and I fucked. I nodded. Soon, he launched a huge load onto my face. One…Two…Three…Four…I quit counting squirt after squirt.

Face…I licked it off…chest…stomach…belly button…dribble… His orgasm sent me into one, and I shot load after load into his spazzuming ass. The last hard thrust, straight into his prostate, spurred one more on the chest. He lifted a leg over me, then I came sliding out with a "pop." He turned to show me the cum oozing out of his slowly closing hole with a huge grin. "MY TURN FINALLY!!" he shouted, and with that, pounced on me.

Before I could respond, my legs were over his shoulders, and he was milking up another erection that was poking my butt. I was just barely hard. He spit, or rather drooled, all over his dick, then grabbing a bottle of lotion beside the bed, said, "I'll use this. Dry hurts like FUCKKK!!" I shook my head, kinda nervous.

He told me to relax, and started to push. I resisted at first, so entry was hard, but once relaxed, he slid slowly in. It wasn't that bad actually. He sat there a moment, balls deep, and started stroking me, his cock jammed into my prostate. Slowly he started to move. I flinched a few times, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as he sped up.

Soon we were in an all out tongue war, my legs around his waist, arms pulling him in as he humped and we made out. His hands jerked my rock hard cock, and his balls slammed into my ass. I moaned between kisses, enjoying every second. This was ALMOST as good as fucking him. He started to speed up, then slowed, telling me inbetween kisses how close he was.

Then he rammed in all the way, grunted, and I felt a warm sensation inside me. He kissed me again and jerked hard as he came inside me, and soon I shot a decent sized load onto his chest.

We were both drenched in cum. We lay there, both oozing cum from our cocks and our asses. We slowly walked, best we could, to the shower. In the warm water, we made out for nearly thirty minutes, massaging every inch of the others body. That night, we fell asleep naked, curled up in bed, hair damp and a mess, and tightly tangled into eachother. The best part was, no one suspected a thing. Well, that we know of. Thankfully they were at the OTHER end of the hotel.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment, good or bad, I just ask that if its bad, tell me how to make it better.

Thanks guys!! NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Thank you to everyone who encouraged continuing this story. I don't know why, but I have always liked the idea. I'm glad so far most of you do too. Sorry it took so long to write a second, life has been insane.

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Hopefully it was worth the wait, and hopefully worth at least a third! Looking forward to your thoughts and imput! Thanks again! PS, As with all my stories, I ask that you refrain from posting ads for hook ups, kik, ect.

Its just something I have a problem with for various reasons and would appreciate the respect from not doing it. Thanks again.

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LATER!!! --ThePhantomStallion