Gay boys teen free emo porn The youthfull fellow is kinky for a

Gay boys teen free emo porn The youthfull fellow is kinky for a
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Introduction ; Arthur, Pete and Mark were all 18 yrs old& alll of average intelligence but they all had one thing in common.

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They were all masters of mind control. All of them once they had reached their 18th birthday had become maledoms of their households.

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All 3 now had managed to control their moms even sexually through mind control. Chapter 1 - Arthur and Susan 46 Year old milf Susan stood 5ft 6 with short black hair she was naked except for her collarleashnose ring & nipple clamps.Arthur her 18 year old son motioned for her to get on her knees to begin her nightly ritual of being facefucked by his massive 10.5 inch prick.

As the married slut slurped & spit all over the cock Arthur continued his no mercy facial abuse until he unloaded a massive load of jizz down Susans throat.

She could go to sleep with his wimp of stepdad Ralphshe was of no use to him now. Chapter 2 - Pete and Marilyn Pete was fisting 5ft 9 blonde Marilyn as he talked to his 19yearold girlfriend Karen on his cellphone.

Marilyn was Pete's mom he had hypnotized her a couple of weeks ago. Her big 44dd tits were flopping all over the place, but Karen couldnt hear a thing cuz Pete had stuffed his underwear in his moms mouth. As the fisting continued the ummm sounds became louder., so he told Karen he'd call her later. So once he hung up he took his fist out of Marilyns cunt & instead jerked off all over her face.


He exploded all over her face & took a picture. He would put this one by his moms bedsidehe smiled. Chapter 3- Mark and Betty Betty was getting fucked up the ass by Marks massive 11inch dick for the second time this weekhe was wearing a maskMark had his wimp cuckold stepdad Eugene film the whole thing.

Betty was a stunning brunette standing at 5ft 4 with a 38dd 24 38 rack. Mark had collared & leashed her and she was wearing 7inch thigh high hooker boots as Mark fucked her anally, doggy style.

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This movie Mark thought would be playing on the tv screen at " The Mothers Day Orgy ". Eugene kept filming as Mark yanked on Bettys leash & spanked her fatass. Mark couldnt wait in two days at Arthurs the fun would begin. In the meantime he pulled out of his moms ass & began fucking her cuntstill doggy style.


Betty was so fucking wet he thought, mom must love anal he thought. He was about to cum so he had mom lay on the sofa as she licked his nuts & his shaft. Afterwards he fucked her face for awhile and then exploded, all his juices all over her face.

He had Eugene also take a photo whichMom & Eugene would have framed near their bed to remind them that he was in charge of Betty sexually .The picture like all were of his mother facially covered with his jism.

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Chapter 4- The Mothers Day Orgy Arthur was sitting on his easy chair in the living room smoking a joint while his mom Susan was licking his ass and balls. Across the room Pete was standing up as Mom Marilyn blew her only sonslurping awaylicking his shaft & jerking him soon, Susan would receive a creamy reward. Betty on the other hand was fully collared & leashed with nipple rings and Mark had lead her into the kitchen where he was fucking her cunt with a giant cucumber.

Ralph had set up the bar in the middle of the living room & his only responsibilty was to serve alcohol& film nasty xxx when asked. Chapter 5- Mothers are Exchanged Arthur was on his second beer as Marilyn blew him her tits swayed as Arthur forcefully fucked Petes moms face, damn she had huge hooters Arthur thoughthe'd have to fuck them later.

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In the kitchen Mark shoved a wine bottle up Susans ass as she licked Bettys cunt.Betty was moaning loudly as she had her first lezzie experience.Ralph was filming it. In the living room Arthur was now fucking Marilyn up the ass as Mark fucked his moms pussy ,she was being dpd by two giant dicks & now was in complete pain & ecstasy. Chapter 6 - Everyone in the Living Room All the guys were still hard as they ordered their mom /sexslaves in a 3way lezzie daisy chain.

Ralph filmed the mindcontrolled pussy lickersas the 3 masters drank some beers & jerked off, got hard and sprang into action. First Betty got dpd first by Arthur&Petethen Susan by Mark & Pete and finally Marilyn got dpd by Arthur & Mark.

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All the ladies were now covered in cum from head to toe, mostly in their hairon their faces & tits As Ralph served more drinksthe 3 masters thought it was time for the orgy finale.

As they each grabbed their moms by their collars & leashesthey lead them all to the bathroom. As Susan, Betty and Marilyn got on their knees all 3 men got their dicks ready for what was about to happen? Ralph had been ordered to film it. As Arthur, Mark and Pete pissed all over their moms faces. They aimed everywhere so each mom go urinated on by all 3 masters of golden shower domination.

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In the endno cum remained on the moms., but they all stunk of piss. Chapter 7 - Clean up BettySusan and Marilyn took off their leashes, soaped up and showered and cleaned up. They would prepare supper next cause the festivities were just beginning and they would all need their energy.