Deshi Sexy Girl Romance in Bedroom

Deshi Sexy Girl Romance in Bedroom
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The Suite Life on Deck: Episode 3 Bailey Pickett sat in her room, crying. She was sprawled back on her bed, with a box of tissues in one hand and a tissue in her other, which was held up to her nose. There was a trash can besides the bed, which was already half-full of used tissues. She blew her nose, and tossed that tissue in the trash.

There was a knock on her door, and she called out "Who…who is it?" Her voice sounded stuffy and clogged up, as if she'd been crying for hours. Which she had.

"Its Janice and Jessica," said a feminine voice. "We were looking for Maya," said a similar but different voice. "But we don't know where her cabin is," finished the first voice. "C…come in!" She sobbed, trying to get her voice under control, and sat up on the edge of her bed. The door opened and in stepped the two hot, blond twins. The first one noticed Bailey crying and immediately ran over and sat down next to her, putting her arms around the upset girl and pulling her into her chest.

"It's okay Bailey, it's okay." The other twin shut the door behind her and sat down on the other side of Bailey, putting her hand on Bailey's leg and moving it softly up and down. Gradually, Bailey stopped crying and sniffed a few times. "I…I'm sorry, you guys." "No, Bailey, its fine." Said the one on her left.

"What's wrong?" Asked the other one. "Well…I sort of accidentally cheated on Cody…" "You!?" Exclaimed the one on her right. Listening to her now, Bailey figured that she was Janice, while the one on her right was Jessica.

"Yeah…it wasn't my fault!" "Tell us about it, honey." Said Janice. "Okay…well this morning I got a text from Cody telling me to come to his room. The lights were off and I couldn't see, so when I saw him in there I just walked right in and we…had sex. After…when my eyes were adjusted…I saw that it was actually Zack." "Oh…" Said Janice. "Wow…" Continued Jessica.

"That's a problem." They both stated, at the same time. "I know," she replied, sniffing again. "But it wasn't my fault!" "We know it wasn't, honey," replied Janice. "Here's what you do," continued Jessica. "All you have to do to get a man to forgive you and get his mind off something is give him something new.

Now, obviously, Cody's going to need A LOT of new to get his mind of this thing." "What do you mean…" asked Bailey. "Well, the only thing you're going to be able to give Cody that's new is sex." "But I've already given him that." "Then give him new sex." Replied Janice. "Have you let him have your ass?" Asked Jessica, bluntly.

"Well…no!" "That's a start. But for something this big, you're going to need more." "What else can I give him!" She exclaimed. "Do you know what guys fantasize about the most?" Asked Jessica. "No…" Bailey replied. "Multiple girls," answered Janice. "Every single guy in this world dreams about having several different girls in his bed, at once, all pleasing him." "Oh…" "Yes." "So I have to give Cody…and orgy?" "Well said!" Exclaimed Jessica.

"So you have to get several other girls to join you in bed with Cody." "I doubt there are any girls on this ship that would go for that." Stated Bailey. "Weeeeell…" said Jessica, drawing the word out. "Jessica and I…wouldn't have a problem helping a girl out." Continued Janice. "And having twins…that would really help Cody forget his little problems." Finished Jessica, licking her lips.

"The two of you…would have sex with me and Cody?" Asked Bailey, incredulously. "Yes." They stated together. "For me, a girl you barely know?" "Yes." They said again.

"Well…in that case, okay!" She exclaimed. "Good!" Said Jessica. "Okay, honey," said Janice. "We'll leave you alone to think. When you're ready…we'll be there for you." The twins got up off of her bed and quietly exited her room, leaving Bailey alone, with a plan to get her boyfriend to forgive her.

In her single cabin, Emma Tutweiller was lying on her bed, alone. Her many cats wandered around the small room, meowing and purring. She was staring up at her ceiling, lost in thought.

As always, she was upset that she didn't have a man in her life. She looked around at all her cats; each one symbolized a relationship that had gone wrong. And there were a lot of cats.

Emma didn't understand what was wrong with her, what men found unattractive. She thought that she was good looking, with a thin body, medium sized breasts that didn't yet sag from age, and the ass of a twenty year old.

And yet men always left her for someone new. She hadn't felt the touch of a man in five years, and her body had a massive storage of built up sexual tension that couldn't be relieved, no matter how many times she ferociously masturbated. Ms. Tutweiller was desperate; she didn't even care about dating anymore, all she wanted was a man to fuck her. At this point, Emma didn't care who it was, she would gladly accept the attention of any many aboard this god-forsaken boat.

And right at that moment, there was a knock at her door. Emma groaned, but rolled over off of her bed and approached the door. It was a Saturday, and she hadn't yet got dressed for the day, so she grabbed a robe off the back of a chair and put it on overtop of her thin nightie. As she tied the front up, Emma opened the door. It was one of her worst nightmares; Zack Martin. He was the second worst student in her class behind London, and gave her trouble nearly every day.

"What it is, Zack?" She asked, tiredly. "It's a Saturday." "I know, Ms. Tutweiller, but I finished that math homework that was due…I forget when, and wanted to bring it by to you, seeing as you don't have anything else to do on weekends." Emma could tell that Zack wasn't trying to be mean; that he was just speaking what he thought was the truth.

But it hurt just as much, especially since it was true; she had nothing else better to do but grade papers all weekend. She frowned at him.

"Who said I have nothing else to do, huh?" Zack looked a little put-off at this. "Well…you never do anything. I never see you on the deck, and you don't have a boyfriend. Am I wrong?" "Well…" Emma trailed off, remembering again just how sad her life was.

"I…" And just like that, she started crying. Her eye's teared up and her vision blurred, as involuntary sobs came out of her mouth. Zack stood there, stunned. He knew that he gave his teacher a tough time, but he never imagined that it had affected her this much.

He wasn't quite sure what to do, but he instinctively stepped forward and held his arms out. Ms. Tutweiller fell into them, sobbing hysterically. "I-I-I-I'm sor-sorry, Zack." She said, in between sobs. "I-I-I didn't me-me-mean to do this." Zack just stood there, rubbing his teacher's back gently.

"Its okay, Ms. Tutweiller. It's not your fault." "It is though!" She cried. "Men…men just don't like me!" She started crying even harder. "Suuure they do!" He assured her.

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"They just…well…I don't know, they don't see how attractive you really are!" Ms. Tutweiller looked up at him, her hair plastered across her face. "Y-y-you think I'm attractive?" "Of course I do! You just wear your hair up in that bun all the time, and guys just don't see how young you really are!" Emma sniffed.

"S-s-so if you were older, you would date me?" Zack forced himself to smile down at her. Half of what he had just said had been a lie, but he wasn't sure telling her the truth would help her. He didn't think she was that bad looking, actually on the better side, but there WAS something about her that just turned guys off of her.

But right now, he wasn't feeling that. In fact, having her body, which was surprisingly tight and light, pressed up against him was giving him the beginnings of an erection. "Of course I would! Any of your students would." She sniffed one more time, and then stopped. "Really?" "Really." Zack looked down at Ms.

Tutweiller, and watched in astonishment as her eye's slowly closed, and her face grew closer to his. As she leaned in, he wondered what she was thinking; he was her student, over fifteen years younger than her, and also her least favorite student.

But that didn't seem to stop her, as her lips pressed up against his. Zack didn't respond for five seconds, five long seconds with his thirty-something year old teacher's soft and supple lips mashed firmly against his own.

His half-erection was full blown now, and he could swear that Ms. Tutweiller could feel it through his jeans and the thin material of her bathrobe. Then his instincts took over, and his teenage hormones began raging. He slid his arms farther around her torso, and tilted his head for the kiss. Ms. Tutweiller pressed her body up closer to Zack's, and reached out behind him without looking to swing the door shut. Zack walked forward, holding his teacher in front of him.

An object halted their way, as Emma's but pressed up against the back of a couch. Zack kissed her fiercely, and Emma pushed up on her toes, sitting on top of the couch. Her legs opened up and wrapped around Zack's waist, causing her bathrobe to slide up her thighs.

Zack's hand fell to Ms. Tutweiller's thigh, sliding up underneath the soft fabric. He felt her short, silky nightie, and slid his hand underneath.

Emma's hands slid up Zach's back and to the back of his head, pulling Zack's head back to her, pulling him over top of her, as she leaned backwards.

Eventually they leaned too far and Ms. Tutweiller fell back onto the couch, Zack following.

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To avoid crushing her Zack twisted away, causing him to fall off the couch and nearly squash a cat, landing on his back. As he started to get up off the floor Ms. Tutweiller sat on his waist, and pushed his chest back down with her hands. She bent over and continued kissing him, her long hair falling into his face. Zack brought his hands to the rope around her waist and clumsily untied it, and Ms.

Tutweiller shrugged the bathrobe off, letting it fall over Zack's legs. She sat up, grabbing onto the bottom of her nightie and pulling off, the clingy fabric pulling away and separating from her body, and she threw it away. Zack stared up at her ample bosom, a black bra cupping what he estimated to be around a B cup. His gaze traveled down her flat and taut stomach and he saw a matching pair of black panties, which didn't cover much. Emma arched her back again and brought her lips to his, passionately slipping her tongue inside his mouth and then sliding it back out.

They made out for several minutes, her hips rocking back and forth on Zack's jean covered cock, making Zack ache with pleasure. Finally, unable to take it anymore, Zack reached down to Emma's ass and pulled her off of his hips, undoing his button and zipper and pushing his jeans down, using his feet to get them all the way off. Emma smiled at him lewdly and twisted around, grabbing hold of his boxers and yanking them down after his jeans, uncovering his raging boner.


Emma pivoted around on his body, so that her front faced his feet and her panty-clad ass pointed back at his head. Her hips slid up his body, until her ass was directly above his face, and her legs straddling his head. Ms. Tutweiller lay down on Zack's body, her head directly over his cock.


She placed her hand around the thick base of his dick, angling the shaft directly up, so that the head was right by her mouth. Emma stuck her tongue out and slowly licked up the length of his cock, before getting to the tip and engulfing the head.

Zack groaned in pleasure, and decided to return the favor. He slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties and slid them down off of her hips, so that they were off of her pussy. But they wouldn't go any farther, as his head was in the way, and her knees were pressed to the ground.

So he simply pulled with all his might, and ripped the band apart, throwing the now-useless panties across the room, where they happened to land on a cat. Zack stared up at his teacher's naked pussy, which had a small patch of pubic hair trimmed into a landing patch above her snatch. He slowly licked around her pussy lips, feeling how tender and sensitive they were.


Ms. Tutweiller shuddered at the touch, her body not used to the touch of another person. Zack slipped his tongue between her labia, and began eating her out, slowly yet passionately. His thumbs played with her clit as he pleasured her, her hips slowly grinding into his face. Ms. Tutweiller moaned loudly, her voice muffled from the cock she had buried deep in her mouth. It had been years since she'd given a blowjob, but the skills were coming back to her quickly.

With one hand she held onto the base of his cock, and with the other she massaged his large ballsack. Her head bobbed up and down, the tip of his dick pressed against the back of her throat more and more each time. She almost bit down on his cock as an orgasm hit her, Zack's skillful ministration to her cunt causing her to climax wonderfully, her body spasming and her cunt clamping up as Zack furiously rubbed her clit. "Ughhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh!" She screamed, the sound coming out as something as a gurgle as she pushed her head down on his cock as far as it would go, her chin pressed into his pubic hair and the head of his cock fully down her throat.

Zack erupted, his thick white sperm shooting out of the tip of his cock, emptying its load down her gullet, as Zack groaned with pleasure, his thumb still massaging her clit. When Zack was finished Emma was still going, her cunt on fire and her body thrashing around on top of his.

After several more seconds her orgasm subsided, her body falling limp on top of his, her lungs gasping for air. Zack breathed in an out slowly, feeling his cock growing limper in Ms.

Tutweiller's hand. It may have been the best blowjob he'd ever had, either because of her skills or just the hotness of the situation. Emma felt Zack's member growing softer in her hand, and growled "Oh no you don't! I just got you, and I'm not finished yet!" She brought her head back down to his cock and began sucking it again, trying to bring it back to life.

Zack wasn't sure if it would work; the last 12 hours had been a little taxing to him. But sure enough, after several moments of sucking him Emma felt his cock regaining its rigidness, growing back to its full length. Ms. Tutweiller swung her leg from next to Zack's head and stood up over him, letting go of his cock at the same time. Zack scrambled to get to his feet and put his arms back around her, as she re-grabbed his cock and began stroking it slowly.

She backed up, pulling on his cock and guiding him to her bed, where she sat down on the edge. Zack stood in front of her as she took his dick into her mouth again and resumed sucking, licking along the length and around the tip. After a few seconds Ms Tutweiller began laying back, letting Zack's cock slip out of her mouth. Zack smiled down at her, and reached down to where her thighs lay on the bed.

He lifted them up and placed his knees where they had been, lowering himself in between her legs. Emma reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding it to the tender spot between her legs. When Zack felt the soft folds of her cunt at the tip of his cock he began pushing in, and her labia parted as his slippery cock forced itself through.

He moaned in pleasure, as her cunt was surprisingly tight for an older woman. Probably because Zack had never seen her with a guy in the time he had known her. Ms. Tutweiller locked her legs around his waist, pulling him in closer. He began pumping his hips back and forth, his cock sawing in and out of her cunt as she moaned and groaned.

"Ohhhhhh!" She screamed, as his cock penetrated and re-penetrated, bringing her closer and closer to her desired orgasm. His slippery fuckstick pummeled her sensitive pussy, sending waves of pleasure through Emma's long-untouched body.

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Zack grunted as he moved back and forth, gaining more speed each time he pushed forward. His teacher screamed again, her mouth open in a long, drown-out scream of ecstacy.

"I---I---I'm cuumiiiiing!" She screamed, and Zack felt her juicy cunt contract around his thick cock as she orgasmed, his sensitive cock-tip engulfed in her warm juices. He continued to pump back and forth, as he was a long way away from his own orgasm. As Ms. Tutweiller began to come down from the throes of her climax, she said "You can't cum in me Zack.

I haven't been on birth control for years." Zack nodded as he continued to thrust into her, his fiery fuckstick gaining more and more momentum as he did. There was a crazed look in his teacher's eyes as he grunted on top of her, and as he brought her to another orgasm. Her arms reached up to the back of his head and grabbed on to his head, pulling his ear down to her mouth. "Fuck me in the ass, Zack. Fuck my virgin asshole." She whispered in a low, sexy voice. She pushed him off of her, his slippery cock sliding all the way out of her cunt.

Standing up at the edge of the bed, Emma grabbed Zack by the shoulders and swung him around, pushing him down onto the bed so that he was lying on his back, his cock sticking straight up. She climbed on top of him, positioning her hips overtop of his flagpole. Reaching down to his cock, she brought it up so it was sticking straight up again, and positioned it at the entrance to her ass, as she crouched over his hips.

She began to sit down slowly, the purple tip of Zack's cock slowly entering her virgin asshole, and her head went back in a silent scream of both pain and ecstasy. "Ugghhhh" groaned Zack, his cock being engulfed in one of the tightest holes he'd ever been in. Emma sat down even farther, her tight asshole expanding to take the length and width of Zack's cock. When she had finally sat down all the way, she sat still for a few moments, breathing in and out deeply.

When she was ready, she began slowly sliding up and down Zack's cock, the boy groaning in pleasure as she rose up and down on his slippery appendage. His teacher began bouncing up and down faster, moaning as she sped up.

His hands went up to her tits and he began massaging her mounds and nipples as Emma continued to fuck him. "Ugh ugh ugh" Grunted as she bounced up and down. Zack could feel himself getting closer and closer to his orgasm, as Emma constantly moved up and down, up and down.

"I---I---I'm cumming!" He shouted, as his cock throbbed and released its pent-up supply of cum. Emma could feel Zack's cock shooting up deep inside her ass, and with that never before feeling began having yet another orgasm of her own, her strongest yet.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" She screamed, their yells mixing together as Emma continued to bounce up and down, keeping their orgasms going as long as possible. When they were both down, Emma collapsed to the side, Zack's shrinking cock slipping out of her sore ass.

They laid there, side by side, for several minutes, both of them breathing heavily and attempting to regain their breath. Zack thought to himself; Is it bad what I just did? First, I cheated on Maya with Bailey, my own brother's girlfriend. Now, I've cheated on Maya once again, with our MILF of a teacher. Should I be feeling sorry about this? Because I don't, and that might not be healthy.

Zack shrugged to himself. It didn't matter. Bailey sat in her room, trying to decide on what to do. She wanted, no, NEEDED to get Cody to forgive her. But she wasn't sure if she was ready to allow him to sleep with several other women, and herself, all at the same time. What if he never wants to have sex with only me again?

It could ruin our relationship completely. Then again, if I don't try anything drastic, our relationship is already ruined. She nodded to herself. It looked as if she was going to arrange an orgy for her boyfriend.

Bailey picked up her cellphone off of her bed, and navigated through her contacts, finding Janice and Jessica. She sent them both texts, telling them that their plan was on, and to meet her in her dorm. There was a knock on Bailey's door several minutes later, and the girl got up to get it. Janice and Jessica stood in the hallway, wearing matching pink bathrobes. Janice held a bag in her hand. She stepped to the side, and motioned for them to come in.

The blonde teenagers walked past her and into her room, sitting down on the edge London's bed simultaneously. Janice set the bag she was holding on the floor. "When is he coming?" Asked Janice. Bailey closed the door, and sat back down on her own bed, facing the twins.

"I haven't texted him yet. I don't know what to say." The twins looked at each other. Then Jessica said "Here, give me your phone." Bailey handed her phone over to the girl, and after a few seconds of typing, Jessica put the phone down. Janice looked Bailey up and down. "Are you really going to wear that to start this off?" She asked, critically.

Bailey looked down at what she was wearing. Fuzzy pajama bottoms and an old, worn out tee-shirt. "That won't get his blood going at all, now will it?" Janice asked.

"No, I suppose not," grinned Bailey, ruefully. "What are you two wearing?" The twins stood up, and untied their bathrobes. They let the garments fall to the side, revealing the clothing underneath. Each twin was wearing a very sheer, see-though, pink babydoll, with matching panties and bra underneath. Bailey knew that those provocative clothing would give Cody a hard-on on sight. As the twins re-tied their robes, Bailey's phone buzzed from the bed, alerting them to a new text message.

"I've got it," said Janice, tossing the bag she had placed on the floor to Bailey. "You take this, and change into it. We thought that it suited you perfectly." Bailey stood up, an began walking to her bathroom, but Janice interrupted her. "You realize that we're going to be seeing you naked in a few minutes anyways, right? Change out here!" Realizing the truth of her statement, Bailey turned back around, and opened the bag.

She pulled out the thin material that was inside, a white "teddy". She undressed quickly, down to her skin, and then slipped the material on. The garment was practically a bra and panties, with a thing line of material attaching them up her middle.

There were frills hanging off of the bra and panties, and white cowboy hat came with it.

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The twins were right; it suited her perfectly, she looked like the sexy farmgirl she was. Bailey heard her phone vibrate again, and then Janice said "He'll be here in a few minutes." "How'd you get him to come?" She asked.

"It doesn't matter," replied Janice. "Just know that he's coming, and that he has no idea what's in store for him." Cody walked down the hall, towards his girlfriend's room. He wasn't sure why he was doing this, he really didn't want to talk to her. But something in Bailey's texts made it seem urgent, so here he was, dressed in his sweats and tee-shirt, and knocking on the door of the girl who had just cheated on him with his own twin brother.

The door opened two seconds after he knocked, and the sight before his eyes made him reel back in shock. It wasn't Bailey who had opened her door, it was the twins, Janice and Jessica. There was a flickering light in the background, like what would come from several candles, and the dim light illuminated the girls just enough for Cody to see the scantily clad twins beckoning him in. Almost in shock, Cody walked in between the two girls into the room, and one of them swung the door shut behind him, clicking the lock into place.

Sitting on her bed, reclined back in a sexy pose, was Bailey, illuminated only by the candles that had been set up around the room. As he stood there, the twins came up on either side, and placed their hands on his shoulders and chest, slowly dragging their hands down his body, pressing their own soft and supple bodies up to his. His eyes were glued to Bailey as she stretched seductively, showing off her taut stomach and ample breast, barely concealed in the cowgirl-like shift she was wearing.

The cock in his pants began to grow, first at the sight of his girlfriend but also because of the touch of the twins next to him. Tearing his eyes away from Bailey, he opened his mouth to speak. "Wha—what's going on?" He stammered. "Shhhh," purred the twin on his right. "We're here to make everything all better," added the other one, in a sultry voice.

"Just ask your girlfriend." Cody looked at Bailey, who was standing up off the bed. She strutted towards him, coming to a stop right before him. She touched her palm to his chest, and said "That's right,,just let us all make everything better." Simultaneously, the twins reached down and grabbed Cody's shirt, lifting it up and over his head, tossing it to the side.

Then, they knelt by his sides, pulling his sweatpants down, as Bailey knelt in front of him. The boner in his boxer's was clearly visible, pressing against the thin fabric. Bailey reached out and took hold of his boxers, and slowly pulled them down. Cody's long and thick cock sprung free, and Bailey threw his boxers to the side.

The twin on his right, Janice, he decided, grabbed hold of his cock at the base, stroking up and down the length slowly. From the other side, Jessica reached underneath and cupped his balls, massaging them slowly. Bailey leaned in closer, and grasped his cock near the tip. She stroked him slowly, looking up into his eyes as she did so. Bringing her mouth in closer, she placed her lips around just the head of his cock and pressed them together, enclosing the tip completely.

She swirled her tongue around the very tip a few times, and then began bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She saw Janice stand up out of the corner of her eye, and glanced back upwards, to see Cody and the blonde girl making out fiercely.

She felt a small twinge of jealousy, but it quickly subsided when she realized that there was no way Cody couldn't forgive her after this. No way. So Bailey continued sucking her boyfriend's cock, and was dimly aware that Jessica was licking the side of his shaft at the same time.

She overheard a low moan come from Cody, and knew that he was coming close to cumming. Bailey began taking more of his shaft into her mouth, and Janice knelt back down by her side, kissing the side of his dick. "Ughhhh," groaned Cody. "I'm about to cuum." Bailey sped up her head motion, beginning to gag on the length of his cock. "Don't swallow," whispered Janice in her ear. "We want to give him something that'll have him hard again in no time." Bailey nodded her head as best she could, and continued bobbing her head back and forth.

"Ughhhhh," groaned Cody again. "I'm cummiiing." She felt the first rope of cum hit the back of her throat, as Cody's cock pulsated and releases his fuck juices. She pulled her head back so that only the tip was in her mouth, and she could feel one of the twins at her side jacking him off as he continued to cum. More and more strands of jizz landed in her mouth, but Bailey resisted the urge to swallow.

When Cody's cock was done spewing its potent load, Bailey slowly withdrew her mouth, keeping her head tilted back and her mouth half-opened to keep from spilling any of his sperm. The twins removed their hands from Cody's shrinking cock, and Janice brought her head down below Bailey's. "Do you know what we have in mind now?" Whispered Jessica in her ear.

Bailey nodded, a little bit of cum dripping out of her mouth and dribbling down in cheek. She tipped her face downwards towards Janice's and her open, awaiting mouth. She pursed her lips, and let her mouthful of cum slowly drip down into Janice's awaiting mouth. Cody was practically in shock as he watched his girlfriend give the mouthful of cum she had to one of the twins.

His girlfriend, who had just given him a blowjob while another girl made out with him and the other played with his balls and cock. It was almost too much for him to take. When the twin had received all of the jizz from Bailey's mouth, Bailey sat back on her heels, while the second twin moved closer to the other.

They brought their mouths together, and transferred the sperm to the other twin. Jessica, he thought. Jessica than sat back and gargled the mouthful of cum, before looking straight up at Cody, and visibly swallowing it all. Janice noticed the drop of cum that had leaked from Bailey's mouth, and leaned in close to lick it off. After licking Bailey's jaw, Janice moved her mouth higher, and placed her mouth on Cody's girlfriends.

Bailey looked shocked for a second, but then gave into the kiss, and passionately made out with the blonde twin. Jessica stood up next to Cody, smiled, and guided him over to the bed.

Cody laid down on the middle of the bed, his head resting on the pillow, as he watched his girlfriend make out with another girl. Jessica knelt on the bed between his knees, and began sucking on Cody's cock slowly and gently, nursing it back to life as he watched the two girls go at it. The two girls kneeling on the floor undressed each other quickly, all the while ferociously making out.

Janice pulled Bailey to her feet and then pushed her down onto London's bed, spreading Bailey's thighs, and bringing her face in between them. Cody saw his girlfriend's head go back as Janice began licking her cunt, Bailey involuntarily grabbing the back of the twin's head and pulling it farther into her pussy. Jessica continued sucking Cody's limp cock, licking around the sensitive head and sucking on one of his balls.

Slowly, with the help of the blonde teenager and the sight of the two other teenagers engaged in lesbian sex several feet away, Cody's cock began to regain its hardness. When it was back to its seven-inch length, Jessica stopped sucking it, and climbed up Cody's hips. She pulled off the thin nightie she was wearing, tossing it away. It revelead two perfectly shaped, perky breasts, and a bald, shaven pussy. Before she could grab his cock and guide it to the entrance to her cunt, Cody turned his head to the side and spoke.

"Bailey." His girlfriend looked over at him, and Janice stopped her ministrations to her pussy and also looked up. "Is this what you want?" He wanted to make sure that this was completely fine with her. "Yes," she gasped. "Fuck Jessica. And then you're going to fuck Janice. And then you're going to fuck me." Janice smiled at Cody, and dove back in to eating Bailey out. Smiling down at him, the blonde girl took hold of his cock, and guided it to her pussy as she sat down on him.

The engorged tip of his cock slowly entered the hot tightness of Jessica's wet pussy, as Jessica continued to sit down on him. When the entire length of his cock had disappeared into her warm snatch, the girl began to ride him slowly, up and down. Cody raised his own hips to meet hers every time she came down, and they slowly built up speed.

He placed his feet flat on the bed so that his knees were up in the air so that his hips had room to move, and then began fucking Jessica harder and more fiercely than before. She began gasping and moaning as the heat and friction built up in her cunt, each stab of Cody's cock bring forth more and more waves of pleasure. Cody reached up and took hold of Jessica's arms and with a firm but gentle move shoved her to her side and rolled over top of her, taking the dominant position and sawed his cock in and out of her, as she groaned louder and louder.

From the other bed, Bailey looked away from Janice's head between her thighs and looked over at Cody and Jessica, her boyfriend's large cock disappearing and reappearing from the twin's shaven cunt, Cody's balls swaying back and forth. She realized that she had no reservations, no regrets at the decision she had made to make this happen, as she saw the intense look of pleasure on Cody's face.

Bailey knew that even if she and Cody didn't work out after this she would be happy that she had at least been able to give him this before they were over. Then an intense wave of pleasure washed over Bailey as Janice encircled her clitoris with her tongue and her back arched, her eyes closing as they rolled back in pleasure.

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As Cody began to reach his ending point, he realized that he didn't know whether or not Jessica was on birth control. He slowed down his thrusting for a moment and asked her in between short breaths "Are you…on birth control?" he asked, gasping for air. The blonde girl looked up at him, gave him a smile, and said "Yes, I am." Cody nodded and returned to a faster pace, bringing the Jessica to her climax.

"Uggggghhhhhhhh!!" She moaned, as her pussy clamped down on Cody's thrusting cock. With that, Cody was done as well, and his cock released its second load of cum of the night, his seed spilling out and coating the outside of his cock and inside of her pussy with the white liquid.

Cody fell off of Jessica to the side and they laid there for a second, breathing heavily. Then, the twin leaned over, smiled, and whispered "That was fantastic.

Now it's someone else's turn." She gave him a quick kiss, and then bent down to his cock and quickly sucked off the remainder of his cum and gave it a few quick pumps before getting off the bed and walking over to the other. Cody looked over to see who was going to come over next. Bailey looked down at Janice and said "I think it's your turn, now." "No," the twin smiled.

"If I go then he'll have nothing left for you. I think the two of you are ready to be alone." Janice got off the bed and she and Jessica gathered there lingerie, threw on their bathrobes, and exited the room. Cody looked over at Bailey in the silence, and she looked back at him.

Zack left Ms. Tutweiller's room, adjusting his jeans. It had been a surprisingly good hour, especially since it had been completely unexpected. Feeling good about his latest conquest, and also of turning his math homework in, albeit late. He idly wondered if his knew relationship with his teacher would result in higher grades in class. Zack didn't really care. There was something that he knew he needed to do, however. He knew that he had hurt his brother by doing what he had done, and had to make it right.

And first, that included manning up and apologizing. After a few seconds of semi-awkward silence, Bailey spoke. "I really am sorry about what happened, Cody." "I know you are," he responded.

"I also know that you would never have done anything like that on purpose. I was just…so mad, at him, at you…I just couldn't help it." She nodded. "I know…it really is a horrible thing…and again, I'm really sorry." Cody smiled, and motioned for her to come over to him.

She stood up off of the bed and took the few strides over to him, and straddled his hips on the bed, her hair falling to one side over his face. Cody put his hand on her cheek and gently pulled her down to him, kissing her on the lips softly.

When they finally pulled away from each other, Cody gave her a small smile and said "You didn't have to do that you know.' "Do what?" "The whole…orgy thing." "It's okay," Bailey said, smiling.

"It was kindof…fun." Cody raised his eyebrows. She shrugged her shoulders. "It's not something I would be…against doing again." Cody smiled again, and pulled her in for another kiss. They made love then, slow and sweet, taking their time, glad to be okay again. And when they were finished, they merely laid there together, perfectly comfortable with the silence.