Cop shop This Russian amateur biotch thought she could sneak some

Cop shop This Russian amateur biotch thought she could sneak some
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This is my first story here. I wrote this pretty quickly so sorry for any grammatical errors. If you like it, please comment and I'll continue the story further.

Matt's Ability: Chapter 1- "Suck my dick" I commanded nervously. Hoping that my suspicions were still correct and she wouldn't just slap me in the face. After an awkward pause, Chloe began to get down on her knees to unzip my pants! I still couldn't believe it! The stone actually worked! As she pulled down my boxers and grabbed my cock, slowly rubbing the already hard shaft back and forth, I began to think of how I got into that incredible situation.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First though, let me describe myself. My name is Matt, and I live in the suburbs just outside of Dallas, Tx. I'm 17 and a junior in high school. I'm 6'2 with a really thin but toned build from the last 3 years of high school track and cross country.

Ranked in the top ten of my class, brown hair, blue eyes, 7 1/2 inch dick, sexually inexperienced. (Never even a girlfriend.

Probably because I'm just to nervous around them.) I live with my mom, my dad, and my older sister who is a senior, Chloe. Everybody thinks Chloe and I are twins as she is 6'1, same hair color, same eye color and just as thin and toned from her years of high school volleyball. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I was saying, it all started a week ago. I was up and running at 6:30 for cross country, just like every day. I was running alone on this 5 mile, easy pace, run because the varsity guys were sprinting ahead and the slower JV guys were falling behind.

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I was all alone with my thoughts, just trying to get through the run. We run off campus most days so I was running down the sidewalk just watching all the early cars and buses speed by. I finally reached the familiar bridge that cut left into the local park that we often run through due to the shade and non existent traffic. As I turned into the concrete path surrounded by thick trees, I began to slow down to a walk. I'm not sure why, but I knew I wouldn't be caught as I had at least 5 minutes until the other JV guys would catch up to me.

I continued to walk, observing the peaceful nature that surrounded me in the early morning sunrise. As I continued looking around me, noticing things I had never noticed before, something on the ground caught my eye. It looked pitch black compared to all the other gray rocks surrounding it.

I jogged over to it, picking apart the rocks that covered the majority of the small stone. When I picked up the stone, I was surprised at its weight. It was oval shaped and smooth all around, about the size of my palm.

I flipped this smooth stone over. There was something small, engraved neatly in the side of the rock. It read- "Commander's Stone. Absorb energy and control." "That's weird" I thought.

Confused but not putting much thought into it, I put the cool looking black stone into my pocket and continued my run, realizing the slower runners were probably close behind I eventually finished the run, showered, changed, and eight hours later, the school day finally finished. I took the bus home and was the first one back, as normal. It was then 4 o'clock and Chloe wouldn't be home from practice with mom until around 6 and dad would be home even later around 7.

I went upstairs, dropped my bag and got on my laptop in my room. I pulled out the stone from my pocket, where it had been all day. "Commander's Stone. Absorb energy and control." I read aloud.


I had decided earlier in the day to research this stone. Normally I would have thought that the writing had been done by somebody bored in there free time, however, the writing etched in the stone was to neat to be done with just a knife.

"Commander's Stone" I typed into google.


I began my search. After scrolling through many pages of links connecting me to information about the Star Wars clone troop commander nicknamed "Stone", I found an interesting link. It only caught my eye because it had the exact same message in the info "Absorb energy and control." I clicked on the link and I was brought to this dark website about strange myths and magics.

The top of the screen read in bold letters, "The Commander's Stone". I continued to read all the way down the page. It basically said that there is a solid black stone, called the Commander's Stone, that was created back in the middle ages and when used properly could give a human the power to control any human into happily fulfilling their bidding.

However the info on the website said "This is a myth. No such rock exists." "This is crazy" I thought, "Somebody probably just made the rock as some stupid prank". However, curiosity got the better of me. I knew it was impossible but I had to try. "Absorb energy and control" read the stone. I figured that "control" was referring to the ability to make people due your bidding and "absorb energy" meant gaining the ability to control people.

I just had to try to "absorb the energy". Whatever that meant. My first thought was the sun. That is the ultimate source of all energy so I walked outside and concentrated really hard on absorbing the suns light. Probably looking like an absolute dumbass to any viewing neighbor. After five minutes of feeling no change, I went back inside. After thinking, I realized that the directions would most likely be referring to the stones "energy".

So I attempted everything I could think of.


I tried staring at the stone, meditating with the stone, holding the stone, and all the while, the stone looked very un-energetic.

I eventually just gave up. "What was I hoping for anyways? It's obviously fake." I said aloud in ridicule as I picked up the stone. I went back upstairs to my bedroom and laid down, still holding it. It was about 5 o'clock at this point and knowing that I have about an hour until anyone comes back, I decided to take a nap.

I was exhausted after the entire day of work. As I began to relax, I slowly drifted off to sleep. I woke up what felt like seconds later, sweating. Confused as to why I was so hot all of a sudden, I began to look around. The black stone was still in my hand but it was very cold all of a sudden.

Almost freezing. I brought it up to my face and observed it once again. And to my absolute shock, the message had changed. It now read- "Commander's Stone. Control" This freaked me out. "It's not possible for the rock to have changed what it said" I thought. After thinking about the stone I eventually decided that I must have read the stone wrong the first time and that this is what it always said. Shaking my still sweating head in confusion, I put the stone next to my laptop on the table and walked downstairs.

When I walked into the kitchen, I was surprised to see my mom and dad cleaning up. I read the clock on the wall- 8:00pm "Wow I was out for a while" I thought to myself. "Hey sweety, sorry we ate dinner without you but you were asleep and we didn't want to wake you.

There is chicken in the fridge if you want some" my mom told me. "Thanks mom. I was just really tired." "Before you go do anything else can you come help me with these dishes?" my mom asked/ordered. "Get chloe to do it, I didn't make any of that mess!" "Ok" she surprisingly said. "Chloe, come over here and help me with the dishes." This was rather surprising.

I can never get out of cleaning dishes. "Why?" My sister said, sounding somewhat irritated. "Matt always does the dishes." "Just do the dishes, Chloe" I told her.

What came next shocked me. "Ok Matt." she said with a smile and walked over to my mom and begun to clean the dishes. I couldn't believe it. Chloe had gone from arguing with me to doing what I told her! It was like I was.

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"Control." I thought in awe. "Maybe the stone somehow worked after all." I figured I was probably wrong and my sister was just being nice today but I had to test this hypothesis further before I tried anything too drastic and embarrassed myself.

Although risky, I figured that one test would easily prove whether or not I was correct. So later that night, around ten o'clock when our parents were asleep, I walked into my sisters room.

Without knocking on the door, I just walked in. "Matt what the fuck are you doing in my room? Get the fuck out!" She yelled as she noticed my presence. Ignoring her comment, with the bit of courage I had, I instructed her to "Take off your clothes. Strip fully naked and let me admire your hot body." Right after I said it, I began to think it wouldn't work.

She would yell at me and tell mom and dad what a pervert I am. "Ok Matt" she responded happily, sending me into complete shock. So she began to strip. First her loose fitting t-shirt, exposing a black lace bra that held her perfect breasts that at my guess are a small c-cup. Next she took off her shorts to reveal a matching black lace thong to match her bra. Now that was possibly the greatest moment of my life.

For about two years I've started to see my sister as more than just some annoying girl, but a really attractive one. She has skinny, tanned long legs, a toned stomach from volleyball and a nice toned ass that becomes very noticeable in the spandex she wears for her volleyball games. So for about two years I occasionally jerked off to the thought of fucking her, or even the thought of seeing her naked, and it was somehow happening! I don't understand how it is all possible. But I didn't care.

She quickly unhooked her bra allowing her amazingly perfect breasts to be fully exposed. I instantly could feel the hard-on growing in my pants as I enjoyed the view of her succulent tits and small areolae. She then bent over to pull her panties down to her ankles and then kicked them off.

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She stood up straight once again and now my hard-on was at full growth as I could make out her pussy. Her pubic hair is shaved except for a neat little patch of dark hair just above her exposed slit. I couldn't believe what was happening! "My extremely hot sister has stripped for me at my command and is standing in front of me fully nude!" I thought to myself.

But I knew I wasn't done yet. "Suck my dick" I than commanded nervously. Hoping to get my first blow job and that she wouldn't just slap me in the face. After an awkward pause, Chloe began to get down on her knees to unzip my pants! She pulled down my jeans and my boxers exposing my now fully erect cock. She began to rub the hard shaft back and forth, making a little pre-cum ooze out the head.

I moaned in pleasure as she leaned in and began to lick the bottom of my cock from my balls back to the tip. As she did so she began to rub her tits with her free hand. "Damn you are one slutty cock sucker!" I said to her approvingly, knowing that she wouldn't get mad.

I decided to give her the rest of my commands. "From now on, you are going to be my personal slut. Whenever i instruct you to do so, you will do any perverted acts that I tell you. Ok, slut?" "Yes, Matt" she said back as she stopped licking my shaft and begun to put the tip in her mouth. "In private, that's Master to you." I said as I quickly shoved almost the rest of my dick down her throat to make sure she understood my will.

I backed away to let her speak, "Yes, Master" she said smiling, as she coughe. I than grabbed her by her hair and she began to suck my dick again. Once again bobbing her head back and forth, giving me my first blow job. Not only did it feel incredible, but it was being given by my sister that I can degrade as much as I want while she sucks my dick! As her wet mouth continued to envelope my throbbing cock, I knew I could barely hold off any longer.

I pulled my sisters hair to my stomach, forcing my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. My balls clenched as the pst powerful orgasm of my life ran through my body. I began to shoot stream after stream of hot cum down her waiting throat. I swear I have never came that much in my life. As my orgasm continued to roll through my body and my cock stopped cumming down her throat, I backed away and fell to the ground. I hadn't fully realized how much I had been choking my sister as she quickly swallowed all the cum like a good slut, and than collapsed on the floor with me, completely out of breath.

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Finally when my orgasm stopped, I began to think of the things that I could do with this new found power. I can make anybody do whatever I want and not only will they do it willingly, but they'll do it happily. "I guess I'm not going to be jerking off much more from now on" I thought jokingly.

Lying next to my naked sister on the floor of her bedroom with my pants down, I began to relax. To tired to get up and go to my own room, I decided just too sleep here with my sister. "This is going to be fun" I thought as I drifted off to a deep sleep.