Sunny leon fuck urdu speaking

Sunny leon fuck urdu speaking
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Pregnant Sex Ch. 2 by Dunchad© *This is the second of four stories with an amazing woman.* It was the next day and I was still in amazement of what had happened. I couldn't believe that my plan had worked the way it did. I figured she would be revolted and leave without the stroller, but instead she got turned on. I sat in the living room and started to watch the porn tape with the pregnant woman and got turned on again. As I sat there in my shorts I got another hard on and decided to pull it out and take care of business again.

Thirty minutes later I was cleaning up my mess and extremely happy again. I went about my day then, cleaning my house and getting it neat and tidy once again. Then I started thinking about the pregnant neighbor again. So there I was walking around my house with yet another hard on.

I couldn't believe it, and then I remembered that I didn't even get her name. And then I remembered that she told that next time we fucked I could get her name, and that turned me on even more.

So I sat down with my raging hard on trying to figure out what to do to get her over to fuck again. Just then I heard her voice outside my window again. I thought it was a fluke until I got up and went to the window. Sure enough there she was but this time she was arguing with a guy.

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As I watched them from my window, I saw that he had bags in hands and then I heard him call her a slut. She started crying and ran inside. I sat there and got pissed at what he had said. He got into his car and speed away, good riddance I thought with a smile. Then I heard a knocking on door, standing up I walked over to answer and thought to myself what if it's her. Well to my surprise, it was. She rushed into my arms crying and sobbing. I couldn't understand her, but just held her in my arms.

I lead her over to the couch and sat her down. I could see the trails of her tears from her running make-up and didn't know what to do.

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I just held her close and listened to her cry about what a jerk he was and how he figured out what we had done the night before. She was devastated and then within seconds she was angry with me. It was all my fault, I had done this to her and now she was without a man and her child would not have a father.

"Well why can't I be the father, if that is what you want for your child?" I couldn't believe what I had just said. She stopped and looked at me with probably about the same expression as I was wearing.

Then she wrapped her arms around me and started laughing and crying again. "I can't believe you just said that. What were you thinking Duncan?" I looked at her and started chuckling. "I don't know, it just seemed the right thing to say I guess. But what's wrong with my idea anyhow? After all I couldn't be as bad as the jerk that just left." She let me go and held my face in her hands and kissed me.

I looked into her eyes and saw something that I hadn't seen the night before. "So what's your name gorgeous?" She smiled at me and said, "I'm Cassandra sexy. And lets get something to eat, I'm starving. One of the problems with being pregnant." I looked back at her and just smiled.

"Well it's nice to meet you Cassandra. Does this mean we're going to be friends now?" "Well, actually, I was thinking of more than that, but let's get some food and talk about it then." She grabbed my hand and led me from my apartment.

We went down to her car and then out for lunch. At lunch we talked about what had happened and that she was actually okay with her ex-boyfriend leaving, but it was just a shock to have happen so suddenly. She told me that she had had the best time of her life with just the few minutes that we had spent together the night before. After lunch we decided to give it a try and see if it could go further then just sex. I was more than willing to give it a try and so was Cassandra.

We talked about the sex too, and decided that it was the reason that Cassandra was interested in giving it a shot in the first place. Well, that was all it took for me to get an instant hard-on and start to yearn for her again.

We went back to her car and drove back to our apartment building. On the way back, I got daring and put my hand on her leg.

She looked at me and just smiled. So I got even more daring and started rubbing her bare leg. I ran my hand along the hem of her shorts and she started to purr with delight. At the same time she placed her hand in my crotch and grabbed my erection through my shorts and squeezed it in her hand and smiled. We got back to our apartments and this time she leads me up to her apartment. We walked in and I could tell that she was well organized, as there was plenty of baby stuff all over the living room.


But before I could see a lot, she was in my arms and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips. I was swept away by it and even realized that her tongue was pierced now too. As we pulled away I looked at her and she just grinned. "I guess your wondering about the addition huh?" I looked at her a bit puzzled and she replied, "I had my tongue pierced before, but my ex didn't like it. I guess that triggered it when I put it back in this morning.

But I don't care, unless you don't like it?" I just looked at her and said, "Keep it in!" She grabbed me even harder against her and kissed me again. By this time I was ready fro anything, and started to run my hands all over her body. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own and before I knew it we were both naked and rubbing our bodies against each other.

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Cassandra had to be about six or seven months along, because her belly was nice and round with her belly button starting to stick out. I started to kiss her face and neck and making my way down to her full breasts. As I took a nipple into my mouth she moaned and pulled back a bit. "Are you okay, did I hurt you?" "Well, my breasts are tender because I am starting to produce milk.

So too much pressure hurts, but it also feels good too. So keep going, but not too rough though okay." "No problem, I will take it easy." So I started to kiss her breasts, but not sucking on them at all. She started moaning again and rubbing against my head with her erect nipples. Then I felt something wet against my cheek, but thought it might just be sweet. I kept kissing her breasts and carefully took a nipple into my mouth and just lightly ran my tongue over the tip.

Suddenly, I felt a burst of liquid against my tongue and back of my throat. I pulled away and looked at Cassandra. She was blushing and started to pull away from me. I grabbed her hands before she too far and turned her around to look her in the face. Then she said, "I am so sorry. I guess I am closer to lactating than I thought.

If you want to stop I can understand." She looked truly embarrassed and expecting me to leave. But to her amazement, I just took her nipple back into my mouth and started to lick it again. And again her milk started to squirt out of her. Then I started to suck on her nipple and trying to get more of her precious fluid out of her.

It tasted so good and was thick too. If she only knew, that the reason that I liked pregnant woman was when after they had their babies, they lactated.

And lactating women immensely turned me on. She started moaning again and seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving her. I released the one nipple and kissed my way over to her other nipple. As soon as I took it into my mouth, it started to release pressure and filled my mouth with milk. I was in heaven from the taste and feel of sucking her milk from her full breast.

I started to rub her belly and moving my hands in wide circles so that I could touch the edge of her pubic hair. As I moved my hand farther down she let out a moan and started grinding her hips towards to my hand.

I released her nipple and looked at her face. I could tell that she was pleased with what I was doing and I continued with what I had in mind.


I dropped to my knees in front of her and started kissing her belly. Flicking my tongue across her belly button and hearing her chuckle as it tickled her. By now I am running my hands up and down her legs, around to her ass, and then in between legs. I can tell that she is excited and wanting me again, because she was so wet between her legs. Her legs parted a little and let my hand in between her legs better. She started moaning again, and started to buck her hips against my hand.

Now I was getting closer to her pussy and could smell her fragrant musk and got even turned on more. My cock was throbbing now and I could feel pre-cum soaking a spot in my underwear.

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I moved my face down her belly to her pubic hair and noticed that it was trimmed still and wonder how she managed it in her condition. But I didn't wonder for too much longer as I plunged my face down between her legs.

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I wasn't able to get a good angle, but she grabs my head in her hands and pushed me as far as I could go. Finally, she groaned out and pulled me up by my head and took my hand and led me away.

We entered her bedroom and she through me on the bed. "Now it's my turn lover so get ready for me to rock your world." She ripped my shirt and yanked my shorts and underwear off. As my cock sprang out of its confinement her mouth was waiting for it.

She eagerly took it into her mouth and in one motion took my entire cock into her mouth until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs. She sucked as she slides it out of her mouth and then started to lick the head. As she ran her tongue across the head, she stuck her tongue in the urethra and I jumped from surprise. Her tongue ring had actually entered the hole and it was like nothing I had never felt before.

She continued to suck and lick my cock, taking it deep inside her mouth and even licking my balls with my cock inside her mouth. I was in heaven because she was an expert at what she was doing, and I loved it too. She had a way of using her tongue piercing that drove me wild. She would place it under the head of my cock and then run it along the edge until she made an entire circle then she would take it up to the urethra and insert it into the opening again.

When she did that it was like an electric shock running through my whole body. After several minutes of this tactic I grabbed her head and started guiding it up and down my stiff cock. As soon as I felt the urges of explosion, I stopped her and pulled her away from my cock and raised her face to mine so that I could kiss her talented mouth.

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After a very long kiss, I moved her onto her back and lowered myself between her legs. She grabbed my head and shook hers no, but I ignored her and continued with what I wanted to do. I spread her legs as wide as I could and started kissing her thighs and then up to her clit. I took it into my mouth and sucked it deep into my mouth.

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I rubbed my tongue over it and pushed it against the roof of my mouth and rubbed against the rough skin. Then I gently nibbled the base of her clit, just scraping my teeth over the sensitive skin. She bucked her hips and moaned out in pleasure.

I continued sucking and nibbling her clit for several minutes before I slowly inserted a finger into just the outside of her pussy. I rubbed my finger along her outer lips and tracing the fluids that were flowing from her. Then I slowly pushed my finger into her and started rubbing the inside of her pussy.

Finally, I found what I was looking for, the slightly rough section that indicated her g-spot. As soon as I touched it she lifted her ass and shrieked in pleasure. I started licking her pussy as finger fucking her at the same time. During the next fifteen minutes, I had worked a second finger into her pussy and was getting her even more excited and I could tell that she was close to exploding again.

I spread my fingers apart inside of her to touch both walls at the same time. As soon as I started to push and pull my fingers inside her she let loose with a scream of pleasure that startled me to a halt then I quickly continued. After five minutes of this pleasure, she grabbed my hand and pulled it out of her and then pulled me up next to her. "That was the most intense orgasms I have ever had in a long time.

I hope you can perform like that all the time dear?" I just looked at her and smiled. "Well, not sure about every time, but I can certainly try it. As long as you will let me too." She looked back with a smile and replied, "Well, until I say otherwise, I expect you to try at least everyday.

How does that sound?" "Sounds great to me, so how about a little pleasuring of me now?" "Sure thing babe!" Next I knew she is on top of me and slowly lowering herself onto my still hard cock. It felt great having her on me, and I loved the view too. As soon as she had all of my cock deep inside of her, she started rocking on top of me and was pushing my cock deeper inside of her. It felt great and I started to buck under her to try and get deeper too.

She was enjoying taking charge and I could tell too. I reached up and started to gently massage her breasts and then rub her nipples in between my thumb and fingers.

Before too long she was moaning in pleasure again and I was starting to see her milk leak out of her nipples. As I massaged them some more, milk started to squirt out of them and cover my chest and face in her luscious milk. Heaven was truly now on earth. As she rocked her hips across my enlarge cock I felt her shudder with the onset of another orgasm. But this time I decided I was going to make her cum from behind. I pushed up with my hips and caught her off balance and pushed her onto her side on the bed.

I lay next to her and sucked her nipple and took some nourishment from her. Then I got up and positioned her so that I could take her from behind. On her hands and knees, her ass was in the air and I stared at it for a minute, and then slapped her sexy ass once. Her body shivered and she let out a small squeak of pain. I placed my cock at the entrance to her extremely wet pussy. I slide into her pussy with ease and slammed my cock deep into her.

I felt my cockhead hit her back wall. She shuddered with pleasure and pushed back against me, trying to get more of my cock into her. I slowly pulled back until my cockhead was about to come out then I slammed it in again until I bottomed out. I continued this for several minutes, listening to her moan and groan in pleasure.

Than I lost my patience and started to just slam my cock in and out of her pussy. I could feel her juices slide down onto my balls as they slapped against her clit. I rose my hand and slapped her ass again and this time she bucked and actually forced my cock deeper into her pussy. So I started to slap her ass more often.

I could feel my balls start to tighten and the familiar twitch and throb with my impending climax. I started slamming harder and faster. I grabbed her hips to pull her into my more, I could tell that she was getting close again and started pushing against me faster. Her arms gave out under her, and she inadvertently pushed her ass higher and into me more.

I could her start to moan and groan louder, building to a scream I was sure. As I slammed faster, sweat started to drip off of me and onto her back.

As I continued my onslaught I could feel her body start to shake as her orgasm built up. I grabbed her ass again, spreading her ass checks as I pounded away at her. Then I felt her body tense and she let loose a scream that I am sure the entire building heard. As her pussy tightened around my cock, I let loose with my own long awaited orgasm and filled her pussy with my sperm. I was grateful that she was already pregnant, one less thing to worry about, which is another reason why I loved pregnant women.

As our bodies convulsed with our combined orgasms, I could hear more screams being released into her pillows. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled up as I continued to thrust inside of her. She let loose with another scream, which I was sure that the neighbors had heard, but didn't care a bit.

Finally, she pulled herself forward and away from me and collapsed onto her bed. Her body was still shaking and convulsing as I lay next to her.

She turned enough for me to kiss her and wrap my arms around her glowing body. Our bodies were slick with sweat as we cuddled after the greatest sex I had had in a very long time. Our eyes meet and I knew that she was pleased, even without the reactions of her body.

"Well, it seems that you are able to get me off more than once, so I guess I'll you around." She smiled at me and curled into my arms and wrapped her legs around mine. I guess that I am a keeper after all. I will just have to make sure that I keep her interests and keep her happy too.