Amateur babe banged hard at sexaudition

Amateur babe banged hard at sexaudition
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Jason was a 15 year old jock who had just completed his freshman year at South Bends High School. Ever since he could remember, girls were crazy about him.

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His hair, his build. and the rumor about his 9.5 inch cock didn't hurt his popularity either. Jason never wasted an opportunity to take advantage of a horny admirer and between classes, he could usually be found getting in a few passionate kisses with the cheerleaders.

But school was out now. It was summer, and he had the house to himself while his parents were at work and his sister was away at camp.

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Already having watched his parents' "hidden" stash of porn videos, Jason was having trouble finding ways to satisfy his desires. But one night at dinner, his prayers were answered. "Your Uncle Chuck is going to Miami for the next couple of weeks for an NADA meeting," Jason's father informed him. However, Jason failed to see how this concerned him, and resumed eating. "He asked me if I would allow Jessie to stay here while he's gone. Since y." Jason's enthusiasm caused him to start choking on his brocolli.

Jessie was his uncle's 13 year old daughter and Jason had a crush on her ever since he disregarded the belief in cooties. "You told him yes right?" "I told him I'd run it by you first.

After all, she would be here with you all day." "You didn't need to ask. You know I'd say yes." Jason was horny already. No one knew about his crush on his cousin (having a crush on you cousin isn't exactly something you brag about) not even Jessie. But now seemed a good time to make a move. Jessie arrived two days later, suitcases and all. Something Jason liked about Jessie, aside from her tight little ass, was her desire to wrestle.

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It didn't matter if it was for fun, or if she was serious, Jessie loved to wrestle. Jason had no objections, as far as he was concerned, it was sex without the nudity or intercourse. But Jason had concocted his idea. He gave Jessie a few days to settle into a daily routine, but finally got too restless to wait any longer. His parents left for work, and he and Jessie just finished breakfast.

Jason asked her if she wanted to watch a movie to kill some time.


She agreed and followed him into the living room. He went through the piles of movies next to the t.v. carefully reading the titles until he found the one he was searching for.


One of his father's videos, "Lesbian Lust." Once the teen lesbos started licking eachothers pussies, Jessie got more upset than wet. She asked Jason to turn it off and when he refused, she dove at him in a futile attempt to wrestle the remote from his hands. They struggled for a while, but Jason eventually got her on her back.

He sat on her legs to restrain her and realized that he was going to have to use force. While she tried to wiggle out from under him, he unzipped her miniskirt.

Jessie started to scream, but 3 or 4 smacks silenced her. He pulled down her pink panties and was surprised to see that after all that resistance, her pussy was wet. By now Jessie stopped fighting. Jason took his index finger and gently slid it in and out of her. She calmed down and relaxed on the living room floor.

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"Mind if I take a peek at your tits?" He knew whether or not she agreed, he was going to see them. However, Jessie gave into her cousin's requests. and her own desires. She removed her t-shirt and Jason unbuckled her bra. Less than 5 seconds later, he was sucking her rather small boobs. Between that and his finger pumping in and out of her pussy, Jessie was about to explode.

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But before she got the chance, the doorbell rang. "Leave it!" Jessie begged. He tried to, but whoever it was, the person was persistent. Jason got up to answer it. "Be quiet so no one hears you." To his surprise, it was Dean Thall, a boy from down the street and a friend of Jason's sister.

He was also 13 and about 5'1" (Jessica's height and about 3 inches shorter than Jason). He was here to see if he'd left his CD player from the other night when Jason's parents hosted a neighborhood barbeque.

Before Jason could stop him, Dean was poking towards the living room where Jessie was hiding. Jason restrained him, but not before Dean heard low sighs and groans. Jason let him go and he saw that Jessie was on the couch masturbating.


But she hadn't seen him. He reached into his pants which Jason noticed. Just as he turned around, Jason thrusted his tongue into Dean's mouth. Dean returned the favor and began to rub his hand up and down Jason's ass.

Jason wasn't gay by any means, but figured that involving Dean in the sexual crime he was committing would relieve him of any future trouble. The lustful embrace was finally broken up and Jason beckoned Dean into the living room. Jessie went red at the sight of a complete stranger staring at her nude.

While Dean gauked, Jason undressed himself and put on a condom. Dean still couldn't move, so Jessie decided to help him along. She got up from the couch and walked over to him. She dropped to her knees and began to unzip his pants. Jason in turn removed the boy's shirt.

So there the three of them were. completely nude. His parents left him alone and he brought two nude 13 year olds into his house.

Jessie got Dean on his back and motioned for him to spread his legs. He did, and she began to lick ferociously at his 5" cock. Jason couldn't take it anymore. He crouched down and spread Jessie's butt cheeks.

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Dean let out a groan as Jessie bit down on his penis as a result of the pain she was enduring when Jason inserted his 9.5" erection into her virgin asshole. Slowly but surely, he began to increase the speed at which he was pumping in and out of her. She didn't seem to care much because she was so fixated on Dean's penis.

Jason thrusted faster and harder. he was fucking Jessie's brains out, until. he and Dean had simultaneous orgasms.

While Jason erupted inside her asshole, Dean filled her mouth with what to Jessie seemed like a never ending supply of semen.

None the less, she swallowed every drop. The two boys stopped and sat down on the couch. They rested for a few minutes, because they knew from the look on Jessie's face. they had to return the favor.