Agile masseur seduces hawt bitch to bang her moist pussy

Agile masseur seduces hawt bitch to bang her moist pussy
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I lay there between your legs. A shakeing pile of nerves. I can still taste you coating my throat. That sweet saltiness with a hint of metal. Like sucking a penny coated in butterscotch. It's only you.

You've turned down the egg to the lowest setting. My nerves are still so raw though that even that makes me shake violently. Turning the egg off you lay my head on the couch and get up to leave the room.


The cool fabric of the couch feels great on my heat soaked skin and I lay there not moving and awaiting your return. You've gone to the bathroom to get a towle. Makeing your way back to the livingroom, you help me up on the couch, my knees weak from the pleasure. "Master" I moan as you slide your fingers into my soaked pussy. The look on your face says you've decided to have a little fun, and without warning you plunge in and start to play gently with my g-spot while running your thumb in cercils on my clit.

My back arches and you laugh at my eager reaction even though I can barely move.


"Ok my pet," you say gentaly "Let's get you cleaned up shall we. First out with the egg." You stick your fingers in and I find it extreamly hard to sit still so you can get you fingers around it. I moan and writh with pleasure and you smile again as you feel my still trimbleing nerves shake again violently.

The egg slides out after what seems like fifteen min, but was probubly only three. Laying the egg asside you lean forward and kiss my clit again and smile at the moans I can no longer stiffle. Picking me up you cradle me, carring me to the bathroom. You sit me on the floor by the tub and again poor salts and oils into the tubs to help with my shakeing, soreness and weak legs.

Filling the tub around half full with steaming water you slowly lower me in, and make sure I'm ok befor leaving the room for a moment. I rub my legs and feel the nerves objecting as I do so. Once you leave the room I grab my razor and lotion and begin to shave myself. I rub in the oil baised lotion and shave till my entier lower half is completley hairless, finishing off with my underarms just as you walk back into the room.

You walk back in with a small burbon glass of Orenge juice and I beam at you lovingly when I realize you've been paying attintion to my talks about body fluids.

I accept the juice and drink eagerly, a little disapointed that it washes the tast of you from my mouth completly. But knowing the strong sweet, bitter fluid will give me the strankth I need to get out of the tub on my own. You let the water out and and I rinse the tub and me of hair befor starting to refill it.

This time you climb in behind me when your finished messuring out salt and oils. I lean back allowing my head to rest on your shoulder as I wrap your arms around me.You decided on resting them on my breast and begin to speak gently of a photo shoot and what you would have me look like.

I smile at the idea of Crouching by a fier, with nothing but your collar on.

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Sitting on a silk red cussion in down waiting possision in handcuffs. With nothing on but the cuffs and a pink suade collar with one D ring on it. Sitting on our bed with my hands in the restraints that are attached to the wall, a toy berried deep inside me and my face contorted in the pleasure you and you alone can bring me. My pussy wettens at these thoughts and I am drawn back to the conversaition and present when you twist and pull my nipples asking ,"Are you paying attintion my per?" I answer shortly with ,"I am now Master." and moan in pleasure at you pulling my nipples.

I turn in your arms my breast bobbing above the water and lean in to kiss you. "What did I just say ,my pet?" You look upset and I cant help but blush and look down. You pull my chin back up and continue to look at me sternly. "I don't know Master," I wisper, "I was fantisizing about what poses you were going to put me in for the pictures." My cheecks go a deeper red and I can feel the blood burning under the serface, spreading from my cheeks to my whole face.

"I'm very sorry Master. I'll try to pay closer attintion next time." "Fine," you say. Continueing on and repeating what you had said befor. "Theirs a new toy I'm bringing in. And new cloths." I look up in surprise as I hear these things and can't help but wonder what. Remebering your stirn face I try to pay attintion and manage to catch you telling me were having comapny.

".bringing some people home for dinner I want you to pull stakes from the freezer and make a desert. I'll let you choose what to make. But it has to go well with Red Wine." I look up at you and you smile at me. The trace of anger from a moment ago all but gone. "Understand?" I smile proudly at you," Yes master, take the stakes out and make a dessert that gose well with red wine.

What would you like me to ware master?" You run your hands through my curly wet hair and smile at my quick thinking. "The bright green dress. The one that plunges deep and reaches past your knees.

The white toe heels, the four inch ones and the pecoack feather hair beret. But not all your hair just half." You smile at the image you've made in your head. Looking at me as though I'm already dressed. "Bra and Thong master? And what about jewlery?" The question makes you smile again and you reach down pinching my nipples.

The warm water has made them even more sensitive then they already are and I arch with your hand. Loving the feel of your skin on mine. "Half cup lace Bra, no thong, the emerald earings and the collar that maches the dress." You let loose and kiss me passionately.

I whine as you brake the kiss and you look at me juveantly and ask, "Now. Tell me what I just said and I'll reward you.

I smile happily, eager at the chance to please you. "Half cup lace bra, No thong, The emerald earings the ones you got me for my birthday, the green silk collar that maches the dress." I look into your eyes to see if I've gotten it right and the smile tells me I did. I bring my hands up and clap, then throw my arms around your neck and kiss you passionatly as I reajust myself and strattle you.

Rubbing myself against your cock. I slide my tounge across your lower lip and continue to grind. Loving the feel of your hardening shaft rub across my sisitive clit. I've completely stopped shakeing now and I'm eager for the next round. You push me from you and my hips stop moving as our mouths seperate and I stick my lower lip out in a pout. You bust out laughing and I cant help but to smile at the heavenly sound. "Now now my pet," you tell me with the smile ringing clear in your voice.

"Patience is a vertu" I let out a heavy sigh and lay my head on your shoulder cuddling up to you in the water. You take the time to run your hand up and down my back lightly and it feels great. But dosent last to long. Stopping the sudden movements you shift me and start to get out. I look at you puzzled and you smile and wrapp a towle around your waist and walk from the room again.

Without you the room feels substantually bigger and I cant help but feel small in the tub. Pulling the pug I step out and wrapp a towle around my hair and body.

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Grabbing the lotion I walk over to the makeup table and start to smooth on the lotion to smooth my skin. After drying and lotioning myelf I follow you out the bathroom and stand still for a moment. Low sweet music comes from the bedroom and I follow it. You lay there on the bed, watching me as I walk in. I crawl over to you and kneel in the down position my ass and recently shaven pussy high in the air and my sholders and head laying on comerter my your waist.

My arms folded infront of me on top of each other to save space. You rub the top of my head and lay my day book in front of me. "Tomorrow at 530." is all you say. I look up at you to make sure I have it right.

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"Steak, red wine desert, green outfit." You nod once and I open the book and put all of the information down so I don't forget one detail. I also put down the shoppinglist I'll need for the rest of the dinner and hand it over to you.

Putting it on the night stand you smile at me. "Are you up for playing one more time tonight, or are you to tiered?" The question catches me off gard and My pussy instantly wettens at the thought of you being inside of me. I think a moment on it. Seriously takeing in your question. "I think I would quite enjoy another round of play befor bed master." My ass starts to swing slowly side to side.

"May I make you hard master?"I ask, the verbal request still makeing me slightly red. "Yes." you say and lean back and watch me bob over you.

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You run your hands through my hair keeping it out of my face and as I hit the right pace and places, you let out a low growling moan that brings butterfly's to my stomack. Pulling me up off your hard cock leaves a loud slurp-pop in the air as you pull me toward the head of the bed. You stop at the pillows and push me forward at the waist. "Grab," you say and I grab the ropes around the wall after you slip my hands through the Japanees love cuffs.

You knudge my knees far apart, inches from doing a kneeling split. Slideing under me while kneeling ,you slide into me, and my hands tighten around the ropes and a high whine escapes my lips. As you start to go faster my legs shake and I hear you moan in pleasure as my musles start to contract around your cock. "Master!" I pant loving the feel of you ,needing more.

"No, not yet my pet.

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You must earn it!" With that you pump faster, and I move with you. Holding back from cumming but fully injoing the pleasure your giving me. "Fuck! Master please, it feels so good." You slow to a teasingly slow pace and I let out a whine at the loss of momentm.

But try as I may, I can not move very well, the bonds hold me to the walls and I can not get enough leverage to bounce freely on your cock. "Please what my pet?

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Be spicific or I shall give you no pleasure at all tonight." I stop moving at your words all together and a small wimper is torn from my throught at the thought of loosing the chance to ride you and the gift of you cumming in or on me.

Quickly I pull my words together."Please master fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast, I wanna feel you inside me, filling me to the brim and then some. I wanna cum for you and then I want you to cum in my mouth. Please. Please Master, Please." My begging must have pleased you and I sigh in relife and pleasure and then let my head lall at the feel of you continueing to pound my pussy. Feeling you grow an inch I know your getting close and I work my muscles hard. I want you. All of you. So I beg for you.

"Please master, cum in my mouth, let me taste us together pleasepretty please Master." I feel the bed shifting as you move and I look over to see you inches from my mouth I pull you in with my lips and start to suck you desperately. Licking and bobing as well as I can mannaged over the top of my arm.

I don't wait long as a few moments after your fully clean again you start to cum in my mouth. My cheeks full to bursting, to my happiness. Slowly you let me down and I melt onto the bed. Only noticing once I am loose that my arms are a tiny bit sore at the joints. You clear your thoat and point to the bathroom. I get up and brush my teeth, begudingly washing you from my mouth once again. After rinseing I crawl in beside you completely spent. Lifting the covers you roll me over and place a protective hand over my thigh, and kiss my neck and shoulders.

I sigh contently snuggling up against you, my bodyheat sure to make the winter night toasty warm. So I cant help but relax.

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Soon I find myself doozing, and allow myself to drift off thinking of what the new day will bring for us.