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Hot teens  hardcore fucking compilation with monthly models
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I was led down a hall to the main room by the chain attached to my labia piercings and we stopped at the door. He told me to make sure every guy in the room had the best blow job and fuck they ever had or I would be punished. As he said that he tugged a little harder on my piercings with the chain to make sure I got the point. I did. There would be no laying there while guys fucked me. I was there to put on a show. He opened the door and I heard cheering and saw nothing as the spotlights were shining on the stage and they were so bright I couldn't see who was in the room.

I heard lots of camera clicks and for a second I thought about that but quickly put it out of my mind as I could do nothing about it. I was led to the center of the stage in front of a wooden table so everyone could get a good look at the new piece of ass. The chain was dropped to the floor and my escort stood behind me and grabbed my breasts then turned me around so they could see my ass as he opened it up for them to see. More camera clicks. He came around the front and took off the chain and all the weights.

My pussy lips were really being stretched and he then attached a string from the two rings on the left and another to the two rings on the right then pulled the strings around my back opening up my pussy for them to see. He whispered in my ear that the 2 hours started now and I better be good. He put a bucket next to the table.

That was for the pesos. I had no idea how many guys were in the room but when I heard a peso dropped in the bucket I knew what was coming. For two hours I sucked cocks was fucked in my pussy and fucked in my ass. Fortunately for me the guys came very quickly and their cocks were not overly large but I did take a pounding and I remembered to try to give them the best fuck of their life.

All the time I was being fucked I heard camera clicks. Camera clicks, peso drops, and grunting. I was called every name in the book. Some in Spanish that I didn't understand but I was sure to learn. I really worked hard to make it a great fuck. Some guys wanted me doggy, others on my back, others with me on top. My pussy and ass were so full of cum that it acted a little like lubrication so it really didn't hurt.

I never was dry. I wasn't looking for more beatings with the belt or worse so I really tried to be he best fuck I could. There were two times I sorta led my mind wander and wasn't moving as much as the guy who led me in thought I should and he used one of those electric shock sticks to make me aware I better get moving.

One time he touched my nipple ring and the second time my asshole. Those really hurt and it got a cheer from the guys and got me moving.

At the end of the two hours the guy who brought me in stood me up for one more picture session.

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I could feel the cum running out of my pussy and down my leg. My ass was full of cum as was my stomach. My breasts and belly were covered in cum.

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I looked a mess. The strings were untied, weights put back on the four labia rings and the chain attached. He pulled the chain hard so they could take a few more pictures and I picked up the bucket and was led from the stage back to my room. In the room I was told to clean up while he watched starting with my ass. I inserted a lot of water in my ass to flush out the cum and the same in my pussy. I inserted the large anal toy in my ass.I shampooed my hair and washed all the cum from my body.


He finally said I looked good and get on my knees. I did and finished one last blow job for the night. I wanted to count the pesos but I was too tired and it could wait till the next day. A day of rest which I needed. A day of rest, yeah right, with 2 beans and rice boys there two times a day. That was a day of rest.

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I laid down on the bed, sore, tired, and worn out. Three nights like this then whatever was happening Saturday. I WAS a piece of ass. When I awoke there was a new boy about 18 standing over my bed. I quickly stood up and presented myself to him. He pushed me down to my knees and I unzipped his jeans and took out his cock.

He came at once and I swallowed his cum and cleaned his cock. I stood up and he attached the chain to my labia rings and led me back to the room from the night before. I was given a bucket of water mixed with bleach and told to clean up the mess I made.

There was cum everywhere on the table and floor and I scrubbed it clean. Satisfied he took led me back to the room and took off the chain and finger fucked me while looking in my eyes. My beans and rice arrived soon after and I took care of the two guys and sat on the wooden bed and ate.

I was still sore and was glad I didn't have another session until the next day.

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I counted the pesos in my bucket-58. Fifty-eight guys fucked my ass mouth and pussy and I earned less than 3.50. I slept most of the day. When the beans and rice was delivered the second time for the day I asked the guys how I was safe from getting pregnant.

They laughed and told me a birth control pill was mixed in my food. I didn't believe him and asked what about aids. They just laughed.The next day when the came into my room they informed me it was bondage night.

I would be bound and fucked in my cunt and ass for two hours for a peso a fuck. I found out there were 3 other girls there. They put one of us out on stage every other day and on a few Sundays we would all be out on the stage with a special act for the customers. I slept well as I was still tired and sore from my first experience on the stage but the owner was there and it was now almost time to for the next show.


Once again, he led me to the stage with the chain attached to my labia rings and on the center of the stage was my table and some pipes attached to it.

I was led to the table and sat on the edge while the cameras clicked. My pussy and ass were on the edge of the table and there was a foam inclined plane which I leaned back until he had the position he wanted. Then he lifted my legs and with ankle cuffs attached my ankles to a pipe running above the table. My wrists were cuffed and he attached them to my ankles and finally my knees were pulled apart and tied to the side of the table.

The labia rings were pulled to the side and he finally had the position he wanted. My pussy and ass were fully exposed and available now for fucking for anyone with a peso.

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I couldn't move at all. The line started to form in front of me. One by one they fucked me, some in my pussy some in my ass. If they wore a condom they emptied it on my tits. Most of the guys came quickly but there were a few that took their time and liked to watch my tits bounce as they fucked me and bounce they did. All of them loved to pound me hard and I knew I was fucked in more ways than one. After the two hours were up I was released from my bondage and stood up but my legs were weak being bound in that position.

I was hooked up to the chain and led from the room with cameras clicking and cum running down my leg. I was led to the room and left alone to clean up and I went right to sleep as I knew I had an early morning clean up duty.