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Katherine Cartridge I met Tony Bennadetto on my seventeenth birthday. He and my brother introduced me to their gang as related in an earlier chapter. The next year I was a senior with a work-study job in the principal's office.

Halfway through the semester we hired a temporary substitute teacher for English and homeroom. Her name was Katherine Cartridge. She came with a good resume from a couple of high schools in Nevada. She was an immediate hit with the students. Besides being a fair and talented teacher, she was very beautiful with long legs, a fantastic figure, masses of wavy auburn hair and real style with clothes and makeup.

All the girls wanted to be her and all the boys wanted to stare at her. Parts of her homeroom duties were disciplinary matters. She had to start dealing with Tony in the first week. He was showing up late, horsing around and generally disrupting the class.

They would have conferences in a meeting room next to my cube, so I often heard what was said between them. Katherine started hearing the usual stories about Tony. He had a gang called Tony's Terrible Twelve. Mostly they threw parties and hung around together. Tony was the oldest. During one of their discussions, Katherine brought up his gang activity: "Sooner or later, you'll get in trouble running with a gang, Tony. It's a bad idea." "You shouldn't criticize without knowing about it, you don't know anything about any gang of mine!" "Well, then tell me more about it.

What kind of things do you do?" "Well, mostly we have parties every couple of weeks among ourselves and new friends.

Nobody gets hurt and we've never gotten in trouble. There are lots of wild rumors, but it's just nonsense. Maybe you should come to one of our parties and see for yourself." I don't think it would be appropriate for a faculty member to attend anything like that." Katherine said disapprovingly. Tony snorted, "Then you'll just have to judge me by rumor and innuendo won't you?" The next day, Katherine came to my cube and asked me about Tony.

"Do you know Tony Bennadetto well, Cynthia?" "Pretty well. He's a friend of my brother Richard." "What do you hear about these parties he and his gang have?" "Well, everybody wants to be invited, but everybody's afraid to go." "Have you ever gone to one, Cynthia?" "Just between us, yes I have.

Just once." "Were you OK? What goes on? Is it dangerous? Tony says I shouldn't judge him unless I come to a party first." "The Terrible Twelve likes women. They only invite women and girls that they think would enjoy partying with them.

It was OK for me; I had a wild time and wasn't hurt in any way. I haven't been to another, but I'd think about it if they asked." "Do you think I should go? I like Tony and I don't feel right about judging him on rumors." "Miss Cartridge, do you understand what you're being invited to?

If you're unclear on what kind of party this is you should definitely not go." "Cynthia, I'm pretty sure what I'm invited to. They want to get all twelve of them together and screw my brains out, right?" "Miss Cartridge! You shouldn't talk like that!" "Isn't that how they did for you?" asked Katherine. "Yes, there were only five of them that time. But how did you know?" I asked in surprise. "Look, with this face, these legs and this body, you think I haven't had that kind of invitation before?" "I suppose you have, but I wouldn't think you'd accept!" I said.

"Cynthia, have you seen my resume?" Katherine continued. "Yes, I've looked at it, what about it?" "Didn't anything about it strike you as unusual?" "Like what? I asked. "Well, like I'm twenty five and have a year and a half of teaching experience, what do you think I was doing all that time?" "College, or some time off, I don't know." Did you notice where my high school jobs were?" "Yeah, Nevada somewhere, right?" "Yeah, Las Vegas." "Well so what, even Las Vegas needs high school teachers." I said timidly.

"Let me show you something." Katherine opened the bottom drawer of her desk and took out a rolled poster and unrolled it on the desk. It was a full figure picture of a stunning woman in a long slit skirt, a plunging neckline and a feathered headdress.

It was very parental guidance. It was an advertisement for an appearance of "Bang-Bang Cartridge" at the Sands casino. It was dated the previous year. "Katherine, this woman really looks like you!" I exclaimed. "Oh, grow up Cynthia! I was a Vegas showgirl for four years before I started teaching." "Does Principal Henley know about this?" "Yeah, he saw the poster in Vegas on a seminar." "Did that bother him?

I asked. "Cynthia, how do you think I got this job?" "Oh, no, Mr.

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Henley is a married man!" "Trust me, his wife did not mind! What Henley wanted was oral sex, but only on him. When I said I wanted some for myself, he said he had never learned, since his wife didn't care for it.

'Doesn't care for it!' I said. 'That's right, she doesn't like it!' he claimed. "Call her and get her down here, we'll see who likes what!" I told him. "He got her to come down some how or other. Well, I ate that skinny thing's snatch for five minutes right here on this desk. She came so hard she passed out. I guarantee he'll have to learn how to eat pussy now!

With her out of the picture, I did Henley on my knees. He signed my contract without a word. I made him give me the poster back." "If you get a chance look up in my personnel file the note that Henley got from my last teaching job. It's from the vice principal that says I was supposed to be chaperoning a school dance and they found me in the locker room with the football team and my prom dress around my armpits." I asked, "Was that true?" "Oh yes," Katherine replied casually.

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So you see, Tony's party isn't as new or threatening to me as you might think. But I want you to be there, so I'm not all alone with them. I want you to tell me about these boys too, so I know what to expect." "Well, most of them are pretty young, Tony is seventeen and the oldest; the biggest too. Lots of the youngest boys are shooters; you barely touch them and they go off.

They can come back in a couple of minutes and keep that up for a long time. Nobody is especially large except Tony who's got a dick like an eight inch piece of gasoline hose. Frank Sullivan is longer, but only Tony can stretch you out. Those four Sullivan boys will want to do you together, they do everything together. Nobody will hurt you. Nobody will be especially considerate.

None of them know how to eat pussy, or else they won't admit it." "Do any of them like anything real weird? Any strange kinks?" "No pretty much straight gang bang stuff. Bobby Sanders love to tit fuck." "Thanks for the info Cynthia, it'll help.

They sound like an easy crew. Will you fluff for me?" "I don't know what that means." "It means all the boys go through you to get hard before they get to me. I don't want the shooters, and they won't get past you. Some of them will be scared and soft because I'm their teacher. You'll get them hard for me. Oh, and Cynthia, make sure they bring some blankets and pillows".

"Yeah I can do all that." That same day, Katherine kept Tony after class for another conference. I listened from my cube. "So Tony, when you said I shouldn't judge you without attending one of your parties, was that an invitation?" Katherine asked. "It was if I thought you would come." Tony replied. "So, when and where is this party?" Katherine asked quickly. "Friday evening in Preble Park about seven o'clock." "I'll come if Cynthia is there." "No problem, I'm sure she'll come." Tony said.

"Should I bring anything?" "A short skirt and a sweater would be nice. My boys like that look." Tony answered. Tony asked me that afternoon if I would come to the party on Friday night. "Sure, I'll come. But do you know what you're getting into? What do you know about Miss Cartridge?" "She's very beautiful, and willing to party, what else do I need to know?" "Tony, she was a Las Vegas show girl for years before she came here.

She's the big league and your gang is strictly amateur. I don't want to see you boys embarrass yourselves. So Friday evening we all were up in the park, hanging around the play equipment and Tony is lecturing the troops. "Cynthia did some research and it turns out that Miss Cartridge used to be a show girl in Las Vegas, so she knows a lot about men.


Let's try to look like men. You younger boys try to last more than a few seconds. And remember she's still the teacher, so whatever she says goes, OK!" Just then a taxi pulled up in the driveway down the hill. We turned to look and there was Katherine getting out of the cab. And oh my! She was wearing a knee length skirt slit all the way to her hipbones, showing black nylons, black silk panties, knee high boots with four-inch heels and a lacy white blouse open at the top.

She looked incredible. At 5 foot ten in those heels she was taller than any of the gang. Those fantastic long legs and she was just boiling out of that blouse. Even Tony looked a little nervous. She strutted over to the group, passed through us without looking at us much. She took a seat on a picnic table facing us and spoke to the group: "Here's how this is going to work.

I'm still your teacher and I don't want any sass when I tell you what to do. First I want everybody out of their clothes. I want to have a look at what I have to work with here." All twelve of the boys shucked out of their outfits.

I looked at her enquiringly. "Yeah, you too Cynthia," she said. "Now before any of you cums, I get to cum. So Cynthia here is going to eat me until I come.

And I need the two youngest boys here to suck my tits. So Cynthia, Charles and Billy, let's get this party started." And that's what we did. She took off her blouse and folded it neatly on the table. She coached those boys on how to suck her tits, using just a little tooth, she pulled her skirt up, took her panties off and showed me her completely shaved crotch, and she coached me on how to eat pussy, which I'd never done.

She sat up straight on that tabletop with her knees wide apart and looking out over that crowd of stiff cocks all pointed at her. It took about three minutes for her to come, but all of a sudden, she made a hissing noise between her teeth and grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face hard into her snatch.

She shuddered and bucked her hips and shrieked out loud. It was hot! It was so hot in fact that Charles and Billy, kneeling on either side of her, without ever letting go of her nipples or being touched blew their loads directly onto her rib cage. She shook hard for another fifteen seconds or so, and then she straightened up and said: "Now it's the rest of your turns.

We can do whatever you like within reason. Cynthia will be fluffing for me. The boys lined up in front of me where I sat in front of Katherine. I turned to her and said: "You'll have to take Richard first. I can't fluff my own brother." "That's fine, we'll start with you Richard, what would you like?" "A blow job, I think." I heard my brother say in a thick choked voice. "Sure, stand right up here on the table." Katherine sounded completely casual.

Richard climbed up on the tabletop and straddled Katherine's hips with his erect cock pointed straight at her face. He was a pretty big boy so I was interested in how Katherine would handle him. Without using her hands, she opened her mouth, dropped her jaw and took him all the way in.

After she got him all in there, she held perfectly still. I could see that her throat and tongue were working like a milking machine and Richard was getting more and more aroused.

Then she lifted one hand and massaged his balls. Almost instantly, Richard went stiff with orgasm and pumped his load into Katherine's mouth. She swallowed it all and wiped her chin. "Well then, who do we have next, Cynthia?" I had fluffed up the first couple of boys in the line, and sent them along. "I think what I need is about three feet of cock to get me off. Please put a blanket on the ground," Katherine declared.

Tony brought out a sleeping bag, unzipped it and spread it on the ground next to the table. He put a pillow at one end. Katherine climbed down and lay back on the pillow. "OK, Cynthia, please send me a yard of dick. I'd guess that will be about the next six of these guys." I sent Bobby Kineard, then Tom Stoppard. Katherine was laying on her back with her legs straight in the air, those long boot heels pointed at the sky.

She was rubbing herself. As each boy knelt between her knees, she used one hand to guide him into her, then grabbed his hips and pulled him in. Bobby only lasted 10 seconds and went off with a bang. "Done already?" Katherine asked and pushed him roughly off to the side. Tom took his place and after less than a minute he too blew. "Bring me another!" Katherine growled to me as she shoved Tom to the side. Next in line were the four Sullivan boys, two brothers and two cousins.

Usually they did everything together, but now Katherine only wanted one at a time. They grumbled but agreed. Frank the oldest went first, and by the time he shot, Kate was getting into it. "Another!" she demanded. Her breathing was faster and her hip thrusts were harder and higher. As Larry and Dennis took their turns, it was obvious that Katherine was getting close.

"Again!" Michael, the last Sullivan was only in her for a minute or so when she clamped her legs around his back and came with a loud shriek and wild bucking of her hips and back.

There were still a half dozen gang members behind me that hadn't done anything yet. "What would you boys like? I asked conversationally. "How about doggy style front and back", Rance Mannion said. "Yeah, yeah" came a chorus of agreement, including from Charles, Billy, my brother Richard and all four Sullivan boys who had rejoined the line at the back.

"Is that OK with you Kate?" I asked "Sure, sure, bring 'em on." Katherine was still lying back against the pillow playing with herself. She hoisted herself into a kneeling position and looked back over her shoulder at the group. I started fluffing the line.


Charles said to me: "Miss Cynthia, I'm scared. I looked over at that tigress on the blanket and replied: "Well, Charles, I'm scared for you." But he was brave and horny and went ahead. Each boy who made it past me took his place in one of the two lines that formed in front of and behind Katherine. This was the position I had spent most of my time in, when I was the party girl. I decided to see if she needed any help, so I knelt next to her and said: "Are you OK?" "Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm getting a little horny though; these little bastards aren't helping me much." I slipped my hand under her and started rubbing her clit. My brother Richard was currently fucking her from behind, and I could feel his cock sliding in and out under my fingers.

Kate began to shiver and moan under my hand. She came just about when Richard did. Next came the four Sullivans, finally able to do her all together. Frank entered her from behind, Larry in her mouth, with Dennis and Michael in her two hands.

By carefully watching them and feeling her responses, I was able to bring Kate to her climax just as the four boys emptied their fountains of cum into and onto her. Even her aureoles were stiff. She shrieked aloud as she came. She was hot now. For the rest of the time those two lines lasted, I stayed next to Kate, jerking her off and playing with her tits.

She got off at least twice more, her cries echoing across the park. It took a good thirty minutes before the last boy went past me to Kate for the last time. Most of the boys had been past me more than once, and had at least two or three shots into her from one or both lines as they moved in a circle around the kneeling Kate.

After the last cannon had fired, Katherine sat up and addressed the group again: "Well class, is there anything else you'd like to do or see?" Charles spoke up: "I'd like to see that thing where Cynthia eats you again." "Yeah!" Several voices approved this idea. "Well, that doesn't seem too fair to me." Kate complained.

"She's already done that and hasn't got anything in return. How about if I return the favor?" "Great, yeah, we'd love to see that too!" "Cynthia, hop up here and sit on the table and I'll kneel on the bench." I didn't need any coaxing; I'd been wondering what that would feel like.

I climbed up and sat on the table in front of Katherine. She immediately started licking my pussy. I learned how to lean back, part my knees and lift my hips to give her maximum access. I was getting hot and wet in a hurry. Then Tony, who had taken no part at all so far in the party, stepped up behind Katherine. He was fully erect and looked huge. He knelt between Kate's feet. Kate was intent on what she was doing to me and didn't realize he was back there.

When he shoved that monster up her, her eyes flew open like window blinds. "Woof!" she grunted into my snatch. As Tony settled into a rhythm of slow deep strokes, Kate went back to her work on me. I was twisting my nipples. Kate was tugging on my clit with her teeth and lips. I couldn't last long, the stimulation both of her mouth on me, and looking down her naked back at Tony fucking her from behind, brought me off first; I thrust my pussy against Kate's face and shuddered in my orgasm.

Watching me come, Tony exploded his load deep into Kate's pussy. That set her off. She moaned and shrieked out as she shook and wiggled through her orgasm. Tony being done signaled the end of the party. Kate and I put our clothes back on and Kate called a taxi on her cell phone.

By the time it got there, the boys were all gone. In the cab on the way home, Katherine said to me: "Cynthia, do me one more time!" I slipped my hand under her skirt and started to finger her clit. I could feel dribbles of Tony's cum still dripping out of her. As I rubbed her clit and stuck my fingers up her, she moaned, arched her back, and with her head rammed against the seatback and her feet shoving the driver's seat forward she came again.

Kate had the driver drop me off at my house. As I left the cab, Kate said: "That was fun; we should do it again some time!" "Why do you do it, Miss Cartridge?" I asked her seriously. "I love all that teen boy cock. You'll find out that, as you get older it gets more complicated, the boys turn into men and they start expecting things. They want you to be exclusive; they want you to be quiet and ladylike; they don't want you to fuck your girlfriends.

But right now it's simple, you get them off, they're grateful and will do what you tell them. You'll see that next time. Can you set me up again for two weeks from tonight?" "I'll let Tony know you want to." I replied and went in to bed. School was kind of odd for the next couple weeks with lots of knowing winks and leering at Katherine. She sent a few boys to detention for calling her "Bang-Bang". Mr. Henley wanted to know why she was having so many discipline problems all of a sudden, but she put him off somehow I can only imagine.

The Thursday before the next party was scheduled, there was an incident that, looking back I can see, marked the beginning of the time when the shit hit the fan. A senior girl, Sophia Depietro came into homeroom late, and Katherine asked for her excused pass. "I don't have a pass." "Then you'll get two hours of detention after school tonight." said Kate angrily. "I won't do it!" Sophia snapped. "Then you'll get further detention and your parents will be notified." This was serious.

Everybody knew that Sophia's father was a strict Catholic and that she would be in real trouble. "You can't make me do anything!" Sophia was raising her voice now. "Why are you making all this trouble Sophia?" Kate was offering to deescalate the confrontation.

"I don't have to accept any discipline from anybody named Boom Boom Cartridge!" Sophia spit the words out. The class got very quiet and looked at Katherine expectantly. She blushed red to the roots of her hair. "Why, you little snip, you just bought yourself three nights of detention and a parental notice. Go to Mr. Henley's office right now!" Kate was really angry. Sophia seemed to realize she had crossed the line and said nothing as she left the room.

An hour later I reported to the offices for my job. As I sat at my desk I could here loud sobbing coming from the meeting room next to my cube. When I went to see, there was Sophia seated at the table with her head down and crying her eyes out. I went in to see if I could help. "Sophia.

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What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh Cynthia, everything is ruined and it's all her fault!" Cynthia blubbered. "What's ruined and whose fault is it?" I asked, trying to understand her through the tears and hysteria.

"Tony Bennadetto is supposed to be mine, and that slut Katherine Cartridge is trying to take him away from me." "What claim do you have on Tony?" "We grew up together in Little Italy, we played together when we were little, and our parents thought we made a real cute couple.

When we came to high school, I thought we'd be together, but Tony started hanging out with other girls and doesn't even talk to me any more!" Sophia pounded her fist on the table. "Some of these Protestant girls let him touch and kiss them, and that's wrong. You're supposed to wait until your married for that.

I'd never do that." Sophia was a reasonably pretty girl with a nice full figure and a bob haircut. She dressed conservatively but well. Her prudery was common knowledge. She turned her nose up at any girl talk in the locker room. Knowing Tony as I did, I understood that she had a snowball's chance with him. "Do you think that's stupid, Cynthia?" "Well, it's unusual, and I know Tony likes girls that don't feel that way." "But it's wrong! Sophia cried out, "And Miss Cartridge is a teacher too.

It's against the law for her to do anything with Tony." "What makes you think she has?" This was serious. "I hear rumors around school. I think she meets him sometimes at night." "You wouldn't try to tell on her, would you Sophia?" I asked anxiously "Of course not, Tony would get in trouble." "Why did you call her Boom Boom? That was really mean and dumb too," I wanted to find out what she knew.

"I heard one of the teachers call her that in the faculty lounge. I thought it was kind of funny, since her last name is Cartridge. But you're right it was dumb, it made her really mad and she'll probably get me expelled or tell my father." "Maybe I can talk to Katherine and get her to go easy on you." The less anybody heard about this the better, I thought. "Could you do that Cynthia?

I'd really be grateful. It's just that I love Tony so much and I think she's bad for him." "I'll do my best to smooth things over. But I think you should think about getting a different boyfriend, I'm not sure Tony is right for you." "But I'm crazy about him, and I think he would be real happy with me.

His mother thinks so too." Sophia was sobbing again. "I try to keep watch over him, but sometimes he gets away and I don't know where he goes." "Sophia! That's stalking and you could get in a lot more trouble if you do that." This girl was really starting to worry me. "You're probably right. But I just can't leave him alone." I finished my report to Katherine by saying: "I don't think she knows anything, really.

She's heard rumors and thinks your trying to steal her guy." I'd let it go if I were you." I hoped Kate would take my advice.

"I think that's the best way. If I discipline her, this whole nickname thing will get around and things could get ugly." Katherine seemed relieved by this decision. She went into the meeting room and spoke to Sophia: "If you apologize for what you called me, and stop spreading rumors about me, I'll drop the detention and you can go." "Oh, thank you Miss Cartridge, I really am sorry, I don't know what came over me.

I'll never do anything like that again," Sophia seemed really contrite. After she was gone, Katherine stopped in my office and told me about it. "She acts genuinely sorry, but the way she looked at me, I think she'd like me dead or worse." Kate said somberly. "I don't think she's got anything like that in her." I said. I'd remember that foolish remark later. "So, I'll see you in the park tomorrow night." said Katherine.

"Yep, it should be interesting." I replied. And there we all were on the Friday night, hanging around the play equipment in the park, a little after seven, Katherine arrived in a taxi, just like the previous time. This time she wore black stockings under a knee length gray skirt, a black silk top and those high-heeled boots.

Except for the boots, she looked just like a schoolteacher going to a PTA meeting. I noticed a slight movement in the background in the park trees, but couldn't see what it was.


Kate walked through the group and sat down in a canvas-seated swing next to the picnic table. "Here's what we're doing tonight boys. I have heard rumors that you boys don't know how to eat pussy, or if you do know you won't do it." "Well that is just unacceptable!

You expect women to be able to give you good head, and we expect the same from you. It's not disgusting, or at least not any more disgusting that what we do for you. It's easy, and we're going to have lessons tonight." "Here's how it will work. I'm shaved so it's easier to see what you're doing on me, plus I'm the teacher. So you'll each go down on me.

When I say you're done, I'll tell you how you did. If you get a passing score, you get to fuck Cynthia. If you get a failing score, you have to practice on Cynthia, and then come back to me for retesting. Before we go home you'll all be good at it.

Your girlfriends for the rest of your lives will be grateful." "So everybody take you clothes off and line up here. I'll stay in the swing to make it easier to practice. Put a pillow on the ground here so you'll have something to kneel on. This isn't fast; it'll take each of you several minutes before I grade you." Again I saw a motion near the trees. This time I was sure it was a person. Kate stood up and wrapped her legs around the outside of the swing chains to completely expose her snatch.

"Here's the first lesson. See at top of my pussy right here, there's a little knob. That's the clit. It feels to me just the way the head of your dick feels to you. It feels really good to be licked and sucked on a little bit. It also feels good just to the sides inside my slit. So you can put your tongue in there as far as it will go. It's nice if you have a long tongue, but you don't have to.

The main thing is, go slow, move around a lot, and keep at it for a long time." By this time the gang had decided the young guys should go first, so here came Charles and Billy again.

Charles knelt down on the pillow below the swing and put his head between Kate legs. He didn't look too sure of himself and it took a while for him to start. Then Kate started to wiggle around in the swing and moan a little. She encouraged Charles constantly: "Oh god, Charles that's the way. Right there, now keep that up. Ohhh, yeah, stay right there.

Oh Charles. That's very nice. No… no… no teeth there Charles. OK that's good. This went on for another two or three minutes. Then Kate sat up straight and said: "OK, next in line, Charles doesn't pass. His jaw got tired toward the end and he let up. You gotta stay with it. But I hope the rest of you were paying attention." It was clear that their dicks had been paying attention. They were all hard. I hoped I'd get some soon.

I was getting fairly hot myself. But a half hour later, I'd had nothing but the failures practicing eating me. That was pretty nice. Kate must have had high standards. A couple of those boys made me come. But it made me hungry for some wiener. Overall, the boys did pretty well. Each one learned from watching the others, and soon Kate was writhing in the swing.

I don't think she really came until Dennis Sullivan ate her for five solid minutes without any instruction at all. "Oh God … Oh Dennis, keep going.

Oooohh … Aaaaahhhh!" Kate clamped her thighs around Dennis's head and pulled him into her crotch. She shrieked and shuddered for several seconds with him clamped between her legs. "OK, Dennis passes!" I was glad to finally get some cock, and I always liked Dennis. I'd never had him alone, since those four usually did things together. He was good. He took me missionary style on the sleeping bag, and made me come before he fired his load.

Back at the swing, a couple more guys had gotten Kate off, I could hear her shriek each time they got it right. Each one came over to me to claim their reward. Suddenly, Billy Kineard called out that he had caught some one watching.

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He and another boy dragged the intruder into the circle. It was Sophia Depietro! "God, I just knew it!" she spat toward Kate. "Here you are having sex with my Tony. I'll get you for this Miss Cartridge!" Kate stood up from the swing and pulled her skirt down. "You'll do nothing, you little bitch. Who do you think you're messing with?" Kate snarled at Sophia. "I know who you are, you're just a slut that used to take her clothes off for a living," Sophia had he chin up and looking straight at Kate.

Kate lit into her then: "You have this cute little delusion that you and Tony can get married and have a couple of Italian kids and live in Little Italy like your mommy and daddy.

What you don't understand is that this is Tony's party, not mine! I'm invited and you're not. You think being married to Tony would be a nice soft little thing. Well, let me tell you about what Tony likes.

"Cynthia, show our little spy what Tony likes. I moved over to Tony who was fully erect. I pulled him back to the sleeping bag. "Back, then front, eh, Ton'?" He nodded his agreement.

I got on all fours in front of him and he shoved it in. It was good that I was wet from all the eating practice, he was big and hard. He pumped away for a good long time. I looked up a few times to see Sophia staring rigid with astonishment, and maybe something else. Kate stood behind her with her hands around Sophia's waist.

Then when I felt Tony's cock swell a little and his balls start to churn, I hopped forward and spun around to take his cock in my mouth. I took him in as far as I could, dropping my jaw and opening my throat, to avoid gagging on the meat. When I glanced up, I saw that Kate had her hands under Sophia's sweater.

She was crooning in Sophia's ear. "It's OK to get hot Sophie, everybody gets hot. This is what Tony likes. That's what he'd do to you if you were together. Look at him shoving that big cock down her throat. Could you do that? Watch what he does to her now." Tony only lasted another few seconds and when I felt him start to come I pulled back and took that whole load in my face.

The cum dripped down my nose and chin. I blinked away the cum and looked at Sophia. Kate was now really working Sophia's body. Her hands were under her sweater and skirt. Sophie was partly struggling and partly giving in. She was riveted by the sight of Tony blowing that load in my face. It only took a few more seconds and Kate had Sophia's sweater off. The boys help her from there. When they had her completely naked, Kate stood behind her. With one hand she had Sophia's hands pinned behind her back and with the other had a handful of Sophia's hair and her head pulled back.

Katherine held her out like a trophy. "Anybody interested in a piece of this?" she asked. I was shocked at how beautiful Sophia was. I'd never seen her naked. Even in the dressing room after gym class, she always managed to shower and dress away from the other girls. She had a classic Italian face above a long neck. She had a bigger rack than me and tapered to a little tiny waist, long straight legs. If she hadn't been so bashful and prudish, and trimmed her big natural bush, she might have made a show girl too.

At first nobody quite knew what to do. Then Katherine started giving directions. "Charles and Billy, come up here and suck this girl's tits. I know you can do it, you did it for me." The two youngest boys did as they were told; Katherine held her still while the boys licked and sucked Sophia's nipples.

They kept this up until her nipples were hard and puffy, then Kathrine told them to step back. Sophia wasn't struggling so much now. "Cynthia, come up here and kiss her," Katherine said to me. I walked up to Sophia. She was quiet but crying a little bit. Katherine held her head still while I kissed her. When I put my tongue in her mouth, she responded with her own and seemed to stop crying.

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I Frenched her a while longer, then I put my hand between her legs. She was wet, but I knew that girls get wet when they're frightened too. I rubbed her down there a little and she looked into my eyes and smiled a little tiny smile. It took me good long while, but I finally brought her to orgasm. She shook and wiggled and squirted some juice on my hand; she might have fallen if Katherine hadn't held her up from behind. The boys had formed a tight circle around us when they saw her come.

They were interested now. I whispered in her ear. "Sophia, you might as well try to enjoy what's coming; there's nothing you can do to stop it," I said to her as I stepped away. Sophia was one of those girls with no reputation at all. Lots of the boys had tried her but nobody had gotten anywhere, so now that she was available there were a lot of takers.

For the next hour there was a lot of activity around Sophia. Tony was the first to take her and said he didn't think she was a virgin, but she seemed very inexperienced. She seemed shocked when boys came on her face and tits, and choked the first time somebody deep throated her.

Since she had no experience with a scene like this, there was a lot of instruction from the boys. "Wrap your legs around my back, Sophia." "Put your feet behind your head, Sophia." "Open wider, Sophia." "Tip your hips up further, Sophia." "Eat my pussy, Sophia." This was heard when Katherine shoved Sophia's head down between her legs while one of the boys was doing Sophia doggie style.

I sat down there myself and got off a good one with Sophia sucking away on my clit. She was a fast learner. We all finally got tired of Sophia. Once you've seen a girl fucked six or seven times, she's eaten your pussy and has cum dripping off her chin, the mystery of her is gone and besides, you can't keep up interest when the girl won't stop crying. Clasping her pile of clothes in front of her, she wandered away into the trees.

The truth is we were kind of glad to see her go. We went back to practicing eating pussy for another half hour. By then everybody had passed and done what they wanted with me and the party was starting to break up. While I was getting dressed, I looked over to the edge of the clearing and saw Sophia, now dressed again, talking to a tall man whom I recognized as a Puerto Rican boy who had been expelled the previous year.

He was handing a package to Sophia. The next part happened too quickly for me to see clearly. As Sophia turned toward me and started to walk towards us, a large group of men and women, mostly dark, older than us and all naked, appeared from the bushes.

They shoved Tony and me out of the way and grabbed Kate roughly by the arms and dragged her to the ground. She was partly struggling and partly giving in. By this time Tony had seen and understood what was happening.

He made a move back toward Katherine, but Sophia stepped in front of him and bear hugged him. "Forget her Tony! I'm your girl now." Sophia cried. "Jesus, Sophia, what have you done?" I demanded. "Just what I promised, I got back at her for stealing Tony from me and for humiliating me in front of this group. I sold her to Jimmy Garza." "Why did you do this?" I demanded.

"Besides the revenge, I got three hundred and fifty dollars and a Gap gift certificate. They'll give her what she wants, and plenty of it too." The last time I looked back all I could see was a huge mass of dark-skinned people on the ground and a pair of white legs in high-heeled boots, sticking up out the middle.

Then I heard that high shriek that meant that Kate was getting what she needed from them now and not from us. We never saw Katherine again.

The next Monday there was a note in Mr. Henley's mailbox saying she had been called away unexpectedly and would not return.

She didn't even pick up her last paycheck. Her phone didn't answer and her landlord said she had taken all her stuff out and left Saturday morning. In my desk drawer I found the poster she had showed me. The gang never forgot her or the lessons she taught. I can testify that they kept practicing that skill and all of them got very good at it. I thanked her mentally every time they did it to me. A couple years later, Billy Kineard married Sophia Depietro.